White Dog Names: 50 Adorable, Awesome & Silly Ideas

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When giving a title to your pet dog, there are quite a lot of things that one needs to consider.

Will the name describe its appearance? Does it go well with the personality of the dog? How likely is the dog to respond to this name?

All such considerations taken into account, we have compiled a list of the best, most adorable white dog names for your precious pet.

Naming dogs is an enjoyable process in itself, but deciding on a moniker for a dog that is white as snow is all the more fun.

Plus, it opens you up to a lot of other options for names that relate to the pure color of your pet. White makes you think of snow. It also makes you think of positivity, of purity, of peace.

Therefore, keeping in mind all the associations to the color white, here is a list of white dog names that will help you choose from a range of names for your perfect little pooch.

These names are divided into certain categories, not based on various white dog breeds, but in accordance with gender, attractiveness, and popularity in today’s age.

This is not just a regular, simple list of puppy names.

In fact, all of the names that you are about to go through will have their meanings mentioned right under them.

We believe that what you decide to call your pet should not just be an empty, meaningless name.

The tag that is used for your pet should be derived from a certain quality of association and should hold meaning to you as an owner.

And because we understand the importance of naming your white-haired pooch in a meaningful manner, we created this source that not only gives you a vast range of options to pick from but also tells you why the name is suitable for your pet.

The first category in this white dog name compilation is of male names, so let us dive into that and see what best suits your furry companion.

A fluffy white dog running towards you
His name is Albino.

Male White Dog Names

  • Albino (or Al. Bino)

It is clear why this is our first choice for a white-haired canine.

The name means colorless and all white, hence making it an appropriate title if your dog is pure white.

  • Frost

Like the vapors that freeze on your window on a cold winter morning, Frost is a name very closely related to the color white.

A fitting white dog name inspired from the winter season.

  • Arjun

A unique name that has Indian roots.

Arjun is the Indian word for the color white, which also symbolizes purity.

  • Arctic

Again, referring to snow and cold climates.

The Arctic is layered with white blankets of snow, which makes this an adorable white dog name.

  • Casper

Like the ghost, dogs named Casper can be white, but of course very friendly as well.

  • Snowy

Derived from snow, Snowy is a name that is most commonly used amongst dogs that are pure white.

  • Winter

An appropriate name for a large dog with a boisterous and powerful personality.

Of course, it is more suitable for a dog that is white than one that is not.

  • Snoopy

Everyone’s favorite comic dog, Snoopy is a white-colored Beagle.

So if you own a dog that is both white and has long droopy ears, Snoopy is a good choice for a name.

  • Salt

A short, one-syllable name that is easy to grasp.

It is also easy to pronounce, especially for young toddlers who are just learning to speak and for old people.

It is a unique white-dog name that goes with the appearance of your pooch.

  • Glacier

A thick layer formed with the compilation of ice and dense snow.

Again, the name is derived from snow and is suited for a white dog.

  • Ivory

A color in itself, a good title for a dog that is white, or any shade of off-white.

  • Bones

Something that your pet will love to chew on, and it is also white.

Bones is an attractive name for a sturdy, playful dog with an exuberant personality.

  • Wit

This is a Dutch word for white.

While describing the color in a foreign language, Wit is also a good name for a smart dog that is quick on its feet.

  • Mraz

Czech for frost, Mraz is a very different name with a hidden meaning that will beckon onlookers to become intrigued about the sense behind your white dog’s name.

  • Comet

An astronomical body that dashes through the galaxy, leaving behind a white, luminous trail in the night sky which leaves observers amazed and speechless.

That is exactly the kind of impact that you want your pet to have on visitors and people it meets.

A white dog with blue eyes looking at you
His name is Mraz.

Female White Dog Names

  • Denali

The highest mountain in North America, located in Alaska.

Denali represents one of the most popular attractions in the icy cold state of Alaska.

It also has a very feminine ring to it and, thus, is a suitable title for your girl white dog.

  • Misty

Similar in meaning to frost, the soft shade of white that is left on your smooth surfaces in the winters.

  • Blondie

This is a simple name that refers to the light color of your pet’s fur.

  • Dove

In addition to being a white bird, a dove is the symbol of purity, peace, and love.

The word is multi-purpose but is mainly used to encapsulate peaceful endeavors that are purged of any violence or aggression.

An apt white dog name for a canine with a calm demeanor.

  • Alaska

One of the coldest states in North America that are almost always blanketed in dense layers of ice.

Alaska is a catchy name for a white dog and is common amongst canines that are relatively bigger.

  • Bianca

An Italian word for white.

Bianca is a common human name but is fairly unique amongst dogs, which makes it all the more special for your female power dog.

  • Snowflake

Again from the word snow, Snowflake is a more feminine rendition of all names that are derived from snow or point towards the whiteness of snow and ice.

  • Sparkle

Like the lustrous coat and the sprightly personality of your dog, Sparkle is an elegant name for a white dog that is a constant source of radiance and happiness in your life.

  • Opal

A name of Sanskrit roots.

Opal is also a valuable gemstone that has a bright, shimmering white hue – the perfect way to describe your precious pet.

  • Diamond

The world’s most valuable and sought-after gem that has an unmistakable iridescent shine.

Once you name your dog Diamond, you will not need to explain to anyone what your pet means to you.

  • Snow White

A graceful and intriguing name after the iconic character in the age-old story of Snow White, a young girl with flawless beauty and impeccable kindness, even towards strangers.

  • Lumi

This name will leave other people guessing about the sense behind it, but it is interesting to know that its actual meaning is very simple.

Lumi is a Finnish word for snow, which thus keeps the name of your pet meaningful, while also not making it a common name.

  • Luna

From Lunar, Luna is a name that describes the sweet, glowy disposition of your white dog, while also relating it to the power of the moon.

  • Sugar

Sweet, white, and liked by nearly everyone.

Sugar is a distinct name for a pet, which actually has a very simple meaning.

  • Crystal

Another self-explanatory white dog name.

Your female pet can easily be described as a precious gem that radiates whatever light is shone upon it.

A close up of a white dogs face
Her name is Crystal.

Cute White Dog Names

  • Pearl

Elegant and white, a pearl is also a highly treasured item.

The name describes the rarity and purity of your pet.

It is a name often used for the female gender.

  • Coco

While the color white may not be the first thing to pop into your head when you hear this name, you should try associating it with coconuts, or coconut cream and milk.

This is a cute, short name that is very easy to use when you want to quickly call out to your dog.

This is also more common amongst female dogs.

  • Marshmallow

Sweet, white, and most enjoyed when roasted around a campfire in winters.

This is a distinct white dog name that not only speaks to the color of the dog but also to the association that the color white has with the winter season.

  • Mayo

White and tasteful like mayonnaise, your white dog can best be described as a perky, zestful pet.

This makes the name Mayo suitable for a dog with such personality traits.

  • Dazzle

A characteristically blinding white color that will astound passersby.
This is exactly how you want your pet to dazzle the people that it meets.

This white dog name can be used for both genders.

  • Ren

Short and to the point, but full of meaning.

Ren is a Swedish word for pure, white, or clean.

  • Sirius

In the night sky and constellations, Sirius is a white dwarf star.

  • Nevy

Another word for snowy in a foreign language.

The name will leave people guessing where it has originated from, but we can tell you it is a Brazilian word.

Usually, this name is used amongst male dogs.

  • Cotton

White, soft, and fluffy like your pet’s fur coat, Cotton is a delightful name that is unique and sharp.

  • Yuki

A short Japanese word for happiness, which alternately also means snow.

  • Vapour

From steam, Vapour is a unique dog name more suitable for boy puppies.

  • Magnolia

A kind of beautiful flower that is elegant and white.

  • Candido

An attractive, head-turning name.

Candido is a Latin name which also incidentally means white.

  • Daisy

Another flower, a favorite amongst most humans.

Daisy is not just a girl’s name or Donald Duck’s girlfriend’s name.

It is a pretty, white flower, and makes a suitable name to describe the sweet nature of your female white dog.

  • Duster

More commonly used to name a small-sized dog that is full of vibrant energy and loves to run about the house.

  • Aspen

To give your furry friend a recognizable name that describes its appearance, you can name it after the snowy mountain peaks of Colorado.

Your friends will instantly be able to associate with the name while also understanding the logic behind it.

Furthermore, this is a unisex name so it will work well for either gender.

Alternatively, you can name your pet “Aspyn”, which sounds the same but differs in spelling and is a reference to trees with leaves that sway about with breeze or wind.

This version of the name will particularly suit a jumpy dog that is always on the move due to its high energy levels.

  • Arctica

Derived from the word “Arctic”, Arctica is a name that refers to an ancient Arctic continent.

Arctica was believed to have been created from the Siberian and Canadian shields.

Therefore, if your pet dog hails from a Siberian background or has Canadian lineage, giving it this name will pay tribute to its ancestors while also highlighting its snowy white coat.

The name is suited for female white dogs.

  • Anjo

Perfect for a white female pup with Portuguese roots, this dog name will aptly embody your love for your pet.

Anjo is a Portuguese word that translates to “angel”, making it ideal for a beautiful and angelic pet.

  • Polar

Signifying the snowy poles, Polar is a name that can be adorned on both male and female white dogs.

It would make even more sense if your pet is a husky, Siberian shepherd, or a malamute because these are mainly snow dogs that thrive in cold climates.

  • Beluga

This is a female dog name that is ideal for a white dog because it is a reference to the white beluga whale that mainly lives in Arctic waters.

If your white dog is huge, the name would be very fitting for its size and color.

  • Ghost

Ghost is the name of a character in the hit HBO TV series, Game of Thrones.

It is one of a pack of dire wolves that the Stark children adopt and Ghost was taken in by Jon Snow.

Ever since the show rose to popularity, Ghost has become a popular choice for a white dog name amongst fans of the show.

This is a name for a male dog.

  • Cloud

This sweet dog name is ideal for a fluffy white pooch that resembles a cloud.

A plus point to go with this name is if your pet is furry and has short legs that make it look like a floating cloud every time it walks.

The name will go well with either gender.

  • Nova

The name is often used in astronomy to refer to a star.

In addition to describing your pet as your bright star, the literal meaning of the name is what makes it even more fitting for a dog.

Nova is a Native American name that means “one who chases butterfly”, which is one of the most significant activities of a dog.

It is a unisex name that is suitable for any gender.

  • Puff

Perfect for a fluffy white dog that resembles a puff of smoke, this pick for a dog name is short and sweet, making it easy for your pet to pick up almost instantly.

  • Coconut

This interesting dog name has a distinctive ring to it that your pet will find easy to grasp and differentiate from other commands, which is an important thing to keep in mind when naming your dog.

The name is perfect for a white-haired pup due to the white insides of a coconut, but it also works well with a brown and white dog.

  • Artemis

For fans of Greek mythology, this is one of the top favorite names which refers to the Greek goddess of wilderness, moon, and hunting.

This name is suitable for a female dog who is very confident, alluring, and absolutely fearless.

Also, this name will highlight the sharp hunting instincts of your dog.

  • Cloudy

Suitable for a male dog, this name should be given to a dog that is very fluffy and has extremely white fur.

This name can be chosen for both, a male or a female dog, and is fit for a dog of any stature.

Also, the name will underline the adorable, jolly, and radiant personality of your male dog.

  • Icy

Not only is this name easy and short, but it is quite uncommon.

This name is more fitting for dog breeds such as the Husky or the Siberian Shepherd.

Give this name to your female dog if it has a mysterious, reserved, or rebellious personality.

Interestingly, this name will really suit a female dog who likes being on its own and rarely socializes with people due to its pride.

  • Blizzard

If your dog is always very active and full of energy that no name seems to fit it, you should consider ‘Blizzard’.

This name talks of the high energy of a dog who is often found running around and seldom ever settles down – just like a blizzard.

  • Snowball

This name is a masculine rendition of names associated with snow and is ideal for a small but heavy dog.

This name will be more meaningful for a dog with an amiable and outgoing personality who loves to socialize with others.

Also, if your dog loves cuddling, has a very cute face, acts immature, and looks similar to a ball of snow when curled up, this will be a very interesting name for it.

The Most Popular White Dog Name of All Time

  • Smokey

The most common and an all-time favorite name amongst dogs, especially ones that are white, or a combination of white with some other hue, is the name Smokey.

Not only does the name have a literal association to the color white, but it is also easy to hear and pronounce, which is why it has gained popularity as a name for white dogs.

Essentially, dog names should be short, sharp, and not similar to other common commands.

The name ‘Smokey’ checks all of these criteria, and hence makes for a good white dog name that is well-received by canines all across the globe.

My Final Thoughts

To sum, there is a vast variety of white dog names that not necessarily need to describe the appearance of your pooch.

White dog names may also refer to the qualities that a particular breed of dogs that is white may have.

There, it is good to know what each name signifies before letting your pet get accustomed to a particular title.

After all, naming your dog is an important step in the development and upbringing of your pet, which is why you should choose a moniker that your pet not only responds to well but can also easily adapt to.

Now that we went over the lists of white dog names, we truly believe that you must have found the ultimate title for the kind of dog that you are going to own or have come to own.

As long as it is a name that your dog is receptive to and will not confuse with other commonly uttered phrases, you will have no trouble with your new white dog.

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