Trendy Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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When you get a new pet dog, you would only want to give it the most impressive name of the era.

So it only makes sense to look at the most trendy dog names to keep yourself updated on which names are considered to be chic and appealing as opposed to those that have lost their charm over the years.

Having said that, it may seem like a difficult task to scour through countless websites in search for the most fashionable and popular dog names.

You may also not want a name that has been overused due to its immense popularity, and instead, want one that although may be well-known but should come with its own unique charm.

To help keep you updated on the latest trends in dog names, here is a compilation of the most trendy dog names influenced by various aspects of the current era.

This list does not only include the current most trendy dog names but also ones that are still catching momentum in terms of popularity.

This way, you can give your furry little superstar a special title that is just emerging as one of the top dog names of the century, and your pet will be one of the first ones to own it!

A small white dog sticking its tongue out
This is Abby and she is so sweet.

Male Trendy Dog Names

  • Asa

A modern, edgy name for a boy dog that means “dawn”.

  • Ardon

The meaning of this Hebrew name is “bronze”, which is descriptive of a dog that sports a dark or reddish-brown colored coat.

This trendy dog name ranked amongst the top names for dogs in 2017.

  • Luther

In recent times, this name has become a trendsetter, possibly owing to the hit British drama series of the same name.

  • Wyatt

A name that has gained increasing popularity for both dogs and humans; the meaning of this name is “strong” and “hardy”, which makes it suitable for a pet that has such qualities.

  • Marley

A name that gained immense fame when it was featured in the popular dog movie, Marley and Me, starring Owen Wilson.

  • Slater

This trendy dog name has recently started to gain popularity but originates from ancient France.

  • Brody

According to the American Kennel Club rankings for the most popular dog names, Brody has ranked as one of the highest-ranking choices.

  • Jack

A timeless name that has maintained its spot as one of the most trendy dog names in all eras.

The literal meaning of this medieval name is “man”.

  • Huxley

This name has also been observed to be recently topping the charts.

The name has Old English origin and is a reference to “Hugh’s meadow”.

  • Wolfe

A play on the word “wolf”, the name is a popular choice amongst wolfdogs.

  • York

A popular choice for the male gender in both humans and dogs.

  • Zion

A Biblical name that defines a utopia or “heaven on earth”, an ideal name for dog owners who think of their home with their pet as a utopian place.

  • Odin

This Norwegian name went into the back burners for a few years but has recently made a comeback amongst the top trendy dog names.

  • Hendrix

A name that has recently become a trend amongst dog names.

It has German roots and means “ruler of the home”.

The name is also a reference to the famous rock musician, Jimi Hendrix.

  • Soho

A name originated in the 17th century, Soho is believed to be a reference to a hunting cry.

The name is quite unusual for dogs but has started to attract attention in recent times.

A brown dog wearing sunglasses
This is Wyatt fooling around.

Female Trendy Dog Names

  • Marnie

A Hebrew name that means “rejoice”.

It is also the name of a famous Instagram dog.

  • Abby

Rated as one of the most popular choices for dog names by the American Kennel Club, Abby is a Hebrew name that describes the joy of a father, which is akin to the happiness you felt when you got your pup.

  • Stella

Latin for star, a name that has recently gained a lot of popularity for female dogs.

  • Ivy

Over the last several years, this name has become widely popular for dogs, possibly due to its meaning.

Ivy means “faithfulness”, which is the perfect way to address this loyal species.

  • Chloe

The meaning of this name is “blooming”.

The name has become one of the most trendy dog names around ever since Khloe Kardashian rose to success as a fashion icon.

  • Maggie

This Greek name that means “pearl” has recently regained popularity for white-haired dogs.

  • Bailey

Considered to be a more modern and trendy pick for dogs.

  • Daisy

A lovely French name for a dog that has remained a popular choice as a female dog name due to its association with a beautiful flower.

  • Lula

Another modern and chic name for a dog with a meaning of “famous warrior”.

  • Joy

This short and charming name has remained a trendy dog name for many generations.

  • Summer

For a puppy that is born in the summers, this name is a popular pick for a trendy dog name.

  • Ruby

This name lost its appeal for a few years but has now made a comeback in recent times.

  • Annie

A timeless name that remains a classic trendy dog name for a girl pup.

  • Haley

The meaning of this trendsetting name is “meadow”, making it fitting for a sheepdog or a herding dog.

  • Evie

A unique name for a pet that has gained immense popularity owing to its meaning, which is simply “life”.

A light brown dog licking its nose
Huxley is a calm and well-behaved pet.

Cute Trendy Dog Names

  • Buddy

Year after year, this trendy dog name remains as the top choice of name for your four-legged, furry buddy.

  • Quartz

This unusual dog name has been batching on in recent times.

  • Harley

This unisex name has been quite popular for puppies.

  • Apollo

A popular mythology-inspired dog name.

  • Shadow

A commonly used name for a pet that follows you around like a shadow.

  • Piper

A popular moniker for dogs in the current era.

  • Ginger

A classic dog name for red-haired dogs.

  • Aspen

The name has been rising in popularity over the years for both genders.

  • Pugsley

A popular pick for dogs, especially for pugs.

  • Ocean

This name is emerging as a popular pick for being unique.

  • Dax

A unique name that is also easy to remember.

  • Bowie

A play on the “bow-wow” sound associated with dogs.

  • Tango

A very edgy, trendy dog name suitable for larger-sized dogs.

  • Raven

A popular pick for black dogs.

  • Echo

The name has recently become quite common for dogs.

The Most Popular Trendy Dog Name of All Time

  • Toast

One of the earliest Instagram canine sensations, Toast was a King Charles Spaniel that had a caramel-colored coat.

The story of Toast gained momentum and spread all over the social media platform, where the dog came to be recognized and loved for its unique name and its unusual facial features, especially its hanging tongue.

My Final Thoughts

While the options for trendy dog names are in no way limited to this list, you must have found some unusual and surprisingly eye-catching dog names here.

All of the trendy dog names listed above serve to shortlist your options for you, in turn saving you a lot of time and effort while also ensuring that you settle on one of the most attractive dog names in today’s era.

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