Tiger Stripe Pitbull: A Complete Guide

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The beautiful and distinctive fur patterns of the Tiger Stripe Pitbull make it easily recognizable.

This is a very good looking animal, and also can seem a little fearsome from time to time.

After all, it’s not just the legendary status of the Pitbull to feel nervous about, but also the primal feelings that come with seeing stripes like a tiger on any powerful animal.

However, as you get to know the Tiger Stripe Pitbull better, you’ll come to understand that this is a dog breed who just wants to show his or her love for his or her family.

The protective and energetic qualities of this dog – which is still a Pitbull, when all is said and done – make it a loyal and loving breed that will stick by your side through thick and thin.

There is a strong reputation among the Pitbull breed, which can give the dog a lot of bad press – despite the fact that many of the breed’s more notorious behaviors are products of a distant past, and likewise, are behaviors trained into rather than inherent to the breed in most cases.

Nonetheless, you’ll find that this handsome hound makes a fantastic work dog or guard dog.

These canines enjoy sharp senses, high intelligence, good memory retention when it comes to training and developing their skills, and an earnest desire to please their master.

Likewise, this can be a strong yet tender family pet too. The Tiger Stripe Pitbull always makes a good impression thanks to the patterns on his or her fur coat but reinforces that with consistently good behavior and by being superb with children of all ages.

Similarly, although keen on companionship, this is a breed who can be left to their own devices, and won’t necessarily swamp you with demands for fuss and affection as soon as you come in the door.

The Tiger Stripe Pitbull is suitable for active families, or households where there are lots of chances to go out on walks or have plenty to see and do.

This is a breed for whom engaging the mind is just as important as keeping the body active, and the smartness of these dogs is always remarkable.

A small Tiger Stripe Pitbull
The Tiger Stripe Pitbulls are very attentive.

Tiger Stripe Pitbull – Before You Buy…

Because the Tiger Stripe Pitbull is a type of Pitbull, you may come up against a few challenges when trying to welcome this dog into your home.

For one thing, there is still a lot of fear and misapprehension about the Pitbull breed – although much of it is held over from dog fighting and other unsavory practices that have long since fallen out of both legality and fashion.

In many municipalities and jurisdictions of the United States, not to mention lots of other countries worldwide, the Pitbull remains an outlawed breed of dog.

It’s, therefore, best to double-check that you live in an area in which Pitbull ownership is permitted before making a purchase.

Likewise, consider as always that dog ownership is a lifelong commitment – so if you and your family are likely to move in the future to an area where your dog won’t be welcome, this could cause some heartbreak and complications.

Much of this seems unnecessarily complex, and it is – because the Tiger Stripe Pitbull is actually a smart, reliable and well-behaved pet who will always do his or her best to keep the family safe, but not in the confrontational way this breed is often portrayed as adopting.

While a Tiger Stripe Pitbull is territorial and keenly protective, it is also a very affectionate and loving pet.

This is a high energy animal, meaning that lots of playtime in the park of brisk walks in all weather will be a norm to prevent boredom and encourage exercise.

These dogs have distinctive fur, but it’s also short and easy to maintain. Likewise, they are easily house trained and intelligent enough to seldom, if ever, repeat bad behavior.

These are strong dogs, and the occasional moment of clumsiness might damage or break household objects carelessly left close to the edge of a shelf or counter – so please be careful here!

Being firm but fair with your Tiger Stripe Pitbull is a guaranteed way to both win their respect and ensure that they don’t try and take a dominant role in the pack.

Again, because these dogs are so bright, you shouldn’t need to lay down the law more than once or twice to establish the hierarchy.

What price are Tiger Stripe Pitbull puppies?

Because of the distinctive coat of this breed, Tiger Stripe Pitbull puppies tend to see asking prices that are a little higher than the average Pitbull puppy price.

In especially rare cases where the puppies are not only gorgeous but from exceptional breeding stock, prices can eclipse the $5000 range.

However, a more balanced cost is an average $1000 figure.

How to find reputable Tiger Stripe Pitbull breeders?

Finding a reputable dog breeder can sometimes be tricky – anyone can fabricate good credentials, so getting to the truth can take some time.

Being able to take your time is one thing that a reputable breeder will always encourage, however.

Those dog breeders keen to rush you into a sale, or insistent that there are other interested parties against whom you are competing, often have a hidden agenda.

Remember also that, because Pitbulls are so often not allowed in certain territories, some dog breeders might be dealing in black market puppy sales just to sell their puppies in places they are outlawed, and not caring about the consequences for owner and pet alike.

However, doing your research online, and getting to know other dog owners who have worked with reputable breeders and are therefore able to give solid recommendations, can be a worthwhile thing to get into.

Similarly, a good dog breeder is honest and communicative, and likely has as many questions for you as you do for them – all in pursuit of ensuring that the puppies each find a good home.

Being able to meet the puppies in person is a big plus too because it proves that the dog breeder is open and transparent, and isn’t trying to hide anything from you.

Five Tiger Stripe Pitbull puppies laying together
The Tiger Stripe Pitbull is a smart, reliable and well-behaved pet.

3 Little-Known Facts About Tiger Stripe Pitbull Puppies

With so much myth and misinformation out there about the Pitbull breed, and with Tiger Stripe Pitbull dogs being relatively less known about than their mainstream cousins, there can be a lot of confusion and a touch of mystique surrounding this kind of dog.

However, once you get to know the things that make the Tiger Stripe Pitbull unique, you’ll find that these are loving and loyal pooches who are always best at home with owners who are kind to them but also don’t take any nonsense.

That’s the same outlook this dog adopts, after all.

  • Tiger Stripe Pitbulls are big softies with kids

Nothing brings out the more gentle and tender side of your Tiger Stripe Pitbull than meeting the kids, and this is especially true of babies and toddlers.

While a dog should always be supervised around an infant, you’ll find that the pooch shows little to no jealousy to a new member of the family, and is instead keen to meet them and establish his or her role as their friend and protector.

You’ll notice that the movements your dog makes around a baby or very young child will always be that much more careful and deliberate – these dogs have the utmost respect for your little ones.

  • The bark of the Tiger Stripe Pitbull is far worse than its bite

The reputation surrounding the Pitbull breed means that this dog can seem somewhat intimidating to a number of people.

Look closely, and you’ll find that your Tiger Stripe Pitbull often doesn’t understand why some people shrink away from them.

This is very confusing or a dog of this breed, who naturally has no idea of the horror stories surrounding the Pitbulls of the past.

However, in terms of intimidation against crime and burglary, this is a great dog to have, and a good way of having those rumors and gossip work in your favor.

  • The Tiger Stripe Pitbull loves meeting new people

Again, reputation and gossip can lead you astray here – many falsely believe that Pitbull dogs actively dislike humans and prefer to be left alone. On the contrary – being shunned would break this dog’s heart!

While it’s natural that a defensive dog like this might be wary of strangers at first, they quickly understand who to trust and will warm to them wonderfully.

Meeting new people is very exciting for the Tiger Stripe Pitbull, and they love meeting other dogs also.

Physical Traits of the Tiger Stripe Pitbull

With broadheads, bulky frames packed with muscle, and sharply intelligent eyes, Tiger Stripe Pitbulls are good looking animals who are built for power and speed.

Classed as medium-sized dogs, they have extremely well-honed senses, even among other dogs, and often spot, hear or sniff out something out of place long before anyone else can.

This dog often has a deep and booming bark, but he or she knows to only break that out when it’s time to send some shivers up the spine of a perceived threat – and these dogs don’t just dish out threats willy-nilly.

How big is a full-grown Tiger Stripe Pitbull?

A Tiger Stripe Pitbull should come up no higher than your waist when fully grown, with males being somewhat larger than females.

These are heavy dogs for their size, given they have pretty husky and robust frames.

They have big appetites too, but definitely be wary of overfeeding – these dogs are just as bad at processing sugars and fats as any other breed.

What is the life expectancy of a Tiger Stripe Pitbull?

Life never keeps a Tiger Stripe Pitbull down for long, and their strength and resilience make poor health very infrequent for these animals.

You will enjoy many happy years with your Tiger Stripe Pitbull at your side – expect them to live a hale and hearty 10 to 15 years.

A dark brown Tiger Stripe Pitbull on a blanket
The Tiger Stripe Pitbull is suitable for active families.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Tiger Stripe Pitbull

One thing that’s important to remember, given the reputation of the Pitbull, is that the aggressive tendencies of any breed of this dog – including the Tiger Stripe Pitbull – are trained into them, not inherent.

As such, even if your dog is a little rowdy at a young age, it’s very easy to course correct this behavior early on. That’s because these dogs are very attentive, and take your guidance very seriously.

The Tiger Stripe Pitbull Diet

The Tiger Stripe Pitbull has a big appetite and seems able to put away truly massive quantities of food into their stocky bodies.

However, this can make it easy to fall into the trap of overfeeding the dog, especially if there’s not enough exercise going on to counterbalance that.

A protein-rich diet of around 2500 calories per day is more than enough to keep this brawny buddy happy and healthy.

How much exercise does a Tiger Stripe Pitbull need?

Despite their muscly nature, Tiger Stripe Pitbull dogs can be surprisingly low key when it comes to the amount of time you need to devote to them daily for walks and play.

About 40 minutes of exercise per day is ample enough for your Tiger Stripe Pitbull to have plenty of fun and work through any pent up energy that might have built from being indoors too long or having a big tasty dinner.

Tiger Stripe Pitbull Health and Conditions

Although very resilient, even the mighty Tiger Stripe Pitbull can run afoul of health issues, especially in the later period of their lives.

Cataracts and hip dysplasia can be common afflictions later in life, affecting the senses and the joints accordingly. These can be costly issues to remedy.

Some Tiger Stripe Pitbull dogs also suffer problems with circulation or the spine, depending on how active or otherwise they were during their younger years.

My Final Thoughts on the Tiger Stripe Pitbull

With a distinctive coat and a handsome appearance, the Tiger Stripe Pitbull is a loving and loyal dog who will always put the needs of his or her family first.

Being a far cry from the ferocious fighter of ages past, these dogs will be affectionate and protective of the family unit, and likewise, work well as guard dogs and guide dogs alike.

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