Thai Ridgeback: A Complete Guide

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When deciding on which type of dog breed to purchase, it is best to research the different breeds you are interested in and increase your chances of making an educated decision that is best for you.

Not all dog breeds are created equal, thus determining which best suits your lifestyle is one of the important keys to successful long-term dog ownership.

The Thai Ridgeback is an extremely rare medium-sized breed which, up until recently, was a virtual unknown outside of its native eastern Thailand.

This active and alert breed makes for an excellent watchdog, guard dog and hunting dog in one.

Feel free to continue reading for relevant, current and pertinent information about this breed, which should assist you in making the correct decision when it comes to your future family member.

Whether you are searching for a Thai Ridgeback, or any other type of breed, arming yourself with knowledge is essential in making a decision which you will probably not regret in the future.

Thai Ridgeback Puppies – Before You Buy…

Thai Ridgeback puppy
The Thai Ridgeback is a medium-sized breed.

There are few things more exciting than selecting a new puppy dog to become a new member of your family.

However, this is an important decision that should not be taken lightly and should be fully researched.

Making the wrong decision here can have negative consequences for many years to come.

Purchasing a puppy based solely on an emotionally based impulse decision is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Such an ill-advised decision can often lead to an unhappy dog and owner.

Therefore, an informative crash course on the Thai Ridgeback breed shall serve well any future dog owner who is considering this breed as a family member.

What Price are Thai Ridgeback Puppies?

The usual price of a Thai Ridgeback puppy can set you back $600-$800, which, depending on your budget, ranges from affordable to somewhat expensive.

As any good consumer would do, shopping around for the lowest possible price is recommended when you embark on your search for that perfectly adorable puppy to bring home.

Be prepared to invest a decent amount of time and effort to find the puppy which is ideal for your daily lifestyle.

Eventually, when you do find a puppy in the budget you are comfortable with, make sure to properly further educate yourself.

This should involve engaging in a frank talk with the dog breeding agency about the dog, its parent and the breeder’s business as well.

Be prepared to ask as many questions as possible (even the difficult ones) to get as much information as possible.

How to Find Reputable Thai Ridgeback Breeders

Since up until recently this breed has been rare or virtually non-existent outside of Thailand, it may take some elbow grease and footwork to locate the Thai Ridgeback puppy which will fit perfectly into your life.

Initiate your search by joining online dog groups (which there are many) and browsing through local breeder networks and classified canine ads.

These methods are tried and tested and are productive and constructive methods to utilize when spending your time searching.

And of course, do not forget word of mouth. Try connecting with dog people and letting them know you looking for this particular breed.

Try and get the word out as much as possible, as this may give you a source for leads.

Make sure you have a good attitude when looking around and dealing with people. Doing so should eventually provide quality results.

Of course, a certain amount of good fortune on your side never hurts the cause, but in the end, the amount of effort you put into your search will end up making the ultimate difference.

3 Little Known Facts about Thai Ridgeback Puppies

  1. The Thai Ridgeback is named after a ridge of hair that runs along the dog’s back.
  2. The Thai Ridgeback breed was kept pure by keeping it isolated from other dogs.
  3. The  Thai Ridgeback is a pariah-type dog, which means they are free-ranging and outcasts in the social sense.

Physical Traits of the Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback posing in woods
Thai Ridgeback is an active and athletic breed.

A medium-sized dog with a wedge-shaped head and stand-up erect ears, the Thai Ridgeback is characterized by a ridge of hair that grows on its back in the opposite direction to the remainder of the coat.

This breed has a muscular body and a curved or vertical tail that it carries around.

It has a short and smooth coat, and the length of its body is approximately 10% longer than its height measured from the withers.

This breed comes in solid black, brindle, blue, red and isabella and has brown eyes and a black nose.

How Big is a Full-Grown Thai Ridgeback?

Known as a medium-sized breed, a Thai Ridgeback can reach a height of 20 to 24 inches when fully grown.

This exotic Asian dog breed can weigh between 35 to 75 pounds, which makes it suitable for living in both a house and an apartment.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Thai Ridgeback?

The Thai Ridgeback has a life expectancy of approximately 10-13 years, which is a bit under the average for a mid-sized dog.

Being relatively active, this breed does require sufficient exercise, attention,  mental stimulation, and a premium quality diet to be given a shot at living a healthy and content life.

It is a good idea to stay in touch with your dog’s physical and mental state of mind.

An essential part of being a well-versed dog owner involves being sensitive and observant of your dog’s needs and taking corrective action when you notice something is wrong.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Thai Ridgeback

A free thinker, so to speak, the Thai Ridgeback is incredibly stubborn and independent-minded.

They are not recommended for first-time dog owners, as they require a firm and experienced dog owner who will not permit it to have its own way.

In order not to undermine the owner’s authority, this breed requires constant and consistent training from a master who knows what he is doing.

This dog is not recommended if you have toddlers. However, the breed does get along with older children who have been with it from a young age.

The Thai Ridgeback is a masterful escape artist and a skilled hunter.

Because it has a high prey drive, a watchful eye should be kept on it when other pets or animals are in the vicinity.

To prevent aggression, this breed should be socialized from an early age.

The Thai Ridgeback’s Diet

Thai Ridgeback with some leaves
The Thai Ridgeback has a very strong prey instinct.

In order to remain healthy and vibrant, the Thai Ridgeback should be fed a premium quality commercial dog food which is formulated for active breeds of its particular size.

Due to their active, athletic, high-energy lifestyle,  it is vital that their nutritional needs are being met daily.

It is important to monitor your dog and feed it the proper amount so it does not gain weight and suffer potential future health issues.

In addition to dry dog food, a mixture of dry and canned is also recommended for meeting your pet’s nutritional requirements.

How Much Exercise Does the Thai Ridgeback Need?

As a very active and athletic breed, the Thai Ridgeback requires several walks per day and some vigorous playtime as well.

Since this is an athletic hunting dog with endurance, it must get enough activity so it does not become destructive while indoors.

Naturally, access to a vast yard is a plus, as this canine is always on the prowl.

For most dogs of this breed, about 90 minutes a day of activity should suffice.

Thai Ridgeback Health and Conditions

Having advance knowledge of which illnesses can afflict your breed is information that can be important to the ultimate well being of your pet.

Severe emotional and financial problems can be caused by a sick pet. Of course, this can significantly take away from the thrill and enjoyment of owning a pet.

Considering that this is a rare breed of western civilization, there is very little information as to what types of illnesses it is most predisposed towards.

As with most breeds, it is recommended that it visits the vet once a year for its shots and routine examination.

My Final Thoughts on the Thai RidgebackThai Ridgeback guide

Being somewhat independent-minded and stubborn, the historically mysterious Thai Ridgeback is recommended for an experienced dog owner whose authority will not be steamrolled by this tenacious breed.

This active and athletic breed requires a great deal of activity and exercise to prevent it from becoming bored and chewing up the furniture.

This breed is not recommended for younger children.

However, it can be a very loyal pet for older children who have been with us since an early age.

They have a very strong prey instinct and must be watched carefully when around other pets and animals.

It is best for this breed to reside in a house with a decent yard, however, be advised that they are expert escape artists and, therefore, should not be left out unsupervised for too long.

It should also do fine in an apartment setting, as long as there is a dog park nearby for exercise.

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