St. Bernard Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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When it comes to St. Bernard’s names, one should look for options that truly do justice to the dog’s large size and even larger levels of affection.

St. Bernards are known for their immense love, especially towards children, and their unquestionable loyalty, which makes them one of the best kinds of family pets.

While the name of the breed rightly captures the saint-like character of a St. Bernard, there are several ways to get creative with St. Bernard’s names.

The following is a concise but informative selection of St. Bernard names, each of which holds a significant meaning to go with your particular kind of St. Bernard pup.

A large St Bernard looking at you
Samson is the name of this dog.

Male St. Bernard Names

  • Jumbo

This St. Bernard name describes a pet that is jumbo-sized.

  • Colossus

To describe something powerful and magnanimous, a name that is befitting for both the large body and the huge heart of your St. Bernard.

  • Samson

A Biblical St. Bernard’s name is a reference to a strong, fearless hero.

  • Maximus

A name of Latin roots means “the greatest” – perfect for your magnificent St. Bernard.

  • Alexander

Inspired by Alexander the Great, this St. Bernard name is a reference to the protectiveness of your pet, because the name means “defender” or “protector of man”.

  • Bernard

For dog owners who want to keep things simple and stick as close to the name of the breed as possible, Bernard is a suitable choice for a St. Bernard name.

The name has Germanic roots and means “brave bear”, which is also an apt description for your large, fearless, and cuddly Bernard.

  • Antony

This is a Latin name for a St. Bernard which means “flourishing” or “praiseworthy”, exactly the kind of adjectives that one would use to describe the marvelous St. Bernard.

  • Beethoven

The popular TV dog from the six-movie series titled Beethoven.

  • Duncan

This St. Bernard name comes from a Gaelic origin and translates to “brown” chief” – ideal for a brown-haired St. Bernard or simply for one that sports brown patches in its fur coat.

  • Gallagher

A Gaelic name that is synonymous with qualities like “brave” or “valiant”, perfectly describing the unquestionable defensiveness of your St. Bernard when it comes to keeping its family safe.

  • Othello

This is a German name that means “wealth”.

For dog owners who look at their pet as a prized treasure in their lives, this name truly encapsulates such feelings.

  • Alp

To honor the origin of your pet, this St. Bernard name is a reference to the western Alps, where this breed was originally bred as working dogs.

  • Rescue

St. Bernards were originally bred for purposes of rescue.

Hence, the name is a reminder of the services of the ancestors of the St. Bernard.

  • Barney

A common nickname for people named “Bernard”, which makes this a charming St. Bernard name.

  • Barry

Inspired by the monument of a St. Bernard that is located in France.

A St. Bernard looking curious
This dog is sad, maybe because they call him Othello.

Female St. Bernard Names

  • Nanny

The St. Bernard is often known as the “nanny dog” due to its tendency to dote on children and shower affection on them.

For a pet that has strong motherly instincts, Nanny is the perfect St. Bernard name.

  • Liberty

This name perfectly describes your free-spirited and lively St. Bernard.

  • Mercy

To denote the kind of compassion and kindness that is inherent in dogs of this breed.

  • Swiss

This St. Bernard name is a tribute to the origins and ancestral background of the St. Bernards, that share roots with Swiss, Italian, and French cultures.

  • Bonnie

In Scottish, this name means “pretty”, perfect for your gorgeous St. Bernard.

  • Venus

Taken from Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love.

  • Velvet

To highlight the soft, velvety fur of your St. Bernard.

  • Dream

The St. Bernard is undoubtedly every dog owner’s dream pet.

The name is fitting for your enchanting and dreamy St. Bernard.

  • Heidi

This German name means “noble one”.

The name is also a reference to the children’s book of the same name that was published in Switzerland, the home of the St. Bernard.

  • Boudicca

A unique St. Bernard name, this is a reference to a queen of the first century, ideal for a regal pet.

  • Katie

A Greek name that simply means “pure”, like the heart and soul of your pet.

  • Malu

An intriguing Hawaiian name that has a literal meaning of “shelter” and “protection”, which are some of the strongest qualities of a St. Bernard.

  • Serena

To describe a pet that has a calm and serene temperament.

  • Sophie

This St. Bernard name has Greek roots and means “wisdom”, which describes the immense intelligence and intuitiveness that a St. Bernard is widely known and appreciated for.

  • Vesta

In Latin, this name means “guardian of the sacred fire”

A small St. Bernard pup sticking its tongue out at you
Meet Ginger.

Cute St.Bernard Names

  • Berny

A shorter, cuter variation of the word Bernard.

  • Cuddles

For your St. Bernard that loves to cuddle.

  • Albus

A sweet Latin St. Bernard name that means white, which is descriptive of the coat color of your pet.

  • Angel

For your pure, saint-like companion.

  • Mozart

Meaning “Wolfgang” and also a reference to someone loved by and who loves God.

  • Ginger

If your pet has brown or ginger-colored patches of fur on its body, the name Ginger will go with its physical appearance.

  • Jupiter

The largest planet in the Solar System – a good way to honor the large size of your pet.

  • Sasha

A name of Greek origin which means “defending men”, ideal for your St Bernard that will look over you and your family with all its might.

  • Sassy

For a pet that is always found in high spirits and a lively mood.

  • Abby

“Father in rejoicing” is the meaning of this St. Bernard name, which expresses your joy at owning your pet.

The name is meant for a female pup.

  • Miko

A name of Japanese origin meaning “beautiful child”.

  • Casey

The meaning of this St. Bernard name is “vigilant” and “watchful”.

  • Bernardo

A play on the name of the breed, Bernardo means “brave bear”.

  • Avalanche

An interesting name that calls to the cold, snowy origins of the St. Bernard.

  • Snowball

An ideal name for a pet that comes from the snowy Alps and has a large, round body usually with white fur to give it the look of a snowball.

The Most Popular St. Bernard Name of All Time

  • Cujo

This St. Bernard name rose to fame when it was featured in Stephen King’s 1981 novel, and later on in the 1983 horror movie adaptation of the same name.

In the movie, Cujo is a St. Bernard that turns from man’s loyal best friend to his worst enemy after becoming rabid.

Stephen King fans and horror movie fanatics all over the world instantly fell in love with this inspiring name for their St. Bernards.

My Final Thoughts

Intelligent, affectionate, and extremely caring; these are only some of the qualities that lend inspiration to some of the most meaningful St. Bernard names.

Apart from the significant personality traits of your St. Bernard, its large build and furry coat can also be used as a basis for some very enjoyable St. Bernard names.

It all comes down to what aspect you want to take inspiration from, just as long as your pet takes a liking to its glorious title!

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