Sports Dog Names: 50 Awesome & Adorable Ideas

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If you’re a dog lover as well as a sports fanatic, a list of the most appealing sports dog names will certainly be your haven.

Some of the best sports dog names are inspired can be extracted from a variety of different sources of inspiration.

For example, the easiest way to have your pet’s name dedicated to sports is to name it after your favorite team.

For a deeper association, you can even name your dog after the national sport of your country.

The following options of sports dog names serve to remind you which sports, players, or teams are relevant to be used as references for pet names.

A brown dog with a blue frisbee in its mouth
This is Tiger.

Male Sports Dog Names

  • Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal is the superstar of basketball and is popularly referred to as Shaq, which makes this a good name for a large, sporty dog.

  • Bronco

An NFL team that goes by the name Denver Broncos. The name is also a popular name amongst dogs.

  • Ronaldo

The legendary football icon that has beat several world records, Cristiano Ronaldo, is the inspiration behind this sports dog name.

  • Ali

From the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. The name is fitting for a large, powerful dog.

  • Tiger

For fans of golf, this name takes after Tiger Woods, the popular record-breaking golf player of his time.

  • Agassi

Tennis fans will recognize this name from the iconic tennis player, Andre Agassi.

  • Beckham

A highly recognizable name taken from David Beckham, one of the most popular football stars in the history of the sport.

  • Brady

Tom Brady is another addition to the list of inspirational sports dog names that are taken from legendary football players.

  • Phelps

The name is inspired by the Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps. This sports dog name is meant for pets that love water and water sports.

  • Jordan

From Michael Jordan, another basketball legend. The name will suit a dog that loves to play catch and other ball games with its owners.

  • Gretzky

From Wayne Gretzky, a famous hockey player. The name is definitely an eye-catcher for all hockey fans out there.

  • Jeter

A baseball-inspired sports dog name meant for baseball fans, inspired from the legendary Derek Jeter.

  • Maverick

The Dallas Mavericks are a popular NBA team, so if you’re a fan that roots for these players, you’ve found yourself a choice to consider amongst sports dog names.

  • Lionel

Another addition to football-inspired sports dog names, Lionel Messi is an iconic football legend whose abilities and game skills are tantamount to those of Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Salah

Another football professional who is extremely immaculate in his professional football skills.

Mo Salah plays for the Liverpool Football Club as well as for the Egyptian football team.

A small dog laying on the grass with a football
Agassi loves to play football.

Female Sports Dog Names

  • Peggy

For a pet with a sleek body, Peggy is inspired by professional figure skater, Peggy Fleming, who hails from America.

  • Hope

A delightful moniker for a sweet pet, this sports dog name is inspired by Hope Solo, a professional soccer star that plays the goalkeeper.

  • Nike

One of the top sports apparel brands in the world, Nike is an ideal female sports dog name for a pet that is always looking to partake in healthy activity or competitions of agility.

  • Serena

From Serena Williams, the top tennis player of the era.

  • Babe

Two very popular sports personalities are the inspiration behind this sports dog name.

Babe Zaharias was a professional golfer and Olympic gold medalist, while Babe Ruth was a professional baseball player with one of the longest careers in the history of the sport.

  • Mia

Inspired by a professional soccer player, Mia Hamm.

  • Pova

The inspiration behind this sports dog’s name is Maria Sharapova, the iconic tennis player.

  • Bonnie

Bonnie Blair is a legend of speed skating, which makes this name befitting for a dog that is extremely fast-paced and smooth in its walk.

  • Knick

After the basketball team titled the New York Knicks.

  • Lindsey

Lindsey Vonn is an Olympic skier, which makes this a good title for a pet that was bred in snowy regions and can easily adapt to extremely cold climates.

  • Spark

One of the WNBA teams is called Los Angeles Sparks, so fans of the team would appreciate this sports dog name.

  • Raven

The Baltimore Ravens are an NFL team that serves as inspiration for names for dogs that sport black-colored coats.

  • Venus

Another iconic tennis player is Venus Williams.

  • Pepper

Not a reference to a popular team or player, but an informal term used to describe the pre-game exercises that are carried out by players to warm up.

  • Jackie

For a pet with an athletic build, Jackie is a sports dog name inspired by Jackie Joyner-Kersee, an Olympic athlete.

Two Retrievers sitting down with funny sports jerseys on
Here we have Yankee and Coach.

Cute Sports Dog Names

  • Bolt

A dog that can reach immense speeds when running deserves to be named after Usain Bolt, one of the fastest Olympic runners in the world.

  • Coach

A sports term that refers to a trainer or instructor for athletic sports.

  • Mitt

A commonly used sports item; another name for a basketball glove.

  • Rookie

A word used for someone who has just started playing a sport and is very new to it – ideal for a newly born pup.

  • Messi

The last name of a legendary professional footballer, Lionel Messi.

  • Magic

After Magic Jackson, a basketball icon that has a name in the basketball Hall of Fame.

  • Cricket

For fans of this popular bat and ball sport that is extremely popular in England, Cricket is a name that can be considered for English dog breeds.

  • Homer

What one would informally call a “home run”.

  • Boxer

After the popular boxing sport, a name that is suitable for a strong and powerful dog with a brawny, muscular body.

  • Racquet

Another term for sports like squash or tennis is racquetball, which is a reference to the type of bat used in these games.

  • Blitz

A football term used to refer to a defensive attack – for a pet that won’t think twice before launching itself as a potential source of the threat.

  • Hawk

After the professional skating icon, Tony Hawk.

  • Kobe

Inspired by Kobe Bryant, a legendary basketball superstar.

  • Yankee

One of the most popular baseball teams, the New York Yankees.

If you’re a die-hard Yankee fan, you probably must have already decided on this sports dog name for your pet.

  • Archer

Ideal for a hunting dog, the name describes someone skilled at the sport of archery.

The Most Popular Sports Dog Name of All Time

  • Soccer

As one of the most popular and widely played sports in the world, this sports dog name has gained immense fame and is chosen by millions of dog owners across the world.

In addition to the popularity of the sport, another reason behind the likeability of this name is Soccer the Dog, a veteran dog actor in showbiz.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, finding the best sports dog names is quite an easy and enjoyable task, considering how you only need to bestow the name of your favorite sports player, team, or a kind of sport to your athletic and sporty pet.

With so many sports personalities and references to take inspiration from, we are sure that you would have shortlisted your favorite picks of sports dog names by now!

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