Shairn-Inu: A Complete Guide

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Dogs are incredible animals. The abilities they have and the characteristics they possess paint them to be one of the friendliest animals around, and an ideal pet for anyone.

They are more than pets, but true, undeniable friends.

However, with great bonds come great responsibility. A dog can be hard to look after and pose great difficulty at times.

They are thinking, feeling animals, and need the support of their human to thrive in a domesticated life. While it may be stressful, it is not much to ask for the happiness a dog can bring.

The Shairn Inu is a particularly interesting hybrid, combining the Cairn Terrier and the Shiba Inu. It is considered a fairly rare hybrid, only starting to pop up frequently this decade.

Because of this, there’s not a significant amount of information on the dog. However, we can learn more about it by analyzing its parent breeds.

The Shiba Inu is an ancient dog that originated in Japan. It was used for hunting game, and to assist its owners for game hunting and food purposes. It would run through forests and flush out its prey.

The Cairn Terrier is similar to the West Highland Terrier. It was a vermin hunting dog in Scotland, and incredibly efficient when it comes to tracking prey.

WIth the Shairn Inu, you are guaranteed an intelligent crossbreed that is not only protective but loyal to its owner. However, it can be somewhat challenging to train and not recommended for first-time owners.

In this guide of sorts, I will assist you with any further information on the Shairn Inu, to prepare you for purchasing this dog. I will go over its physical features, behavioral traits, life expectancy, costs and more.

A dog can be difficult sometimes, especially when it is off hunting descent like the Shairn Inu. However, with this guide, I aim at making it easier for you.

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Shairn Inu: Before You Buy

Shairn Inu in carrier
The Shairn Inu is only a moderately active dog.

Preparing for a dog to enter your household is a lot of work. This is a new addition to your family or the beginning of a new one, so you will have to treat it as such.

A dog isn’t an animal that will just wander around your household; it will need to feel at home.

So you will need to do things to make it comfortable, and help it settle into domestication. These things you have to do include:

– Make a designated space for your dog. While it won’t need its room, you will need to organize places where the dog can play and rest.

– Organize times to spend with your dog. A puppy will need socialization and training from an early age regularly, and you will need to make time away from work to do this.

However, if you have someone at home who can spend time with the dog frequently, this shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

– Colour, gender and your final decision on whether you want your dog spayed/neutered.

How much does a Shairn Inu cost?

Dogs can be expensive; there’s no way to sugarcoat it. But it’s not because they are cute and elegant, but because they are such a complicated pet.

The budget can be a make or break factor for a lot of dog owners.

The Shairn Inu is not a cost-effective dog because of its rare status. It’s going to cost you around $700-$800 per puppy, which is, however, cheaper than the $1000+ price of a Shiba Inu and Cairn Terrier.

So if you are looking for a dog that has the traits of those purebreds, and want to spend a little less, then definitely look into the Shairn Inu.

How do I find a reputable breeder?

Reputable breeders are not a rarity, but hard to find amongst the slew of breeders in this day of age.

It is essential to find a professional, ethical breeder because their process can determine a lot of factors in the dog’s life, including life expectancy and more.

To determine whether or not a breeder is reputable, there are some factors you can determine.

These things include:

  • The space in which the dogs are kept. It should be clean, safe and spacious.
  • How sociable the breeder is. The breeder needs to talk to the dogs to kick-start their comfort in domestic life.
  • Knowledge. The breeder should have immense knowledge of the breeds in which they specialize in.
  • The price. The breeder should be selling the puppies at a price close to the national average.
  • Assistance. If you have any questions, the breeder should help you and provide you with a contact number for further inquiries.

Three little-known facts about the Shairn Inu

  1. Its parent breeds the Cairn Breeder is the same as the West Highland Terrier in almost every way except coat color.
  2. Although it is renowned as a hunter, the Shairn Inu is a small, compact dog.
  3. The Shairn Inu tends to dig around the backyard.

The Physical Traits of the Shairn Inu

Happy Shairn Inu
The Shairn Inu needs positive reinforcement to learn right from wrong.

The physical traits of the Shairn Inu can differ, as it is a mixed breed. Due to it having two different breed parents, it can inherit the traits of both of them.

Some may resemble the Shiba Inu more, while others may look more like a Cairn Terrier. However, some can look like the perfect splice. It all depends on the gene pool of each particular puppy.

The Shairn Inu tends to have a rough, medium-length coat that ranges colors of red, brown, grey, black and cream. It has a sturdy build that is built for hunting, and a curly tail that loves to wag.

It has triangular, erect ears, with oval, brown eyes. It has strong legs for support, and a black, stubby nose.

How big is a full-grown Shairn Inu?

The Shairn Inu is a small breed, but far from a lap dog. It grows to around 11-15 inches in length, which makes it suited for a lap late at night, but not to carry around in a handbag.

This is around the size of the 12-16 inches of a Shiba Inu, and bigger than the 9-11 inches of a Cairn Terrier.

Mass wise, it grows up to 20 pounds and is usually a minimum of 15 pounds. The male is the bigger of the genders, and it is recommended that you supervise it around children.

Why it isn’t big enough to cause harm, it is jumpy, so smaller children need to be watched.

What is the life expectancy of the Shairn Inu?

The Shairn Inu is expected to live around 12-14 years, which is around the average as most small breeds. This is around the same as the 12-15 years of the Shiba Inu and the Cairn Terrier.

However, it’s important not to get caught up in these numbers, and make sure to keep an eye on the health status of your dog.

It can increase or decrease due to this, so make sure to keep an eye out for any possible illnesses or conditions.

Personality, Temperament and the Behavioural Traits of the Shairn Inu

Shairn Inu puppy
The Shairn Inu is not a cost-effective dog.

The Shairn Inu is a stubborn breed, and it will need constant training.

You will need to prioritize discipline and obedience training with this dog and use positive reinforcement to teach it right and wrong.

It doesn’t like to be left alone for a long and can suffer from separation anxiety, so someone must be home at all times. If left alone for too long, it can dig and become destructive.

The Shairn Inu is an affectionate dog and loves children. It behaves well when around other pets but may become aggressive if it becomes threatened.

It can be avoidant of interaction with people it doesn’t know initially and can make a great watchdog, but socialization and training can make it more comfortable.

What are the dietary requirements of the Shairn Inu?

The Shairn Inu even as a hunter, doesn’t eat any more than a smaller breed. It will consume 1 cup of dog food a day, and cost an owner $30 a month.

It will like variety in its diet, and you must provide it.

Due to its hunting instincts, the Shairn Inu will like meat. Make sure to chop it up finely for easy consumption, and alternate between chicken, beef, pork and a variety of dog meats.

Also, feed it dry dog food and grains for nutrition.

How much exercise does the Shairn Inu need?

The Shairn Inu is only a moderately active dog and can reach all of its exercises needs quite easily. It will need 30 minutes of exercise per day, and 7 miles of walking per week.

It will love to play around in the park, and explore the neighborhood on a nice walk.

It can reach most of its exercise indoors, so it’s suitable for those who live in an apartment, but will love to go outdoors.

Health concerns and conditions of the Shairn Inu

Possible illnesses include:

Shairn Inu ConclusionShairn Inu guide

Overall, the Shairn Inu is a great dog.

Its friendly and can adapt to a flurry of different living situations, however, it will need an attentive dedication to training.

If you can persist in training the Shairn Inu, it will make a great companion.

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