Scottish Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Scottish dog names are some of the most historical, ancestry-oriented group of names around.

Scotland itself is a land rich in heritage and mythological folklore and home to a range of different kinds of dog breeds known for a variety of distinct qualities.

Some of these Scottish dog breeds make great companion dogs, while others qualify as some of the most intelligent breeds in the world.

Depending on the most significant quality of your pet that you want to accentuate, you would want to choose a befitting moniker from a vast range of Scottish dog names.

We know how exhausting it can be to scout several websites and hundreds of dog names in search of the perfect name.

Even despite putting in hours of searching, one often is not able to settle on just the right name that clicks with all family members as well as with the dog that has to carry the name around.

Keeping that in mind, to narrow down your options and ease your conundrum, here is a concise list of some of the best and most meaningful Scottish dog names.

Each name comes with an extensive definition and, in one way or another, draws an association with your Scottish pet.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide which association is most befitting for your beloved pooch.

A black dog with a red collar looking at you
Hello, my name is Duke.

Male Scottish Dog Names

  • Haggis

Haggis is a traditional Scottish savory pudding made from the pluck of sheep.

Food is an important component of Scottish culture, so a food-inspired Scottish dog name makes perfect sense.

  • Sterling

Everyone knows that Scottish currency is known as the pound sterling.

As a Scottish dog name, Sterling has a delightful ring to it making this a regal title for your Scottish pooch.

  • Quid

Another informal word for a Scottish currency, Quid can be used as a short and sweet Scottish dog name for a small-sized dog.

  • Aberdeen

A strong name that is inspired by the third-largest city of Scotland.

  • Giles

This Scottish dog name is inspired from the Giles cathedral in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

In history, Saint Giles was known to be the miracle worker regarded as a patron saint who served the crippled.

Your Scottish dog would also be extremely helpful and would live to serve you, so Giles is a suitable name to bestow on it.

  • Scottie

This name can be interpreted in whichever way you want, as long as it relates to a Scottish theme.

Scottie is an informal way of addressing someone or something belonging to Scotland, thus making a very apt moniker for a Scottish dog breed.

  • Duke

Give your pet a royal title with this Scottish dog name.

A duke refers to a Scottish leader of a usually small state.

  • Kelpie

This is a less common Scottish dog name which refers to a mythical creature.

A Kelpie is known as the “Scottish Water Horse”.

So, if your Scottish pet loves bath time or generally just likes to spend time splashing in the water, Kelpie is a sweet, mystical name for it.

  • Bogbean

This name sounds almost comical to listen to.

Bogbean is a kind of Scottish herb that is used for flavor in ale and tonics.

A Scottish dog undoubtedly brings a lot of flavor into your life, so naming it after this herb is a fun idea for a Scottish dog name.

  • Bairn

This Scottish dog name has Gaelic roots.

The name has a simple meaning.

Barin is Gaelic for “child”, an ideal name to give to your precious little baby.

  • Macbeth

For a regal and mighty pet that exudes an aristocratic aura, Macbeth was a Scottish Duke of the 11th century.

The name Macbeth is also a reference to the protagonist of a very famous Shakespeare play.

The literal meaning of this Scottish dog name is “son of life”, which makes it ideal for a lively pet that has brought joy and happiness in your life.

  • Tartan

An intriguing name with a unique meaning.

A tartan is a word used to describe a criss-cross pattern of multi-colored bands and is often associated with the colors of a Scottish clan.

In the Biblical context, the name is a reference to a “general”, making it an authoritative title for your pet.

  • Wallace

This Scottish dog name is a reference to William Wallace, the popular Scottish knight known for his contribution to Scottish Independence.

The name will suit a pet that has a love for freedom and has an inherent independent streak that makes it very strong-willed and single-minded.

  • Peaty

A Scottish dog name that is a reference to a natural feature of Scotland, the peat bogs.

The name itself has a literal meaning of “rock”, which is exactly what your pet will be for you.

  • Sherlock

For a fictional character name for your pet, give it this well-known name that came about from Scottish author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world-famous stories of Sherlock Holmes.

The character had unparalleled intelligence, intuition, and a knack for solving mysteries as a detective, all of which are qualities that your smart pet will possibly possess.

A small black dog with a purple collar
Her name is Gretna and she is always nice.

Female Scottish Dog Names

  • Bramble

A Scottish word for a berry, this is an ideal Scottish dog name for a sweet pet.

  • Calluna

This Scottish dog name comes from a kind of Scottish flower shrub.

The name means refers to the act of beautifying something, which makes perfect sense as a title for your attractive pet that is the beauty of your household.

  • Annabel

A common Scottish dog name with a simple yet delightful meaning, Annabel means “easy to love”.

The name aptly explains your immense love for your pet, whom you don’t think twice about showering with love and affection.

  • Isla

A popular female name in Scotland with the literal meaning of “isle”.

The name will be fitting for a pet that loves trips to the beach and has an overall liking towards water.

  • Flotta

Another reference to an island, Flota is one of the Scottish isles that makes part of the Shetlands.

The name comes from an Old Norse word “flatey”, which translates to “flat island”.

  • Nessie

From the popular Scottish legend of the Loch Ness monster.

If you want your pet to have an iconic and renowned name that is associated with a formidable creature, you should consider this name for a large, powerful dog.

  • Lassie

A Scottish dog name that means “young lady”.

It is also a reference to the popular TV dog Lassie, known for her heroic character.

  • Embra

For those of you who wish to name their Scottish pet after a place, Embra is an informal word for Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

  • Selkie

Selkie is a reference to a mythical Scottish creature that belongs to the sea.

Another Scottish dog name that is befitting for a water-loving pet.

  • Gretna

This Scottish dog name is a reference to a small village in Scotland that has gained popularity as a destination for eloped lovers.

The name itself means “village” and would suit a humble pet.

  • Skye

From the Isle of Skye, once known to be a misty Highland area that was secluded.

This Scottish dog name simply refers to the open sky, which can perhaps be a euphemism for the endless love of your pet.

  • Clutha

A Gaelic word that means “water goddess”.

This is another one of the Scottish dog names which are befitting for a pet that gets thoroughly excited around water.

  • Merida

From the famous children’s movie, Brave, Merida is a Scottish princess.

If your kids are fond of this Disney movie, you should definitely consider this Scottish dog name for your furry little princess.

  • Heather

A kind of Scottish flower, Heather means “good luck” in Scottish.

Considering the lucky charm that your pet has become for you, this is a lovely Scottish dog name to consider.

  • Alba

A dog name could not get more Scottish than this.

Alba is a Gaelic word for Scotland, so a Scottish pet is an ideal candidate for this moniker.

A long haired dog running
This is Destiny and she likes spending her time in the open air.

Cute Scottish Dog Names

  • Tattie

A fun name for your Scottish dog, tattie is a slang word for potatoes.

It makes an ideal food-inspired Scottish dog name and is also a good way to describe a lazy pet that is often described as a couch potato.

  • Dafty

This Scottish dog name is appealing to the ear and has a meaning which aptly describes your furry goofball.

Dafty in Scottish is a silly person, so the name will go well with a quirky dog that is always up to some unusual tricks and antics.

  • Thistle

A popular Scottish flower and a lovely name for your Scottish dog.

Thistle is a unisex dog name.

  • Shortbread

It goes without saying that this name should ideally be given to a dog that is small and short in height.

The name is a reference to a popular Scottish dessert, symbolizing the sweetness of your pet.

  • Destiny

This female Scottish dog name for a puppy is a reference to the Coronation Stone, the Stone of Destiny, of Perth.

  • Neeps

Doesn’t this sound like a very intriguing and unique name for a puppy?

Neeps is a word that means “turnip” in Scotland.

Although the meaning may not make much sense for a dog, we love the sound of this Scottish dog name!

  • Gregor

This powerful name has quite a lot of significance in Scotland.

Gregor means “vigilant” and is thus ideal for a pet that is watchful and wary of strangers.

An attentive watchdog or a guard dog will be an ideal pet to bestow this name onto.

  • Kinnon

An interesting Scottish name which means “fair born”, ideal for a fair-haired pet that preferably has a light-colored fur coat.

  • Laddie

Laddie is a Scottish word used to address a young man, which makes it a sensible title to give to a male Scottish puppy.

  • Whiskey

Many dog owners would go with this beverage-inspired Scottish dog name which is a reference to a popular kind of Scottish alcohol.

  • Sweeney

This Scottish dog name means “easy-going”, ideal for a well-natured pet that is adaptable and easy to live with.

  • Rory

The infamous Scottish Red King, Rory makes a suitable title for a regal pet.

If your dog is red-haired, this Scottish dog name would make even more sense.

  • Fergus

A name that describes a man with a lot of vigor.

The name will suit a pet that is full of life and has immense energy levels.

  • Alpin

This Scottish dog name translates to “white”, so it will only make sense if you adorn this name over a dog that sports a white fur coat.

  • Cooper

This Scottish dog name is a reference to someone who builds and repairs the barrels and casks used to store whiskey.

  • Eimhir

Originating from Scottish, this name means ‘swift’.

A more thorough explanation of the name tells that Eimhir means emotional, charming, and someone who is very eager to please you.

This is the ideal name for a female Scottish dog who is extremely obedient and tries hard to be liked by its owner.

Naming your dog Eimhir will also highlight its strong will and desire to be right in everything it does.

  • Sorcha

This again is a very beautiful name for a female Scottish dog.

With Scottish and Irish roots, this name means ‘radiant’ or ‘brightness’ and is very appropriate for a dog which has brightened your life with its presence.

This name also underlines the importance of your dog and the valued bond you share with it.

Moreover, this name should go to a dog which is often a source of joy and positive energy, despite the less than positive circumstances.

  • Lorna

If you are looking for a feminine name to describe the warrior-like and victorious personality of your dog, Lorna is the perfect one.

This Scottish name means ‘victorious’ and is great for a female dog which never backs off from a challenge and holds its ground in every fight.

Lorna is simple, easy, and feminine enough for your courageous dog who makes you proud with its unrelenting strength.

  • Dougal

Not only is this name very unique, but it is equally mysterious as well.

Dougal, originating from Scottish, means ‘dark stranger’.

Your male dog will perfectly carry this name if it possesses the properties of a brooding, frightening, antisocial, and feisty dog.

The uniqueness of the name also symbolizes how your dog is very special.

  • Stirling

This is a unisex name, fit to choose if you are planning to name your dog after a Scottish city.

Though in English the word ‘stirling’ means ‘pure’ or ‘of high quality’, Stirling is also the name of a city in central Scotland.

Celebrity-Inspired Scottish Dog Names

Scotland has produced many of the world’s most beloved celebrities and fictional characters – all of whom can be used for inspiration in naming your new pet.

  • Billy

The Scottish comedian Billy Connolly has had a long career in stand-up but has also cropped up in plenty of sitcoms and movies since moving to the United States.

A jolly male dog with a wispy beard would prove all too suitable for this name, but it’s a unisex name if you want it to be too.

  • Tennant

David Tennant, famous for playing Doctor Who and, more recently, starring in Good Omens, often plays characters with an English accent. But he’s a born and bred Scotsman, to whom you can pay homage with a confident dog named after him.

  • Willy

The grouchy old groundskeeper in The Simpsons might play up on Scottish stereotypes a touch too much sometimes, but his name is still a cool one for a cheeky pooch!

  • Ewan

Ewan McGregor has had an amazing career, from playing a young Obi-Wan Kenobi to driving around the world on a motorcycle.

A male dog who’s similarly wise and explorative can definitely take inspiration from this fellow!

The Most Popular Scottish Dog Name of All Time

  • Jock

The Scottish pooch from the popular Disney movie, The Lady and the Tramp, is the inspiration behind this Scottish dog name.

Ever since the movie, dog owners have adored this name as well as the character, which was portrayed as a feisty but extremely loyal Scottish Terrier.

In the movie, Jock is introduced and displayed in the most Scottish ways possible, with him humming and enjoying a Scottish tune in his very first scene and his rich Scottish accent.

My Final Thoughts

Scottish dog names are not only rich in history, but also signify a lot many interesting mythical as well as real-life features.

Whichever name you end up choosing for your Scottish pet, you should be well aware of its meaning.

In addition to that, you only need to choose a Scottish dog name that your pet instantly takes a liking to because that is when you’ll know that you’ve found the perfect title.

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