Rustralian Terriers: A Complete Guide

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The Rustralian Terrier is an interesting breed. It is the hybrid of two of the best small hunting terriers in the world and is full of energy.

They can run for hours at a time and are happiest when they are outside chasing squirrels up trees to their heart’s content.

They have a very feisty demeanor which is typical when you look at most terriers. They are very protective of their property, their toys, and especially their food bowl.

Despite their fearsome mannerisms, however, the Rustralian Terrier makes for a wonderful companion.

They are known for forming deep bonds with their owners and will respect them above anybody else.

The Jack Russell Terrier was bred over a period of several decades in the 1800s by a hunter named Parson John Russell.

He wanted to create the perfect hunting dog to take with him on his escapades.

He wasn’t satisfied with the small-bodied terriers of the day and wanted a dog that was sturdy enough to be able to run with his larger hounds but still maintained the fiery and energetic demeanor that makes Terriers such a great hunting dog.

The Australian Terrier was bred in Australia for one purpose- hunting snakes and other small vermin.

They look a lot like a Yorkie, but with shorter legs that give them an advantage when they need to get into small rodent dens or when they are fighting snakes.

The Australian Terrier is known for being completely fearless and has somewhat of a Napoleon complex.

They have no problem getting into a fight with bigger and stronger opponents.

All of these features have made their way into the Rustralian Terrier. Although this dog takes after the Australian Terrier in looks, it has the friendly demeanor that Jack Russells are so well known for.

This makes them great companions for just about anybody. They are incredibly loyal and will make a great pet for many years.

Rustralian Terrier Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Rustralian Terrier sitting in a wicker chair
The Rustralian Terriers don’t like trainers but can be easily trained by their owners.

These lovable Terriers are very popular dogs, but they can be quite a handful.

If you want them to be well-mannered, then you will have to spend time training them and give them enough attention so that they grow to respect you.

Let’s look at some other frequently asked questions while we’re at it.

What Price are Rustralian Terrier Puppies?

You can get a good Rustralian Terrier for right around $900. This is a good deal considering the quality of the dog that you will be getting.

This price is a reflection of the $1,000 price tag on most Jack Russells and the $800 price of the Australian Terrier.

These dogs can also live to be quite old and maintain a healthy lifestyle which makes them inexpensive in the long run.

There are plenty of other less expensive dogs out there that will end up costing you an arm and a leg in veterinary bills throughout their lifetime.

How to Find Reputable Rustralian Terrier Breeders?

The Rustralian Terrier looks a lot like many other Terrier crossbreeds. It is also very common for people to confuse their Australian Terriers with Yorkies since they look so similar.

Because a lot of these Terriers look so similar, it can be very easy to get a mutt in the place of an authentic Rustralian Terrier.

Although they may look and act the same, you won’t be getting what you paid $900 for.

To confirm the authenticity of your puppy, you should always ask the breeder for the appropriate pedigree papers of the parent dogs.

3 Little-known facts about Rustralian Terrier puppies

  1. These little dogs can be quite rebellious and will need proper training if you want them to grow up well-behaved.
  2. The Rustralian Terrier will usually form a particularly strong bond with one member of the household and will treat them with the greatest respect and show them the most affection.
  3. Although Rustralian Terriers are independent for the most part, if they go long periods without human interaction, they can start taking out nervous energy in a negative manner.

Physical Traits of the Rustralian Terrier

A small brown Rustralian Terrier lying on the couch
The Rustralian Terriers are very intelligent.

In looks, these dogs take after the Australian Terrier far more than the Jack Russell.

The only features that they really get from the Jack Russell are their fur color, which usually tends to be a cream color with light brown or golden spotting.

These dogs are relatively short and are classified as a small-sized dog.

Their fur is a mix between the Australian Terrier’s long and wispy hair and the short, thick hair of the Jack Russell.

The result is that the Rustralian Terrier has short, curly hair that can grow fairly thick.

This means that if they spend a lot of time outside, they can easily pick up a lot of excess dirt and debris, so they will need to be washed and groomed frequently if you want to keep them clean.

Their eyes are prominent and they are very expressive. This dog can give you very hard-to-resist puppy dog eyes when they really want something.

The Rustralian Terrier also has a very expressive brow and ears that perk up whenever they are excited or hear another dog barking around their house.

How Big is a Full-Grown Rustralian Terrier?

These dogs are very small. They usually don’t grow any heavier than 14 pounds on the larger end of the scale.

This makes them ideal for small homes or people who live in apartments. They usually don’t stand any taller than 10 inches off the ground.

This means that even when they are full-grown you will still be able to carry around the house and let them cuddle up to you on the sofa.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Rustralian Terrier?

These small Terriers are very hardy little dogs and can easily live up to 16 years old. There have been quite a few reports of them living up to 20 years old.

This makes them a wonderful family pet as they will grow up with the rest of your kids.

When you bring home one of these adorable puppies, you won’t have to worry about going through a loss any time soon.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Rustralian Terrier

These dogs are fairly intelligent and will learn easily as long as you give them a reason to. The main area where the Rustralian Terrier will give you trouble is their natural rebelliousness.

They refuse to listen to trainers who they view as weak and will only respect individuals who stand firm in their decisions.

They also form habits early in life, which makes it particularly important to begin house training these dogs in their puppyhood. If you wait until they are fully grown, then you won’t get far.

An untrained Rustralian Terrier can be very temperamental and feisty.

They will often snap and growl at people who they don’t like, which can definitely be bad if you have kids or frequently have your friends over.

As long as they are well-trained, however, these little dogs can be very loving and respectful. They will be a great companion to you and your family.

They have a fun-loving attitude and love playing fetch and running around outside.

Rustralian Terriers are very curious dogs and will investigate just about anything new, so don’t be surprised if they run off while they are outside.

They probably just spotted a small animal and felt the urge to investigate, and will quickly return to you.

The Rustralian Terrier’s Diet

Because these dogs are pretty small, they usually only need about 1 cup of food per day. If they spend a lot of time running around outside, then they may need a cup-and-a-half.

The cleaner that their diet is, the more energetic that they will be.

Like most dogs, their eyes are far bigger than their stomachs. If they are allowed, they will eat all day long.

If your Rustralian Terrier is overfed, then they will often spend a lot of time laying around and sleeping to process the extra food.

How Much Exercise Does a Rustralian Terrier Need?

Because of their small size, they usually get a good amount of exercise just by running around the house all day.

However, fresh air is good for them so it’s important to make sure that they get outside for at least 20 or 30 minutes a day.

Rustralian Terriers are also very social dogs and love being out at the dog park where they can make friends and play with other dogs.

Rustralian Terrier Health and Conditions

These dogs are very healthy. In their old age, they have been known to develop cataracts and joint pain, but this is very common for most dogs.

If you talk to most Rustralian Terrier owners, they will tell you that even though their dog is 15 years old, they are still running around in perfect health.

Final Thoughts on the Rustralian TerrierA white Rustralian Terrier running on the grass

If you are looking for a fiery and energetic housepet, then the Rustralian Terrier is a great choice for you.

They are independent and don’t mind being left at home by themselves while you’re at work or school as long as they have a full bowl of food.

These dogs are very loyal and will form a strong bond with the person who shows them the most attention.

They can be a bit rebellious naturally, but as long as they are well-trained, they will generally be very polite and well-behaved dogs.

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