Top 50 Russian Dog Names & Their Meanings

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Russian dog names are classy, sophisticated, and downright exotic to the ear.

By now, you’re probably wondering if your pet is a good candidate for a Russian dog name. Who should consider bestowing their pet with a foreign language name?

First and foremost, anyone who wants to step outside the box and think along creative lines can go with a name that is unique and distinct from regular dog names.

Ideally, if your dog is of Russian origin, you are in the best position to look up options for Russian dog names to ensure that your pet sticks close to its ancestral background.

Having said that, before jumping to a decision and starting to get your pet accustomed to its title, it is first crucial to do your homework to avoid giving it a name that may sound appealing but means something very offensive in the native language.

In order to ensure that you choose a fool-proof moniker for your beloved pet, we have compiled a list of Russian dog names complete with the specific meaning of each of these names to give you a thoroughly enjoyable and risk-free christening experience.

A white dog sitting in front of a fireplace
Her name is Laika.

Male Russian Dog Names

  • Vadim

A Russian name that means “someone who rules”; perfect to describe the way that your dog has conquered your heart.

  • Putin

If you want to name your Russian dog after a famous personality, who better person to pay tribute to than the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

  • Kazak

From Cossack, this Russian dog name refers to someone skilled at military training.

The name is suitable for a hunting dog or a guard dog that is strong and can put up a tough fight against intruders.

  • Vadik

This Russian dog name also means “ruler” and is, thus, ideal for a pet that likes to dominate the household.

  • Czar

Another ruler-inspired Russian dog name, Czar is a reference to an emperor.

Therefore, it would be the perfect moniker to describe a dog that is prone to perceiving itself as the alpha of the house and imposing its terms on other family members.

  • Kodiak

The name means “an island”, so if your Russian dog is fond of the beach and likes to play with water, Kodiak will be a fitting Russian dog name.

  • Bolshoi

A Russian dog name that means “big”, this is a good title for a formidable dog that falls amongst the category of large-sized, powerful dogs.

An example of a fitting candidate for this Russian dog name is the Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog.

  • Maksim

This Russian name simply means “greatest”, which makes it a true depiction of what you perceive your great and mighty pet to be: the greatest of them all.

  • Rahil

A unique Russian dog name which means “quiet”, like a little lamb.

This moniker is apt for a smaller sized dog that is not too big on barking and has an overall calm and peaceful demeanor.

  • Rasputin

A very intriguing Russian dog name inspired by the renowned Russian mystic of great significance in imperial Russia, who rose to prominence as a self-declared holy man.

The name will suit a mystical pet that does not give away much about its personality at first glance and has a lot of many hidden qualities that are not known by the common man.

  • Danya

This sweet and charming Russian dog name means “gift of God” and is an ideal way to describe your blessed pet.

  • Velikan

A rather powerful name with equally impressive meaning.

Velikan means “giant”, so it goes without saying that this name should only be given to a humongous breed of dogs.

  • Tolstoy

This name is inspired by the timeless and ever-renowned Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy.

The name itself has an ancient Russian background and means “thick”, making it suitable for a thick-skinned pet dog.

  • Ataman

An interesting Russian dog name that is derived from the Cossack Chief and refers to an important person.

The name is ideal for a reliable, preferably working, dog that serves a particular purpose to its master.

  • Malchik

A name that sounds unique and appealing but has a very simple meaning.

Malchik, in Russian, simply means “boy” so it can be given to any kind of Russian dog, regardless of its size, color, or personality.

A light brown dog
This dog is called Putin.

Female Russian Dog Names

  • Gavrilla

A different Russian dog name that can be translated down to “God is my strength”.

In this case, your pet dog is your strength, so why not go with this name to describe the place of your faithful pet in your life.

  • Fayina

Someone who loves nature and the outdoors and likes to be free.

This female Russian dog name is for pets that do not thrive in an enclosed surrounding, but rather demand to be left outside to play.

A free-spirited, freedom-loving pet is the most ideal kind of dog that should be given this Russian moniker.

  • Krasa

A concise and sweet name that has a pleasant meaning.

Krasa is a Russian dog name that means “beauty”, thus making it an ideal reference to your gorgeous and insanely attractive pet.

  • Irina

Another lovely female Russian dog name that is best suited for a dog with a peaceful demeanor and a loving disposition.

Irina means “peace” and if your pet is the source of solace and consolation in your life, this is a name that will describe your serene pet.

  • Rufina

This Russian dog name is descriptive of the color of your pet’s fur coat.

The name itself means a woman with red hair, but in this case, it can easily be used to address a red-haired female dog.

  • Jelena

This lovely girl’s name has a delightful definition; Jelena means “shining light”.

If you believe that your pet is a source of radiance in your life and that you can always count on her to brighten up your day, you should pick this Russian dog name.

  • Polina

A name that means “petite” or “tiny”.

Goes without saying, this name is only suitable for small breeds of dogs, like a Bichon Frise or a Pomeranian.

  • Ursa

The meaning of this Russian name is “bear”.

Hence, this Russian dog name should be given to a large, fluffy dog that has a bear-like structure, or is at least as cuddly as one!

  • Sarik

This Russian name means “little ball”, so it should ideally be adorned over a small, fluff ball of a dog that has a round, stout body.

  • Annushka

A name that sounds as elegant as its meaning, Annushka means “merciful”, or “gracious”, which appropriately describes your compassionate and loving Russian pet dog.

  • Galina

This Russian dog name describes a pet that is serene and composed in terms of temperament.

  • Matrona

In its literal sense, Matrona refers to a well-mannered, sweet, and lady-like individual.

So for a dainty little pooch that likes to be well-groomed and is an overall well-behaved and obedient pet, Matrona makes the perfect Russian dog name.

  • Lena

Lena is a famous Siberian river.

As a Russian dog name, this moniker will go with a pet that likes to splash around in the water and appreciates frequent visits to the beach or riverside.

  • Lizka

A Russian variation of the popular girl name Elizabeth, Lizka means “oath of God”, and is a divine name for a pet that has come into your life as a blessing from the Lord.

  • Pushka

After a famous Russian poet, this Russian dog name has meanings that include “outgoing” or “loud”.

In its most literal and basic sense, Pushka means canon.

Therefore, the name is fitting for a fiery pet that is very bold, social, and most importantly, very vocal about her emotions and needs.

A white dog with snow on its face
Her name is Jelena and she is never sad.

Cute Russian Dog Names

  • Alek

This dog name has both Russian and Greek roots and means “defender of mankind”.

It is a good title for a guardian dog that is highly protective of its human family and will always defend its owners in threatening situations.

  • Aleksi

This Russian dog name means “helper of man” and is the most perfect depiction of your dependable pet’s desire to please and help its owners.

Although this is a male Russian name, the sound of it makes it seem like it could be given to a female dog as well.

  • Dimitri

This is a male Russian dog name which means “earth-lover”, ideal for a pet dog that likes to accompany you on a hike in the woods or follow your trail deep into the forest or just generally likes to spend more time in a natural surrounding than indoors.

  • Boris

A name that has origins spanning across a multitude of cultures, Boris is mainly a Russian and Slavic origin name which means “fighter”.

Since this Russian dog name relates to battle, it will be fitting for a dog that has an aggressive streak and can put up a good fight, especially when it comes to your safety.

  • Larisa

This sweet, female Russian dog name means “cheerful”.

Thus, it only makes sense that the name is adorned over a cheery and joyful pooch.

  • Karol

A name with both Russian and Slavic roots, Karol is a female Russian dog name that means “strong”.

You don’t necessarily have to give this title to a pet that has a strong exterior.

In fact, it will make a lot of sense if you adorn this moniker over a dog that has a powerful personality that makes it a force to be reckoned with.

  • Kuzma

A unisex Russian dog name that means “harmonious universe”.

If your pet brings harmony and peace to your world, this is a name that will prove to be befitting for it.

  • Kostya

The name means “steadfast” or “constant” and is suitable for a headstrong pet that thrives under a regular, consistent routine.

  • Ruslan

The literal breakdown of this Russian dog name is “lion man”, making it suitable for a ferocious and feisty dog.

  • Pavel

This charming Russian dog name means “humble”.

Other definitions include “small”.

Therefore, a pet that is small in size and is kind and humble-natured will be deserving of this unique name.

  • Nikolai

The meaning of this female Russian name is “people’s triumph”.

If you feel like you have won at life by bringing your pet into your life, this is a name you should go for.

  • Lada

This short and cute Russian dog name is ideal for a pup that has a lot of love to shower on its human family.

Lada is a goddess of spring and love.

  • Raisa

Raisa is a name that describes an easy-going nature so it will make a good name for a dog that is laid back and low-maintenance.

  • Masha

This female name depicts a “rebellious woman” so it will be most suitable for an independent girl dog.

  • Rada

A charming Russian dog name that means “filled with care”, just like your affectionate and nurturing pet dog.

  • Grom

Even though this name is quite unusual, it is very fitting for a Russian dog that has a fierce and dominant personality.

Originating from the English language, Grom means thunder.

If your male dog is extremely powerful and independent, Grom is the right choice of name for it.

  • Kapitan

Another strong name with English roots, Kapitan means captain.

This is a great name for a male Russian dog which is strong and displays great leadership qualities.

Not only that, but this name highlights the independence of your dog as well.

Naming your dog Kapitan also symbolizes how it has truly captured and conquered your heart and rules over it.

  • Roza

A very beautiful and feminine name, Roza comes from the Spanish language.

This name is excellent for a Russian dog that has great beauty, is highly feminine, and exhibits excess charm.

The name also refers to a blossoming rose or sweet fragrance, which again highlights the femininity and attractiveness of your dog.

  • Ivana

This is a very common and powerful name for a female Russian dog.

Ivana has Slavic roots but is widely used in France, Ireland, Latin America, and Canada.

The name is also quite popular in Hebrew where it means ‘gift from God’.

If your dog is extremely strong, courageous, and bold, naming it Ivana will highlight these admirable traits.

Furthermore, this name will represent how special this dog is for you and its utmost significance in your life.

  • Mushka

This unisex name originating from Russian translates to ‘survivor’.

It is very suitable for smaller breeds of Russian dogs who are cute, affectionate, and very playful.

Mushka is also a common term of endearment so you should give it to your pet if it is very close to your heart.

The Most Popular Russian Dog Name of All Time

  • Laika

The popularity of this Russian dog name is attributable to the brave bearer of this title, the first dog to ever orbit in space on Sputnik 2.

Unfortunately, the dog did not survive more than a few hours into its flight, but it is, to date, applauded for its heroic contribution.

The meaning of this Russian name is “barker”.

My Final Thoughts

Russian dog names can be inspired by a Russian celebrity or from Russian landmarks, but they will always be amongst the most exotic-sounding names.

No matter which name you choose for your pet, you can rest assured that a Russian dog name will always be unique and less common than other names, which make them all the more special and appealing!

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