Rottweiler Names: 50 Awesome Ideas For Your Dog

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As the owner of a largely misunderstood dog breed, you will require some of the most sensible choices for Rottweiler names to do away with the common misconceptions attached to your Rottie.

While this breed does have a tough, raw exterior, little do people know that, in actuality, it has a soft center and a somber and kind personality.

Although the Rottweiler lost its popularity as a family dog in the post mid-1990 years, the breed is still respected as a powerful military dog.

Whether you wish to describe the serious demeanor of your Rottie or its tender nature, or simply want it to stay close to its Germanic roots, the following Rottweiler names will give you some of the most fitting titles for your pet.

A brown and black Rottweiler's face
This dog is called Luther.

Male Rottweiler Names

  • Oscar

This German-origin Rottweiler name can be translated to the English word “spear”, which represents an important tool used in battle.

One could describe the leadership qualities of a Rottweiler by giving it this title, owing to the inherent ability to spearhead a team or movement.

  • Luther

One of the most significant pioneers of German Reformation, Martin Luther was known to bravely defend and fight for his beliefs.

The literal meaning of this Rottweiler name is “famous warrior”, which makes perfect sense when bestowed upon a notorious military dog.

  • Panzer

Another war-related Rottweiler name, Panzer was a military vehicle used by Germany to fight in World War II.

  • Dieter

This is another Rottweiler name with Germanic origins which means “ruler of the people”, ideal for a pet that likes to dominate and take charge of those around it.

Let it be known that Rottweilers thrive in circumstances where they are allowed to lead their pack, be it dogs or humans.

  • Gunther

Like most other suggestions for Rottweiler names, Gunther is also related to warfare.

The literal definition of this Germanic name is “battle warrior”

  • Brutus

To pay homage to the significant role of your Rottie’s ancestors in Roman warfare, Brutus is the name of Roman origin.

It means “heavy”, so you could also use this Rottweiler name to outline the hefty size of your pet.

  • Maximus

Another nod to your Rottweiler’s Roman military lineage of war dogs, Maximus is a Roman name that means “the greatest”.

Only a mighty dog, like the Rottweiler, is deserving of this powerful name.

  • Arnold

This is a name that has both German and English roots.

The meaning of this Rottweiler name is “rule” or “power”.

Another definition of the name, when broken down into its components, is “eagle”, ideal for a powerful and independent Rottie.

  • Markus

This Rottweiler name has roots in Roman mythology.

The name comes from the planet Mars and describes the god of war in Roman mythology, making it an ideal title to adorn over a dog with a lot of fight in it.

  • Vulcan

Another Rottweiler name inspired by a significant figure in Roman mythology, Vulcan is the name of the god of fire.

The zesty and fiery temperament of a Rottweiler can best be described by such a strong and meaningful name.

  • Hank

A diminutive of the English name Henry, which is related to the German “Heinrich” that means “ruler”.

Hank in itself means “estate ruler”, which makes this Rottweiler name all the more suitable for a domestic Rottie that considers itself to be the ruler of its human family.

  • Theobold

This is a unique and awe-inspiring title with a powerful meaning.

Theobold means “bold” and implies the brazenness of a Rottweiler.

The name has German roots and is the perfect ode to the bravery that is inherent in this breed.

  • Boris

Another German origin name with the meaning of “fighter”.

An ideal title to honor the very purpose that the Rottweiler and its ancestors have served for generations – to fight in wars and serve in the military.

  • Kaiser

A royal name of Germanic roots.

This Rottweiler name would instantly be recognized as a Germanic title and most people are also aware of what it means.

Kaiser is “king” – a royal fit for your royal pet.

  • Klaus

Also, an easily recognizable German name, the meaning of Klaus is “victorious”.

Your Rottie will indeed emerge as the victor in all that it does and fights for.

A small Rottweiler wearing a headband
Her name is Raina.

Female Rottweiler Names

  • Raina

The meaning of this very appealing and charming female name for a pet is “mighty”, which goes perfectly with a powerful girl Rottweiler.

  • Elsa

In addition to being a German name that means “strength”, this is a Rottweiler name that your kids will easily relate to.

The popular Queen Elsa from the Walt Disney movie Frozen has become a worldwide sensation, a character known for her endurance, perseverance, and remarkable strength.

Elsa has been an inspiration and role model for many young girls, who will find a constant reminder of this in their Rottie that is given the same name.

  • Gerta

This German name means “protection”, which completely captures the guarding qualities of your pet as well as its unquestionable defending tendencies when it comes to protecting her family.

  • Alice

A simple and humble name with an appropriate meaning, Alice means “noble”, making it ideal for a refined and gentle Rottie.

  • Wilma

A traditional German name to describe a strong woman.

The literal meaning of this Rottweiler name is “bold protector”.

Again, two very strong qualities of brazenness and guardianship are implied with this title.

  • Berta

Another addition to the list of German names that signifies the strength of your pet.

The name has two meanings: strong and bright.

  • Trudi

This female name is very powerful and resonates with strength.

The literal meaning of Trudi relates to anything “of the spear”.

A name that symbolizes a durable and highly useful warfare tool, Trudi is a Rottweiler name that is descriptive of the immense strength of your pet dog.

  • Olga

Contrary to the previously enlisted Rottweiler names, Olga is a moniker that has Scandinavian roots and means “holy”.

Instead of describing the physical strength of a Rottie, this is a name that actually relates to the righteousness and qualities of good virtue that are inherent in a Rottweiler.

  • Tilli

A strong choice for a Rottweiler name with an equally powerful meaning.

Tilli means “battle maiden”, which makes perfect sense when bestowed over a Rottie.

  • Ava

If you wish to denote the independent streak of your pet as well as its agility, Ava is a Germanic name that means “bird-like”.

The name is suitable for a free-spirited pet that enjoys her space.

  • Viktoria

The German diminutive of the name Victoria, which relates to victory – ideal for a formidable pet that aces at agility competitions.

  • Vesta

In mythology, Vesta was the German goddess of the hearth, an ideal moniker to describe your fiery pet.

  • Sofie

This sweet moniker for your Rottweiler has a meaning that aligns with the way this name sounds to the ear.

The literal meaning of this name is also “sweet”, making it a charming name for your kind pet.

  • Bellona

The name calls to the historical Roman roots of the Rottweiler as a war dog and depicts the “goddess of war”.

The meaning of this Rottweiler name makes it a majestic and regal title for your pet.

  • Sheba

A name that simply means “queen”, also a very royal name for your Rottweiler.

A tiny Rottweiler pup walking in grass
Hello, my name is Sofie.

Cute Rottweiler Names

  • Cato

A reference to the Julius Caesar character, Cato.

Also a cute Rottweiler name with a not-so-sweet meaning.

Cato means “shrewd”, and while it may not describe the good nature of a Rottie, it does call on the cleverness of your pet.

This Rottweiler name can be used for pups of both genders.

  • Kurt

A male name for your Rottweiler that outlines its well-mannered and polite demeanor.

The literal meaning of Kurt as a Rottweiler name is “courteous”.

  • Otto

Meaning “prosperous”, Otto is a name that denotes a steadfast and powerful personality like the kind that a Rottie possesses.

It is also a reference to a figure in history that truly lived up to this title: Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank.

The name is meant for male dogs.

  • Axel

This sweet Rottweiler name has a literal definition of “peace” and hence is an ideal moniker for a pup that has a charming and cool demeanor.

This is a name for a male dog.

  • Luger

A captivating war-related name.

Luger is a popular kind of gun in Germany, which makes it a fitting idea for a Rottweiler name to denote the military services of these dogs.

  • Prinz

The German variation of the word “prince” – a majestic choice of name for a regal Rottie.

  • Leni

We love this Rottweiler name for a puppy of this breed!

A name that will go with both genders, Leni is a word of German origin and means “angel”, which is a beautiful way to describe your sweet, kind-hearted pet.

You can consider this name for a Rottie pup of either gender.

  • Utta

A dog with such rich heritage should be given a name that describes its enchanting roots.

Utta means “rich”, which is the right adjective to describe a Rottweiler’s German ancestral history.

This name is fitting for a female Rottweiler pup.

  • Pax

This Roman name is a word that means “peace” and is one of the most suitable Rottweiler names to describe the somber demeanor of your sweet Rottie.

The name is ideal for a male Rottweiler puppy.

  • Blitz

Blitz is “flash” in German.

As a name, it perfectly portrays the bolt-like movement of your speedy and powerful Rottweiler.

  • Aldo

Aldo is a name that encapsulates the intelligence and intuitiveness of your pet.

A sharp Rottweiler pup is deserving of a name that has a literal meaning of “wise one”.

  • Apollo

In Roman mythology, Apollo is the god of the sun, which is fitting for your fiery and tenacious Rottweiler that has a personality as bright as the sun.

  • Boomer

A name that sounds heavy and powerful, this Rottweiler name is inspired by the booming sound associated with warfare.

  • Goliath

This unisex Rottweiler name depicts the sturdy and muscular body structure of a Rottweiler.

Goliath is often used as a reference to something large and has a literal meaning of “tall”, which makes it a fitting title for a Rottie pup that will grow into a substantially enormous and robust build.

  • Rambo

From the movie of the same name, Rambo is a character portrayed as a war veteran and a soldier.

The name is a useful addition to the list of war-related Rottweiler names.

  • Thor

A dog as powerful and formidable as the Rottweiler should have an equally mighty name.

In Norse mythology, Thor was believed to be a god of immense strength.

He was also the god of war, storms, and thunder.

In fact, the literal meaning of the name is “thunder”, which aptly describes the thunderous personality of a Rottweiler and its lightning bolt speed.

The name is meant for a male pet.

  • Roscoe

For a dog with an independent streak, Roscoe is a name that means “of the deer forest”.

The name is a popular pick because of the rather ominous ring that it has to it which sits perfectly with a Rottweiler that is single-minded and free-spirited like the deer is in the forest.

  • Harley

A name that can be given to both a male or a female Rottweiler, the literal meaning of Harvey is “wild-spirited”, which again encapsulates the freedom-loving nature of your pet.

A Rottweiler with this name is bound to live up to it and prove to be a highly loyal companion that is outgoing and unafraid to protect its owner when needed.

The name is also a popular pick amongst bikers who can draw inspiration from the globally recognized brand of motorcycles, Harley Davidson.

  • Tank

Another great pick for dog owners who have large and powerful pets.

This war-inspired name is ideal for the Rottweiler that is tough and robust on the outside as well as strong and single-minded at its core.

The name will suit a male Rottweiler pup.

  • Ruger

A name that is easy to understand and has a simple meaning, Ruger will aptly capture your Rottweiler’s tough and macho side.

The literal meaning of this Rottweiler name is “manly”, making it an impressive title for your male pup that is powerful both on the inside and on the outside.

  • Bruno

Derived from the Old German word “Brun” which translates to brown, this amazing male Rottweiler name is perfect for a Rottweiler with a shade of brown in it.

The name can also be related to the famous singer Bruno Mars and your friends might have a lot of fun with your dog and its name.

Generally meaning brown-haired or dark-skinned, this name is perfect for a Rottweiler pup.

  • Gladiator

This very strong male rottweiler name means someone who is trained in fighting animals or humans.

This is a perfect name for a Rottweiler as it highlights the strong and sturdy build of the dog while also symbolizing the ferocious nature of your dog.

If you’re looking for a name that will certainly add a certain bit of character to your dog, then this is the name for you.

  • King Kong

If you are someone who is into fiction then you’re already familiar with the fictional giant ape named King Kong.

If you plan on having your dog grow up to become big and powerful then this is the perfect name for your dog.

You can also use “King” for short if you want to quickly call out to your dog during training sessions.

  • Kodiak

Referring to the big Alaskan brown bear, this short male Rottweiler name is perfect for a big dog that resembles a bear in some aspects.

If you’re into bears and your Rottweiler reminds you of a bear then this is the perfect name for you.

  • Terminator

If you are someone who is looking for a very strong and powerful name for your male Rottweiler pup, it doesn’t get any better than Terminator.

A perfect name for guard dogs, this name will add a lot of character to your dog’s personality.

Scrumptious Rottweiler Names

These dogs have big appetites, and so it’s always fantastic fun to name them after some of their, or indeed your, favorite things to eat and drink.

It’s also a good way to give a dog breed famous for being fierce and intimidating a more neutral and gentle name – especially if your Rottweiler is going to be a family pet.

  • Cola

The black and brown colors of your Rottweiler gorgeously match those of this world-famous soft drink. Of course, it’s best not to feed any of this stuff to your dog, but you can definitely name them after it!

  • Cocoa

They use cocoa beans to make chocolate and delicious bedtime drinks – and if you have a particularly lazy or sleepy Rottweiler, it can be an appropriate name indeed.

It’s also an easy couple of syllables for your dog to remember, which means a puppy will learn it fast.

  • Pretzel

Whether or sweet or savory, pretzels are always popular snacks – and a catch name indeed for a Rottweiler. Once again though, these aren’t something you should feed your dog!

  • Mocha

Best suited for a female Rottweiler, this name is also that of a tasty hot coffee with lashings of chocolate.

It works because of the black and brown hues of your dog, which correlate to the coffee and cocoa that goes into this popular drink.

  • Chip

This has nothing to do with the fur color of your Rottweiler, but it’s short, sharp and easily remembered by your dog – while also being oh so tasty to think about!

The Most Popular Rottweiler Name of All Time

  • Happy

While this may seem to be a title too simple for a formidable Rottweiler and perhaps not even all that descriptive of its serious and watchful nature, Happy is a popular Rottie name for a reason.

Happy is a popular choice amongst Rottweiler names because it signifies the laid-back and cool temperament of the Rottweiler.

Of course, the name goes against the personality that dogs of this breed used to possess back in the day.

But today, as a watchdog, a guard dog, and a reliable companion dog, the Rottweiler is a complete package.

A family dog named Happy showcases some of the most charismatic traits, like having a little extra zeal and spring in their body when they move and their tails that they are almost always wagging as a show of joy.

My Final Thoughts

A complex breed with an even more complicated history, Rotties deserve to carry only the best kind of Rottweiler names.

If you have recently had the good fortune of owning a Rottweiler, there is a simple factor that you should consider.

The most suitable Rottweiler name will be that which shatters any misconceptions associated with the breed and highlights some of its truest and most appealing qualities.

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