The Rottie Shepherd: A Complete Guide

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Rottie Shepherd
Image Credit By: thor.and.loki.gsd, instagram

Those who love both the Rottweiler and the German Shepherd will be glad to hear that a designer breed exists that mixes these two dog breeds.

Out of all the mixed dog breeds out there, the Rottie Shepherd is one of the strongest.

When you think about it, the Rottie Shepherd comes from two very distinct parents that pass down all their traits to this breed.

Rottie Shepherd Puppies – Before You Buy…

Several Rottie Shepherd puppies in a wheelbarrow
The Rottie Shepherds don’t like to be out in the hot weather.

Before you search the internet for a Rottie Shepherd breeder, you need to figure out whether or not you’re equipped to take care of this dog.

For those who have never taken care of a dog before, you may want to reconsider purchasing a Rottie Shepherd.

This is because they will slowly take over as the leader of the house if you have no experience with training and maintaining a large dog.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at what to expect when raising a Rottie Shepherd.

What price are Rottie Shepherd Puppies?

According to the American Kennel Club, the Rottie Shepherd is an extremely popular dog breed. It’s one of the top three dog breeds that the American Kennel Club has approved.

This means that it’ll cost more than your average dog breed.

Ultimately, the overall price of the Rottie Shepherd will entirely depend on how many are available along with how in demand they are.

For the last couple of years, the Rottie Shepherd has been a trendy pet to own, so that doesn’t work in your favor when talking about costs.

When you go online, you’ll see that the Rottie Shepherd will cost anywhere from $300 to $900. Sometimes the price can go even higher depending on where you live.

If there aren’t many dog breeders around you, then you’ll end up paying more for this dog than if you were surrounded by Rottie Shepherd dog breeders.

Don’t forget that the price of buying the Rottie Shepherd doesn’t cover all the costs related to taking care of the dog.

Before you even purchase your Rottie Shepherd, you need to buy the necessary dog gear. This includes everything from a leash, to a crate, collar, and much more.

You should make sure to buy some dog toys since this dog comes with high energy levels, so it’ll need something to keep it occupied.

After purchasing the basic dog gear, you’ll need to account for all the medical procedures that your Rottie Shepherd needs to go through with.

Everything from deworming, shots, spaying, and blood tests will cost you a significant amount of money. Estimated medical costs range from $500 to $600.

Keep in mind that if you buy your dog some health insurance, it can save you money in the long run.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the annual costs associated with caring for a Rottie Shepherd.

These costs are non-medical and include things such as food, training, and even a license. In one year, expect to spend over $500 on these items alone.

Other than comprehending the cost of buying and taking care of a Rottie Shepherd, you should first understand how to locate a reputable Rottie Shepherd breeder.

How to Find Reputable Rottie Shepherd Breeders?

You can find the names and numbers of several reputable Rottie Shepherd breeders online or through other people.

Before you finalize the sale of a Rottie Shepherd, you should go out of your way to ensure that it was raised in healthy living conditions.

A defining feature of a reputable dog breeder is that the person treats their dogs with care and love that’s evident through the way the dog interacts with strangers.

Make a note as to how the dog interacts with the breeder because that will alert you to how it’s been treated.

3 Little-known facts about Rottie Shepherd puppies

  1. Second most popular dog breed
  2. Excellent watchdog
  3. Sheds a lot because of its Rottweiler parent

Physical Traits of the Rottie Shepherd

A black and brown Rottie Shepherd standing in snow
The Rottie Shepherds love snow.

The Rottie Shepherd has a powerful appearance that depends entirely on which parent it most took after.

In some cases, it’ll look more like a German Shepherd and in others it’ll look similar to a Rottweiler.

In regards to its coat, you should expect a variety out of the Rottie Shepherd. Its coat can appear coarse, straight, thick, short, or even harsh.

The most common colors you’ll see its coat come with are brown, black, red, and fawn.

How big is a full-grown Rottie Shepherd?

A Rottie Shepherd will grow to be anywhere between 22 to 27 inches tall. That only applies to male Rottie Shepherds since female ones will grow to be 20 to 23 inches tall.

In regards to its weight, the male will weigh around 77 to 115 pounds while the female will come in close with weighing 75 to 113 pounds.

What is the life expectancy of the Rottie Shepherd?

The Rottie Shepherd will live 10 to 13 years. This time span is above average when it comes to large-sized dogs.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Rottie Shepherd

When you first take a look at the Rottie Shepherd, you’ll be taken aback because it has an intimidating demeanor about it.

This is largely due to its large size along with its reputation for being aggressive.

It’s better if you purchase a Rottie Shepherd while its still a puppy since early socialization becomes a reality.

Rottie Shepherd puppies that go through with early socialize are comfortable with young children and other animals.

This means that if you live in a household with several young kids, you can only introduce a Rottie Shepherd to the mix if it’s a puppy.

You’ll need to go out of your way to instruct your child as to how it should show respect to the dog. Make sure you supervise your child when it’s playing with the Rottie Shepherd.

The Rottie Shepherd’s Diet

A Rottie Shepherd jumping over a fence in the snow
The Rottie Shepherd loves playing various games with its owner.

The Rottie Shepherd will need to be fed a range of three to four cups of high-quality dry dog food every day. You can split the cups into two meals or more.

You need to keep a close eye on this one since it is prone to gaining a lot of weight when left unattended with food.

How much Exercise does a Rottie Shepherd need?

You should expect to take out your Rottie Shepherd multiple times a day to receive the exercise it requires since it is a high energy level dog breed.

The only way this dog can be happy is if it performs a lot of exercises.

Those who have nine to five jobs should think twice about purchasing a Rottie Shepherd simply because you can’t be with your dog for a huge chunk of the day.

That eight-hour time frame in which your dog is alone could be the time your dog spends exercising.

You want to be careful with leaving the Rottie Shepherd by itself since it won’t behave properly.

This is mainly because these dogs endure separation anxiety, so they require both physical and mental stimulation to feel at ease.

Due to their naturally intelligent nature, you can readily take them with you while you run errands.

Most Rottie Shepherd owners will take their dog on long walks, which is ideal as an end of day excursion.

You can even take the Rottie Shepherd swimming at your local dog-friendly pool, which is excellent for it to burn out fast.

Last but not least, don’t forget about taking your dog out to play a game of fetch.

You’ll notice that with the Rottie Shepherd, it’ll prefer to play games over strenuous physical activity. However, don’t assume that the dog games aren’t physically draining.

Activities that perfect your Rottie Shepherd’s agility should be the main part of its physical training.

Those who live in a tiny apartment in a city environment should not purchase a Rottie Shepherd. This is because these dogs are large, so an apartment in the middle of the city will keep it caged in.

When the Rottie Shepherd feels caged in, it will leave a path of destruction all over your place.

If you have a private home with a garden or yard, your Rottie Shepherd will live a delighted life.

You want to avoid leaving this dog outside for an extended time frame by itself since it will start to get the idea of running away.

Those who experience all the four seasons throughout the year, you shouldn’t worry whether or not the Rottie Shepherd will feel comfortable.

This dog isn’t at all sensitive to extreme weather conditions, so even if it’s cold or hot outside, feel free to take out your Rottie Shepherd.

Keep in mind that when it gets really hot, the Rottie Shepherd will feel slightly uncomfortable engaging in physical activity.

As long as you split up the physical exercise into sections, your Rottie Shepherd will be an extremely healthy dog.

On average, your Rottie Shepherd should walk around 11 miles in a one-week timeframe to adequately exercise its muscles.

This dog should work out for a maximum of 60 minutes in a day, which you can divide up into two to three sections.

Rottie Shepherd Health and Conditions

Rottie Shepherd Mix
Image Credit By: that_one_pit_bull, instagram

You can avoid purchasing a Rottie Shepherd that comes with numerous health conditions if you ask the breeder to show you health clearances.

When you go visit the breeder, make sure to take a look at the health issues of both of its parents.

More often than not, the health issues of a Rottie Shepherd are genetic. Below we have a list of all the health conditions you should look out for.

List of Common Health Conditions

My Final Thoughts on the Rottie Shepherd

After reading a comprehensive look at what to expect when caring for a Rottie Shepherd, you can now answer the question of whether or not you’re up to the task.

As previously stated, you want to stand clear of this dog if you have no experience raising one that’s this large.

Those who have only owned large-sized dogs will have no issue raising this one.

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