The Pug Zu: A Complete Guide

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Vibrant, energetic, and sweet-natured, the Pug Zu is a fun companion dog perfect for both first-time dog owners and people who already own dogs or other pets.

As far as small pet dogs go, both the Shih Tzu and the Pug are amongst the most popular choices. Both are impressive breeds with rich ancient history and admirable personalities.

Goes without saying, the combination of these breeds is no less magnificent. The Pug Zu may not look like it has much to it, considering its delicate mass, but that’s where you’re wrong.

This is a fiery pooch filled with a lot of personality that makes it an intriguing pet before you even decide to bring it home.

Which brings us to the important part of this guide: is the Pug Zu the right pet for you? In this short, comprehensive manual, you will learn all there is to know about the Pug Zu.

The fact that you landed here means that you are, or have at some point, considered opting for this small breed, but might want to get your hands on some more knowledge before you proceed with making a decision.

From dietary requirements to its behaviour with children, right down to its basic specifications, like its weight and height, the Pug Zu has been discussed in immaculate detail; throughout this article.

Here, you will find substantial knowledge that will immensely aid in your decision-making process.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to tell if you belong to the group of people who make suitable candidates for Pug Zu owners.

For now, we can tell you that if you live in an apartment or a rural setting, have kids, or have other pets, the Pug Zu will likely be a good fit for you.

Not that the Pug Zu requires such criteria to be met in the first place, though. So, let’s find out what exactly it takes to make a Pug Zu a part of your life.

The Pug Zu Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small baby Pug Zu
The Pug Zu won’t make the best watchdog.

See if you can answer the following questions to get a rough idea of what you already know about Pug Zu puppies:

  • How much does a Pug Zu puppy cost?
  • What can I do to find a good, honest breeder for a Pug Zu?
  • Do I have all that is needed to provide the Pug Zu with a comfortable life?

Answering these questions will help get you on the right track for buying the right breed for yourself.

What price are the Pug Zu puppies?

The average expected price range for a Pug Zu puppy that is healthy and of good quality is $300 to $1100.

A large determinant of the price that you will be paying will be the quality and intentions of the breeder that you deal with.

How to find reputable Pug Zu breeders?

Pug Zu breeders often tend to use high-demand designer breeds like these for their monetary gains.

This means that you will need to be extra careful when selecting a breeder. The first thing to check for in a breeder is the source from where the puppies come from.

To guarantee that the breeder does not get puppies from immoral puppy mills, the first thing you need to do is ask your breeder to let you meet the parents of the Pug Zu.

Observing the parents will do a lot more than showing you the dogs in the breeder’s kennel are looked after well and kept in good conditions.

It will also give you the chance to judge what kind of looks and disposition your Pug Zu will inherit from its Pug and Shih Tzu parents.

Moreover, as should be the case with all pets, the breeder should be able to prove to you that all health tests have been carried out for the parents of the Pug Zu.

Additionally, the puppy should also be old enough to be sold, the clearance for which can only come from a certified professional.

Other ways to determine if the breeder is not a cheat include staying away from conveniences like online payment transfer or quick closing of your deal.

All good breeders and smart customers will take their time to know their pet before they bring it home to avoid issues that arise from mismatching later on.

3 Little-known facts about the Pug Zu puppies

There is so much to learn about these adorable combination puppies, and the following are some tidbits that will help you with your Pug Zu experience:

  • This dog will be very dependent on you

The Pug Zu is a people-dog. This means that you can forget personal space once you bring the Pug Zu home.

It will do everything in its power to get your attention, and will thus not leave your side, come what may.

  • They’re good with kids and other animals, including cats

Pug Zus are known to get along well with different species. So if yours is a multi-pet household, do not worry.

The Pug Zu will gel right in, making close friends with any other pets around the house. Its delicate size also makes it safe to have around children.

Young toddlers may need to be taught how to handle a Pug Zu to keep the dog safe from accidents.

  • The frequency of shedding can vary from puppy to puppy

Only the genes of the dog will be able to tell you whether your new pet is prone to shedding or not. It can either develop minimal shedding tendencies or have loose fur shedding all year round.

If the Pug Zu inherits a long, luscious coat, you will need to keep it free from tangles and mats.

On the other hand, a short fur coat will probably mean easier maintenance, but regardless of the length of the hairs on your dog, daily brushing is suggested.

Physical Traits of the Pug Zu

A Pug Zu looking at you
The Pug Zu is a social and loving pet.

We know that the Pug Zu belongs to the small dog category, but do we know how much it measures in terms of height and weight?

How big is a full-grown Pug Zu?

At the most, an adult Pug Zu that is fully grown will measure only about 8 to 12 inches in height. Almost as low as this measurement is the weight of the Pug Zu.

Pug Zus are generally light dogs, weighing from 8 to 22 pounds, but no more than that.

What is the life expectancy of the Pug Zu?

The Pug Zu has a normal lifespan of 9 to 14 years, which is good for a dog of this size.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Pug Zu

It may seem that the Pug Zu is all about its quirks and playfulness, but there is more to this breed than just a goofy nature.

The Pug Zu is a dog with personality. It is smart and responsive and can often be single-minded. You can expect a curious, nosy dog that will always be interested in whatever you’re up to.

But instead of looking at that as an annoyance, you should appreciate that amount of concern that the Pug Zu has for its owner.

The Pug and Shih Tzu mix is an overall lively breed that loves its food. So the best way to train this dog is to give it a lot of yummy rewards and be patient with it.

While its eager-to-please personality does make it fairly easy to coach, the Pug Zu is not a pet that can be expected to instantly pick up whatever commands or lessons you teach it.

Therefore, be consistent, firm, but kind to your pet, and you will receive its undying affection and obedience.

Rigidness can be an issue with this breed, but this is something that can easily be tweaked with early training.

Interestingly, the Pug Zu is a sociable dog that will not shy away from walking up to strangers, first out of curiosity, and then to simply make acquaintance with them.

Its outgoing personality makes it all the more confident, giving off a majestic aura of a charming dog. Thankfully, the small-dog syndrome is a rarity with the Pug Zu, owing to the genes of the Pug.

The Pug Zu Diet

The Pug Zu is a mix of the Shih Tzu and Pug
The Pug Zu is a kid-friendly breed.

A tiny dog like the Pug Zu should be fed no more than one cup of food a day, and that too should be served in two separate servings divided across 24 hours.

Keeping a consistent feeding routine for your pet is essential because it is prone to bloating as a result of overeating.

Especially considering the Pug Zu’s love of food, dietary intake should be closely monitored and controlled.

The monthly average cost of feeding your Pug Zu should amount to no more than $25 to $30. Never let low-quality dog food be fed to your dog.

Always invest in dog food of the highest quality to ensure the nourishment and well-being of your pet.

How much Exercise does a Pug Zu need?

For a dog of this size, the Pug Zu is quite active. Regardless of whether you let it exercise out in the open or within the house, make sure that the

Pug Zu gets at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This can be in the form of a walk or other playtime activities.

Visits to the dog park will prove to be a good way to meet its activity requirements, as well as let it indulge in healthy socialization with other pets.

Apartment living is not a problem for this dog, given that it gets enough opportunities throughout the day to stay fit and active.

The Pug Zu is sensitive to heat and can get easily overexerted in hot climates, so make sure that your pet does not get overheated.

Interestingly, the Pug Zu would, more often than not, prefer to lounge about the house. However, do make sure that it keeps its body and mind healthy by stimulating them daily.

The Pug Zu Health and Conditions

As are all mixed dogs, the Pug Zu is prone to receiving some congenital medical issues that can be transferred down to it from the Pug and Shih Tzu.

While these can be avoided by looking closely at the documents of medical history provided by your breeder, it is helpful to know what these issues are.

The health concerns that may put your Pug Zu at risk include nerve degeneration, hemivertebrae, demodectic mange, allergies, epilepsy, staph and yeast infections, eye issues, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and Legg-Perthes disease.

Vaccination sensitivity can also occur in the Pug Zu.

Child Safety

To ensure that your children and your Pug Zu thoroughly enjoying playing with each other, you should make sure your dog does not pose any kind of threat to your children.

The Pug Zu is a very small dog with an average height of 8 to 12 inches. Also, it weighs much lesser than the average dog at only 8 to 22 pounds.

This eliminates any kind of physical threat to your children in case the dog collides with them.

Even though the Pug Zu is very energetic and needs at least 30 minutes of playtime every day, it still does not have enough energy in its body to hurt your children on sudden impact.

You also do not need to worry about your dog playing in an enclosed space because this is a very small dog and does not need a large-sized area for playing.

However, even if your dog does not intentionally hurt your children, it can still bring harm to them if you do not train it properly.

You must start its training early on in its life so that it quickly learns the correct behaviour to adopt with your children.

Moreover, early training will also subdue any belligerent behavioural traits that a Pug Zu is inclined to develop.

Additionally, it is beneficial to take your dog out and help it socialize with maximum people so that it learns to be affectionate and disciplined with humans.

If you believe that your dog intends to harm your children you should deal with it firmly to make it understand that your children are not toys to play roughly and rashly with.

At the same time, you need to teach your children that your dog is not to be made fun of, disturbed, or hurt as this can cause the Pug Zu to harm them in retaliation.

My final thoughts on the Pug ZuA Pug Zu lying down

There are more reasons to keep a Pug Zu than there are to not consider it as a pet.

Particularly for people looking to keep a kid-friendly, toy-sized dog, the Pug Zu is a strong option to consider.

As far as small pooches go, the Pug Zu is a well-balanced pet with a delightful personality that will make owners fall in love with it almost instantly.

While its friendliness does mean that it won’t make the best watchdog, the Pug Zu is social and loving and makes for the ideal pet to keep within the house.

If you can guarantee that your dog will not be left alone for most of the day and that you will be able to shower it with love, time, and affection, the Pug Zu will reciprocate your feelings by ten folds.

So if you have made your decision by now, and check all the criteria required to own a Pug Zu, you should be prepared to bring home an adorable little playmate that will be your trusty companion for the years to come.

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