The Pug Shiba: A Complete Guide

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The Pug Shiba is a hybrid breed with the Pug and the Shiba Inu as the parent breeds.

It’s a dog that sheds frequently just like its parents. It requires a moderate amount of activity, usually perfectly content with playing with both kids and adults.

He will also be perfectly happy in either an apartment or a huge house with a fenced-in yard. He makes a wonderful family pet because he can get along with people and animals.

Pug Shibas are generally healthy dogs. But since the parent breeds are a rare breed, this hybrid breed will also be even more scarce.

Pug Shiba Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Pug Shiba with its toy looking up
The Pug Shibas shed moderately.

What Price are Pug Shiba Puppies?

Pug Shiba puppies cost approximately $350 and up.

How to Find Reputable Pug Shiba Breeders?

While it may be very tempting to buy a Pug Shiba at a lower cost or even receive it for free from friends or family, you should still avoid getting a puppy this way because the negatives undeniably outweigh the positives.

If you don’t get one from a reputable breeder, you may be getting a Pug Shiba that has serious health problems which will be very expensive to cure or treat in the future.

Secondly, buying from other sources aside from reputable breeders means that you are helping with the betterment of the breed.

In fact, if your Pug Shiba puppy comes from a puppy mill, you can even be contributing to animal cruelty giving money to puppy mills.

Avoid getting a Pug Shiba from online sources, stores, or backyard breeders. These types of breeders don’t regularly produce puppies in optimal physical form.

They also do not have the skills and the knowledge about the right breeding techniques that reputable breeders take years to learn.

Check with recognized clubs and organizations or get recommendations from respected veterinarians or rescue group instead.

3 Little-Known Facts About Pug Shiba Puppies

  1. The Pug Shiba is a keen dog with quite a personality. They can be quite aloof or hard to please at times, but they are very affectionate to their owners.
  2. Pug Shibas are independent, proud, and fastidious.
  3. They have an independent and serious nature that is a perfect fit for dog owners who like dogs that are not so needy or dependent.

Physical Traits of the Pug Shiba

Pug Shiba
Image Credit By: dexterthepugshiba, instagram

The Pug Shiba is a small but beautiful dog. Its exact color depends on the more dominant parent breed.

It usually is color red or tan with white markings. It may also exhibit a saddle pattern of fawn or brown on his back with a white chest, stomach, and legs.

It also usually has the classic Pug black markings around the eyes, nose, and mouth. It may have the distinct curly tail of the Pug as well.

The Pug Shiba’s chest is deep and broad. It may look somewhat chubby like the parent Pug. It may also have pointed ears like the Shiba Inu parent breed.

Its fur may show more of the light red fur of the Shiba Inu. It may also have short legs and the brachycephalic snout of the parent Pug.

The Pug Shiba does not need a lot of maintenance. It will be a great choice for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time with dog grooming, or people who don’t want to pay a lot of money for professional grooming.

However, Pug Shibas do have a tendency to shed. You will need to brush them regularly to prevent their hair from getting all over your things and clothes.

Brushing them once a week will suffice. Their natural oils will keep their coat fresh, shiny, and healthy.

Brushing their teeth is also required. Do it two to three times a week to get rid of tartar or tooth decay.

Bathe them only when necessary. Trim their nails as needed, may once every three weeks.

How Big is a Full-Grown Pug Shiba?

Male and female Pug Shibas grow to around 11 to 15 inches and weigh 14 to 18 lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Pug Shiba?

The life expectancy of Pug Shibas is approximately 12 to 15 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Pug Shiba


A light brown Pug Shiba sitting on decking
The Pug Shibas can lounge around the house and be lazy all day.

Pug Shibas are delightful dogs. They are lively, energetic, playful, and alert.

They are fiercely loyal to their family but can be aloof to people they don’t know. However, once they discern that strangers mean no harm to the people they love, they are likely to win these strangers over with their charming personalities.

Pug Shibas are very intelligent. It will be highly recommended to give him toys that will stimulate them intellectually.

While they are not too destructive, leaving them all on their own for long periods of time can cause separation anxiety.

They are very loving and affectionate and want to spend most of their time with their human family. They will also alert you if anything is amiss in their territories.

The Pug Shiba’s Diet

You can choose to feed your Pug Shiba puppy food that is formulated for all breeds of puppies.

Most breeders recommend it until your puppy reaches about 90% of their adult size.

Many Pug Shibas will start to look like adults as early as six months, but they will keep growing until they turn a year old.

Some Pug Shiba breeders recommend puppy food for the first few months and then switching to adult food when the puppy turns six months.

You should check with your breeder regarding food recommendations since they know all about how Pug Shibas grow and develop.

As with any dog, you should feed your Pug Shiba high-quality dog food. Dog food that’s high in animal protein always the top choice.

Adult Pug Shibas are okay with eating two meals per day. If they’re still puppies, you can feed them three meals per day until they grow to about a year old.

Pug Shiba puppies usually eat about 1/3 cups of puppy food three times a day. This will still depend on what kind of food you are feeding them and how many calories they have.

You can gradually increase their food intake as their appetites also increase. Remember that puppies should not become too thin, too heavy, or too fat.

How Much Exercise Does a Pug Shiba Need?

Pug Shibas are moderately active dogs. They like to lounge around and be lazy all day, but they will not say no to having a short walk with their humans even for just a few minutes.

They like short, brisk walks around the neighborhood or trips to the dog park. Let them socialize with other people and other dogs at an early age to help them overcome their natural shyness.

The Pug Shiba also loves to play with mentally stimulating toys. They love tussling with their owners.

Potential Pug Shiba owners must remember that the parent Pug tends to have the brachycephalic syndrome. This condition is brought about by a dog’s very short snout.

Overexertion can occur quickly in brachycephalic dogs. This overexertion often leads to shortness of breath, and in severe cases, even cardiac arrest.

Always bring fresh water with you when you exercise with your Pug Shiba to avoid overexertion or overheating.

Pug Shiba Health and Conditions

The Pug Shiba is considered a healthy breed, but some can still suffer from allergies, particularly flea allergies.

Allergies are the most common health problem that affects this hybrid, but not the most serious.

Eye problems can also occur, including entropion, glaucoma, and cataracts. Hip dysplasia and luxating patellas are also problems with some Pug Shiba dogs.

Can it travel by car?

The Pug Shiba is a mixed dog breed with a pretty strong sense of adventure.

It’s not going to be a hard sell getting this dog into the car, especially once he or she knows that car trips lead to good times in interesting places!

However, you’ll have to perhaps watch out for overexcitement in the early days.

While your Pug Shiba’s getting used to being driven around, he or she will be extremely curious – and a little jumpy, perhaps – about where the car’s going.

New sights, sounds and smells that can be seen and sensed through the window will really ignite the passion and curiosity in your Pug Shiba.

You’ll need to be wary while driving, as lots of pawing at the window and yapping can be distracted for even the most dedicated driver.

Over time, your Shiba Pug will get more adjusted to traveling by car and will be more calm per journey – especially if you have a blanket for your pet to huddle up with and perhaps even nap during the trip.

However, make sure to take frequent breaks for your Shiba Pug when you’re on an especially long drive.

My Final Thoughts on the Pug ShibaA Pug Shiba looking at you

The Pug Shiba is a very low maintenance dog. Its grooming needs are not demanding at all and fit dog owners who are busy or not willing to spend money and time on their upkeep.

However, they do tend to shed frequently, so be ready with your vacuum because you will be vacuuming quite often.

But simply brushing with a good bristle brush will reduce the amount of shedding and make their coats cleaner and softer.

When it comes to training, Pug Shibasare very easy to train.

They are excellent for first-time dog owners who like dogs who are willing to obey and pay attention when needed.

Owners will just need to have more patience and dedication to train their Pug Shibas or scout for good obedience schools to help with their efforts.

The Pug Shiba is very adaptable, although they will require regular exercise. Therefore, dog owners who are home often and love to lead an active lifestyle will find a wonderful companion in their Pug Shiba.

This particular hybrid is well-suited for both new and experienced dog owners. They are also very good with kids, and they can grow up with them and become excellent family pets.

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