Top 50 Polish Dog Names & Their Meanings

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If you’re one of the lucky travelers that had the good fortune of visiting a country so rich in history, natural wonders, and a booming economy, you’ll definitely appreciate Polish dog names.

The country of Poland may hold some significance or sentimental value to you, perhaps due to Polish lineage or because you visited the country and left your heart there.

To best honor this sentiment, there are plenty of aspects of Poland that you can pay tribute to, including your favorite Polish food, restaurant, landmark, or natural body.

The best way to honor your best memories of this European country is to give your pet a Polish dog name that serves as a constant reminder of the happiness that the memories bring to you.

By looking at Polish dog names, you will find yourself reminiscing your Polish background, or your trip to Poland, or simply your obsession with the beautiful region.

A small white dog sitting in the garden
Hello, my name is Gorce.

Male Polish Dog Names

  • Warsaw

The capital of Poland and also the largest city in the country. What better way to pay tribute to Poland than to name your pet after the Polish capital!

  • Polesie

This Polish dog name comes from the Polesie National Park in Poland, thus making an ideal choice for a dog that likes to spend time in nature, particularly in the forest.

  • Fredrick

Fredrick Chopin was a Poland-born classical piano composer, undoubtedly one of the greatest of his time.

  • Lublin

One of the largest cities of the country with centuries worth of history and rich cultural heritage – an ideal place for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the origins of the country.

  • Opole

A city located on the Oder River in the south of Poland.

  • Oder

A popular Polish river that flows through the western region of Poland.

Polish dog names dedicated to rivers are suitable for dogs that love visits to the riverside and have a keen interest in playing water games.

  • Baltic

Poland is one of the countries that border the Baltic Sea, which is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean.

As a Polish dog name, the meaning of Baltic is “white”, which makes sense when the name is given to a pet with a white coat.

  • Narew

Another river in Poland in the northeastern region which comes as a tributary of the Vistula River.

  • Gorce

Another national park situated in the south of Poland. The literal meaning of this Polish dog name is a pool of water, usually with fish in it.

Inspired by the impressive Stolowe Mountain range, the Polish part of which is recognized as the Stolowe Mountains National Park.

  • Kampinos

Another natural wonder in Poland and a popular spot for tourists, Kampinos National Park is located in the eastern region of central Poland.

  • Andrzej

To take inspiration from a Polish personality, Andrzej Dude is the current president of the Republic of Poland.

  • Gardno

A popular lake in Poland known as Lake Gardno, that flows through one of the national parks.

  • Bigos

Bigos is a stew that is often associated with a Polish hunter, which makes it a befitting Polish dog name for your hunting canine companion.

  • Gulasz

A kind of popular food in Poland, Gulasz comes from goulash, which is a meat soup.

A white and grey dog with long hair
His name is Warsaw.

Female Polish Dog Names

  • Kraków

One of the oldest and largest cities in Poland. Kraków is the second-largest city in the country and is rich in heritage and cultural history.

  • Prosna

A tributary of the Warta River, Prosna is a river that flows through central Poland.

  • Konin

Located on the Warta River, Konin is a centrally located city in Poland.

The meaning of the name describes someone who is idealistic and dreams to live in a world that is harmonious and peaceful.

The name is ideal for a pet that has a lot of positive vibes exuding from her persona.

  • Pilica

The longest tributary on the left side of Vistula River, Pilica River is also located in central Poland.

  • Magura

Another national park situated in the southeastern region of Poland.

  • Stargard

Located on the Ina River, Stargard is a city located in northwestern Poland. This Polish dog name stands for “old city”.

  • Warta

Located in the center of western Poland, the Warta River is a tributary of Oder River.

As a Polish dog name, Warta means “guard” and is a reference to a watchman, which make sit ideal for a protective guard dog.

  • Vistula

The longest and largest river in Poland.

  • Ina

Often used as a short form of names like Christina and Georgina, Ina means “little girl”, and is also the name of a river in Poland.

  • Dabie

Taken from Lake Dabie situated in northwestern Poland.

  • Irena

Irena Sendler was a popular and iconic nurse that hailed from Poland, which makes this a perfect reference for a pet with remarkable motherly instincts and an innate need to help her owners.

  • Angelique

A popular tennis player of Polish origin, Angelique Kerber is the inspiration behind this name.

  • Kaplica

After the Chapel of Skulls in Poland, Kaplica Czaszek.

  • Mamry

Lake Mamry is the second largest lake in the country.

  • Marie

Born in Poland, Marie Curie was the first Nobel prize winner.

An adult dog sitting in snow
Her name is Konin.

Cute Polish Dog Names

  • Basia

A popular Polish singer, composer, record producer, and jazz musician.

  • Obra

Another tributary of River Warta.

  • Wislawa

Another Polish dog name dedicated to a Nobel laureate from Poland.

  • Pierogi

A popular food in Poland. Pierogi is the name of a kind of dumpling.

  • Mazuro

Inspired by Mazurolandia, a park in Poland that is dedicated to miniatures.

Goes without saying, the name will go perfectly with a tiny or small-sized dog.

  • Babia

Located in the south of Poland, Babia Gora is a national park.

  • Bory

A national park that includes several natural wonders, including peatlands, forests, meadows, and lakes.

  • Lebsko

A coastal lake in Poland, the name means “rock”, which is a good way to describe the support you get from your pet dog.

  • Pyzy

Polish dumplings that are shaped to look like knobs.

  • Spodek

Spodek was the name given to a UFO that was built on the grounds of Poland.

  • Jamno

A lake situated close to the Baltic Sea in the north of Poland.

  • Bruno

A name often chosen for brown dogs, Bruno Abakanowicz is the name of a Polish inventor and mathematician who is recognized as the inventor of the telegraph.

  • Bug

The Bug River marks part of the border between Poland and Ukraine.

  • Nik

Inspired by the Polish city of Rybnik.

  • Poz

Another one of the city-inspired Polish dog names; a reference to Poznan, which is located on the Warta River.

Polish Dog Names From Folklore

Books, movies, even videogames – more and more touchstones of our culture are looking to the fascinatingly rich folklore of Poland for inspiration.

Slavic myths and more local, homegrown tales and fables all come reinforced by really interesting names and twists in their stories that are truly captivating.

And of course, these can help give some awesome names to your dog, too!

  • Leshy

In Polish myth, the Leshy was a giant tree creature capable of changing shape into anything.

If you’ve got a dog who loves to hide and is a master of disguise, this can make a cute name, even if the breed isn’t a giant one.

  • Czernobog

If your dog is always trying to look tough, and perhaps is a dark and brooding color of fur, the name Czernobog might be a good one to give to them.

Czernobog was the king of darkness, monsters, and evil in Polish folklore, and while that might seem scary, don’t be too alarmed – he shrunk away in fright at just a hint of sunlight. Similarly, most big mean dogs have a soft spot too.

  • Wila

Every culture has a folkloric myth about the spirit of beautiful women designed to lead men astray with her charm and grace. In Polish myths, it’s the Wila – a spirit of the winds.

It’s said that heavy winds mean that these spirits are near, ready to lure the unwitting to their demise!

Luckily our pets are much more friendly – but a female dog who runs like the wind, and perhaps has all the boy dogs in the park warped around her little claw, might well suit the name Wila.

The Most Popular Polish Dog Name of All Time

  • Dzok

Dzok, or Jock in English, is a very famous dog in Poland that comes from a popular legend.

The story of Dzok describes him as a loyal pet that was a happy dog until the death of his owner in 1990.

Dzok is remembered till date and is honored by a statue in Poland.

My Final Thoughts

A truly mesmerizing country gives much more than culture, natural opportunities, and food.

Polish dog names are some of the most unique and majestic names for dog lovers that wish to take inspiration from one or more aspects of the beautiful country.

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