Pitbull Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Adding a furry new family member to your life is an exciting milestone in itself, and it is even more enjoyable when you take in a Pitbull.

For your protective and affectionate new pet, you would need a perfect Pitbull name to go with its personality.

Since we get how taxing the whole process of christening your pet might be (in some cases, it is even more daunting than naming a baby), here is a list of all the best kinds of Pitbull names, for males, females, and the most adorable of this kind.

When naming your Pitbull, there are some factors you need to account for.

These include the receptiveness of your pet to its name, the ease of pronunciation of the name, and its distinctiveness from other names around the house or from other commands that will be taught to your dog.

In addition to that, you might want to give your pet a title that is unheard of or is at least rare amongst dogs of this breed.

To come up with a unique name for a dog that is increasing in popularity by the day can be quite the ordeal, but it is not impossible.

In fact, there are several names yet to be discovered by the masses.

These are names that have not yet come into the limelight, which is why you should be amongst the first ones to snag these names for your pet.

In the following lists compiled here, we will be looking at a vast range of Pitbull names of all levels of uniqueness.

These lists include some of the rarest of these names, while also highlighting the most popular pitbull name of all time.

More importantly, however, these names are cherry-picked on the basis of their meanings.

Connections are drawn between these titles and your Pitbull’s personality or looks, which make these names even more significant.

Starting with male Pitbulls, let’s see how these names come to life when allotted to our favorite pooches.

A small Pitbull looking at you
His name is Thor.

Male Pitbull Names

  • Diesel

A tough Pitbull name for a dog that plays rough or has a rugged personality.

  • Tank

A word that refers to a wartime vehicle.

A catchy, one-syllable moniker for a stout, stocky Pitbull.

  • Spike

A common name for Pitbulls.

Spike was also a dog character in Tom and Jerry, recognized by a brawny and muscular body.

It is one of the age-old classic names to describe tough and fearless Pitbulls.

  • Nitro

A unique name for a Pitbull that refers to the explosive personality packed in the compact body of this dog breed.

  • Sumo

Like the sumo wrestlers.

A perfect title for a Pitbull that is fond of wrestling, even if it is only during playtime.

  • Bruiser

A heavy Pitbull name for a tough dog that can injure an intruder or an unwanted person.

  • Cujo

Taken from the Stephen King novel, Cujo is the name of a fearsome and formidable dog, which makes it all the more suitable for a pitbull.

  • Sampson

A name that sounds a lot like a person’s name and comes from the Biblical figure that had immense levels of strength.
Sampson is an uncommon name that sounds very sophisticated in its sense.

  • Thor

The popular god of thunder and lightning in Greek mythology.

Thor is also a character from the Marvel comics that is portrayed as the king of the Norse gods.

  • Flex

As flexing muscles is often done by burly, well-built people, Flex is a fitting name for a Pitbull that is muscular and robust in appearance.

  • Spot

The ideal name for a dog that has a distinct marking or spot in its body.

Spot is usually a name associated with spotted animals.

It makes for a nice, short title that your dog will easily learn to respond to when you call it out.

A name that is suggested for blue-nosed Pitbulls, as it aligns with the significant color of your pet.

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  • Capone

The famed gangster of the 1930s era, Al Capone.

Just because your pet is named after a gangster does not mean it will behave like one, but the vibe that emanates from a Pitbull is akin to that of a mafia boss, which makes this pitbull name even more intriguing.

  • Fang

In the literal sense, a fang is associated with the sharp, pointed teeth of a wolf.

Fang as a name is a tough title an aggressive pet.

  • Butch

Another Pitbull name that aptly describes the buffed-up body of a sturdy dog.

The name refers to the manliness of a macho pet.

A happy Pitbull laying on a blanket
Her name is Dotty.

Female Pitbull Names

  • Brindi

For Pitbulls that flaunt a brindle fur coat, Brindi is a suitable name that describes the appearance of your dog.

  • Hera

A name from Greek mythology, Hera was a strong, powerful goddess, the wife of Zeus.

Hera is also closely associated with symbols of fertility and marriage.

  • Xena

A famous warrior princess of the 1990s.

This is originally a Greek name that signifies hospitality and welcoming nature, which your accommodating pitbull is famous for.

  • Dotty

The short form for the name Dorothy, which essentially means a woman who is adored.

Your lovable little Pitbull will undoubtedly grow to be adored by not just you, but by all members of the family.

  • Jezebel

A rare Pitbull name is taken from the ancient Israeli queen of the 9th century BC.

The name has a rich history and is also unique, making it ideal for your Pitbull.

  • Vega

In the constellation of Lyra, Vega is the brightest of the stars.

A suitable name for a Pitbull that shines bright and radiates its positivity around the house.

  • Diva

The name says it all; Diva is the perfect title to give to your pampered Pitbull that thrives in your attention and the knowledge that it is the source of your happiness.

  • Nala

The name refers to something fruity or sweet to the taste.

It is most recommended for female dogs that are quite social and outgoing.

  • Aphrodite

The Greek goddess of love.

This is a powerful name for a Pitbull that has a compelling persona and is also very affectionate towards the people it loves.

  • Athena

One of the strongest women figures in Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of war and wisdom and was notorious for strategizing and devising the best plans for war.

A forward thinker and a smart planner, a girl Pitbull is a good candidate for this powerful name.

  • Valentina

For a Pitbull born in February, preferably around Valentine’s day, this is a perfect moniker that describes the loving and expressive nature of your Pitbull.

  • Noelle

A good name for a dog that is born during the Christmas season.

This is a feminine name of French origin that essentially describes Christmas day, i.e. the birth of the lord, or the days before and after Christmas.

  • Bonnie

From the popular crime duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

The name has Scottish roots and means cheerful or beautiful, just like you want your Pitbull to grow up to be.

  • Sari

A name that means “noble”, Sari is a descriptive female Pitbull name that can also mean “fair-haired”, making it suitable for dogs that are light in color.

  • Dakota

In some languages of Native American origin, Dakota is a name used to describe a “friendly” character.

This is a sharp name for an amiable Pitbull that likes to socialize.

A Pitbull smiling with a handkerchief round its neck
His name is Buddy.

Cute Pitbull Names

  • Sadie

A common name, with the literal definition of a “princess”.

A fitting name for a girl Pitbull that you plan on treating like nothing less than royalty.

  • Gracie

A name that encapsulates grace and elegance, Gracie is also a female Pitbull name that describes eloquence and kindness.

  • Kalani

A name of Hawaiian origin meaning chieftain.

In essence, it means a boss lady, which is exactly what you expect of your Pitbull.

  • Cupcake

A name that defies the tough exterior of a Pitbull, but truly captures the sweet disposition of your beloved pooch.

The name is more feminine but can be used for dogs of both genders.

  • Harley

After the famous movie and comic character from Batman, Harley Quinn.

A wild, quick-witted, and fearless personality that did not shy away from the face of danger, but fully launched herself into it.

The name is suitable for a courageous girl Pitbull that is attractive and has a wild, independent streak.

  • Chaos

As the name suggests, this title can be awarded to a destructive pet that can be quite chaotic, especially if it does not get what it demands.

  • Buddy

A universal name to describe your faithful furry friend.

Buddy is a masculine name for a pet that will prove its worth to you as a trusted companion that will provide unending support and love to its owner.

  • Queenie

An adorable name to give your Pitbull puppy that is expected to grow into a ruler of your house.

The name exudes royalty and leadership, both qualities that you want in your Pitbull.

  • Smiley

For Pitbulls with the most adorable, million-dollar smiles, this is a suitable moniker to give to your happy pet.

  • Hulk

After the extremely strong comic character with monster-like energy, this name fully showcases the astonishing strength of your pet.

  • Teddy

For Pitbulls that are relatively smaller and fluffier, Teddy is the perfect name for your little cuddle buddy.

  • Kilo

An uncommon and different name for a pet dog, Kilo is a male Pitbull name that refers to the unit of measurement.

This may signify the weight of your Pitbull.

  • Viper

An exotic Pitbull name.

A viper is basically a type of snake, but in this case, it makes for a decent name for your pet dog.

  • Chomp

Another very interesting name that depicts that sound that is produced from the heavy jaw of your dog as it munches away at its food and other earned doggie treats.

  • Poppy

To describe the popping personality of your Pitbull, this is an adorable name that is more commonly used for female dogs that have an exuberant and excitable character.

  • Arnie

This is a typical English name for a male Pitbull.

The literal meaning of Arnie is “powerful eagle”, which is an ideal way to describe the immense power that a Pitbull always has at his disposal.

In addition to that, the association of the eagle to the personality of your Pitbull will be evident in his sharp and alert eye as well as his good hunting instincts.

  • Luna

The name has Latin roots and has great significance in Roman mythology.

According to a Roman myth, Luna represented the moon.

The name is great for female pets who possess a gleaming personality and are very outgoing.

Just as the moon is a source of light in the darkness of the night, your female Pitbull will bring you a lot of joy because she is innately eager to obey and please her human family.

  • Brawler

If you want to highlight your Pitbull’s feisty side, giving it this name will do the job.

Pitbulls are known to be quite energetic, exuberant, and rather rambunctious.

On top of that, it is widely known information that a Pitbull will rarely back down from a fight, which is the literal meaning of the world “brawler”.

  • Chopper

This is a common pick for puppies that belong to dog breeds that are packed full of energy.

It is a unisex name that is a reference to someone who cuts or “chops”.

In its essence, the name will be associable with the brazen personality of a fearless pet, just like the Pitbull.

  • Maverick

Often used to refer to a rebel, “Maverick” is a highly sophisticated and unique pick for a Pitbull name.

If you consider the headstrong and free-spirited personality of the Pitbull, this name seems to be the perfect title to match such traits.

Tasty Pitbull Names

To suit their big muscles and big personalities, Pitbull dogs are often big eaters.

Add that to how many pet owners name their animals after delicious food and drink, and you might just have a recipe for success in naming your Pitbull!

  • Cola

The famous fizzy drink, whose history surprisingly goes back to the 1800s, when it was sold as a kind of health tonic that promoted high energy and productivity.

If you’ve got a Pitbull who always seems on a sugar rush and caffeine kick combined, this could be just the name you need.

  • Nacho

Mexican snack food, made of tortilla chips and often served with spicy dips and cheeses, or slathered in chili con carne.

However, it’s also an easy name for your Pitbull to learn and remember.

  • Cocoa

A female Pitbull, or one of either gender with a rich brown coat, could do well to be named after the cocoa bean.

Thanks to it, we have chocolate and warm bedtime drinks besides – and your loyal Pitbull will likewise keep you warm at night with hugs and protective spirit.

  • Beefsteak

A food that needs little introduction, and sure to be a favorite of your Pitbull given half a chance. This name’s well suited to a Pitbull with particularly remarkable brawn and swagger.

  • Donut

Those dogs who like to take life a little more slowly and laze around often befit the name Donut.

Pitbulls can be bone idle when they want to be – just make sure you don’t feed your canine friend too many real donuts!

  • Pepper

Whether you’re talking about the table condiment or the spicy veggie mixed into countless meals around the world, this name can describe a female Pitbull who’s got a bit of a kick to her personality!

The Most Popular Pitbull Name of All Time

  • Brutus

The name Brutus qualifies as one of the most famous and widely accepted Pitbull names of all time.

In Latin, the word defines as heavy.

However, the name rose to popularity after being mentioned in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as part of a phrase that quickly caught on amongst the audience.

This famous phrase was “Et tu, Brutus?”, which translates to “you too, Brutus?” and is most often recognized to describe the surprising betrayal of a perceived friend or ally.

Having said that, as a dog name it more commonly refers to a close friend, which is exactly what you want your Pitbull to be.

The sharp sound and the common usage of this word makes it a widely adopted Pitbull name, especially in modern culture.

It also derives from the word brute, which calls to the wild, beast-like behavior of most Pitbull dogs.

Grooming Advice

Since a Pitbull is a low-maintenance dog you will find it quite simple and fun to groom your dog.

The coat of this dog is not only one layered, but also short which makes the processes of brushing, cleaning, and trimming fairly quick.

It is important to brush the coat of your dog at least once every week and you can use a rubber brush for this.

If a rubber brush is unavailable, use a stainless steel brush with soft bristles and brush the coat gently in the direction where the hair of your dog grows.

Make sure to be very thorough with the brushing and do not miss out on any area such as the neck or the legs. Afterward, you should wipe the coat with a soft, wet cloth to get rid of any dirt.

The perky ears of a Pitbull can develop infections or get filled with dirt quickly so cleaning them once a week is almost mandatory.

Use a canine ear cleansing solution, approved by your vet, to slowly and properly wipe away the wax from your pet’s ears.

Similarly, brushing the teeth of your Pitbull will ensure good dental hygiene.

You are suggested to use a toothbrush and toothpaste made only for dogs as using a human toothpaste can be even poisonous to your dog.

Since the growth of the nails of a Pitbull is not very fast, clipping the nails with a dog nail clipper every two months is sufficient.

When it comes to bathing your Pitbull, remember to bathe it infrequently to avoid completely drying out its coat or removing its shine.

Again, human shampoo is to be strictly avoided and you should discuss the most suitable shampoo with your vet.

Lastly, make sure the diet of your Pitbull has enough Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 6 to keep its coat in good health.

My Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about the Pitbulls being a popular favorite amongst dog owners, which is why it is even more important that the name of your favorite pooch is also one that you and your pet grow to like.

Having reached the end of the list of Pitbull names, we have full faith that you must have already decided on a Pitbull name that best suits your best friend’s personality.

If not, we recommend you go through it again and carefully understand the meanings of each name.

This would help you decide what name captures the perfect description of your new buddy, and whether or not it sounds appealing to you.

After all, this is a name that you will be used to call out to your pet, to introduce it to your friends, families, and co-workers, and most importantly, to train your Pitbull during its life.

So take your time and enjoy the process of going through each name until you decide on a title that seems flawless to you.

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