The Petite Goldendoodle: A Complete Guide

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The Petite Goldendoodle is the result of mixing a Golden Retriever with a Cockerspaniel and Poodle cross, making it a hybrid mix of three breeds.

Due to its mixed nature, the Goldendoodle can vary somewhat in size and appearance, making it a beautiful and versatile breed of dogs that make wonderful, and very cute family pets.

The Petite Goldendoodle has become a popular ‘designer dog’ breed due to its luscious curly fur which, like with most poodle hybrids, does not shed very much and rates very low the allergenic scale.

If you have a mild dog allergy, the Petite Goldendoodle will likely not bother you.

The Petite Goldendoodle was bred to serve a multitude of purposes.

It is in many ways the ideal family dog, as it has been bred with that as a focus, but the Goldendoodle is also an accomplished athlete, performing well in many varied dog sports.

It is a service dog, being capable in a plethora of helpful roles and it is a zealous, intelligent learner.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a Petite Goldendoodle, this can be a pretty surprising pup, they are very multifaceted animals.

Petite Goldendoodle Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small Petite Goldendoodle being held
The Petite Goldendoodle is adored by many dog lovers.

Before you buy a Petite Goldendoodle, there are a few things you need to understand first.

Welcoming a dog into your family is a big decision to make for anybody to make, there are tough decisions to be made and many personal considerations to ponder.

This guide will break down step by step whether or not the Petite Goldendoodle is the right dog for you, and hopefully, make the process a little easier.

What Price are Petite Goldendoodle Puppies?

Petite Goldendoodle puppies can sell for as much as $2000 for a specific size and coloration, making it a very pricey pup.

However, there are cheaper options if you’re not fussy about the appearance of your Goldendoodle, with some puppies selling for as low as $1000.

It’s important to remember that the cheaper option is not always the best one, you must make the decision best suited to your unique needs.

Furthermore, it is paramount that you ensure the breeder is acting morally, if the Goldendoodle is suspiciously cheap then perhaps the breeder is cutting corners with caretaking.

Where to Find Reputable Petite Goldendoodle Breeders?

As with any breed, finding a respectable breeder for your Petite Goldendoodle is of paramount importance.

You will want to be certain that you have chosen a breeder who has looked after your new friend as well as humanly possible.

Bad breeding habits produce unhappy, unhealthy dogs and are extremely unethical.

As the Petite Goldendoodle is a much sought after, designer breed of dog, there are many different, well-reputed breeders the world over.

Google search for breeders in your area and many results will show, do your research on the available breeders and begin visiting them when you’re ready.

Your Goldendoodle breeder should be able to pass the following criteria:

  • A good breeder is passionate about the animals and knows many facts and care details about the breed which they should readily offer to you. Feel free to ask the breeder any questions you may have about the Goldendoodle, taking on an animal into your family is a big decision, and they should respect your interest.
  • The breeder should be caring and compassionate about the dogs; they should give the impression that they are true animal people.
  • The breeder’s facilities should be hygienic, clean and spacious. It is important to support breeders that house their animals humanely.
  • The breeder should carry themselves with a sense of professionalism. A dog is a big financial decision, and they should be respectful of your decision-making process.

Once you are confident you have met the right breeder for you, then you can have peace of mind that your Petite Goldendoodle comes from healthy, ethical stocks and that you have supported a good breeder.

3 Little-Known Facts About Petite Goldendoodle Puppies

  1. The Petite Goldendoodle is a relatively new breed of dog, appearing as recently as the 1990s in North America and Australia.
  2. A lesser used name for the Petite Goldendoodle is the ‘Petite Goldenpoo.’ I think you can work out why this isn’t as common a name.
  3. The Petite Goldendoodle is separated into three size groupings, and the largest can reach up to 45 pounds which would classify it as a medium-sized breed, while the smallest is as light as only 15 pounds, well within the small, or miniature classification.

Physical Traits of the Petite Goldendoodle

A Petite Goldendoodle sitting on a wooden floor
The Petite Goldendoodle is very intelligent, making it an engaging and rewarding companion.

As previously stated, the Petite Goldendoodle can vary in size quite a bit due to its mixed pedigree. The Goldendoodle is always small though, as its name would suggest.

The Petite Goldendoodle has short and wavy hair, almost curling into small ringlets.

The Petite Goldendoodle is a little teddy bear, it’s small size, and soft coat gives it a plush-toy appearance making it an extremely popular designer dog breed.

The Petite Goldendoodle has a medium length, very dense coat. It should be brushed thoroughly at least once a week.

The Petite Goldendoodle tends to take on appearances from its parent breeds which can cause some unique variations. Every Goldendoodle is unique, but they are all very cute.

How Big is a Full-Grown Petite Goldendoodle?

The Petite Goldendoodle is a small breed. They can reach up to 24 inches in height, and gain up to 35 pounds in weight.

There are no notable size variations between male and female Goldendoodles.

What is the Petite Goldendoodle’s Life Expectancy?

The Petite Goldendoodle has about an average lifespan for dogs of its size, with most living between 10 and 14 years old. This is above average than most dogs within their size range.

To improve their life expectancy, take the time in feeding, exercising, and generally taking care of the dog. Doing so allows you to get their health in check and let them live as long as they can.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Petite Goldendoodle

A Petite Goldendoodle with a blue leash on a walk
The Petite Goldendoodle is a mix of a Golden Retriever with a Cocker spaniel and a Poodle cross.

The Petite Goldendoodle is an extremely lovable and affectionate pet; they love their owners passionately.

Goldendoodles are quite good at and enjoy learning new tricks, anything to impress their beloved human friends. They are incredibly well-suited to family lifestyles.

Their size (perfect for human laps) makes them appropriate for children and other animals of most sizes.

Their low-maintenance coat and easy-going demeanor make the Petite Goldendoodle the model family dog.

The Petite Goldendoodle is, like many poodles, renowned for its intelligence and is equipped to perform some useful service roles including being guide dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, and numerous other therapy roles.

The Petite Goldendoodle’s Diet

As many Goldendoodles can vary somewhat significantly in size, you should take the specific needs of your own Goldendoodle into consideration when deciding how much to feed them.

As a rule, the Petite Goldendoodle does not require excessive amounts of food. Regular feedings of high-quality, high in protein dog food are appropriate for the Goldendoodle.

How Much Exercise Does the Petite Goldendoodle Need?

The Petite Goldendoodle is an active dog; its parent breeds the Golden Retriever and the Poodle are both sporting dogs, from the origin, and relish exercising and completing tasks.

The Goldendoodle should be walked daily and receive plenty of playful attention (if your Goldendoodle has human children to play with, this makes the job much easier).

The Goldendoodle loves to play fetch; it has a retriever in its DNA after all, you will find the easiest way to tire your Goldendoodle out is to make a simple investment into a tennis ball.

Petite Goldendoodle Health and Conditions

The Petite Goldendoodle, fortunately, is quite a healthy dog breed. It carries a few issues from its parents though, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.

Serious Issues

  • The Petite Goldendoodle sometimes gets hip and elbow dysplasia issues from both of its parent breeds.
  • The Petite Goldendoodle can be susceptible to blood clotting disease known as Von Wille Brand’s disease.

Minor Issues

  • The Petite Goldendoodle is an overall healthy dog and faces few unique health issues, though like a lot of Golden Retrievers and Poodles it can struggle with diabetic issues with age and if good diet practices aren’t employed throughout the animal’s lifetime.

Walk your Goldendoodle regularly and feed it a high-quality diet and you will be rewarded with a healthy, happy dog.

A good guard dog?

The Petite Goldendoodle is a great dog when it comes to being able to alert you and your family whenever danger is looming large.

However, it should not be your first choice when it comes to wanting a guard dog as even though it has the traits for one it lacks the overall body structure to be able to carry out its duties fully.

A relatively smaller breed, it would be a tough job for the Petite Goldendoodle to fend off a threat that is bigger than it in size.

Although, you can still expect your Petite Goldendoodle to be at the top of its game and fight till the very end as it is a very courageous dog that doesn’t like to quit.

The loyalty trait in this dog helps it become very protective of its owners, so you can expect your Petite Goldendoodle to always surprise you with its act of selflessness and valor.

However, all this said the Petite Goldendoodle does not make for an excellent guard dog and if you’re out looking for one then this shouldn’t be your ideal choice.

This dog is known to be not very noisy and doesn’t bark all that much either, which is a quality that should be a given in any other guard dog.

Your Petite Goldendoodle may not even bark if there is someone at your door which makes it highly unreliable in terms of keeping watch outside.

For all of these reasons mentioned above, the Petite Goldendoodle struggles at being a good guard dog but all this doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a very excellent breed.

Even so, if you are someone who has always dreamed of owning a guard or protective dog then this isn’t the place to start.

3 Important Training Tips

As you might expect, this is quite a sensitive crossbreed of dog, but also one with plenty of intelligence and a willingness to learn and please their master – all thanks to their parent breeds and their traits.

This makes training a Petite Goldendoodle pretty easy, but there are still things worth keeping in mind.

  • Stay positive

There’s a quite tender temperament to the Petite Goldendoodle, and so you’ll find that this dog really hates to be told off or reprimanded.

In a similar way, this also plays into how you train your Petite Goldendoodle. Expressing frustration or telling your dog off if they get it wrong can do more harm than good, making your pet too nervous to learn effectively.

Instead, accentuate the positive and make it memorable for your Petite Goldendoodle that they have done right, and you’ll see them flourish in no time!

  • Use treats effectively

Although it seems cheap, and certainly brings plenty of risks of over-feeding your dog, the Petite Goldendoodle is very motivated by food-based rewards during training.

While being wary of not overdoing it with snacks should always be high on any dog owner’s agenda, the simple truth is that the Petite Goldendoodle can be easily swayed by scrumptious flavors.

  • Focus on one thing at a time

While some breeds of dogs prefer to spread their scattered energy among lots of things at once, the Petite Goldendoodle actually prefers to focus on one thing at a time.

Make sure your training one lesson or behavior at a time, and it’ll help your pet to learn what you need them to that much faster.

My Final Thoughts on the Petite GoldendoodleA Petite Goldendoodle puppy

The Petite Goldendoodle is adored amongst dog lovers, and for a good reason.

For many people, the Goldendoodle is simply the ideal family pet.

It is low maintenance, high reward.

A Goldendoodle will love you unwaveringly for the duration of its life; it is extremely adoring of its owners.

The Goldendoodle is also very intelligent, making it an engaging and rewarding companion, it loves learning new tricks and is an impressively fast learner.

If you’re thinking of adding a small dog to your family, you should definitely consider the Petite Goldendoodle.


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