Peke-A-Chon: A Complete Guide

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Dogs symbolize companionship. Their loyalty, friendship, and love are all things we seek in life, which is why so many of us have dogs.

However, for anyone out there who has even patted a puppy before, you probably know that it isn’t an easy job to own a canine, and sometimes it can feel more like a full-time job.

Feeding, grooming, watching, playing are all activities that will soak up any spare time in your day, and will leave you exhausted.

However, for the kindness and love of your very own companion, it is more than worth it.

The Peke-A-Chon is a perfect family dog. It loves to play, laze and accompany its owner in basically anything.

It’s a friendly little fluff ball that is great with adults and other dogs, however, depending on the temperament, it should be watched by children.

Classified as ‘designer dog,’ the Peke-A-Chon is one that is bound to turn eyes everywhere you take it.

The Peke-A-Chon is a mixed breed of the Bichon Frise and the Pekingese.

Both dogs were bred to be the ultimate companions, with the Bichon Frise originating in the Mediterranean, and the Pekingese originating in the imperial court of China.

Two ideal companion dogs are responsible for the Peke-A-Chon, making it, you guessed it, the ultimate companion!

For more information on this fluffy, adorable canine, continue reading on, as this guide will detail everything you need to know about the breed.

I will take you through prices, diet, exercise, size, temperament, life expectancy and more.

If you’re looking for a small, loyal little friend, this guide will give you all the necessary knowledge on a dog that excels in these categories; the Peke-A-Chon!

Peke-A-Chon Puppies – Before You Buy…

Sleeping Peke-A-Chon
The Peke-A-Chon is the happiest when sleeping.

When purchasing a puppy, there are several factors you need to think about and take into consideration.

Not only do you have to determine if you have space for a puppy in your house/apartment, but also if you have the time, dedication and persistence to help the puppy excel.

This may result in you having to alter your work schedule or make sure somebody is home at all times.

It’s tough, but it is completely worth it on the 10-15 year journey of purchasing a dog.

It will bring you undeniable happiness and pride.

Some other things you will have to determine when purchasing a dog include:

  • Whether you want a boy or a girl.
  • What color you would prefer your puppy to be.
  • Your preferences on spaying/neutering.

These aren’t easy decisions to make and will require contemplation if you’re on your own, or a discussion if you have a family.

However, by determining these things, you not only ensure your future happiness with the dog but the dog’s future happiness.

How Much Does a Peke-A-Chon Puppy Cost?

A Peke-A-Chon from a reputable, responsible breeder is going to cost you around $600-$800 each, which is in the higher price range for most small, mixed-breed dogs.

This is cheaper than both the $750 median of a Pekingese and the $800+ price point of a Bichon Frise.

So while the Peke-A-Chon isn’t the most affordable of dogs, it is a cheaper alternative if you’re seeking out designer breeds. If you’re on a budget, consider seeking out other mixed small breeds.

How Do I Find a Reputable Breeder?

Finding a reputable breeder is a stressful process. It can cause paranoia, frustration and more, as the breeder’s choices can affect the life expectancy, physical features and mental behavior of the puppies.

Luckily in today’s age, we have a lot more information at our disposal when it comes to purchasing from a breeder, and what to look for in the professionalism and ethics of their work.

A reputable breeder should:

  • Have extensive knowledge of the parent breeds. If you visit a breeder, and they have none of the parent breeds on-site, nor seem to know anything about them, it is most likely you are not getting a Peke-A-Chon.
  • Have a clean, environment for the dogs to thrive. The Peke-A-Chon is a small dog and therefore doesn’t need a huge amount of space. However, it should be provided with play space and a hygienic environment to stretch and remain comfortable.
  • Be social and attentive to the puppies. The Peke-A-Chon, as well as any other canine, needs socialization from an early age for it to develop a friendly personality and assimilate into the world outside of its birthplace. Unsocialized dogs can be destructive and dangerous.
  • Have believable price points. On your search, you may come across various breeders that have various ‘bargains’ but do not purchase, as it usually signifies the lack of professionalism in their breeding tactics.
  • Contain an urge to help you. A reputable breeder will assist you in everything you need to kickstart the puppy’s life, including grooming equipment and information on diet and exercise.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Peke-A-Chon

  • It is hypoallergenic, meaning it sheds rarely and is great for owners with allergies.
  • Its parent breeds the Pekingese were known as ‘Lion Dogs,’ as members of the imperial court would keep them in their sleeves.
  • Its other parent breeds the Bichon Frise is said to be a descendant of the Barbet, a water dog from the Mediterranean.

The Physical Traits of the Peke-A-Chon

Peke-A-Chon on pillows
The Peke-A-Chon can be very nervous from time to time.

Due to the Peke-A-Chon being a mixed breed, it can resemble both that of its parent breeds.

Whether it looks more like a Bichon Frise, or a Pekingese, will depend on the superior gene pool.

Usually, the Peke-A-Chon boasts a long, thick coat that can be black, brown, gold, tan, cream or a combination of these.

Due to its long hair, it will require regular grooming to maintain a stylish look. They’ve got brown eyes, a black nose, and a curly tail.

How Big is a Full-Grown Peke-A-Chon?

The Peke-A-Chon is a toy breed. Therefore it never grows to incredibly large sizes. The Peke-A-Chon grows anywhere between 6-11 inches.

This is around the same as both its parent breeds and the average for toy-sized dogs. The Peke-A-Chon can weigh up to 14 pounds, with the male being bigger than the female.

This makes the dog just as easy to carry around as it is to walk.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Peke-A-Chon?

The Peke-A-Chon lives around 12-14 years, which is around the same as the 12-15 years of both the Pekingese and the Bichon Frise.

This is the average for most small breeds and can be increased or decreased depending on their health.

It is important to watch the Peke-A-Chon for any symptoms of health issues or concerns, as its small size makes it brittle.

The Temperament, Personality and Behavioural Traits of the Peke-A-Chon

Peke-A-Chon with flowers
The Peke-A-Chon should have regular health check-ups.

The Peke-A-Chon is a great dog for beginning owners, as it does not require a huge amount of training.

However, if you have small children around, you will need to train it frequently, as its parent breed the Pekingese, has been known to nip.

They love their owners and will love a cuddle, however, don’t do well when left alone for too long.

They are also somewhat wary of strangers and will need the training to decrease nervousness.

Simple obedience training will help increase its mood, and things such as snacks will enhance the dog’s happiness even more.

The Peke-A-Chon is known as an avid barker, and make a great watch dog because of it.

The Dietary Requirements of the Peke-A-Chon

Much like other small dogs, the Peke-A-Chon won’t require lots of food. It is recommended you feed it a cup of dry dog food a day, which will cost anywhere between $20-$30 a month.

It isn’t fussy when it comes to brands. However, you must stick to dry dog food for the nutrients it provides.

Don’t feed the Peke-A-Chon things like chicken or beef because its small body tends to struggle.

How Much Physical Activity Does the Peke-A-Chon Need?

The Peke-A-Chon isn’t an incredibly active dog, and will only need moderate daily exercise. It is estimated that it needs around 25 minutes of exercise per day, and 8 miles of walking per week.

They prefer to be indoors lazing as opposed to outdoors, making them the ideal dog for those who live in apartments.  Always keep it on a leash when walking, as it tends to wander.

Health Issues and Concerns of the Peke-A-Chon

The Peke-A-Chon inherits a larger amount of health concerns and issues than its counterparts.

It is recommended you schedule regular trips to the vet for various check-ups on the eyes, blood, and heart.

Health issues and concerns include:

Peke-A-Chon Conclusion

Peke-A-Chon guide

Overall, the Peke-A-Chon is a cute, cuddly and caring companion.

If provided with the right training and socialization, it can settle perfectly into any kind of family.


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