The Neo Daniff: A Complete Guide

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Dogs are more than just pets; they are friends.

Very few pets provide the same amount of emotional support and loyalty that a dog does, and that’s why they are some of the most popular companions in the world.

A dog will sit with you in the saddest of times, and run beside you in the happiest times, and anything it can do to help, it will do.

Although owning a dog is full of pros, there are some factors you can consider cons.

Dog’s can be incredibly stressful to raise and train, resulting in a lot of your free time diminishing at the wag of a tail.

After all, you are the owner of a thinking, feeling creature, and it is your responsibility to make it feel content, comfortable and happy. Yes, it’s a lot of pressure, and yes, it’s worth it.

The Neo Daniff is a fascinating crossbreed between two of the biggest canines around; the Great Dane and the Neapolitan Mastiff.

Neo Daniff laying on carpet
The Neo Daniff is a big, cuddly teddy bear.

This hybrid is the result of the rising trend of designer breeding, and most likely was first bred this century for reasons of companionship.

Because of this, there is very little information on the Neo Daniff, as it’s not old enough to have generated a large amount of history. Its parent breeds, however, are quite the opposite.

The Great Dane has been around since 3000 B.C, making it a lot older than most dogs. It was used as a guard and a hunter all throughout Germany, where they were used to prey on Wild Boar.

The Great Dane is said to be the predecessor to the Old English Mastiff and the Wolfhound, which makes sense considering its incredibly large size.

The Great Dane is the 14th most popular dog in America.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a direct descendant of Roman War Dogs, which explains its tough, sturdy demeanor.

It has been around since ancient times, and it originated in Italy, where it was used as a very effective guard dog.

They were used to guard homes, estates, and farms. With the Neo Daniff, there are not too many surprises.

You’re getting an adorable dog who is both humongous in size, and attitude. It is incredibly friendly and quite low maintenance, making it great for first-time owners.

It is also incredibly good with kids, making the stern, sturdy demeanor of the Neo Daniff, seem more like a giant teddy bear!

I have constructed this guide today as a sort of blueprint for your journey to becoming a dog owner. It can be hard choosing the right dog for your household and everyday needs.

To make it easier, this guide will detail every vital piece of information on the Neo Daniff for you to determine whether or not this dog is for you.

I will detail the life expectancy, behavioral traits, physical traits, costs and more. So are you still interested in learning more about the Neo Daniff? Then, by all means, continue reading!

Neo Daniff Puppies – Before You Buy…

Now now, before you get too excited, there are some things you need to both prepare, and consider before bringing this canine into your home.

The Neo Daniff isn’t the fussiest of dogs, but you still need to consider it as a part of your family, and a resident of your household.

The Neo Daniff is going to need a lot of space when compared to other dogs. It will not do well in an apartment as the small size could make it feel claustrophobic.

You should at least have a moderately sized house with a fenced backyard it can run around in. You will also need to make time to socialize and train the Neo Daniff, as they need it from an early age.

Without proper training and attention, the Neo Daniff can become destructive and wary of humans.

You will need to schedule time outside of work to do this or make sure someone from your family is home.

It is also worth buying toys and equipment for mental stimulation. Other things you should consider are color and gender.

You will also need to decide whether you want your puppy spayed/neutered.

What Price are Neo Daniff Puppies?

Price can be one of the most daunting parts when purchasing a puppy, especially when you’re seeking out a larger breed.

Luckily, the Neo Daniff is an incredibly cost-effective puppy, costing around $500-$600 from a reputable breeder.

This is cheaper than most large-sized breeds, and a bargain when compared to the $1000+ price points of the Great Dane, and Neapolitan Mastiff.

If you’re a first time owner or a buyer on a budget, this large-sized breed may be right in your ballpark.

For lower prices, you can try seeking a Neo Daniff out at an adoption clinic. However, because it is a designer breed, they can be hard to find outside of specialist breeders.

Where to Find Reputable Neo Daniff Breeders?

The Neo Daniff is an incredibly modern designer breed and was conjured by specialist breeders looking to create ideal companion dogs.

Because cross-breeding is a very particular process, you need to be careful when seeking out breeders.

There are thousands of breeders out there today, and you need to make a conscious effort to differentiate a money grab and a caring facility.

To make sure the breeder you are purchasing from is ethical, there are some factors you can analyze.

These include:

  • The space in which the dogs are kept. This needs to be large and open, for the Neo Daniff to move around.
  • The attention to healthiness and cleanliness. The Neo Daniff puppies will need to be cleaned, groomed and fed, to be purchase worthy.
  • The way the breeder treats the puppies. The breeder should kick-start the socialization process, to make sure the dog can assimilate into a domesticated life.
  • The knowledge and experience that the breeder has with the Neo Daniff, and its related breeds.
  • The breeder’s eagerness to assist you with any further questions post-purchase, as well as recommendations on equipment, diet and more. To make this process easier, try asking around your neighborhood for breeder recommendations.

3 Little-Known Facts About Neo Daniff Puppies

  1. They are very minimal shedders.
  2. Despite its large size, it is known to be loving and gentle with small children.
  3. The Neo Daniff is one of the fewer amounts of dog breeds that can inherit amber-colored eyes.

Physical Traits of the Neo Daniff

Neo Daniff running in yard
The Neo Daniff is easy to look after.

As a mixed breed, there is a slew of possibilities as to what the Neo Daniff can look like.

It can appear almost identically to one of their parent breeds, or it can appear as the perfect splice, signifying a particularly unique crossbreed charm.

They have short, thin coats that are usually a mixture of colors. These colors can include black, red, brown, white and cream.

One of the most interesting things about the Neo Daniff is that it can have four different nose colors, that can range from blue, grey, black and brown.

The Neo Daniff is a huge dog, and it will have large, masculine legs that will hold it in a high, sturdy posture.

It will have a square-shaped head much like that of a Mastiff, with amber eyes and a squished demeanor.

The Neo Daniff could be a scary dog if it weren’t for its cute, floppy ears that droop over its head.

How Big is a Full-Grown Neo Daniff?

A full-grown Neo Daniff is one of the largest dogs around. It is incredibly tall, and will grow to 26-32 inches in length!

Weight-wise, it’s just as massive. The Neo Daniff can grow up to 200 pounds in mass, with 150 being the median. Both the female and male are around the same size.

Because of its sheer size, it is essential to watch the Neo Daniff around small children. Although it is quite gentle, any rough play or excitement can be dangerous.

What is the Neo Daniff’s Life Expectancy?

Life expectancy is something all aspiring dog owners should know. You want to know how much time you have with your dog, and how long this amazing bond will last.

The Neo Daniff has a life expectancy of 10-12 years, which is shorter than the average for large-sized breeds.

Because of its size, it can inherit a plethora of different health problems, and you must schedule regular check-ups at the vet.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Neo Daniff

Neo Daniff smiling
The Neo Daniff is the mix of the Great Dane and the Neapolitan Mastiff.

The Neo Daniff may come off like a large, intimidating dog, but it is actually friendly and cuddly.

It loves its owner, whether you’re walking it in the park, or snuggling with it on the couch. It is also protective of its family and will act as a great guard dog around unfamiliar faces.

Because of its love for its owner, the Neo Daniff is moderately easy to train.

It may suffer from phases of stubbornness, but with plenty of positive reinforcement, this will diminish. It is incredibly good with dogs and other pets, so a trip to the park is a must!

The Neo Daniff’s Diet

Because of its large size, you can expect to be feeding the Neo Daniff a lot. It’s not a fussy eater, and it will stick to a pretty basic diet of chicken, lamb, pork, and beef.

It is important to implement some fruits and grains throughout its meals, for it to get its needed nutrients. It will also need a hefty amount of dry dog food.

The Neo Daniff will eat 4.5 cups of food a day, costing an owner $90-$100 a month.

How Much Exercise Does the Neo Daniff Need?

Because of its size, the Neo Daniff will need a pretty hefty amount of exercise.

Try hikes, runs, jogs and other high octane activities. It will love trips to the dog park to socialize with the other canines.

The Neo Daniff will need around 60 minutes of exercise a day, with 12 miles of walking a week.

Neo Daniff Health and Conditions

Serious Issues

Minor Issues

  • Glaucoma
  • Atopy
  • Entropion

My Final Thoughts on the Neo DaniffNeo Daniff guide

Overall, the Neo Daniff is a big, cuddly teddy bear that is relatively easy to look after and a whole lot of fun as a companion.

If you can afford the hefty foo costs, the Neo Daniff will quickly become one of your new best friends.


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