The Native American Shepherd: A Complete Guide

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The Native American Shepherd is actually a mix of two different breeds of dog, the Native American Indian dog and the Belgian Shepherd.

What is clear from the outset is that this is a dog with a very distinctive look about it, and there are also several very positive attributes to be aware of.

Of course, this may not be the most popular of the breed, and this sense of it being relatively unknown does mean that there’s a need to spend a considerable amount of time determining just how much you know about them.

As with any breed, there are various aspects that a potential owner must understand in advance about the breed to make sure that they can go on to live a long and happy life.

That is where our complete guide to the Native American Shepherd is going to play a major role.

Throughout the guide, we will cover all of the key areas that you should know about to fill in the blanks of your knowledge.

By the end, you will not only understand the breed more than before but will also be aware of what it takes to provide them with the best possible life that you can.

Native American Shepherd Puppies – Before You Buy…

Native American Shepherd
Image Credit By: hudsonk9trainingcenter, instagram

As with any breed of dog, whether you are looking at buying a puppy or even adopting a fully grown adult, there are a whole host of things that you should know about in advance of handing over any money.

At the same time, you need to be honest with yourself as well when it comes to your abilities to look after a dog to the level of care that they need.

Each breed is different, and we recommend that you ask yourself questions such as these to help determine if this is the correct breed for you.

  • Do you understand the actual requirements of the breed?
  • Are you able to provide them with what they need?
  • Do you understand the potential problems or difficulties with the breed?
  • Have you ever trained a dog before?

Often, the answer lies within you when it comes to the things that you need to know before you buy any puppy.

However, we will now cover every aspect that we feel will play an integral role in your knowledge of the Native American Shepherd.

What Price are Native American Shepherd Puppies?

First, let’s begin with the price of the Native American Shepherd puppy.

The price of the puppy does depend on several key factors. Their pedigree is going to play a role, and that is certainly something that should be checked out in advance.

Also, your location will make a difference. This breed of dog is not universally popular, so there are various areas where its popularity is higher than elsewhere, and that demand influences the price.

In general, you should be looking in the region of $1000 to $1500 for a Native American Shepherd puppy.

How to Find Reputable Native American Shepherd Breeders?

To find reputable Native American Shepherd breeders, you have a couple of options that are available to you.

First, the Kennel Club will be in a position to help you, or at least point you in the correct direction, so contacting them should always be on your agenda.

If they recommend breeders to you, then at least you know that they have reached certain standards, and that should give you some confidence in the quality of the puppies.

Aside from the Kennel Club, the other option should always be other owners or Native American Shepherd groups.

These groups will always want to do what’s best for the breed, and that will include going ahead and making sure that only the best breeders are recommended.

The other bonus linked to this option is that you will also be in a position to ask them more about the dog and their own experiences, and this knowledge could prove to be rather invaluable to you.

3 Little-Known Facts About Native American Shepherd Puppies

A brown Native American Shepherd
Native American Shepherd is certainly an adorable dog to own.

We understand that there may a considerable amount that you do not know about this breed, but rest assured that we will help to rectify that problem throughout the rest of this complete guide.

However, just to get things started, we thought that it would be rather interesting to go ahead and provide you with just a few little-known facts about the Native American Shepherd that could influence your experience with the breed.

  • They are hypoallergenic.

This is probably going to be surprising when you look at the dog, but they are hypoallergenic. This does mean that they are perfect for people that have allergies to dogs.

  • They can apparently detect diseases.

Some people argue this breed is capable of sniffing out diseases in humans. Just how true this is will be unknown, but some people swear by the ability of this breed to do the remarkable.

  • They can run for miles.

This breed has an exceptionally high level of stamina, so they can run for miles. This can be slightly deceptive due to the size of them, but be warned that you may not be able to keep up.

Physical Traits of the Native American Shepherd

Even when people know very little about this breed, if you ask them what they would expect the physical traits to be, then they would describe a large and strong dog.

They do tend to have a rather wolf-life appearance about them including their physical presence.

Their build is athletic, and they have a long muzzle, and while their legs may come across as being relatively lean, they are rather muscular.

Their tail is going to often have a kink in the end, and it will also be rather long. They can curl it up at times, but only slightly.

Their colours can also closely resemble a wolf, but there are variations through to a kind of tortoiseshell appearance.

Their grooming needs are not too strenuous on you, but doing this weekly to just strip out any loose hair is going to be essential.

How Big is a Full-Grown Native American Shepherd?

A full-grown Native American Shepherd is going to have some variation in both height and weight.

It will be more common for the male of the breed to be the largest of the two, and this difference can be quite considerable in some instances.

For the height of this breed, then it can be from anywhere between 18 and 32 inches in height to the withers.

The same discrepancy can also be applied to their weight when fully grown and, once again, the male will tend to be the heaviest.

In this instance, the average weight will be in the region of 60lbs, but the male can go up to 80lbs which is a direct result of their heritage.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Native American Shepherd?

The life expectancy of a Native American Shepherd is going to be around 12 years.

However, as always, you can increase their life expectancy by making sure that you look after them, which is where the information in the rest of this guide will prove to be useful.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Native American Shepherd

A Native American Shepherd with long hair
Native American Shepherd is a mix of the Native American Indian dog and the Belgian Shepherd.

This is a breed of dog that is exceptionally loyal and loving towards its owners, and it will be able to build a very strong bond with you in a short period of time.

However, they are also very alert and make for wonderful guard dogs as they will go and explore when they sense something different.

They are good to train as they are certainly highly intelligent.

The only problem is that they can be very stubborn at times, and if they do not want to learn something at that point, then they are not going to do it.

They are always eager to please and have a desire to play.

You need to interact with them quite a lot to stop them from becoming bored as their potentially destructive side is going to kick in, and that can lead to further issues.

Even though they are large in size, they are very good around children. This applies even to those that are very small in size, so there is nothing to worry about if you have a family.

The Native American Shepherd’s Diet

As you have a dog here that has a reasonable amount of energy and is more on the large side, then their diet will play an important role in things.

If you purchase a puppy from a breeder, then you must pay close attention to the feeding schedule that they provide.

You must make sure that you only ever use high-quality food at all times.

You should be looking at around three cups of food per day, but do limit the number of treats that they receive throughout the day.

Thankfully, they are athletic and need to burn off energy, so obesity should not be a problem unless you are feeding them poor quality food filled with grains and cereals.

You may also want to provide them with fish and meat, but make sure that it is lean or you could cause them problems with their weight.

How Much Exercise Does a Native American Shepherd Need?

When it comes to their exercise regime, then you are looking at having to take them on a walk several times each day.

That is not to say that you have to walk miles daily as they do generally have more moderate energy levels than you would expect.

In general, you are looking at around 60 minutes of exercise per day, but this can be broken up into several shorter walks.

Also, they should have a large yard to explore whenever they want, so they are not suited for apartment living.

They need to be stimulated mentally as well, or that could easily lead to problems developing.

Boredom is a horrible thing for this breed, and as they are large in size, then it could easily lead to some destructive behaviour occurring.

Native American Shepherd Health and Conditions

The Native American Shepherd can have several potential health concerns that you need to be looking out for.

A number of them could be passed down their genetic line, but as they are not a pure breed, then the chances of this happening will become less.

As with any breed, you are advised to talk to the breeder and see if the parents have been checked for various illnesses and conditions before you buy your new puppy. They should also be willing to provide you with evidence that they have been given the all-clear.

In this instance, the main health conditions that you should be looking out for include:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Cancer
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy

Keeping on top of any signs or evidence of your dog developing any of these conditions is important, and getting them checked out by your vet regularly will certainly extend their life expectancy.

Supplements and Vitamins

As with most hybrid dog breeds, the Native American Shepherd will require a diet that is packed with nutrition and important supplements to make sure its vital organs remain healthy.

Large dogs like this one will tend to become overweight, so instead of overfeeding it by increasing its daily diet, you should feed it controlled amounts of food with the inclusion of healthy supplements.

These supplements should be rich in important minerals and vitamins that contribute to the overall health of your pet, including its thick fur coat and high energy levels.

The Native American Shepherd needs to have a substantial amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplements to keep skin problems at bay.

The dense coat of your pet can easily trap bacteria and dirt, especially when it plays outside.

Sometimes, a simple bath may not suffice to rid your pet of itches or inflammatory issues, so to prevent these, fish oil can be added to its regular diet.

This is an excellent source of the important Omega 3 Fatty Acid that your pet needs to have an excellent immune system and a strong bone structure.

Ideally, you should always consult a practising vet before deciding on a supplement to add to your dog’s meals.

With expert consultation, you will be able to best deduce what kinds of supplements will sit well with your dog because the vet will inform you of any substances that your dog may be allergic to.

Furthermore, large dogs like the Native American Shepherd are also at higher risk of contracting stomach-related issues, but a regular dosage of probiotics can go a long way to prevent these.

Owners who are in the habit of feeding home-made food to their Native American Shepherd should put in more effort to ensure that their pet is getting the important nutrients that would otherwise be present in most commercial dog food.

My Final Thoughts on the Native American ShepherdA cool Native American Shepherd

The Native American Shepherd is certainly an interesting hybrid breed that has a number of attributes that you may not expect from a breed of this kind.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, the breed is not only rather limited in popularity, but also age.

That is why so much of what has been included above is related to the parent breeds rather than any other source.

However, that is more than just an educated guess as we see time and time again with other hybrid breeds that this is something we can expect to happen.

A Native American Shepherd is certainly an adorable dog to own, and it is just unfortunate that so few people are even aware that they exist.

However, you are implored to take the plunge, because you will surely be rewarded with a wonderful and loving dog.

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