Native American Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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The good thing about Native American dog names is that they go with any breed!

What’s more is that you can give your pet a name that is as close to your roots as you want it to be because a Native American dog name can relate to your ancestral tribe, background or culture.

The following list of Native American dog names has been compiled in order to help you shortlist and choose from a variety of suitable titles for your beloved pet.

An adult dog running in the grass
This is Geronimo.

Male Native American Dog Names

  • Apache

A well known Native American tribe.

The tribe is notorious for its fierce fighting abilities.

This Native American dog name is ideal for a dog with patches on its fur.

Personality-wise, the name would be more suited for a dog that has a lot of fight in him and has strong protective instincts.

  • Shaman

In the Native American language, Shaman is a term used to refer to a holy man.

A deeper, more precise meaning of the name is “a tribal medicine man”.

This is amongst those Native American dog names that will best suit a guardian dog that is watchful of its family.

  • Mahaska

This is a unique Native American dog name that means “white cloud”.

Goes without saying, it makes for the perfect title for a dog that is all white and is preferably very fluffy.

  • Tahoma

A name belonging to Navajo origins.

In literal terms, it means water’s edge or shoreline.

It is a catchy Native American dog name that your pet will also easily adapt to.

  • Honi

A word of the Arapaho language which means “wolf”.

It is ideal for a wolfdog or a hound dog.

  • Koda

A short, easy name with a sweet meaning.

Koda is a Native American word for a friend, an ally, or a partner, which is exactly what your dog will prove to be for you.

  • Wazi

This Native American dog name is used to describe a “wizard”.

If you believe that by coming into your life, your pet has cast a spell on you and your family (for the better, of course), this name will be very fitting to describe what you think about your precious companion.

  • Pontiac

An ancient war chief of Odawa.

Pontiac was an Ottawa leader who led his men through a war against British military men.

This is one of those Native American dog names that holds great importance in the history of the United States.

This is also a name that is suitable for a strong dog with powerful leadership traits.

  • Kawa

A word of Apache origin meaning “great” – exactly the word that you would like to use when describing your dog.

  • Akikta

This word means “working with determination”.

So if you have a hard-working dog that does not tire easily and will put in all its efforts to please its master, this Native American dog name will serve as a powerful and worthy title for your pet.

  • Nashoba

This is another Native American dog name that can be given to a dog that has the genes of a wolf or has strong hunting instincts.

This is so because Nashoba is Choctaw for a wolf.

  • Geronimo

This name easily qualifies as one of the most popular Native American dog names.

The historical significance of Geronimo is attributable to the leader and medicine man of the Apache tribe who rose to prominence for leading not just his own tribes, but also armies of warriors beyond his people through several raids and wars.

In literal terms, the name Geronimo refers to someone who yawns, which makes it an interesting name for a pet that is lazy but will fight and lead when he needs to.

  • Maka

The name Maka has roots in the Sioux tribe and means “earth”.

It is a fitting Native American dog name to describe a pet that likes to be outdoors in nature, especially in the forest and is also well-grounded personality-wise.

  • Hanska

Also, a name of Sioux origin which means “tall”.

Obviously, the name is apt for a large dog that has a substantially tall height.

  • Buck

A popular name used by Native Americans.

Buck is another name for a deer, so if your dog has a tendency towards hunting or if you want it to grow up to be fond of accompanying you on hunts, Buck is the ideal name for your trusty companion.

A close up of a dogs face
Her name is Zonata and she is a faithful companion.

Female Native American Dog Names

  • Navajo

A tribe in the southwestern region.

Navajo is essentially a Spanish adaptation of a word that in literal terms describes people of the Apache tribe who farm fields in valleys.

This name is also amongst the very popular Native American dog names.

  • Mansi

A Native American dog name that means “a plucked flower”.

The name finds roots in Hopi culture and perfectly describes your sweet, lovely pet that you hand-picked yourself, like one would pick a flower.

  • Winona

A name of Sioux origin meaning the first daughter.

If your pet is the first girl dog you’re getting, go ahead and give it this name to show the world that she’s your precious baby!

  • Nita

A name that refers to either a bear or to anything like a bear.

An apt name for a large, bear-like dog that is cuddly and chubby like the animal.

  • Ama

In the Cherokee language, Ama means water.

It is a short and simple name for a girl dog.

  • Kayah

A name that means “a wise child”.

This Native American dog name can be given to a pet that may seem small in size, but has a lot of knowledge of the world and is an extremely intelligent and intuitive pet.

  • Catori

The word for a “spirit”.

A good moniker for dogs that mostly found in high-spirits and resonate that energy on to other people of the house as well.

  • Dyani

A very feminine Native American dog name that describes being fast and clever, much like a deer.

Goes without saying, the name will best suit a dog that is quick on its feet and is very wise.

  • Pocahontas

Pocahontas is easily one of the very famous Native American dog names because it belongs to a 17th-century woman of the Powhatan tribe.

She was the daughter of a powerful chief and her story is famous because she is believed to have served as the guide and love interest to a white man that came as a colonist in Native American territory.

The literal meaning of Pocahontas is “a playful woman”, which makes it a delightful title, with great significant history, for an energetic dog.

  • Chenoa

This means a white dove. The perfect name for a white-coated dog that has a peaceful persona.

A dove is also a symbol of friendship, so if your dog belongs to a breed that is social and people-friendly, you should definitely go for this name.

  • Aiyana

This Native American dog name means “eternal blossom”.

Perfect for a lively, beautiful dog that is always cheery.

  • Zonata

A sharp, powerful name that means “trusted”, making it apt for a companion that is dependable and faithful.

  • Tiponi

A Hopi name referring to a “child of importance”.

  • Nova

To chase butterflies.

This Native American dog name is ideal for a playful pet that loves to play in a natural setting and is intrigued by the flora and fauna that nature has to offer.

  • Tehya

A word that means “precious”.

An ideal choice amongst Native American dog names for your valued pet.

A dog standing in the snow
His name is Tiva and he is a real joker.

Cute Native American Dog Names

  • Dakota

A popular Native American dog name that can be used for both genders.

Dakota in literal terms is the word used to refer to a friend or an ally, which makes it the ultimate name for your best friend.

  • Matto

A male dog name that means “warrior”.

A good moniker to describe a fiery pet that can defend itself and its family well.

  • Koko

In Native America, Koko means “Blackfoot” or “night”.

This is a sweet male dog for a pup that is dark in color.

  • Miki

Another short, adorable puppy name that has Inuit origins and means “little”.

This Native American dog name is best for a small-sized breed and is usually given to a female pup.

  • Zuni

A male dog name coming from a Southwestern tribe which was historically known to be quite artistic.

A pet that is intellectual and has an immense understanding of the world can be entitled to this Native American dog name.

  • Mika

A name that describes an intelligent raccoon.

Regardless of the gender, if your pet dog is adorned with black stripes like those found on a raccoon and is also smart, Mika is a good moniker to describe it.

  • Lulu

A Hopi word meaning “rabbit”.

Although it refers to an entirely different animal, Lulu makes for a good female Native American dog name for a pet that is jumpy and sprightly.

  • Kasa

Another female name for a dog that has a thick fur coat.

Kasa in literal terms is “dressed in fur”, so you can use it to name a furry pet.

  • Sitsi

Simple and sweet, Sitsi is a word of the Navajo language which means daughter.

  • Wakanda

A word from Sioux culture used to refer to someone who possesses magic.

  • Tiva

A cute word that means “dance” in Hopi.

An apt name for a pet that is full of energy and loves to entertain its owners.

  • Yuma

An interesting Navajo name that means “song of the chief”.

This Native American dog name is for the male gender.

  • Onawa

Onawa is a girl dog name that means “wide awake”.

We highly suggest this name for dogs that are attentive and alert.

If you’re looking to keep a watchdog or a guard dog, you should consider Onawa because this is one of the very descriptive Native American dog names that truly encapsulate the behavioral traits of your pet.

  • Cochise

If you want to name your pet after a prominent tribal chief, this is the name to pick.

It literally refers to a kind of wood and makes for a sweet male dog name.

  • Takoda

A name of Sioux roots used to describe someone who is a friend to all.

This may very well be the ultimate name for a pet that is highly social and does not shy away from meeting new people.

If your pet can make friends very easily and welcomes everyone into your home, Takoda is the perfect Native American dog name for it.

  • Elan

This amazing male Native American dog name means “powerful spirit” and is a perfect name for a dog that has a strong will and is very dedicated.

This is a very short name that is very easy to pronounce and remember and it can signify the personality of your courageous pup.

It is also very easy to pick up so your dog should have no trouble getting accustomed to it.

  • Makya

This amazing boy Native American dog name is perfect for a dog that is a great hunter and very good at playing the game.

It is of Native American origin and means “eagle hunter”.

If you are into hunting and your dog helps you on your expeditions, this may be a perfect name for it.

“Mak” for short, this is a very easy name which rolls of your tongue nicely.

  • Hinto

This beautiful female Native American dog name is perfect for a dog that has blue eyes because it translates to “blue”.

Of Native American origin, if you are someone who loves blue then this is the perfect name for your dog.

This is also a very easy name to pronounce and it should help you a lot during your training sessions with your pup.

  • Kimi

This short and sweet female Native American dog name means secret.

It is a perfect name for a dog that is your best friend and someone you tell all your secrets to.

Sine your pup has a direct insight into your entire life, maybe this name could be a clever way to make that association.
A very short name, your love would get familiarized with it in no time at all.

  • Tepkunset

Even though this name may sound weird at first, it is a very beautiful female Native American dog name that means the moon.

This name can signify the importance of your little pup in your life and it is unique enough to always keep people intrigued.

Surprising Native American Dog Names

When you dive deeper into the meanings of Native American names, you’ll find that so many words that get taken for granted in modern English today owe their roots to these fascinating languages and cultures of the original inhabitants of continental America.

This, in turn, means there are plenty of other names from these cues that you can bestow upon your pet – from the noble to the comical.

  • Skunk

Believe it or not, the name of this famously stinky black and white animal comes from the languages of the Native Americans.

A punk-like dog of black, white or a mix – especially one prone to smell a little after playing in the hot sun – can use this as a fun name.

  • Powwow

This is a word for a celebration or party. It can be used for a male or female dog just as nicely, and certainly is a lively name that’s easy to remember.

If you’re dog’s always treating every day like it’s Mardi Gras, this might just be the best name for them!

  • Jacy

This is a Native American name for the moon, and that means it suits serene or pale furred pets wonderfully.

It’s a distinctive sounding name that means your dog will always know you’re addressing her.

The Most Popular Native American Dog Name of All Time

  • Cherokee

If you truly want to honor Native American culture, Cherokee is a name that will undoubtedly do the trick.

This name has gained immense popularity through movies and literature, mainly because it is a tribute to a very powerful and strong Native American tribe that rose to prominence in history.

This was also one of the largest tribes of American Indian descent.

In addition to being the name of the tribe, the name also has a very deep meaning.

Cherokee means “the perfect time” or “dawn”, which we feel is the best way to describe the life that you have and will be spending with your precious pooch.

My Final Thoughts

Now that we have scoured through the long list of Native American dog names, it should be easy for you to settle on the title that best describes your pet.

If you belong to a certain tribe or have ancestral roots in one, what better way to pay tribute to your background than to entitle your pet with a name that belongs to the family as well.

After all, your pet dog is an important and significant part of your family and your life!

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