The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer: A Complete Guide

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The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is the combination of the Miniature Schnauzer with the Wire Fox Terrier. It is a small breed with a rough and wiry coat.

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer comes from hunting breeds so it has a strong prey drive, making them quite the little menace.

The Mini Snauzer is still a great family dog though, and it just requires a sturdy pack leader.

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is a relatively new breed, but its parents have a long history.

The Schnauzer was developed in Germany in the 1800s and was used as a ratter, as it loved to hunt rodents and was exceptionally good at it, particularly the popular Miniature Schnauzer variants.

The Wire Fox Terrier was developed in England during the 1700s for similar reasons.

It was a great fox and rodent hunter in its time and has been owned by various famous Britons such as the great explorer Charles Darwin, who named his Terrier ‘Polly.’

Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer Puppies – Before You Buy…

Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer on sidewalk
The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is a fantastic family pet.

Adding a new furry friend to your family is a big decision for anyone to make, there are financial and personal considerations to be made, and the process can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful.

This guide is designed to mitigate the stresses of the decision-making process, and hopefully, make it clear to you whether the wonderful Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is appropriate for your situation and your family.

What Price are Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer Puppies?

Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer puppies can vary pretty dramatically in price between $1000 and $2500.

The rule of thumb when looking for a dog is to look for quality, not a cheap price.

If the Mini Snauzer is suspiciously cheap, then the breeder may be cutting corners in their raising of the animals.

Don’t compromise on quality; you must trust the quality of the breeder you decide to buy off of.

Where to Find Reputable Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer Breeders?

Finding a good, reputable breeder is the first step, and it’s an incredibly important one.

Do not stress though, this guide is intended to allay your stress and give you a checklist of things to look out for in a breeder.

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Your Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer breeder should meet the following criteria:

  • The best breeders are those who truly love animals, especially dogs. They are usually diehard dog fanatics who should undoubtedly know a great deal about the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer and should be more than happy to discuss the breed with you and tell you anything you need to know, including how to care for them and their behaviors, etc. Feel free to ask any questions you have, and if they are a good breeder they will be more than happy to answer them and will be enthusiastic, this is an easy way of determining the breeder’s expertise.
  • A good breeder is not only a great animal person, but they should also be capable professionals. They should respect your decision-making process and never pressure you or try to persuade you of anything. If the breeder is good, they will listen to you and provide you with helpful and informative details. They should understand the pressure you are under and be accommodating for that.
  • The breeder should house its animals in a clean, spacious and well-maintained facility. If the facilities are run down, messy or seem unhygienic, then look elsewhere for your Mini Snauzer. The breeder should be willing to give you a tour of their facilities if they are not then they may have something to hide.

This process may seem overwhelming or confronting, but all you need to do is follow your instincts.

Take a deep breath and trust your intuition, if the breeder seems good to you, they probably are.

Likewise, if something smells off then trust your nose and walk the other way, there’s nothing to lose and plenty to gain in being selective.

3 Little-Known Facts About Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer Puppies

  1. The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is considered one of the healthiest dog breeds available. It’s parents the Miniature Schnauzer, and Wire Fox Terrier are very healthy dogs that hand down a few serious issues to their children.
  2. The Wire Fox Terrier greatly resembles the breed known as the Smooth Fox Terrier, but are unrelated whatsoever. This has confused breeders for years and is a point of debate.
  3. The Miniature Schnauzer became the 16th most popular dog breed in the world, after steadily climbing the ranks for years. Many underplay this breed’s popularity is it is relatively obscure within North America.

Physical Traits of the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer

Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer in the park
The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is a small, very cute and friendly breed.

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is a small dog with flat, triangular ears, an elongated and rectangular snout, and a short, muscular body.

It has a dense and very wiry coat (thus it’s namesake) which generally appears in black, grey, pied, brindle, red or silver.

There are known brown variants, but they are very rare.

How Big is a Full-Grown Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer?

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is a small breed, the males stand between 13 and 17 inches tall and weigh between 15 and 20 pounds.

Female Mini Snauzers can reach between 12 and 16 inches tall and weigh between 14 and 19 pounds lighter.

What is the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer’s Life Expectancy?

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer has few health issues and should live healthily until approximately between 12 and 15 years in age, making it roughly average for dogs of its size.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer

Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer by flowers
The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer has just a few major health concerns.

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is a friendly and loyal dog breed however it’s hunting genes give it a distinctly predatory edge which must be snuffed out early in its socialization and training.

If trained early, the Mini Snauzer can get along with any animal and small children, but should always be supervised when meeting new people or pets if they are smaller, as the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer may attempt to assert its dominance.

The Mini Snauzer is a fairly intelligent breed, it’s highly trainable and enjoys following commands.

They are fast learners due to their eagerness to please, they are sweet-natured dogs that crave your affection constantly, and will hand it back to you in spades.

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer’s Diet

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer eats more than you’d expect, don’t let it’s slight size betray you.

The Mini Snauzer enjoys a regular diet of 1.5 cups of high-quality, protein-rich dog food per day.

How Much Exercise Does the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer Need?

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer loves to exercise and is happiest when walked for approximately 45 minutes per day.

However the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is generally happy to remain with humans wherever it may be, it doesn’t mind living in apartments or housings with relatively small yards.

If you do bring a Mini Snauzer home, make sure it has a particularly small yard, and to walk it every single day to ensure it doesn’t become stir crazy and develop anti-social behaviors.

Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer Health and Conditions

As previously mentioned, the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer is blessed with extremely good health; it is considered one of the healthiest dog breeds available.

However, it is still cursed by one or two serious and minor issues, as are all living things.

Serious Issues

Minor Issues

  • Most of the minor issues facing the Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer are related to old age and more or less unavoidable, for example, most Mini Snauzer’s will develop cataracts leading to impaired vision later in their life. Again, this affects most dogs and is not an issue of huge concern, but should still be discussed with a veterinarian.
  • Deafness also affects some Mini Snauzers at various points in their lives; this may be due to their wiry, dense hair and flat ears. Semi-regular cleaning of the ears will help allay any infections and keep their hearing healthy.

If you notice any of these issues, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

They will be able to diagnose your pet’s current condition and offer solutions to help treat them.

Doing so will help your dog remain healthy and prevent any long-term illnesses from affecting their health.

My Final Thoughts on the Miniature Wire Haired SnauzerMiniature Wire Haired Snauzer guide

The Miniature Wire Haired Snauzer would make a fantastic family pet for anyone looking for a small, very cute, friendly, mostly low-maintenance breed with few major health concerns.

Plus, if your property has a rodent infection, consider it cleansed.

The Mini Wire Haired Snauzer is becoming a more-and-more popular choice for families due to its lovable persona and ease of maintenance, and it would make a fine addition to any family.


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