Top 50 Mexican Dog Names & Their Meanings

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Mexican history, cuisine, culture, art, and cities are all sources of inspiration for some of the most intriguing Mexican dog names.

When it comes to Mexican dog names, trust us when we tell you that the possibilities are endless.

You might have a Mexican ancestry or perhaps the dog that you have recently decided to bring into your life has Mexican roots, or maybe you’re just a fan of the plentiful offerings of Mexican culture.

Whatever the case is with your particular pet, you don’t need to scour through hundreds of Mexican dog names and stress over being unable to settle on the best one.

In fact, the most thoughtful Mexican dog names will come to you only if you’re not stressed out and take your sweet time to get inspired by a concise but helpful list of Mexican dog names, like the one below.

Each of the following Mexican dog names has been cherry-picked and entered here after much thought and consideration.

Each name caters to a different kind of pet dog, but all of them draw associations to Mexican culture in one way or another.

Finally, for your convenience, the respective meaning and significance of each name have also been mentioned in the list.

This has been done to save you the time and effort of searching for reasons as to why a name that sounds good to you will also mean something for your pet.

A light brown dog wearing a colourful poncho
This is Diego and he doesn’t like cold.

Male Mexican Dog Names

  • Santo

This Mexican dog name is only meant for a strong canine that has a powerful attack.

The inspiration behind this title for your pet dog is Mexican wrestling sensation, El Rodolfo Guzman Huerta, more commonly known by his iconic title, El Santo.

  • Guey

If you’ve visited Mexico you’ll know that this word is commonly used to call out to someone, especially to a man.

Guey is a slang word of the Mexican culture and can be translated to “dude”.

  • Churro

A popular snack food, not just in Mexico but all across the world.

For foodies who like the idea of Mexican dog names, Churro is a moniker that describes the famous street food of Mexican origin.

  • Diego

After the revered Mexican artist, the husband of iconic Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera.

The literal meaning of this Mexican dog name is “supplanter”, or one that replaces.

The meaning of the name serves as a nod to the way your new pet has replaced so many aspects of your life and become a priority above a lot of other things.

  • Indio

For all of you beer lovers out there, Indio is a famous Mexican brand of beer.

• Golfo

Of Spanish origin, Golfo comes from the word “gulf”, which can signify the Gulf of Mexico.

This is a Mexican dog name befitting for a breed that hails from Mexico.

  • Luis Mi

The inspiration behind this Mexican dog name is the iconic Mexican singer, Luis Miguel.

So if you’re a fan of this singing legend, we know you will jump at this name for your pet.

  • Chema

One of the very significant figures during the Independence Movement in Mexico was Jose Maria Morelos, who was more popularly known by his nickname, Chema.

This Mexican dog name is often used as a nickname for people with the name Jose-Maria.

  • Pibil

An interesting, unique-sounding Mexican dog name that refers to another very popular street food in the Yucatan state of Mexico.

Cochinita Pibil is a traditional pork dish that is native to the peninsula.

  • Ori

For a tall, empowering dog that is often found towering smaller animals, this Mexican dog name is a tribute to the tallest mountain in Mexico titled Pico de Orizaba.

  • Lucho

It is a common practice in Mexican wrestling to use the term “lucha libre” when describing the sport of freestyle wrestling.

As a Mexican dog name, make sure that you bestow this title to a robust and brawny pet that can take on anyone or anything that poses a threat to the safety of its home or its family.

  • Hidalgo

A state located in the south of Mexico.

This Mexican dog name is a way to describe a “gentleman in a Spanish-speaking state”, which gives it a rather macho ring to it.

The name is best suited for well-mannered and obedient dogs that hail from Mexico.

  • Marcos

Of Portuguese origin, Marco is a name that derives from “Mars”, making it a suitable Mexican dog name for a red-haired or dark brown canine.

If you wish to honor the spearhead of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Subcomandante Marcos, this Mexican dog name will do the job.

  • Aztec

To pay homage to the powerful Aztec Empire that successfully reigned over Mexico in the ancient post-classic era.

The name gives your pet an aura of royalty.

  • Pedro

A commonly used Mexican name and also a popular Mexican actor, singer, and brand owner, Pedro Infante.

The name itself has roots set in Portuguese, Galician, and Spanish cultures and is a diminutive of the English name “Peter”, which means “rock”.

This Mexican name truly encompasses the kind of unwithering support that comes from your pet, one which you would definitely want to describe as your rock.

A tiny puppy being held up
This tiny dog’s name is Chema.

Female Mexican Dog Names

  • Gordita

Gordita is a popular Mexican savory pastry dish, ideal for dog owners who are also avid foodies.

This Mexican dog name also has a very fitting meaning to it.

The literal translation of Gordita is “chubby girl” or “little fatty”.

Hence, it goes without saying that the name belongs to a breed of dogs that stays small and chubby.

  • Chiquita

Of Spanish origin, Chiquita means “little one”, which makes this another Mexican dog name to be bestowed upon a smaller-sized breed.

  • Salma

The name is an addition to celebrity-inspired Mexican dog names.

Salma Hayek is a stellar actress hailing from a Mexican background.

The name in itself has roots in a multitude of origins.

In Arabic, the name depicts “peace”, whereas, in the Persian culture, the meaning of the name is recognized as “sweetheart”.

  • Costeña

A Spanish word that is used to refer to someone hailing from the coast.

This Mexican dog name is ideal for a dog that loves the beach and is generally fond of playing in the water.

  • Kahlua

A world-renowned liquor that is produced in Mexico.

Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liquor, so you can consider this Mexican dog name for a female dog that sports a coffee-colored fur coat.

  • Frida

From the highly inspirational Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, whose timeless works of art are still revered and sought after.

The name itself means “peace” or “beloved”, both of which are apt descriptions for your beautiful dog.

  • Tijuana

A town in Mexico that also goes by the shorter version of its name, TJ.

Tijuana is a Mexican dog name that takes root from the word “Tiwan”, which means “by the sea”.

Due to its meaning, the name is suitable for a water-loving canine.

  • Cholula

A gorgeous city situated in the Puebla state.

This Mexican name is for dog owners who want to take inspiration for names from Mexican cities.

  • Tulum

Another one of the city-inspired Mexican dog names, Tulum is a popular tourist destination for vacationers, located in the Riviera Maya.

  • Maya

A group of indigenous American Indian people native to Mexico.

The name itself means “spring” in Hebrew and “strength” in the Hindi language, ideal for a pet that is cheerful and even-tempered while at the same time strong and powerful.

  • Paz

A Mexican dog name that has been inspired by a popular Mexican diplomat and a talented poet, Octavio Paz.

  • Maria

A classic Mexican name, mainly recognized as La India Maria, a prominent character of the Mexican culture.

  • Sierra

The mountain range called the Sierra Madre goes into Mexico.

As a Mexican dog name for a female, the name is a sign of groundedness and strength.

  • Doña

The feminine of Don, a title that is often respectfully used to describe a “lady”.

  • Coba

The name of a site of ruins from the Mayan Dynasty, present in Quintana Roo state.

Coba is a Mexican dog name that means “root”, also good for a pet that is well-grounded.

A dark coloured dog with a golden collar
His name is Aztec and he is proud of it.

Cute Mexican Dog Names

  • Roo

From a well-known Mexican state known as Quintana Roo where the popular city of Cancun is also situated.

This Mexican dog’s name is short and easily rolls off your tongue when calling out to your pet.

  • Tule

A potential World Heritage Site, Àrbol de Tule is an enormous tree located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

  • Chavo

This Mexican dog name is a reference to a sitcom that has gained a lot of popularity throughout Mexico titled El Chavo del Ocho.

Today, it is a rare Mexican name for a male pup.

  • Mija

Easily one of the sweetest Mexican dog names for a female pup, Mija is Spanish for “my daughter” and is a name associated with endearment.

  • Piñata

A popular item that is mostly found at birthday parties for children.

A colorful and fun name that kids will thoroughly enjoy and be able to relate to.

  • Concha

Another food-inspired Mexican dog name, Concha is a reference to a popular kind of Mexican sweet bread that is often eaten at breakfast.

Goes without saying, the name goes with a mild-natured pup that has an unmistakably sweet disposition.

  • Tequila

An interesting choice for a Mexican dog name, Tequila is a world-famous liquor that originated from Mexico.

  • Cemita

Inspired by Mexican food, Cemita is a kind of sandwich native to Puebla and is a sweet girl’s name.

  • Cafe

The Spanish term for coffee, something that is grown and produced on a mass level in Mexico.

This is a Mexican dog name ideal for a brown or coffee-colored pup.

  • Sonora

The name of a well-known state in Mexico, this Mexican dog name has a literal meaning of “pleasant sounding”, hence it is ideal for a dog that is vocal about its feelings.

  • Patsy

A Mexican dog name that is often used as a shorter form of names like Patrick or Patricia.

In this context, it is an ode to the Mexican town, Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, and is a unisex name for a pup.

  • Maco

Another town-inspired Mexican dog name, Maco comes from Catemaco, located in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

  • Kuku

Kukulkan was a Mesoamerican god of ancient times, and this Mexican dog name is a reference to that.

  • Juanga

Inspired by a Mexican celebrity, one of the country’s most beloved singers Juan Gabriel.

  • Taco

Everyone knows this popular Mexican snack.

  • Querida

For a pet that is your beloved, Querida is a unique and charming Mexican dog name that has its own distinct appeal to it.

The name itself means “dear” or “beloved”, which makes it a beautiful name to adorn over your sweet and lovable female pet.

  • Toro

For a pet that is formidable, powerful, and robust, Toro is a good pick for a Mexican dog name for people who want to highlight the strongest traits of their pets.

In Mexican, Toro means bull.

So, if your tough canine companion can strike fear in its enemy or is an efficient guard dog that can scare away a threat with its monstrous size, the name will definitely do your pet justice.

  • Bonita

A sweet, almost musical Mexican name for your female pet dog, Bonita means “pretty” or “lively”.

The name will go well with the personality of a gentle and affectionate dog that is as sweet as it is enjoyable to be around.

Other variations can be drawn from this name, which includes Bonnie or Nita.

You can choose the version that your pet seems to be responding best to because, in essence, they all perfectly describe its loving and high-spirited side.

  • Che

In Mexican or Spanish cultures, che is a word that is usually used as an informal way to address a friend or a dude.

As a name, Che means “God will increase” and if you truly want to describe how blessed you feel with the addition of your furry companion into your life, this is the name to go with.

  • Toluca

If you want to pay tribute to Mexico or if your pet dog has a Mexican background, you can name it after one of the largest urban regions in Mexico.

The name comes from the god Tolo.

The Most Popular Mexican Dog Name of All Time

  • Pablo

The name Pablo has gained a lot of traction over the years, particularly for use as a popular Mexican dog name.

The name is a reference to not one but two famous Spanish personalities, one of them being world-renowned artist Pablo Picasso.

The second personality that lends inspiration for this Mexican dog name is the drug cartel leader and Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

The legacy of the drug lord has gained more of the spotlight in recent times with several TV series and documentaries being dedicated to his life story, in turn, boosting the popularity of the name.

Interestingly, the name itself means “small”, so it will suit a dog that is smaller in size than others.

My Final Thoughts

The list of Mexican dog names is endless, but with the most thoughtful ones extracted and shortlisted here, you should find it fairly easy to make your decision.

Whether you want to name your pet after a celebrity or a place or a delicious snack is entirely your decision, just as long as the Mexican dog name that you pick clicks with you and your pet!

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