The Labrottie: A Complete Guide

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Buying a new dog is a commitment that may involve the next fifteen years of your life, so you will want to be sure that you are making the right decision when you and pick up your puppy.

Part of ensuring that you get the best dog possible is researching and understanding the differences between various dog breeds, such as the Labrottie.

If the name wasn’t enough to tip you off, the Labrottie is a designer dog mix consisting of a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Rottweiler, two rather large dogs.

As you may have guessed from the parents, the Labrottie is a massive dog breed that will need a good deal of space.

During this guide, I will be going over every piece of info that you may wish to know about the Labrottie.

From this dog’s diet to its intelligence, I’ll be covering the most important things that a future owner should know about this breed before bringing one back from the dog breeder.

Labrottie Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Labrottie on a leash
The Labrotties eat around 3 cups of food per day.

Nothing good ever came out of rushing the purchase of a new dog, so I would highly recommend that you take the time to research the options that you have available carefully.

We’ll be looking at what you need to know about the puppies of the Labrottie, including their cost and much more.

What Price are Labrottie Puppies?

Labrottie’s cost will depend on many different factors, including the parents, the size of your dog, and just how much demand there is for the breed in your general area.

Most Labrottie puppies will sell for a reasonable enough rate when compared to other large designed dogs, though they can be pricey in some places.

A lot of Labrotties will cost around 700 dollars, which is not a bad price when you account for the sheer size of this dog.

In areas of high demand, however, the Labrottie can often cost up to 1600 dollars, which is more than double the rate in other places.

Of course, it all depends on your budget and how much you want this breed.

Where to Find Reputable Labrottie Breeders?

If you have decided that the Labrottie is the right dog for you, then you will need to find the right breeder.

A good breeder can make your puppy-buying experience so much more pleasant than otherwise, and building up a rapport with a friendly breeder can even cut down the price of your puppy.

Once you have found a list of Labrottie breeders on the internet, I would recommend visiting each one of them to determine whether or not you can trust them to breed your future dog.

It may take several visits for you to find the best breeder to buy your Labrottie from.

3 Little-Known Facts About Labrottie Puppies

  1. Seeing as the Labrottie is a bigger dog breed, you will find that the puppies tend to grow faster than you would expect. From day to day, the puppies get larger, and your dog may be difficult to recognize every month. Fast growers like the Labrottie will need a lot of room to move around.
  2. Labrotties will need a good deal of grooming throughout their lives, and there is no better time to start than when they are puppies. If you don’t get your Labrottie accustomed to grooming from a young age, you will find that it is nearly impossible to brush them later on without being growled at or even potentially bitten.
  3. When this dog is a puppy, it will resemble a purebred Rottweiler more than anything else; this is especially so in dogs that share their black and gold coat with that parent breed. The Labrador characteristics start to become more defined throughout this dog’s life.

Physical Traits of the Labrottie

An adult Labrottie outside
The Labrottie needs a good deal of daily exercise.

The most noticeable thing about the Labrottie is that it is an athletic dog.

Just by looking at this breed, you can tell that it is powerful, primarily due to the corded muscles that are evident in its abdomen.

The body of this breed is more reminiscent of the Rottweiler than the Labrador Retriever, though that can sometimes depend.

The most definite resemblance to the Labrador is in the head of this mix, as the more elongated snout is not something that you would expect to see on a pure Rottweiler.

This breed usually has a head that is a little narrower than the Rottweiler’s, which is another hint that this dog is mixed.

If you are looking for a point where this breed tends to vary (like in other mixes), then you will find few more noticeable differences between various dogs than the coat.

This dog’s coat can range from chocolate all the way to tan, depending on which parent’s genes ended up being the dominant ones.

How Big is a Full-Grown Labrottie?

Considering that this dog comes from two larger parents, it comes as little surprise that the Labrottie is bigger than average.

Of course, the extent of just how big this dog can get will depend on how big its specific parents were. Just because a dog is half-Rottweiler, it doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to be huge.

The Labrottie will often weigh between 70 and 110 pounds, and most of that weight consists of muscle.

This is also a dog breed that can grow to tremendous heights, with the tallest examples being around 27 inches tall, though 24 – 26 inches tends to be a more common range for this breed.

What is the Labrottie’s Life Expectancy?

Seeing as this dog breed is much larger than many other kinds of designer dogs, you will find that they don’t tend to live as long, which is quite a shame, as these are caring, loving dogs.

You can expect your Labrottie to live for around 10 to 13 years, though those years will be relatively healthy.

Other than their sheer size, there are few reasons for this breed dying so young. It is not as if the Labrottie is a particularly unhealthy dog; it is just too big for its own good.

Larger dogs tend to be at a higher risk for cancer, genetic problems, and many other issues when compared to small dogs.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Labrottie

Labrador Retriever and the Rottweiler mix
The Labrottie is a fast-growing dog breed.

The Labrottie may surprise you when it comes to demeanor, as with the regular Rottweiler.

The Labrottie shares an undeserved reputation with its parent, and you will find that this breed can be sweeter than many other dogs that are often reputed to be family pets, provided that it is trained well.

The inclusion of a Labrador in the mix also helps mellow out the Labrottie, as it can sometimes get a little too playful.

While this breed will rarely have ill intentions, you will find that it sometimes forgets just how large it is, which can result in possibly injuring small dogs or children.

When it comes to energy levels, the Labrottie may be a little bit of an enigma.

At times, this dog can have the boundless energy reserves that you will find in a Labrador Retriever, but there are other times when this dog inherits a lazy streak that is present in most big dogs.

The Labrottie’s Diet

If you aren’t looking to spend a lot on keeping your dog adequately fed, then the Labrottie may not be the ideal choice.

You will typically need to feed this dog around 3 cups of food per day to keep them satisfied, and larger ones will need even more to stay healthy, and this can end up costing a pretty penny.

The monthly cost for this dog will come out to around 50 dollars, especially if you want to keep your dog fed with high-end food.

While it is not a necessity for a breed that is this big, you will find that quality food will go a long way towards ensuring that your Labrottie is happy and healthy.

How Much Exercise Does the Labrottie Need?

The Labrottie needs more exercise than you would expect, even from a larger dog.

If you don’t have much time to take your dog out, then you will not want to get a Labrottie puppy unless you have a dog walker in your employ. Around 12 miles of exercise per week is the minimum for these dogs.

If you neglect to take your Labrottie out often enough, your pet may end up growing obese. While an obese dog sounds cuddly and fun, the associated health issues are anything but that.

Do your dog a favor and keep it healthy, as it will end up thanking you for those extra years of its life.

Labrottie Health and Conditions

Though the Labrottie may not live for a particularly long time, this breed does not suffer from many health conditions, like some other Rottweiler mixes.

Let’s look at some of the problems these dogs can face.

Serious Issues

Minor Issues

  • Eye problems

Supplements and Vitamins

Weighing between 70 to 110 pounds, the Labrottie is a huge, weighty breed of dogs which requires a very nutritious diet throughout the day.

It is often the case that the food being given to your dog is not sufficient to meet all of its nutritional requirements.

This makes it essential for you to look for the right supplements and vitamins which can be given to your dog along with its regular food.

It is important to fully comprehend that giving supplements or vitamins to your Labrottie is no simple task and must not be taken lightly as even a small mistake could cost your dog its good health.

The first step in this process is to get knowledge about the items your dog is allergic to, and you can be assisted by your vet in this.

Choose a hypoallergenic option of supplements if your dog is found to have any allergies. Regular yet small doses of probiotics will ensure a healthy digestive tract for your Labrottie.

Additionally, Zesty Paws, which are chicken flavored multivitamin bites, will fulfill the protein requirements and be highly loved by your Labrottie as well.

You can also consider Omega 3 Krill Oil which will fulfill the fatty acid requirements and is available in various flavors out of which you can choose the one your dog likes the best.

Lastly, seaweed calcium can also help keep your dog’s bones and teeth strong and in prime condition.

Before giving any supplements or vitamins to your Labrottie, visit your vet so that you make an informed choice about what to administer to your dog.

Your vet will inform you about the nutrients your pet is lacking in its diet and will recommend the most suitable supplements and vitamins for it, according to its bodily requirements.

My Final Thoughts on the LabrottieA walking Labrottie

The Labrottie is a larger mixed dog breed that is loyal to the core and more of a gentle giant than anything else.

I hope that this guide has been able to help you decide whether or not this is the right dog breed for you and your family.

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