50 of the Best Japanese Dog Names & Their Meanings

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Picking the perfect Japanese dog name for a pet as precious as this may not be something you can do in a jiffy.

In fact, there are lots of Japanese dog names that you will want to consider before you settle on the perfect title for your little charmer.

The best kind of Japanese dog names are ones that are relevant in meaning and sound pleasant to both humans and your pet.

They should ideally be no more than one or two syllables, but considering the Japanese language, you will find a lot of Japanese dog names that are two to three syllables long.

Having said that, the way these names sound makes it easy for pets to grasp them quickly and effectively.

So when searching for a name, you will need a concise and comprehensive source of the most appropriate Japanese dog names along with their specific definitions.

Therefore, to save your time and effort, we have compiled the ultimate list of Japanese dog names for you that we believe will give you ample choice to decide on the perfect name for your Japanese dog.

A dog and its owner in the snow
His name is Akira and he is full of energy.

Male Japanese Dog Names

  • Ren

One of the purest words in the Japanese language, Ren is Japanese for “love”.

When describing a dog, the idea of love is one of the most associable things to this animal, which makes ‘Ren’ a very fitting Japanese dog name for your precious and lovable pooch.

  • Aki

In Japanese, Aki is autumn, the onset of winter.

Everything is brown, crisp, calm during autumn days, which makes this a good Japanese dog name for a pet that is a shade of brown or golden and has a peaceful demeanor.

  • Mori

This is an ideal name for hunting dogs of Japanese breeds.

It is a short moniker that ensures that your dog is most receptive to it every time you call it out.

What is more is that Mori is Japanese for “forest”, which is why we suggest this name for hunting dogs that are fond of trekking, hiking, tracking, and treeing.

This is essentially a good title for any pet that is found of the green outdoors and likes to spend time in nature.

  • Takeo

In Japanese, Takeo is a word for a war hero.

It is good for protective dogs that will not be afraid to fight for your safety.

The name will suit a Japanese dog that has a fierce exterior and a formidable personality that warns strangers to not pose any threat to you or your family.

It is also the perfect name for a dog that knows when to ward off intruders that try to encroach on its territory.

  • Taro

In Japanese, Taro is defined as “large son”.

This is a Japanese dog name ideal for big canines.

And of course, who would not look at their pet as their child.

Therefore, the meaning of the name makes complete sense and perfectly describes the appearance of your pet as well as its relationship with you.

  • Koji

Contrary to the previous name, Koji is a Japanese word for “little”.

Short and sweet, the name is perfect for a tiny or small-sized pup with Japanese roots.

This is a good title to give to your dog if it is a Shiba Inu or a Japanese Chin, or any other breed that is relatively smaller in size.

  • Yuki

Yuki is Japanese for “snow”.

An apt title for white-haired dogs that is descriptive of their appearance.

It is also short and sharp in sound, so it will be easy for your pet to pick up.

  • Yuji

The word used to describe a brave son in the Japanese language.

If you want a name that portrays your pet as fearless and courageous, “Yuji” should be one of the top choices for Japanese dog names.

  • Kane

Kane in Japanese describes something that is of golden color.

Goes without saying, it is an appropriate name for Japanese dogs that are golden, golden-brown, or any other shade that either has one or a combination of these colors.

  • Toshio

This Japanese dog name refers to a heroic personality and a genius leader.

Dogs are known for their high levels of intelligence and strong leadership instincts.

Therefore, Toshio is a good name for a dog that you want to grow up into a strong canine that can not only fend for itself and your family but is also confident and will not mind leading its pack to victory.

  • Isamu

In the Japanese language, the word means brave.

Therefore, Isamu is a fitting name for a valiant dog that is bold, confident, and highly protective of you and your family.

  • Haruki

In Japanese, Haruki is the word to describe a shining star.

It also means brightness, so it is a good moniker for a cheerful pup that likes to find new and delightful ways to please you and spread its radiance around the household.

  • Akira

Like the previous name, Akira also refers to something bright.

A suitable name for a pet that is full of energy and love for life.

  • Takashi

The word means “prosperous”, “noble”, and “honor”.

This name would make an apt title for a dog that is both respectable and gives respect to its owner.

It is a good title for a noble dog with a substantial understanding of what is good and what is not.

  • Shinobu

In Japanese, Shinobu is a word for “endurance”.

It is a sweet name for a pet that has very high tolerance levels and can endure a lot before it starts to complain.

Some Japanese dog breeds are historically bred to persist through harsh climates, so a pet with such ancestry will inherently be very bearing and will be able to adapt to changes easily.

A light brown dog laying down with a rubber duck
Her name is Mami and she is always in a good mood.

Female Japanese Dog Names

  • Kimi

Pronounced as “KIY-Miy”.

The name has roots in both the Native American language and the Japanese language.

The meaning of this name is “righteous” or “noble”.

It is a delightful female Japanese dog name that describes the honorable and ethical personality of your pet.

  • Mami

In Japanese, Mami is what one would call “true beauty”.

An excellent Japanese dog name that portrays the elegance of your pet, both on the outside as well as on the inside.

The name truly captures your dog’s beautiful soul and her outer beauty.

  • Kuro

Kuro is black in Japanese, which makes this one of the Japanese dog names that you can use for a dog that has a dark-colored, preferably black, fur coat.

  • Riko

In Japanese, Riko means clever.

Riko is a nice, short name for a pet that is intelligent and intuitive, as most female dogs are.

  • Yoshe

A word that means “lovely” in the Japanese language.

This is an ideal female Japanese dog name that describes the charming and attractive persona of your pet.

  • Satu

A unique name with a unique meaning: Satu is Japanese for sugar.

So if your pet has a loving and sweet disposition towards other people and animals, Satu will prove to be a good name that is descriptive of her personality.

  • Hana

Japanese for “blessing”. And which dog is not considered to be a precious blessing for its owners?

The name sounds feminine and very similar to the English name “Hannah”, which makes it a sweet-sounding and meaningful title for your Japanese pet.

  • Yasu

A Japanese word for “peace”.

An ideal name for a Japanese dog with a calm and composed demeanor and a presence that exudes a peaceful vibe.

  • Keiko

Another Japanese word for “blessing”.

Again, this name aptly encapsulates exactly what you think of your adorable pet and what it means to you.

  • Nariko

This name has a literal meaning of “gentle child”.

Very appropriate to describe a Japanese dog that is sweet and gentle with a mild temperament.

  • Sakura

A widely preferred Japanese name that means cherry blossom.

In Japanese, Saku means blossom and ra means respectable and virtuous, so a combination of the two describes the perfect pet.

  • Kaido

This is a word used to describe a “little dragon”.

An adorable moniker for a female Japanese dog that is small in size but has a larger-than-life personality and outlook on life.

  • Tomomi

Japanese for “a beautiful friend”.

Your pet dog is, without a doubt, your most cherished and loyal mate.

  • Hanako

In literal terms, Hanako is a “flower child”.

Lovely like flower petals and a pet as precious to you as your very own child, a Japanese dog is suited to be given this title.

  • Aiko

Akiko is the Japanese translation of “child of love”.

A cherished pet that is loved tremendously and returns even more affection that she receives can truly be given a name that describes it as a child of love.

A white and brown dog looking to the side
His name is Momo because his fur is orange.

Cute Japanese Dog Names

  • Mitsu

Mitsu means “full of life”.

A cute and meaningful tag for a pet that is high-spirited and enthusiastic about all that goes on around it.

This name is more acceptable for a female Japanese dog.

  • Miyo

Also a girl name, Miyo means “child of beauty.

It is a good title to describe a gorgeous female dog.

  • Etsu

A simple name that has a simple meaning.

Etsu means “joy” in the Japanese language.

  • Momo

Momo is Japanese for “peach”.

It is an ideal name for a pup that loves to play around and has a sparkling personality.

  • Shizuko

This means quiet child.

This Japanese dog name is for a pet that prefers to stay quiet and seldom barks unless it is to warn you of a threat.

The name should be given to Japanese dogs that are not noisy and have mostly calm and serene behavior.

  • Bachiko

The literal word for “happy child” in Japanese.

Bachiko is a good title to give to your puppy that is always found in a cheery mood.

It is a female Japanese dog name.

  • Kyo

A short and precise name for a female dog.

Kyo means “cooperation”.

Hence, it is an appropriate dog name that captures the attentiveness and amenability of your pet.

  • Tadashi

The meaning of this Japanese dog name is loyal and faithful, and we don’t think there is any better way to describe your reliable pet!

  • Masa

A male name that relates to words like “just” and “true”.

Appropriate for a pet as honest as a dog.

  • Fuji

If you want to name your dog after a place, Fuji is the title of a beautiful city in Japan.

  • Youta

It means great sunlight, describing the radiance exuded from your pet.

  • Yasuo

A name for Japanese dogs with a mild temperament.

The literal meaning is “calm” or “gentle”.

  • Tamotsu

Means “protector”.

An apt title for a watchdog or a guard dog.

  • Takahiro

The English translation of this word is “of great value”.

Again, perfect to describe what your pet means to you and your family.

  • Hoshiko

A name that means “star child”, and there needs to be no further explanation as to why this name would be perfect for your Japanese pet.

  • Shinji

This unique unisex Japanese name can mean a variety of different things depending on the source of origin.

The most common out of the meanings is “modesty” and “love”.

This name can showcase the loving personality of your pup while at the same time be very easy to remember by anyone who hears it once.

  • Karin

This beautiful unisex (mostly female) dog name means “summer” and “beautiful”.

This can be a perfect name for a beautiful female pup who is very beautiful and elegant to look at.

This name is also very short so your dog should get used to it fairly easily.

  • Himawari

This beautiful female Japanese dog name means “sun” or “direction towards the sun”.

This can be a great name to symbolize the importance of your little dog in your life and can speak a lot about the volume of love you have for it.

This is also a highly unique name so your dog can feel extra special.

  • Chino

This short and amazing female Japanese dog name means “knowledge”.

The name can signify the wisdom of your dog, especially as it grows older.

If your dog is highly intelligent and sharp then this can be a very apt name for it.

  • Emino

This intriguing to the point female dog name refers to “bloom” and “hope”.

It can signify how your dog is a big hope in your life that gives you the strength to deal with stresses all day.

This name can be truly apt for a dog that is very loyal and affectionate towards its family.

  • Aki

This male Japanese dog name means “sensible” and is a good name for a guard dog.

If you have a dog that is very alert and sensible then this is the name for it.

It is very short and easy to remember name that your dog will get used to in no time.

Tasty Japanese Dog Names

Everyone’s met a dog called Cookie, Butters, Cupcake or somehow otherwise named after a tasty treat.

And of course, dogs loving snacks so much, it often makes sense to name them after their big appetites!

However, Japanese names related to food and drink can also prove catchy and adorable for your pet.

  • Matcha

A delicious variety of green tea that’s popular in Japan, and very refreshing on a cold day. Suitable for perky little dogs who are always full of energy.

  • Keiki

Adorably enough, this is the Japanese term for cake, and it likewise suits a creamy, fluffy and sweet-natured pooch.

  • Miso

A Japanese soup often served with noodles and vegetables.

The miso component often related to the rich brown broth, so if your dog is a deep brown color, this name is easy for him or her to remember.

  • Sushi

One of the most famous Japanese dishes, sushi describes various raw fish dishes served elegantly by being rolled up in rice and seaweed.

However, dogs learn this name very easily, and it could be a cute name for a white dog who lives close to the sea.

  • Mochi

In Japan, mochi balls are sweet and squishy, almost dumpling-like sweets that often include bean paste or sugar dusting. They’re pretty unique, and not like anything you’ll taste in the Western world.

For an extra squishy, cuddly and sweet-natured dog, this can prove a pretty cool name!

  • Taiki

‘Taiki’ literally means ‘great radiance’ or ‘shine’.

As such, you can consider giving this name to your pet to highlight how much joy and light it has added to your life.

Apart from this, the name ‘Taiki’ is short and would take your dog no time to get used to it.

Moreover, this name is fitting for a dog who is always happy and loves to cheer others up.

  • Sora

‘Sora’, which means ‘sky’, is an excellent name for an overambitious and intelligent dog.

If your dog is never satisfied with less than the best and always tries to come up to all your expectations, there cannot be a better name for it.

Also, this name is great for a female dog.

In addition to this, ‘Sora’ is also appropriate for a beautiful and glamorous dog who doesn’t let strangers come near it.

  • Kiyoshi

This Japanese name translates to ‘purity’.

Therefore, this name is meant for a dog that is full of goodness, kindness, and generosity.

If your dog is ever-ready to help others out and never shows aggression, ‘Kiyoshi’ is the right name for it.

Moreover, this name is fitting for a dog that is loyal, guarded, and very frank.

  • Dai

If you are looking for a name that would highlight the large and hefty built of your dog, ‘Dai’ is a smart choice.

This name means ‘great’ or ‘large’ which makes it perfect for your huge pet.

Also, with this name come traits such as bravery and strength which your dog might have.

The Most Popular Japanese Dog Name of All Time

  • Hachiko

Taken from the popular classic Japanese true story of a man and his endlessly loyal Akita Inu that waits at the train station at the same time every day for ten years after its owner’s death, because it was a ritual that this owner-pet duo had established.

Hachiko’s tale is heart-touching, and this the background of the name has earned it immense popularity amongst Japanese dog names around the world.

My Final Thoughts

Selecting the best title for your pet from a plethora of Japanese dog names is a huge deal; it is akin to christening your child, and some people might even hold it more important than that, considering how quickly your pet will get used to its name.

To give a Japanese dog a name that not only suits its personality but also goes with its roots is quite the task, but hopefully, by now you would have settled on a Japanese dog name that clicks with you and your pet.

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