The Jagdterrier: A Complete Guide

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Dogs are used for an array of different things around the world. They can be used as workers, hunters, rescuers and most commonly, friends.

Dogs are loving creatures that are known to bring happiness to the lives of humans.

Whether you are happy, sad, angry or tame, a dog is always ready to hold its paw out for you in support. After all, they are ‘Man’s Best Friend.’

Despite their happy go lucky attitude, dogs can be quite strenuous to look after. They need heaps of maintenance and rely on you to pave their journey into domestication.

Without your help, your dog can become aggressive, depressed and wary of human contact. I know, it sounds like a lot of pressure, but it is as simple as a play in the park and a walk along the beach.

The Jagdterrier is a very particular dog in the sense that it is barely used for purposes of companionship. Instead, it is a hardworking hunter that roams the countryside of Germany.

The Jagdterrier was first bred in 1920 by a team of breeders that initially specialized in Fox Terriers. Their goal was to create a canine specifically for hunting.

One of the breeders named Walter Zangenberg was gifted four hunting dogs that were descendants of the Fox Terrier.

By crossing these dogs with other various Terriers, Walter and the other breeders created the first ever Jagdterrier.

A brown Jagdterrier looking at you
The Jagdterrier is eager for hunting.

The Jagdterrier is small in size but big in attitude. It is used for its swift, effective hunting abilities.

While most small hunting dogs tend to stick to animals such as rodents, the Jagdterrier has been known to face cougars, wild boars, and other bigger prey.

Its fast-moving attacks prove to be too rapid for most prey, and it is why the Jagdterrier is still primarily used as a hunting dog.

The Jagdterrier is rare outside of Germany, and specific hunting cliques in the United States and Canada.

It’s an incredibly hard dog to domesticate, making it unpopular with those looking for a family dog.

While it has been known to settle into family households, the Jagdterrier would rarely appear to be happy unless it had specific hunting duties.

If you’re looking for a dog mainly to cuddle on the couch, the Jagdterrier is not for you. This canine needs stimulation, challenges, and goals.

Do you want to learn more about the Jagdterrier?

If so, continue reading to find out. I have constructed this article as a blueprint for those are interested in the Jagdterrier, but want to know more about it before purchasing.

This guide will detail the behavioral traits, physical features, habits, costs and more about the Jagdterrier so that the strenuous process of picking a dog is a little less difficult.

This is a unique dog, with unique needs, and will need a specifically dedicated owner for it to thrive. If you think you’re ready for the commitment, scroll on down!

Jagdterrier Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Jagdterrier has some very specific needs. These include:

  • An open area both indoor, and outside. The Jagdterrier is a hunting dog and is used to running in rough, open terrain to corner its prey. Even though this is a small dog, it will not do well in an apartment. It will need a large backyard for playtime and exercise and its own designated space inside for comfort.
  • Interactive toys and equipment. Although the Jagdterrier likes to present itself as a tough, intimidating dog, it still loves its toys. Any sort of games and activities you can conjure using toys will serve as great stimulation for when it is not hunting.

Before you buy a Jagdterrier, you are going to need to choose what color you want. This is a pretty simple decision, as it only comes in black or brown.

You are also going to have to choose what gender you want.

Depending on whether you want your puppy to have puppies in the future, you need to think about whether you want the Jagdterrier spayed/neutered.

The process of spaying/neutering will prevent serious illnesses such as Ovarian Cancer, as well as a flurry of other conditions.

However, once this process is done, your dog cannot reproduce. This is a decision you need to make carefully.

What Price are Jagdterrier Puppies?

Despite its rarity, the Jagdterrier is quite a cheap dog to purchase. This is because it only appeals to a specific corner of the market, and that is hunters.

The Jagdterrier is not yet a popular dog for those who are seeking a family companion.

The Jagdterrier usually sells for around $300-$500 a puppy. This is incredibly cheap considering it is uncommon, and a purebred.

Jagdterriers are also common dogs at adoption shelters, and you can adopt them for as little as $50!

Where to Find Reputable Jagdterrier Breeders?

Unethical breeders aren’t usually an issue when it comes to the Jagdterrier. It is bred for a very specific reason, and that is to hunt.

Therefore, the breeders that participate in Jagdterrier aren’t looking for a money grab. They are instead breeding it for companionship and hunters.

The one thing a Jagdterrier puppy needs from its breeder is space. It may not be purchased instantly, and therefore the establishment where it is bred will be a temporary home.

Even as a puppy, the Jagdterrier needs to run around, so the breeder should not keep it cooped up in any sort of way.

The Jagdterrier can be a hard puppy to raise, so make sure to ask the breeder for any tips and strategies that they have to help the puppy grow efficiently.

It would be wise to obtain the contact number of the breeder just in case of any future problems.

3 Little-Known Facts About Jagdterrier Puppies

  1. A German breed, the Jagdterrier is pronounced phonetically as YAHK-terrier and is commonly referred to as a Working Terrier in English speaking countries
  2. The Jagdterrier is not known to get along with other pets and tends to be a lone ranger.
  3. The Jagdterrier is a popular sporting dog, common in barn hunts, agility trials, and rally racing.

Physical Traits of the Jagdterrier

A black and brown Jagdterrier sitting in snow
The Jagdterrier is a very energetic little dog.

The Jagdterrier is a short-statured, long-bodied breed with strong legs.

Visually, the Jagdterrier carries itself similarly to other breeds in the terrier family and has the archetypal wiry coat to complete the look.

A strong posture and seemingly constantly erect tail, the Jagdterrier holds itself very gracefully.

Most commonly this breed has black and tan markings, though the shade of tan can differ from dog to dog depending on its parents.

The color of your Jagdterrier’s nose may be determined by the particular markings it has, as it is usually black but can appear brown.

A Jagdterrier should always have small, round brown eyes that compliment its coat.

How Big is a Full-Grown Jagdterrier?

Provided you keep up with the necessary physical activity of your Jagdterrier, they should weigh in at 17-22lbs and usually have a height of 13-16 inches.

This can differ depending on the gender of the dog, as female Jagdterriers are generally slightly smaller than their male counterparts.

What is the Jagdterrier’s Life Expectancy?

Although a usually healthy breed, the Jagdterrier has an average lifespan of 9-10 years, which is much shorter than that of similar-sized breeds.

The Jagdterrier does suffer from a slew of possible health conditions such as cataracts, and all these can alter the span of the dog itself.

Because of this, it is important to keep a close eye out for any possible symptoms of illness.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Jagdterrier

A Jagdterrier on a walk
The Jagdterrier is rarely used for purposes of companionship, only for hunting.

The Jagdterrier is a fierce, brave dog that isn’t afraid to stand up to strangers and animals alike. The Jagdterrier is an incredibly good guard dog and is perfect if you have crops to defend.

The Jagdterrier is usually fine around people. It sees humans as friends, and will never try and harm one.

However, it does not do well with other dogs or pets. It has spent most of its existence only with humans, and therefore humans are the only animals that the Jagdterrier trusts.

The Jagdterrier has a high energy level and therefore doesn’t do well with pets. It would rather be out in the mountains hunting, as opposed to sitting on the couch watching tv.

Surprisingly though, the Jagdterrier is renowned for being gentle with kids and loves to play around with them.

The Jagdterrier’s Diet

The Jagdterrier is more fascinated with hunting than it is with food. It is a small-sized dog and still eats less than a companion dog like the Maltese.

The Jagdterrier is only going to eat around half a cup of food a day, costing an owner around $15-$20 a month.

How Much Exercise Does the Jagdterrier Need?

Jagdterriers are very energetic dogs and require a high level of physicality.

Your Jagdterrier will benefit most from at least 60 minutes of exercise a day, preferably high-intensity workouts as they have lots of energy to burn.

Jagdterrier Health and Conditions

Serious Issues

Minor Issues

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Deafness

3 Important Training Tips

  • The Jagdterrier is innately a hunting kind owing to years of breeding and development.

Keeping that in mind, you should keep it occupied in activities that allow it to make use of its sharp hunting instincts.

This is a breed that has immense stamina and energy, so you should make sure that your Jagdterrier has ample opportunities throughout the day to expel this energy.

If no outlet is available to your pet to use this pent up energy, it will lead to behavioral issues like aggression or excessive barking.

  • Do not try to restrict the Jagdterrier inside your house as this will cause a great deal of frustration for your pet.

This is an outdoor dog that has been bred specifically for hunting purposes.

Hence, it will need to spend a significant amount of time during the day outdoors, preferably in large open areas where it can roam about independently.

Your Jagdterrier will love to chase small animals and birds over vast distances, so make sure it has ample space to fulfill this innate need, otherwise, it could display destructive behavior.

  • Your Jagdterrier will need a great deal of mental stimulation as well.

This trait is particularly handy when it comes to training this dog because not only will it be highly cooperative and responsive to the tricks and commands that you teach it, but it will also learn them very quickly.

The Jagdterrier will always be looking for something to do to make sure that you inculcate productive behavior in it from the onset.

This will keep your pet from indulging in bad behavior and instead urge it to partake in rewarding activities where it can feel a sense of purpose.

To fulfill this, make use of treats and toys to encourage positive behavior in your pet.

My Final Thoughts on the JagdterrierA Jagdterrier looking to the side

Overall, the Jagdterrier is far from a family dog. It prefers to be with one owner who will allow it to hunt.

If you live on a farm and would love to treat the Jagdterrier to s few days a week in the mountains, then it may be the perfect companion for you.

However, if you’re looking for a tamer, small-sized companion dog, seek out other Terriers.


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