Jack-A-Ranian: A Complete Guide

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A bump in popularity in crossbreeding the past couple of decades has resulted in many mixed dog breeds to choose from when planning to be a pet owner and deciding on a particular type.

If you are attracted to smaller dogs that are full of life, the Jack-A-Ranian, a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and the Pomeranian, may be worth looking into.

This gifted dog breed has numerous talents and is known to be involved with shows and employed as a watchdog and for search and rescue.

Exhibiting a spunky and spirited personality, this small dog crossbreed is very sociable and comfortable with people and other animals.

The Jack-A-Ranian is sufficiently covered with a double, thick and short coat that comes in multiple colors.

As a result of its coat’s thickness, it has very good tolerance to cold, and conversely, somewhat moderate tolerance to heat.

Being a small and lively dog with what seems an unlimited amount of energy, this dog breed is best suited for those who have an energetic and active lifestyle.

Displaying a high level of alertness, intelligence, affection and even excitability, this canine can be overcome with jealousy if not provided with ample attention.

Contained within this article is pertinent information about this breed, enabling you to make an informed and educated decision about whether or not this animal is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Whether you are in the market for a Jack-A-Ranian, or any other type of breed, it is a good idea to find out as much information as possible.

Jack-A-Ranian Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Jack-A-Ranian standing on its rear legs
A Playful Little Jack-A-Ranian

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the realities, and even the challenges, of the various responsibilities required to be a successful dog owner.

Too often, doing the required research is overlooked when falling head over heels for the perfect puppy.

When locating the pet of your dreams, it is essential to avoid an impulse buying decision that can turn into something you will soon regret.

The following are a list of issues that should be confronted and dealt with when purchasing a Jack-A-Ranian puppy.

What Price are Jack-A-Ranian Puppies?

This mixed breed puppy is not very expensive, as it can cost anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00.

This is not only an affordable breed to purchase, but it is also relatively inexpensive to maintain since it is a smaller dog that does not require a great deal of food.

The price range of several hundred dollars should get you shopping around in an effort to try and get a deal.

There are always deals to be had as long as you put the time in to try and locate them. And don’t forget to bargain and negotiate with the seller.

How to Find Reputable Jack-A-Ranian Breeders?

To find this particular dog breed, it is best to look through the classified ads and various dog breeder networks and outlets in your local area.

When a potential puppy is located at a workable price point, it is a good idea to ask the breeder any question you can think of about the puppy, the dog’s parents, and the breeder’s business as well.

Sure, you do need a certain amount of luck to locate the ideal pet of your dreams successfully, however, a little bit of footwork does not hurt in obtaining a more favorable result.

It cannot hurt to be dedicated and persistent when accumulating information about your future pet dog.

3 Little-Known Facts about Jack-A-Ranian Puppies

  1.  Due to its excitable personality, the Jack-A-Ranian can become easily distracted.
  2. Queen Victoria’s favorite dog was the Pomeranian, which is named after the province where they hail from.
  3. The Jack Russell, which was bred by a Parson John Russell, was used for fox hunting with hunters on horseback.

Physical Traits of the Jack-A-Ranian

A Jack-A-Ranian with a blue collar sitting on the grass
The Jack-A-Ranian loves spending his time in the open space.

This small crossbred dog has several distinct characteristics which it owes to both of its parents. They have a rigid body, a flattened skull, oval-shaped eyes, a black nose and a tail which is set high.

This firecracker of a crossbreed is equipped with a short double thick and smooth/broken coat.

They come in various colors and color combinations such as black and brown, black and white, brown and white, brindle, black, brown, cream, chocolate, gray, golden, orange, silver, spotted and speckled.

How Big is a Full-Grown Jack-A-Ranian?

Hailing from the toy and terrier breeding group, the Jack-A-Ranian is classified as a small dog breed, usually weighing between 6 pounds and 14 pounds.

Full-grown, they can reach a maximum height of approximately 10 inches.

Even though it is a smaller dog, this dog best thrives in a living environment that has close access to a yard or dog park.

Also, the breed’s small size makes it an asset for those who are on the go and prefer to travel with their dog.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Jack-A-Ranian?

The average lifespan of a Jack-A-Ranian is approximately 13-15 years, which is average for a dog of its size.

To stay healthy, this dog requires above-average daily activity, an excellent diet and regular social interaction all play an important role in a happy, healthy life.

Also, for optimum future health, make sure to be in tune with your dog’s mental state of mind. Part of being a responsible dog owner involves being observant and sensitive to your dog’s daily behavior.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Jack-A-Ranian

A baby Jack-A-Ranian sitting on grass
The Jack-A-Ranian is such a charming ball of energy.

The Jack-A-Ranian is a popular breed for those who enjoy an energetic portable dog breed which is natural in performing various entertaining antics.

Its brash and loyal personality flourishes best when surrounded by their owners.

The terrier side of the Jack-A-Ranian makes them distrustful and suspicious of strangers, and also predisposes them to aggressive behavior towards cats and other animals.

This crossbreed is patient with children as long as they are not handled physically.

Starting your dog with early training lessons and socialization can serve to decrease your dog’s aggression towards other pets.

Walking your dog provides many opportunities for your pet to meet other animals and, therefore, learn how to socialize properly.

The Jack-A-Ranian’s Diet

Being a dog of such small stature, the Jack-A-Ranian only needs about one half to one cup of quality dry dog food per day which is divided into two meals.

The low food costs make this breed more affordable to maintain as compared to larger breeds.

How Much Exercise Does The Jack-A-Ranian Need?

Some think that smaller dogs need less activity than larger dogs, however, with the Jack-A-Ranian, this is certainly not the case.

Since this mixed breed is quite active, you must be prepared and able to provide the exercise which is required.

Normal activity for this breed consists of daily walks, trips to the park and, of course, a good dosage of playtime sprinkled in.

If not given these opportunities for activity, your dog may exhibit rude behavior and become unhealthy.

Due to its energetic nature, you should be very careful in making sure your dog does not overexert itself during the warmer weather conditions. Be sure to stay vigilant to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Jack-A-Ranian Health and Conditions

Although there is no perfect science to selecting a perfectly healthy pet, it does help to know which health conditions a breed is predisposed to developing.

In addition to the emotional heartache that results in a pet being ill, it can also cause a strain on your finances.

The Jack-A-Ranian’s potential major health problems include, but are not limited to, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, patellar luxation, deafness, glaucoma, lens luxation and eye problems in general.

Their minor health issues are related to allergies, hip dysplasia, and dental problems.

An annual visit to the vet is strongly recommended for properly monitoring your pet’s health and keeping it up to date on its shots.

Of course, it is best to keep an eye out for any drastic changes in your pet’s mood and behavior, as this may be a sign that immediate medical attention is required.

4 Important Training Tips

  • Try to use as much positive reinforcement with your dog as possible as this is a way for both you and your dog to enjoy your training time.

Due to the lack of motivation within a Jack-A-Ranian, giving it regular treats and encouragement will do wonders for you when you’re trying to train it.

  • Try to give a boost to your dog and show great admiration for whenever it does something, no matter how small it might be.

There are barely any negative effects of positive reinforcement, just as long as you don’t overdo it you should be fine.

  • Be patient and always have your eyes on the prize.

Patience is key when it comes to training your Jackaranian pup due to its highly excitable and stubborn nature.

You will find yourself more often than not pinned against a wall because you can’t handle or train your dog but you need to persistent.

Even though the Jack-A-Ranian is very hard to train, it is also highly intelligent and loving so a little bit of time and patience will do wonders for you and your dog.

Never give up and keep on repeating the same thing over and over again and don’t stop until your pup understands your command.

  • Consult a professional dog trainer or someone who has had prior experience in dealing with Jack-A-Ranian pups to make sure that you’re on the right track with your training.

The people you consult might even give you some great keen insights into how you can ensure a fruitful outcome for the efforts of you and your pup.

Even though training a Jack-A-Ranian is an uphill task, nothing can match the satisfaction when you do it!

You will find your Jack-A-Ranian to be a perfect little good boy if all training goes right!

Can it travel by car?

Because of a natural curiosity inherent to the Jack-A-Ranian, taking a trip with a dog like this in the car is usually seen by the dog themselves as a big and exciting adventure!

This can make car journeys with a Jack-A-Ranian an easy sell, but the dog can also prove a little bit too excitable on a car journey too if you’re unprepared.

Your Jack-A-Ranian will get better in this respect over time, but be patient in the first few journeys if he or she gets jumpy in the back seat.

It can also take time for especially large vehicles to feel safe for a small dog breed like the Jack-A-Ranian.

You can overcome this by having your big vehicle stationary in the drive or garage, though, and opening all the doors so your dog can explore around it in their own way.

Once a dog like the ever-curious Jack-A-Ranian has figured out for themselves that your vehicle is a safe place to be, traveling with this crossbreed is going to get that much easier.

Likewise, your dog figures out fast that your car is how to get to fun places like the park, the beach or the store.

Having some of your Jack-A-Ranian dog’s more laid-back toys, or even his or her blanket is another way to encourage more relaxed behavior in the car with them.

It helps them see the car as an extension of home, and when they feel comfortable and relaxed, it’s going to make driving far less tense for you.

My Final Thoughts on The Jack-A-RanianAn adult Jack-A-Ranian looking up at you

Weighing in with a bold, energetic and outgoing personality and high intelligence, this portable small-sized breed is an excellent choice for families and active individuals who prefer to travel often with their pets.

Although it can reside in any setting, a small yard is recommended due to its high octane energy level.

Easily trained, the Jack-A-Ranian can sometimes have a tendency to be distracted because it is such a live wire.

It can also become jealous and destructive when it begins feeling it is not being paid the amount of attention it deserves, so it is best to make sure you have the time to dedicate to this creature.

Knowing your breed’s tendencies can assist in making a dog buying decision which is in line with your lifestyle.

Educating yourself about the different nuances that each breed offers can only serve to increase your chances of picking the breed which is right for you.

For a positive and rewarding pet-owning experience, both your needs and the dog’s needs must be taken into consideration.

Educating and informing yourself about the important responsibilities related to being a dog owner is essential to the long-term care and happiness of your pet.

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