Jack Chi: The Chihuahua & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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The Jack Chi is a hybrid dog resulting from the breeding of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua.

The Jack Chi is a small to a medium-sized dog who appears to have been bred for companionship purposes.

The Jack Chi requires only weekly brushing unless the Chihuahua parent dog is a long-haired version.

If the long-haired Chihuahua parent is dominant, the coat of your Jack Chi will be longer. Brushing may be required several times a week.

Bathing is done on a per need basis to keep the coat clean and sweet-smelling.

Jack Chi Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small Jack Chi looking curious
The Jack Chi is a fun-loving and playful dog.

What Price are Jack Chi Puppies?

The price of Jack Chi puppies is between $200 to $750.

How to Find Reputable Jack Chi Breeders?

Good breeders take care to select good parents, provide proper health care, take time to raise a litter properly, and put in a lot of effort to ensure they have well-adjusted, healthy puppies.

They rarely breed more than 3 litters a year, sometimes even less than that.

Finding a good breeder is not easy, but it is worth the effort.

You may like to begin by going to dog shows and talking to breeders and owners there about their dogs.

Dog shows are advertised in specialist dog publications and e-magazines, as well as on the internet.

Know more about breed clubs and ask the people who run them about where to find a good breeder. Usually, these people are genuine breed enthusiasts and will know a lot about the breed.

Ask people who have nice dogs where they got them and if they can refer you to their breeder.

Good breeders do not breed often and do not breed to order. They will be able to tell you when their next litter is planned, so be prepared to wait.

3 Little-Known Facts About Jack Chi Puppies

  1. The Jack Chi is also sometimes known as Pughuahua.
  2. This breed is comfortable living on the farm.
  3. The Jack Chi is a chewer. It’s best to give him lots of chewable toys to avoid the destruction of your most prized possessions.

Physical Traits of the Jack Chi

A Jack Chi laying with a blanket
The Jack Chi will probably not bark even when seeing a stranger at the door.

The Jack Chi can take on the physical characteristics of either or both the parent breeds, the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell Terrier.

His coat is short and dense. Coat colors can be tricolor, light brown, or dark brown.

It can also be brown and white, black and tan, black and white, black and brown, fawn, golden, cream, chocolate, brown, white, or black.

He has a dense coat, a short neck, and a long but muscular body. He also has big eyes on a triangular head.

His ears are erect like the parent Chihuahua’s or curled over or folded like the parent Jack Russell’s.

The color, body build, and snout show the contributions from the Jack Russell parent, while the legs and the coat are more from the Chihuahua parent.

His muzzle is also thin like Chihuahua’s. His facial expression will be alert and intelligent.

The hindquarters are strong and muscular to provide the strong, springy gait and jumping ability. The tail is long and little fluffy.

The Jack Chi is considered to be hypoallergenic, but that doesn’t mean he won’t shed. He is in the moderate category of shedding.

Brushing once or twice a week should help to remove loose, dead hair, parasites, and debris from his coat.

He needs bathing only as necessary. He will need to have his ears checked and cleaned regularly to avoid infections.

Keeping up with dental examinations and teeth cleaning will help reduce the potential for periodontal disease development which is common among canines.

Eye exams should be conducted to assess and monitor any eye issues, both internal and external, which are known to affect both parent breeds.

How Big is a Full-Grown Jack Chi?

The Jack Chi can grow to 10 to 15 inches and weigh 8 to 18 lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Jack Chi?

The life expectancy of the Jack Chi is 13 to 18 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Jack Chi

The Jack Chi will definitely be a delight to have. He is full of energy and love, but not easily trainable.

He naturally tries to be the leader of the pack. You will need to be very patient and firm as you train him, using positive encouragement and reinforcements to establish who’s in charge.

Don’t hesitate to get professional help if training seems to be overwhelming.

The Jack Chi will get along great with children and other pets, though smaller ones could be looked upon as prey. Some aggression and stalking might be experienced.

Early socialization should decrease the dog’s aggressiveness toward small children and other pets.

The Jack Chi is generally friendly with everyone, but strangers may produce some wariness or caution in him.

Early socialization should help modify this as well. Be prepared for providing lots of exercise and play for this energetic, frisky dog.

Both parent dogs contribute to the large amounts of energy that need to be released on a daily basis.

Not following through with appropriate exercise periods and activities could lead to some destructive behavior.

Remember that the Jack Chi is a chewer of anything that will fit into his mouth.

The Jack Chi’s Diet

A light coloured Jack Chi sitting on the floor
The Jack Chi is the mix of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua.

The Jack Chi can be picky eaters, but he is generally happy to eat what you put out. Care should be taken not to overfeed him because he will eat everything he can and not stop.

Watch carefully what type of food he likes to eat. If you insist on dry dog food, make sure it is high-quality.

But your dog might end up eating it all if he likes the food. Be careful not to overfeed them.

How Much Exercise Does a Jack Chi Need?

The Jack Chi is an enthusiastic bundle of playfulness and love. This energy needs to be spent each day to keep him happy, healthy, and satisfied.

Taking your Jack Chi for long walks a couple of times a day or letting him play in the dog park will help achieve this.

You can also let him run loose in your well-fenced and high-walled backyard. Playing frisbee, fetch, or hide and seek is also an activity that he will enjoy.

You should always keep your Jack Chi on a leash when outside because his tracking and hunting nose never stops seeking those interesting scents.

Because your Jack Chi is so intelligent, the hide and seek games will keep him from becoming bored.

This will also prevent the development of annoying and destructive behaviors that dog owners resent.

Because of his small size, the Jack Chi is perfectly suited for apartment or condo living. But don’t forget that his exercise needs must be met every day.

He is friendly with everyone, especially to his human family, to other pets in the household, and even to strangers.

Because of the traits inherited from his Jack Russell parent, he needs a well fenced-in yard with a high wall that will be hard for him to jump over.

Care must also be taken to prevent digging for an escape route. Don’t be so confident about the typical electric fence because this dog is a very talented escape artist.

He can live in the city or the country and tolerate most climates, provided he has additional protection from extreme heat or extreme cold.

Jack Chi Health and Conditions

Like any other mixed breed, the Jack Chi may inherit its parent’s health issues.

Some of these health issues include Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, hydrocephalus, patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, collapsed trachea, and deafness.

This breed can also be prone to heart problems, eye problems, shivering, and open fontanel.

To reduce these risks, it would be best to get a dog from a responsible and reputable breeder who takes good care of their dogs.

But in case any of the said health concerns still manifest, it would be best to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Grooming Advice

In order for your Jack Chi to live a long and healthy life that is not riddled with infections and diseases, grooming is absolutely necessary.

Even though Jack Chi is considered to be a hypoallergenic dog, it still sheds moderate amounts of fur from time to time.

It is therefore important to brush him regularly, at least once a week, to keep the coat clean and the debris and dirt at bay.

Grooming isn’t however only brushing your dog regularly but a lot more than that.

It is important that you’re giving special care and paying close attention to the hygiene of your dog and whether it is staying clean or not.

The coat on the Jack Chi is rather short and easily manageable given you’re brushing it regularly.

Jack Chi also doesn’t require frequent bathing so once every other month should be more than enough to keep it clean.

If your dog loves to play in the dirt then cleaning him up with a washcloth instead of bathing it entirely can also work and is suggested.

Since your dog is totally dependent upon you, it is your job to check for any signs of weakness or infection so that you can catch it on time.

Make sure to keep your dog’s ears clean at all times as dirty ears can lead to bacteria and parasite infections.

With regular visits to the vet and dental examinations, you should be able to get a very clear idea of what steps you need to take in order to ensure the best health of your dog.

Since both parent breeds are known to be affected by eye problems, regular eye check-ups are also suggested so that any issues can be handled from the onset.

You can make sure your dog is well and healthy by checking every time you play with it so that it just develops into a habit.

3 Important Training Tips

  • You need to be very patient but firm when training a Jack Chi.

This breed of dogs is not easy to train and requires a lot of effort from the owner.

You will have to exhibit a lot of patience and keep repeating the commands and your teachings until your dog comprehends them fully.

During this time, you might get too frustrated or irritated but getting angry will only upset your pet.

Also, make sure you remain firm so that your dog understands how serious and important training is.

The training can also get too overwhelming, in which case you can call it off for a few hours or days.

  • The Jack Chi is very intelligent which is why you should give it challenging, mental exercises.

Games such as hide and seek can help this dog sharpen its mental abilities.

Also, you can let it solve an engaging, dog puzzle that will compel it to use its mind to a great extent.

Also, you can design more interactive and mentally stimulating activities for it to make it sharper and cleverer.

The sooner you start these exercises and activities, the more brilliant your Jack Chi will grow up to be.

  • You should be very consistent in training your Jack Chi.

Since this dog is highly intelligent, it is very eager to learn more knowledge.

This is why you should not disturb it by changing its training schedules or drastically increasing or decreasing the time duration of the training sessions.

Whether one can see it or not, a Jack Chi greatly enjoys its training which is why a sudden, unexplained change in its session can cause it to become angry or upset.

Also, if you have an unavoidable commitment, you can cut the training session short, but try your best not to completely skip it.

Can it travel by car?

The Jack Chi is a smart dog, as well as a breed that always likes exploring new places, meeting new people and finding new canine friends to play within the sunshine.

However, as smart as this dog can be, he or she might not always connect the dots at first that to get to the places where the fun stuff happens, it often means a trip in the car. When first meeting your vehicle in the drive or garage, this little dog might get a bit nervous.

This is easily overcome by laying the dog’s blanket on the back seat to help establish it as a comfy place to be, or by opening all the doors of your vehicle so your pet can explore it on his or her own terms and find out for themselves that this is a safe place to be.

However, given the high energy nature of the Jack Chi, you might well find that this dog can get a touch excitable while you’re driving.

In the worst cases, this dog will be bouncing around pawing at the windows and yapping at any other dogs seen outside the vehicle.

Traveling when your dog is sleepy, or taking frequent breaks so your Jack Chi can let off some steam and wind down, can help here – so it’s best not to take an especially long journey with this easily bored little firecracker of a mixed breed!

Child Safety

As a high energy breed mix, the Jack Chi does well in households that let him or her expend a lot of energy daily. This can be a bit of a double-edged sword.

This dog isn’t so great with young children, in much the same way as many small dog breeds aren’t.

This is in part due to how reckless the Jack Chi can be when they’re at their happiest or most excited – and ironically enough, these dogs always get excited meeting young kids.

However, the fact that young kids might not know how to handle dogs, particularly small dogs, can be just as problematic.

The good news is that a Jack Chi puppy and a young child introduced to each other early on, and under close supervision, can grow up together nicely.

By and large, though, older children are a bit of a better fit for a Jack Chi. In fact, the friendship that builds between canine and child can be beneficial to the behavior and responsibility of both.

When Jack Chi dogs act up, they often do so because they’re after attention or companionship. Because of that, becoming best friends and playmates has a host of advantages.

However, this is a somewhat fragile and delicate dog breed, so the Jack Chi is, more generally speaking, better suited to solo owners or couples than houses with children.

Nevertheless, if you do some of the due diligence we’ve discussed, problems ought to be minimal.

Similar Breeds

The Jack Chis comes from the very loved and popular Chihuahua along with the fierce Jack Russel Terrier.

This makes the Jack Chi quite a unique breed of dogs but there are still certain breeds that are similar to it.

You can expect these breeds to be about 10 to 15 inches tall because they are all quite short.

Moreover, they weigh very little too due to their size and have an average weight of 8 to 18 pounds.

Apart from this, most of these breeds are expected to live for more than 13 but a little less than 18 years. The best part about all these breeds is that they are extremely fun to have around.

These dogs are full of love, joy, and excitement and they are bound to infect you and your family members with their liveliness.

Besides this, surprisingly, some of these breeds might show aggression towards smaller children or even pets in your house.

This is why you are recommended to teach socialization to your dog at a very young age.

In addition to this, you must take care of these breeds because they can easily get harmed even by those who do not intend to hurt them.

Also, make sure that you do not leave them alone for long periods because almost all of these breeds will get anxious and feel abandoned without you.

Why not read our in-depth guide to these similar breeds –

  • Chimation
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Shih Tzu
  • Pomchi
  • Cheagle

My Final Thoughts on the Jack ChiA Jack Chi on the grass

Like its parents, the Jack Chi is a very fun-loving, playful, sweet-tempered dog that is friendly to all, including family members, kids, and other pets.

So much so that he will probably not bark even if there is a stranger at the door.

This trait has been a hindrance to him from being a good watchdog.

He enjoys playing with his loved ones, even with other dogs and cats, and has a typical calm attitude.

He loves to be cuddled by his owners. However, he can suddenly become hyper and be overly nervous like his Chihuahua parent.

The Jack Chi is also fond of smelling and would often follow his nose.

This active dog does not get tired easily. He has a prey drive in him for which he would just give chase to birds and chipmunks.

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