The Italian Greagle: A Complete Guide

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Ever wanted a small dog that’s loyal, playful, and has a lot of energy? Then the Italian Greagle is the best companion for you. They are talented dogs; having skills in hunting, scent detection, agility, and tracking.

While they can be a challenge to train, Italian Greagles are a pet that’s worth it in the long run. For those wanting a relaxed companion, you might have to look elsewhere.

Having an Italian Greagle means that you’ll have a fun furry friend that’s always ready to play once you arrive.

That being said, let’s get onto our guide!

Italian Greagle Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Italian Greagle with a green collar lying down looking up
The Italian Greagles are extremely loyal and affectionate.

The Italian Greagle is a mixture of an Italian Greyhound and a Beagle.

Their origins are unknown, but most people think that Angela and Kelly Easley bred the first Italian Greagles in the world.

Also, the Greagle has the sniffing skills of the Beagle and the sight skills of an Italian Greyhound.

People who want a sweet dog that is also intelligent should look into getting an Italian Greagle.

What Price Are Italian Greagle Puppies?

Italian Greagles are about $1200-$1500. This is due to the complication of finding a Beagle and an Italian Greyhound to breed.

The Italian Greagle is a rare breed, so you might have to take some time in finding a breeder that has one.

Other costs cover deworming, chipping, blood tests, spaying, and as well as a collar and a leash. All of this will cost around $385-$435.

Yearly medical costs such as pet insurance, shots, and flea prevention will cost between $435-$535. Annual nonmedical needs like toys, training, and license are $300-$400.

How to Find Reputable Italian Greagle Breeders?

Here are some steps that will help you find a reliable Italian Greagle Breeder:

  • Stay aware that unprofessional breeders will know how to utilize the internet and attempt to sell you one of their puppies. Good breeders create websites to educate new pet owners; Bad ones are only made to sell merchandise, so choose carefully!
  • If you are unable to obtain the dog you want, call your nearest breeder, who might belong to a regional or national breed club and can direct you to a breeder closer to you if one is available.
  • Your breeder’s commitment to your dog that you buy doesn’t stop after the purchase. The breeder can act as technical support and tell you how to train your dog efficiently.

Owning an Italian Greagle puppy is a huge responsibility. This can be a life-changing experience.

They are a long-term commitment, perhaps 15 years or more so make sure that you act wisely when making your decisions in relation to finding a puppy.

3 Little-Known Facts About Italian Greagle Puppies

  1. Snoopy was a Beagle: The “Peanuts” dog Snoopy was created as a beagle. Snoopy was silent and had no dialogue at first, but then he was given an inner monologue.
  2.  Italian Greyhounds are great watchdogs. They are alert and have a loud bark when they hear foreign sounds (strange noise outside, someone walking through the door, a car pulling through the driveway).
  3. The Italian Greagle gains their hunter instincts from their Beagle parents. This means that the dog will run around and chase anything. You’ll have to keep them in a fenced area or on a leash at all times.

Physical Traits of the Italian Greagle

Italian Greagle
Image Credit By: winniecooper_italiangreagle, instagram

The Italian Greagle has a blocky face that resembles a Beagle.

But, their lean muscular form and floppy ears come from the Italian Greyhound. Italian Greagles have an extremely elegant appearance.

The dog’s coat can be either silky and smooth or short and rough.

Italian Greagles have a whiplike and long tail.

His dark eyes always know his surroundings and are usually alert. His feet are catlike and dainty. When they walk, it appears as if they’re prancing on each step.

Also, the Italian Greagle’s coat is very low-maintenance. They rarely require brushing. Usually, you only have to wash them once a month so to control odors coming from their bodies.

Some owners brush their pet’s teeth so that they can prevent gum disease and control bad breath

The Greagle’s ears should be cleaned out once a week to remove debris. Their ears can allow dirt and moisture to build up and cause irritation.

Italian Greagles naturally wear down their nails through a sufficient amount of exercise. However, if their nails aren’t naturally short, you can clip them once a month to control the length.

How Big is a Full-Grown Italian Greagle?

An adult Italian Greagle weighs about 20-40 lbs.

They are medium-sized dogs and can grow to a height of up to 13-15 inches.

To help them reach the right size, feed them regularly and have an exercise schedule.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Italian Greagle?

Italian Greagles have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. This means that they last longer than most small to medium dogs.

This is because they are a hybrid breed, making them more resistant to most diseases that are present within their parents.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Italian Greagle

The Italian Greagle is great around dogs and children. They are playful, loving, and lively as well.

When it comes to small animals and pets, you’ll have to teach it how to socialize. If not, they will chase and harass them due to their hunter nature.

Plus, they are extremely loyal and affectionate. Some owners might consider them aloof, that’s just because they are independent which makes them a great companion if you’re away from home because they aren’t needy.

Also, they are highly intelligent dogs, but they often use this to get their way. Being sighthounds, you’ll have to take some time in order for them to learn the “recall” command.

Doing so will improve your dog’s obedience and behavior.

The Italian Greagle Diet

Italian Greagles are naturally skinny, so don’t be alarmed by their lean appearance. Create a scheduled feeding plan to encourage your dog to eat.

Otherwise, they will ignore the food. Stick to feeding it a dry kibble that suits all of its nutritional needs.

Feed them 2 cups of food per day. On average, you’ll have to pay $35-$45 a month to feed your Italian Greagle. That only costs $1-$2 a day, making them inexpensive and easy to feed.

How Much Exercise Does an Italian Greagle Need?

Italian Greagle Exercise
Image Credit By: bellaboo_greagle, instagram

Italian Greagles are active, and while they are fine living in an apartment due to their size, they will need regular outdoor activity.

Take them for walks that are 30 minutes a day to help them stay in shape.

Take them to a dog park where they can socialize with other dogs, be taken off the leash, and play with their favorite toys.

If your Italian Greagle acts bored, restless, or destructive, chances are it hasn’t received proper exercise yet.

Access to a large yard is optional but is a great idea for this dog. They love to play with their toys and chase balls, have a few toys in possession so that they can remain mentally challenged.

Training is a moderately difficult process for the Italian Greagle. They will be stubborn, so you’ll have to assert your dominance. Use positive techniques to reward them but remain patient and firm.

Early socialization and training are important in order for the Greagle to become the best dog it can be.

You should use professional trainers and schools and prepare for the training to be a gradual process.

Italian Greagle Health and Conditions

There are a lot of health issues than an Italian Greagle can inherit from their parents. Here is a list of the most common health symptoms your Greagle might experience:

  • Intervertebral Disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Beagle Dwarfism
  • Allergies
  • Ear Infections

Before buying an Italian Greagle, ask the breeder to visit the puppy first and give you health clearances for each parent.

Even if your dog is completely healthy, they should visit the vet once a year for a check-up, and twice a year once they are 10+ years old.

Wellness exams are made to “maintain optimal health,” and they are made to provide a valid record of your dog’s health history.

And they give your vet the ability to spot potential problems before they become severe.

Health issues that are detected within the early stage are more likely to be resolved successfully. Stick to a regular preventative care routine will help your dog receive a long, happy life.

Can it travel by car?

Because the Italian Greagle is such a high energy dog, you’ll find that once this pet understands that getting in the car means going somewhere fun – like the beach or the park – he or she will prove plenty enthusiastic.

Antsy dog breeds such as this can be a little skittish when introducing them to a vehicle at first, especially if you have recently changed car models from the one they are used to, or if your vehicle is somewhat loud and large – an SUV or a pickup, for instance.

However, a good way to acclimatize your Italian Greagle to your vehicle is to let it sit on the drive or in the garage, open all the doors, place a few of your dog’s toys in there, and let his or her natural curiosity take over.

Once your Italian Greagle has established for themselves, to their own satisfaction, that the car is safe, you’ll find that he or she makes an enthusiastic passenger.

Indeed, it’s curbing that enthusiasm that might sometimes be a challenge.

These are energetic dogs, and there are so many new sights and sounds when you’re driving that they might start jumping around, pawing at the windows and becoming a dangerous distraction for the driver.

It’s best to avoid long journeys because of this, and if your dog’s energy levels seem excessive, consider pulling over and taking a break to let your pet burn off some excess excitement and energy.

My Final Thoughts on the Italian GreagleThe Italian Greagle looking up

No matter if you’re a first-time dog owner or veteran breeder, the Italian Greagle is a fun pet to have in your household.

They are smart, happy, and always alert for unknown objects that are in their way.

Once you buy an Italian Greagle, you’ll have to train it at a young age to help develop healthy social skills and physical wellness.

In conclusion, I believe that the Italian Greagle is a beautiful dog that you and your family will enjoy after teaching them how to behave properly.

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