Irish Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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The Irish are indeed a very interesting lot of people, and even more pleasing than the culture itself are Irish dog names.

There are numerous dog breeds that find their roots in Ireland.

Dogs with Irish backgrounds are known to be unique from canines belonging to other originations.

And within the Irish group of dog breeds, there is a vast range of the types of dogs with the Irish tag attached to them.

These differences lie in the size of the dogs and their color.

Whether you’re highly intrigued by the Irish species or hail from the Irish background yourself, Irish dog names are some of the best categories of dog names that you can choose from.

So take a look at some of these Irish dog names and see which ones inspire you the most!

Two grey dogs
He acts like a warrior and his name is Hogan.

Male Irish Dog Names

  • Paddy

Short for Patrick and also for Saint Patrick, a patron of Ireland in honor of whom St. Patricks day is celebrated every year and is a very joyous occasion not only in Ireland but across the globe.

Saint Patrick is celebrated to date for his contributions towards ministering Christianity in the country in the fifth century.

He was famously described as the “Apostle of Ireland”.

The name “Paddy” thus has a very deep meaning to it with roots set in Irish culture.

  • Dagda

In Irish mythology, Dagda is a very powerful and strong god of the earth, of life and death, of knowledge and magic.
Dagda was believed to possess highly impressive and unmatched combat skills as well as healing powers so strong they could revive the dead.

This Irish dog name is suitable for dogs that are brave and strong, but still have an affectionate disposition towards you that can fix your mood in no time.

  • Ronan

A typical Irish name which means “little seal”.

The name has a lot of historical significance as there were twelve saints in Irish history named Ronan as well as one king.

The name is very unique, which makes it all the more special for your Irish pooch.

  • Gulliver

From Gulliver’s Travels, the popular book by Jonathan Swift; the name has Gaelic roots.

In literal terms, the name means “glutton”, which essentially describes greediness.

And we all know if there is one thing a dog loves to do, it is to consistently try to hog our food!

  • Guinness

A very popular Irish name which is the derivation of an ancient Celtic word that meant “the son of one choice”.

Apart from the literal meaning of this Irish dog name, if you’re particularly fond of Irish beer, you can name your pet after Ireland’s world-famous brand of beer.

  • Bono

The well-renowned frontman of the all-time popular band, U2.

Bono is one of those ideal Irish dog names that you can use when you want to name your pet after a celebrity.

  • Lucky

Luck is something that runs side by side with Irish culture.

We’ve all heard phrases like “the luck of the Irish”.

If you want your pet to be blessed with the same sort of fate, choose this title for him!

  • Fergus

This is an Irish word which means “high energy”.

An ideal name for an Irish dog that is highly energetic and sprightly.

  • Donovan

An Irish word that in literal terms means “dark warrior”.

This Irish dog name will suit a dog that has a dark-colored coat, like a dark shade of brown or black.

  • Big Red

An interesting title for your companion.

Big Red is also a popular novel by Jim Kjelgaard, in which the protagonist, a dog named Big Red, is an Irish setter.

In the story, Red is smart, noble, strong, and his owner’s truest companion that never leaves his side.

This is a name that you can consider if your dog is big in size, has a coat that has a reddish tinge and has all the qualities that the character in the book had.

  • Hogan

The literal meaning of the name Hogan is “youth”.

The name has Irish roots and is used to describe the descendant of a “young warrior”.

This Irish dog name will suit a dog that is full of energy and possesses impressive hunting skills.

  • Oscar

This name is inspired by Oscar Wilde, the timeless author that had Victorian Irish roots.

The literal meaning of Oscar refers to the divine spearman or someone who fights for God.

  • Jameson

A classic Irish name that is also a brand of Irish Whiskey.

Dog owners who want their pets to depict the Irish culture should choose this name for their Irish dog.

  • Dublin

For those of you who want to name their dog after a city, Dublin is Ireland’s capital.

  • Cork

Also a city in Ireland, on the southwest coast.

The name is short and easy to pick up by your pet.

A brown dog looking to the side
She is a loyal pet and her name is Orla.

Female Irish Dog Names

  • Kira

Kira is a royal word, which in Irish means “throne”.

The name itself refers to the sun or a fireplace, which makes it perfect for a girl dog that likes to snuggle up next to you right beside the fireplace.

  • Shandy

The Irish are fans of beer, and Shandy is an extremely popular drink in Ireland, the ingredients of which are mainly beer and lemon.

An ideal Irish dog name if you want your pet to represent this exciting culture.

  • Roselyn

In Irish, Roselyn defines as a pretty and beautiful rose.

This is the perfect feminine dog name to give to your gorgeous girl.

  • Charm

Not only does this make a good dog name because of your pet’s charming personality, but lucky charms are also thoroughly associated with Irish culture, hence the phrase “the luck of the Irish”.

  • Goldie

This Irish dog name refers to the pot of gold that a leprechaun finds at the end of the rainbow.

Also a good title for a dog that has a golden or wheatish colored fur coat.

Such breeds that belong to the Irish group of dogs include the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, which is a medium-sized dog with a light golden, almost wheatish fur coat.

  • Orla

An Irish word for a golden princess.

The perfect name that sounds royal and sweet at the same time, and also completely describes your pet.

Again, due to its literal meaning, this is a name more suited for Irish dogs whose fur coats are golden or light brown.

  • Naela

This Irish dog name has a simple yet powerful meaning: champion.

And which dog owner would not like to give their pet such a strong, compelling title that it will undoubtedly live up to.

  • Bree

Again, a simple name.

Bree is an Irish name meaning strong, which makes it very fitting for a tenacious and athletic female dog.

  • Cadie

The name signifies purity, which is how you would describe your pet’s soul and heart: pure, and free of any negativity.

  • Ashling

A name that has Irish origin.

It means a “dream”.

This is a unique and attractive name for your charming pet.

  • Shanna

In the Irish language, Shanna is old and wise.

A good title to give to an intelligent and intuitive pet.

  • Danu

In Irish mythology, Danu is an earth goddess who was known to be the mother of the gods as well as of the very first Irish tribe.

A name apt for a loving and nurturing mother dog.

  • Macha

This name is associable with the land.

This is because Macha was an Irish goddess of war who has been connected to the land.

A solid title for a female dog that is fond of being in the woods and on hunts.

  • Sorcha

A name with Gaelic roots used by both the Irish and Scottish.

The literal meaning of this name is radiant, or bright, or light.

The correct pronunciation of this moniker is “sor-aka’ or ‘surk-ha’.

  • Zaire

In Ireland, Zaire is a name that means princess.

Ideal for your beautiful little pet that you want to treat no less than royalty.

A small brown dog standing in the forest
His name is Clover and he is happy about it.

Cute Irish Dog Names

  • Clover

A name of extreme significance in the Irish culture.

A clover symbolizes the trinity of faith, hope, and love.

According to Irish beliefs, a four-leaf clover is very lucky for the person who finds it, because the fourth leaf symbolizes the good omen of luck.

The name can be given to both the male and the female Irish dogs and is very evidently essenced with Irish culture.

  • Shamrock

Again a very symbolic name of Ireland.

A shamrock is the young sprig of clover.

In essence, it represents Ireland.

The patron saint of Ireland was believed to have used a shamrock as a way to describe the Holy Trinity.

Shamrock is a male Irish dog name.

  • Aidan

Also a male name, Aidan means “a little fiery one”.

It is the perfect moniker to give to a small-sized dog that is full of energy and has a very powerful personality packed into its tiny body.

  • Rainbow

A name that needs no explanation as it is.

This is a colorful title that has particular significance in relation to Irish folklore.

A pot of gold always awaits at the end of a rainbow, according to Irish myths.

Rainbow is a female name that easily qualifies as one of the most appropriate Irish dog names to describe a bright and zesty pet.

  • Mirna

An Irish word for a tender heart.

Mirna is also a female name that aptly describes the affectionate, motherly nature of female dogs.

  • Puca

Another name that has its roots deep in Irish mythology.

A puca is described as a small creature that can either bring good luck or bring bad luck.

The idea primarily belongs to Celtic folklore and can best be understood as a goblin.

Usually, the name is used for female Irish dogs, but it can also apply to a male dog.

It is definitely best suited for dogs that are tiny or small in size, like the Irish Terrier.

  • Maeve

Maeve was an Irish warrior queen and the goddess of song.

In English, it describes someone or something that causes great joy.

It is a female name.

  • Kerry

A name for dark-colored female Irish dogs.

Kerry in literal terms means “dark princess”.

  • Conan

A male Irish dog name meaning “little wolf”.

Goes without saying, it is suitable for wolfdogs.

  • Fallyn

A female name of Irish origin which describes someone in charge.

  • Erin

The name itself means “Ireland” and is very popular in Ireland as a female name.

  • Oona

A name believed to have been originated during the middle ages that means “lamb”.

Good for a herding dog.

  • Madra

Put very simply, Madra is an Irish name that means dog.

  • Higgins

A name that refers to a Viking or someone who travels the sea.

  • Maher

The name has a dual meaning.

In the Arabic language, a Maher is described as a skillful person, but in Irish it simply means being generous.

The Most Popular Irish Dog Name of All Time

  • Bran

In Irish legends, Bran was a popular Irish Wolfhound.

He was Finn MacCool’s trusted pet hound, who was believed to have been born as a dog from a human.

Bran was known to be an enchanted animal.

The name is very popular amongst Irish dog names for its legendary background and for the fact that it is concise and simple.

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My Final Thoughts

If you ever get a dog, or already have got one and want to choose a name that has a lot of cultural significance behind it, an Irish dog name is an answer to all your dog name-related concerns.

We hope that by now, you would have settled on the perfect name to adorn your pet with to give it that Irish touch!

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