Husky Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Christening your pet is perhaps an equally daunting process as naming your child.

This is a title that your dog will not only live with but will be expected to live up to for the years to come.

And once you name your pet and it gets used to it, we all know there is no going back.

The name of your pet is something that it understands and responds to as a command, so it needs to be something that sounds intriguing yet simple enough to be received by a dog.

The Husky is no exception to this rule. We all know Huskies and we love them!

They’re friendly, outgoing, smart, and of course, gorgeous.

Not all Huskies are the same, though.

Every dog has a different personality than the next one, which is why keeping a name that is fitting to the character of your pet is the most important decision to make once you bring a Husky pup home.

Keeping in mind these variations, we have compiled this list of the top Husky dog names to help you choose the best name for your new furry family member.

These names are categorized based on gender, popularity, and cuteness.

So let’s see which Husky dog names you fall in love with and decide to address your loyal best friend with for the years to come!

A Husky in the snow
The Husky breed is famous for its endurance.

Male Husky Dog Names

  • Bolt

The name refers to a lightning bolt, which represents speed and boldness.

This name is suited for a personality that is brazen, outgoing, and exceptionally energetic.

  • Blizzard

Huskies are famously known to be snow dogs, and Blizzard is a name that makes one think of heavy snow.

It means a severe snowstorm.

  • Storm

A storm refers to uncontrollable weather, and the name Storm speaks about the powerful personality of the Husky.

  • Siberia

Very apt for Siberian Huskies, Siberia is a name that represents the origins of your pet.

The name makes sure your pet stays close to its roots.

  • Pepper

This name highlights the grey color of the black and white fur coat of the Husky.

This is a name that is descriptive of the looks of the Husky rather than its personality.

  • Shaggy (or Shaggydog)

Fitting for the furry appearance of the Husky, this is name is suitable for any fluffy dog that has a luscious, dense fur coat.

Shaggydog was also the name of one of the dire wolves on the hit TV show, Game of Thrones.

  • Grey Wind

Another TV name, Grey Wind was the name of Robb Stark’s direwolf on Game of Thrones.

The name refers to being fast as the wind, with grey describing the combination of colors of the Husky’s coat.

Not only will this be descriptive of your pet’s looks and its actions, but will also give you the change to name your Husky after a popular TV character.

  • Silver

Bright and lustrous like the metal, the meaning of the name ‘Silver’ is suitable for a Husky.

It is also an easy name to utter when calling out to your pet.

  • Smokey

Again, this name also speaks about the smokey color that most husky dogs inherit.

  • Flash

This refers to the speed and energy of your Husky.

This is a good name for a vibrant pet that is filled with enthusiasm has is tremendously quick in all that it does.

  • Rocket

In addition to sounding cool, Rocket is a name that also speaks to the dynamic and zealous behavior of the Husky.

  • Alpha

This is a good name for a mighty dog that has a powerful presence in the family.

  • Hercules

Mythologically refers to the tough and immensely strong Greek prince, the son of Zeus.

It is a fitting name for a dog that has a prince-like aura.

  • Ghost

The flash-like image that the Husky leaves when it dashes around can best be described by the barely-there appearance of a ghost.

  • Casper

The name of a popular character, Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Casper is not just a good name for a dog but is very apt for a Husky that even has the colors and movements of a speedy, but friendly, ghost.

A close up of a Huskies face
The Husky breed is very popular among people with children.

Female Husky Dog Names

  • Winter

Winter is an apt name for female Husky dogs, especially considering the cold habitat that these dogs are inherently accustomed to.

  • Electra

Fitting for the electrifying personality of the Husky.

The word means shining.

  • Lady

A good name for a feminine dog that portrays the sophistication and empathy of the female gender.

  • Abby

The literal meaning of this name is always happy.

Other interpretations also include “the joy of a father”.

  • Alaska

This refers to the icy state in the United States of America.

The literal meaning of Alaska is “a great land”.

  • Adele

The name Adele is more famous for being the name of a popular singer, but it means noble and tender.

The name is an apt representation of the Husky’s kind nature.

  • Aki

In literal terms, Aki is a Japanese word for autumn.

Autumn depicts the onset of winter.

  • Lily

A flower that symbolizes innocence.

This is symbolic of the pure nature of the Husky.

  • Daisy

The literal meaning is “day’s eye”.

Daisy is a popular name for dogs who are usually outgoing and eager about pleasing their human, much like the Husky.

  • Ash

The name Ash could be perceived in two ways: it can represent the greyish combination of colors that the Husky has, or it can also symbolize its cheerful nature because the literal meaning of the word is “happy”.

  • Luna

The literal definition of Luna is the moon, which goes with the luster and brightness of the Husky.

  • Maya

Maya refers to a divine force particularly emanated from a creature or being.

  • Nala

The literal meaning of the word Nala, which is known to have African origins, is “beloved”.

Another variation of Arabic origin is “Nahla”, which means the first drink of water.

  • Nikita

Someone who is unconquerable.

The name aptly describes the formidable personality of your Husky.

  • Ellie

This means a light torch.

Just like a torch, the Husky lightens up your life and household with its contagious and undeniable positivity that the whole family is bound to get enveloped in.

A Husky puppy laying on the ground
The Husky is a very active breed.

Cute Husky Puppy Names

  • Milo

A name of German origin, Milo is a name suited for male dogs.

It is derived from the German word for mild, so it refers to being calm, peaceful, and merciful.

  • Oliver

Derived from the olive tree, this name symbolizes someone who wants to make peace.

The name describes the tendency of the Husky to “extend an olive branch” and having dignity.

  • Felix

The meaning of Felix is happy.

Felix is an adorable name for a Husky puppy who will always be seen in a cheerful and elated mood.

  • Cookie

Something sweet; symbolizes the sweetness of your pet.

  • Denali

An apt name for a female Husky with the literal meaning “the great one”, which is exactly what you want your pet to grow into.

  • Teo

A Greek name for a male.

The literal meaning is “the gift of God”, which is truly what we think of our pets.

It is a shorter variant of the name Theodore.

  • Zuri

A Swahili word meaning “beautiful”.

It also refers to being someone’s rock.

The Husky is truly a dependable pet that you will be able to proudly call your rock, supporting you through all the ups and downs of life.

  • Tia

A name that is short, easy to pronounce, and one that your pet can easily learn to respond to.

Tia means a princess, or a crowned one; suitable for your royal pet.

  • Nova

A very meaningful name for a male Husky.

Nove is a star that becomes bright very suddenly.

Your Husky will also grow up before you know it and radiate its energy to you and your family.

  • Nymeria

Taken from the famous novel, Game of Thrones, the name belonged to a bold warrior queen.

On the hit TV series of the same name, the dire wolf that belonged to Arya Stark was called Nymeria.

It is a fitting name for a female Husky that you want adapts a queen-like persona.

  • Miki

A short, cute name.

It refers to someone of a small size.

Miki is an apt name for a small-sized, playful pup.

  • Diana

In history, Diana was a Roman goddess that was of the moon, the forest, and of childbirth.

The name means divine or heavenly.

The name gained popularity especially after the Renaissance and is suited for a female Husky with a divine presence about herself.

  • Nanuk (or Nanook)

A polar bear.

The name Nanook comes from the Inuit religion and refers to the master of bears.

In history, Nanook was the man who decided whether or not hunters deserved success when they hunted or searched for bears.

  • Maxim

A male name of Roman roots, common in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc.

The name is suited to describe the undeniable greatness of your Husky pet because it means “the greatest”.

  • Hershey

Sweet as the chocolate and someone who makes sweets, the Husky is a good candidate for the name Hershey, owing to its pleasant and kind nature.

Scrumptious Husky Names

No matter the breed of dog, it’s always popular to name them after something delicious. And when you consider the big appetite that a Husky tends to have, it only makes even more sense!

Here are a few ideas that keep this dog’s good looks and overall personality in mind.

  • Sugar

That famous sweetening goodness that’s formed so much of so many meals and snacks over the years, and the perfect name for a female Husky who’s too sweet to ever turn down.

  • Snowcone

Tasty shredded ice cones that get flavors and colors added – not that your Husky needs any other colors than their natural snowy selves.

  • Vodka

A perhaps more naughty name for a Husky, but a name that nonetheless evokes a feeling of colder climates and strong beverages to help beat it.

  • Vanilla

The flavoring that goes into lots of ice cream, as well as lattes from time to time. Creamy and scrumptious, and also a good name for your pet.

  • Creamcake

A delicious treat whose name is also well suited for an especially cute, if sometimes spoilt, Husky.

  • Fishsticks

More a silly name for a particularly wacky Husky – and these are pretty playful pooches – this name is also distinctive enough that your dog will find it simple to remember.

The Most Popular Husky Name of All Time

Bella (or Belle)

Amongst the limitless list of names for the Husky breed, the name “Bella” outstands by coming out on top in terms of popularity.

Bella is a Spanish word for beautiful and also relates to the French word “Belle”, which also has the same meaning.

It is also a derivation of the Italian name, Isabella.

A fitting name for your gorgeous Husky, it is a female name that has gained popularity over the centuries.

It is a short name that is easy to pronounce and understand.

Babies who are just learning to talk and old people will find it easy to call out to their pets with this name.

More importantly, the name does not sound like any other command (like sit, stay, come, go), so your Husky will not confuse it with any of those either.

The adaptability of your pet to its name is a big factor to take into account when naming your pet, and the name Bella does well in accordance with this consideration.

Both the meaning and the easy pronunciation make this is a famous two-syllable dog name in the 21st century.

Apartment Living

The built and size of the Husky is a major reason why this dog is not suitable for apartment living.

With an average height of 50 to 56 cm in females and 54 to 60 cm in males, this is a very tall dog.

Moreover, the average weight of a male, adult Husky is 20 to 27 kg while the female weighs roughly around 16 to 23 kg.

This again shows how hefty of a dog breed the Husky is and how it will not get used to the small size of an apartment.

Also, the fact that the Husky is an extremely active dog is another reason why it shouldn’t be kept inside an apartment.

Your dog will need regular playtime which cannot be provided inside the apartment.

Apart from that, the Husky requires a very well-balanced diet which is why it cannot function well by staying in an apartment.

This is because, without enough exercise, your dog will not be able to digest its food properly which can lead to physical, health issues for your Husky.

In addition to this, the Husky is very fond of running for a long time and enjoys its time on the ground.

Also, keeping such a large dog in a small place is dangerous for your pet as it can accidentally make contact or collide with an object that might get it hurt.

Similarly, your household items are at risk of being broken or destroyed by the presence of a large and energetic dog that is always running around.

My Final Thoughts

All pets are special to their owners. And there is no reason why they shouldn’t be. After all, a new pet is a fresh addition to your family and one that you will cherish for years to come.

Naming your pet is, in turn, an equally important decision as is the choice to get a pet in the first place.

In addition to that, the name of your dog is not just a title you use to call out to it, though that is undoubtedly a very important purpose.

Just like human names, the name of your Husky should align with its personality or its appearance.

A meaningless name has no point to it; a name should be descriptive of the person/animal that will carry it, or should at least describe the expectations you have of your Husky, which you want it to live up to.

We understand that the process of naming your pet is equally as important and nerve-wracking as naming a human baby.

However, that does not mean that you can’t convert this process into an enjoyable one.

The lists of names mentioned in this article have been compiled by keeping in mind a lot of factors, the most important of which include the looks of a Husky, its actions, its personality, and its presence in any household.

These lists serve as a means to guide and advise you in the process of christening your furry new baby Husky.

Therefore, by referring to it and especially focussing on the meaning that each name holds, we guarantee that you will find it a lot easier to name your new Husky!

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