50 of the Best Hunting Dog Names & Their Meanings

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A man’s true best friend and a reliable companion, a hunting dog is everything that a dog owner could ask from a pet that is meant to be a guardian.

For the ideal hunting dog, it is only fair that the perfect hunting dog name is given to your companion.

Since we know how important the title of your hunting dog is, not just to you but for your pet as well, we have come up with the complete source for the perfect hunting dog names.

Here you will find a compilation of lists of the perfect hunting dog names, categorized by their popularity and by gender.

Additionally, to make things even more interesting, these names have been cherry-picked based on their meanings as best suited for the personality and looks of hunting dogs.

These names provide a wide range of choices for you to choose from to give your hunter dog a title that it deserves.

When deciding on a name for your pet, it is important to remember that a hunting dog is not just one breed.

There are a variety of dog breeds that qualify as hunting dogs, known for various kinds of hunting instincts like tracking or treeing.

These types of hunting dogs include hounds, terriers, gun dogs, and feists.

Therefore, in accordance with what kind of hunter your dog is, you would want to decide on a name that perfectly describes your pet.

To help you with this name-keeping process, the following suggested dog names have been enlisted to give you some options to pick your favorite new pet’s name!

Let’s start by first looking at the perfect male hunting dog names, after which we will move on to the female category as well as look at the cutest hunting dog names of all time!

A black dog holding antlers in its mouth
A hunting dog cannot live in an apartment.

Male Hunting Dog Names

  • Troy

A powerful name for a hunting dog depicting the historical war fought by the Trojan army, known to be one of the strongest armies throughout history.

  • Thunder

It represents both power and speed, just like the flash-like pace of a hunting dog.

  • Gunner

Related to the hunting term, a gunner is someone who uses a gun.

An apt hunting dog name that describes the dog’s nature.

  • Beast

This is a self-explanatory name for a hunting kind, which encapsulates the toughness and ruggedness of your pet.

  • Dash

A suitable name for a hunting dog, referring to the speedy movements of these kinds of pets.

  • Orion

A name of Greek mythology.

Orion was the giant huntsman that has a place in the stars as a constellation named after him.

  • Bullet

Another name very closely related to hunting.

It also depicts the speed of the hunting dog.

  • Scout

A great moniker for hunting dogs that are good at tracking.

  • Boomer

A heavy name that describes the resonating power and strength of your hunting dog, just like the sound made by a rifle when it is shot.

  • Bear

A suitable name for hunting dogs of large size.

  • Hawkeye

This name can either refer to the impeccable sense of sight of a hawk, or the famous superhero.

In any case, it is fitting for a hunting dog that is sharp, alert, and powerful.

  • Sarge

A tough name that shows the hardiness of the hunting dog.

A suitable hunting dog name to describe the commanding presence of your pet.

  • Maverick

Ideal for an independent pet that is bound to stand out in a crowd for being an individualist.

A good name to describe the rebelliousness and single-mindedness of your hunting dog.

  • Buff

A very fitting hunting dog name that depicts the muscular build of your powerful pet.

  • Rogue

The name perfectly describes the rebellion of your hunter pet, while also entailing that it has a wild streak.

Female Hunting Dog Names

A brown and white dog sitting on the grass
A hunting dog is not happy when ignored.
  • Olympia

An important place in Greek history; the origins of athletic sports festivals in honor of Zeus.

The modern-day Olympics come from the name Olympia, which is in line with the athletic persona of a hunting dog.

  • Xena

An ancient warrior princess, which makes it a very suitable name for your strong-willed, fearless hunting dog.

  • Cleopatra

A royal name originating from the beauty and strong personality of the Egyptian queen.

A very fitting name for the compelling aura emanated from a hunting dog.

The name means the glory of her father, and your hunting dog is truly your prized possession.

  • Sassy

Exactly as the name suggests, your hunting dog is undoubtedly full of sass and wit.

Sassy is a feminine name that aptly describes the courageous and confident temperament of a hunting dog.

  • Harley

A name that is notorious for belonging to girls who are charming but extremely stubborn at the same time.

That does not mean that your dog will be difficult to keep as a pet.

Harley is a name that usually makes for the truest and most reliable companions.

Additionally, a hunting dog named Harley can be expected to be reserved around a new face initially, but once she gets comfortable, she will give you the time your life and the best company you could have asked for.

Side note: Harley Quinn is a popular character from the famous Batman series, one whose personality perfectly fits the description stated above.

  • Vixen

In literal terms, a vixen is a female fox.

However, when given to a dog, it is good to describe the short temperament of most hunting dogs.

The word is also often used to describe an attractive young woman, which is an apt way to describe your female hunting dog.

  • Ursula

The literal meaning of this female name is “a little female bear”.

In essence, the name has a noteworthy background with roots deep in Shakespearean literature.

  • Roxy

A name with Persian roots meaning dawn or brightness, which makes it a good moniker for an energetic pet like a hunting dog.

  • Destiny

In most simple terms, this refers to the fate or particular fortune of a person.

In Greek mythology, Destiny was the god of fate.

  • Skylar

An apt name for a strong, loving hunting dog.

Skylar is a name that usually entails qualities of pure-heartedness and undying support.

  • Medusa

Medusa is a hunting dog name meaning “to protect” or “to rule over”.

A very apt title for a pet that is both protective about its family and has a dominant streak.

  • Nyx

Another name of Greek origin, Nyx was a beautiful Greek goddess of night.

  • Athena

The girl who excelled at everything, Athena was notorious for her immense strength, wisdom, and sportiness.

One of her most remarkable skills included devising war strategies.

  • Artemis

The goddess of hunting in Greek mythology, which makes it the best name for a hunting breed.

  • Dakota

Meaning “friend”, Dakota is an apt hunting dog name especially for the kinds of pups that will go to any lengths to please their owners.

The name essentially means an ally, which is exactly what your beautiful hunting dog will be.

Cute Hunting Dog Names

A small black dog in its owners jacket
Some hunting dogs don’t like winter.
  • Rambo

An iconic name that makes a very suitable (and popular) hunting dog name.

The title belongs to the famed military character of Sylvester Stallone in the movie Rambo.

  • Cyclops

Mythologically, a strong giant that had to be restrained due to fear of its overpowering strength.

  • Maximus

An adorable name for your hunting pup that means mighty and strong.

  • Spike

Dogs with this name are usually very well-grounded and obedient.

A loyal hunting dog is a fitting candidate for this name.

  • Rocky

The name refers to the popular boxing movie.

A hunting dog name that refers to the tough and outgoing nature of your pet.

  • Rex

A classic dog name that is short and easy to pick up on.

Perfect to train your hunting pup from the onset of its life.

  • Scamper

Another adorable hunting dog name meaning scurries or scuttle.

  • Apollo

A cute-sounding name that your hunting dog will respond well to.

The name has Greek origins and means “to destroy”, but the Apollo was known to be the god of music, beauty, art, prophecy, and wisdom.

  • Blitz

The name refers to a certain move in football and is also a kind of military attack.

A good hunting dog name that is easy to understand and pronounce.

  • Archer

A fitting name for hunting dogs that relates to the hunting sport of archery.

  • Lolita

A delightful name with Spanish origins for a female hunting dog which describes the high tolerance levels of your pet.

  • Dutchess

Perfect for a girl dog that you want to treat like royalty.

  • Buttercup

One of the three Powerpuff Girls, the most rebellious and tough one out of the lot.

  • Gizmo

A pleasing name for a playful pup male pup that is full of energy.

  • Halo

An ideal name for your angelic pet.

The Most Popular Hunting Dog Name of All Time

Hunting Dog

Some of the most popular hunting dog names include Arrow and Hawk.

While both names are popular amongst dogs of this kind, Arrow takes the lead for being both attractive and meaningful.

The name is quite self-explanatory but has several connotations. Direct like an arrow, hunting dogs are characteristically straightforward.

These pets are speedy and quick, with movements that are akin to the strike of an arrow. Additionally, an arrow is also a tool associated with hunting and hunting sports like archery.

Moreover, a lot of other associations can also be drawn from the word arrow, which results in other variations of the name.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide on the most suitable title for your hunting dog that goes with its character, but the popularity of Arrow aligns perfectly with your pet’s fiery and outgoing personality.

Therefore, we feel that there is no other name that is better suited for the personality of any breed of hunting dogs, which is also the reason for the immense popularity that this name has garnered amongst hunting dog owners.

My Final Thoughts

As with all pets, naming a hunting dog is one of the most important initial steps that all owners need to go through when they bring a new puppy home.

A hunting dog is more than just a pet that you keep for the security of your home.

No matter if it is a hound or a gun dog, dogs of this kind are known to be very dedicated to their owners.

These are usually one-man dogs, but their loyalty to their human families is unquestionable.

So for a dog that easily qualifies as one of the best additions to your family, you would want to give it a name that perfectly describes your new bundle of joy.

Especially with hunting dogs, it is important to get it accustomed to a certain call for you to get the best of its obedience.

Considering that a hunting dog can develop a certain level of rigidness and perhaps choose to ignore your commands on occasion, it is crucial it instinctively responds to a certain word or phrase.

This word is its name, which is why the suitability of the title of your pet is often emphasized.

There are several considerations to take into account when naming a hunting dog.

These include the number of syllables in the name, its similarity with other commands or names of family members, and, of course, its likability by people around the household.

So whether you have already brought home a hunting dog or are deciding on getting one and want to make preparations for it in advance, it always helps to be able to refer to a comprehensive guide that serves to aid you in the process of naming your pet.

And that is exactly why these lists of the perfect hunting dog names have been compiled to break down this complicated process for you and convert it into one that you and your family will enjoy to the fullest.

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