Havaton Dog Breed Info: A Complete Guide

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Havatons come from the lap of luxury, and we are not talking about the English courts.

This is a mixture of the Havanese dog and the got Coton de Tulear. Both are world-class show dogs and win competitions every year in the small dog categories.

The Havanese dog is actually the national dog of Cuba.

It is short has long hair and is usually very well-groomed. They don’t do well being separated from people and cannot be isolated for more than 2 hours a day.

The Coton de Tulear is a show dog from Madagascar. However, years before it was a show dog, it was a companion to ancient Kings.

This small dog is very lovable and would stick by its Master’s side at all times, making it the perfect dog for the Royal household.

When you combine these two breeds, you get a dog that is as beautiful as it is friendly and loyal. The Havaton wants nothing more than to be loved by its owners.

A long haired Havaton
Such a cute-looking Havaton!

They are constantly seeking out attention and will do anything to please somebody.

This makes them especially good at learning tricks. As long as you have a couple of small treats to entice them, they can even do backflips.

Havaton Puppies – Before You Buy…

This dog is one of the most lovable little canines that you could ever bring home.

For the most part, they are low maintenance, and they do not require a whole lot of space.

However, they do need constant attention from people. They do not get this then they will not be happy dogs.

As with any dog, it is best to know what you are getting into before you go out and purchase a dog to avoid making a choice that you regret.

What Price are Havaton Puppies?

These cute puppies will steal your heart as soon as you see them. However, they are quite expensive. On the lower end of the scale, they cost a minimum of $1,000 And can even cost as much as $2,000.

This comes from their heritage as well as the fact that they have recently become very popular in the United States.

However, because they are so popular, many breeders understand that people do not have this type of money to spend on a dog all at once.

As a result, many small breeders and companies will allow you to make a small deposit of just a few hundred dollars that will go towards the price of your dog.

After this, you will be expected to make monthly payments for a year or two.

This is a great option if you have your heart set on a Havaton, but don’t necessarily have all the funds available.

A Havaton pup sleeping
A tired little Havaton pup, fast asleep

How to Find Reputable Havaton Breeders

Because these dogs are so expensive, you need to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

There are quite a few dishonest breeders out there who will sell you a dog that is not at all the product of a Havanese and a Coton de Tulear.

Any reputable breeder will be able to produce the pedigrees and papers for both of the parent dogs. There are several online sites where you can purchase your Havaton puppy from.

Most of them are trustworthy and will be happy to show you the papers.

Before you make your purchase, make sure to do your own research on the company that you are buying from.

3 Little-known facts about Havaton puppies

  1. These little guys love to play fetch in a small yard, and will avidly chase down small sticks and other toys.
  2. While the Havaton’s parents both come from warm environments, this sturdy little dog can adapt to pretty much any temperature as long as it isn’t extreme heat or cold.
  3. The Havaton’s small size and powerful legs allow it to do plenty of tricks. If you begin training at a young age, you could have yourself a world-class show dog!

Physical Traits of the Havaton

These dogs are very small and have rather short legs. They look a lot more like a teddy bear than they do a dog. Sometimes they can be quite lazy, and enjoy being picked up and carried from place to place.

Their fur is usually short and curly, but if they maintain a good diet, their hair can go out to be quite long.

Their hair is often a lot longer than it looks, and when you fully brush it out, you will usually find that it is several inches longer than you had originally expected.

Despite all this long hair, however, they do not tend to shed. Since they are usually kept as indoor pets, this is great.

Their most distinctive feature is their head. It is usually wide with a tall forehead and deep-set eyes. The ears are long and floppy and hang by the sides of the head.

When they are excited, their ears will usually perk up. Their tails tend to be quite small. They are usually shorter than 3 inches long or are just a fluffy nub.

How big is a full-grown Havaton?

These dogs truly are teacup-sized. It is very rare that they will ever grow to be heavier than  13 lb.  the average weight is right around 10 pounds.

Looking at their height from the ground they are usually about 8 to 9 in tall.

They are very easy to pick up and hold, and they very much enjoy this. When they want to be picked up, they will just trot up to your leg and eagerly look into your eyes.

What is the life expectancy of the Havaton?

These dogs blue with a happy and long life of up to 15 years, as long as they are kept in good condition. The happier they are, the longer they will live.

They do not do well in isolation at all, and Havatons that have been isolated tend to have their life expectancy cut by about 30%.

It is important to control their diet and to make sure they are eating food that comes from a reputable source (preferably organic).

Fresh air can also play a big part in determining how long your Havaton will live.

They may prefer to stay inside most of the time, but it’s important that they do get outside from time to time.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Havaton

These dogs have a great personality and are very loving. They are constantly seeking the love and affection of any human they can find.

If they aren’t getting it from you, then the chances are they will walk right on over to your neighbor’s house and befriend them instead.

A white Havaton looking up with its tongue out
A smiling male Havaton puppy

They are very social creatures, and if they do not get enough attention, they will become very depressed, lonely, and sad.

It is vital to make sure that this never happens. Because of this, they will not do well in a household where their owners are out working all day.

It’s important to keep them around people at all times.

Even leaving them at home by themselves for as little as 3 hours can have a detrimental effect on their psyche.

The Havaton Is a very mild-tempered dog. They do not bark much, and they are pretty much accepting of anybody.

The few times that you do hear them bark will be either because they are very excited or because they are very hungry.

The Havaton’s Diet

This dog only needs about 1 cup of food per day. They are mild eaters themselves and do not tend to overeat. However, this can vary from dog to dog.

Assuming that your dog has self-control, it is usually safe to put the entire cup of food into the dogs bold in the morning, and they will usually nibble here and there throughout the day.

However, if your Havaton does not have as much self-control and prefers to eat his whole bowl at once, then you should consider splitting this one cup between the morning and the evening.

How Much Exercise Does a Havaton Need?

The small dog is mainly an indoor animal. Its small size and sugars that it gets a good amount of exercise from just running around from room to room.

Fresh air and walking outdoors are still very beneficial to their health, and not to mention they also love to meet other small dogs.

As long as you can at least a 15-minute walk outdoors every day, then they will be perfectly happy and healthy.

Havaton Health and Conditions

These dogs are very healthy and their younger years and even throughout most of their old age. When they do get old, however, it is common to see Havatons with hearing loss or with cataracts in their eyes.

It is also imperative to keep them clean as they are prone to developing skin conditions if dirt and debris remain trapped under their fur for too long.

A Good Guard Dog?

Because Havatons so often suffer from separation anxiety, these are unfortunately not the kinds of dogs who are going to be dutifully doing the rounds around your property after dark while everyone else is asleep, looking for intruders.

Rather, your Havaton is more likely to want to be sleeping on the end of your bed, or at least in the same room as you.

These are designer dogs who have been bred as friends and companions, rather than as guard dogs.

That, unfortunately, means there’s little these dogs can do to pull double duty as a guardian in a pinch.

For one thing, they’re very small, and so the prospect of physically intimidating any criminals sneaking into your property is pretty much impossible.

Sometimes, dog owners might advise that just having a dog audible through the walls or windows of your property is enough to scare anyone who has been casing your place away.

Unfortunately, this won’t work for Havatons either though – their barks are high pitched enough to demonstrate, even if nobody can see who’s barking, that they’re a small dog.

Havatons are also shy from time to time and are more likely to find someone intruding to be intimidating than to do anything about it.

They’ll want to hide and run away at the first sign of some hoodlums entering your home, and might not even bark to alert you to it.

You’re better off sticking to a more tried and tested guard dog breed if home security is your concern.

This is one side of dog ownership in which Havatons sadly can’t compete with many other breeds – these dogs are our friends rather than our protectors more often than not by far.

Final Thoughts on the HavatonA black and white Havaton

Don’t let the high price of the Havaton turn you away. These dogs are truly a joy to own and will be loved by your entire family.

They are especially good with children and will join in during almost all of their games.

The Havaton’s long lifespan also makes them an excellent choice for families.

They will be able to remain a part of your family until your children are mostly grown up and out of the house.

In addition to all of these other great features, this dog is great at learning new tricks no matter how old that it gets.

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