The Havashu: A Complete Guide

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With so many dog breeds to choose from, it can be hard to know which one could be right for you.

There are many different traits that people look for in a dog and learning about as much as you can will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not a dog can fit in your life.

The Havashu is a great dog to learn about.

They are very energetic and fun dogs to be around that will get along with other pets and children if you have any.

They are full of life and love attention, and if this sounds like a dog that you might be interested in, then you have come to the right place to learn everything you need to know about the Havashu.

Their diet, appearance, temperament and more will be covered in this guide to ensure that you have a better understanding of this dog breed before deciding if they are a match for you and your family.

Havashu Puppies – Before You Buy…

Havashu with ball
Havashus’ coats are fluffy and wavy.

When you decide that you want a puppy, you start thinking of where to find one and how much it will even cost to get one.

These two things are the most important ones to know before buying your puppy and influence the type of dog you get tremendously.

Here’s how.

What Price are Havashu Puppies?

The price plays a big role in the type of puppy you get due to some factors that influence it, such as health, gender, and the person you buy it from.

A puppy with no health history or has parents that have health issues will be significantly cheaper than one that you know is healthy.

Females in a litter may cost more, and the breeder will determine the price.

Buying from someone that doesn’t know much about the dog they are selling or has no background information on the puppy will not be someone trustworthy to buy from and will most likely sell them for a very low price.

These puppies usually range between $300 to $1200.

How to Find a Reputable Havashu Breeders?

To find a trustworthy Havashu breeder, it is recommended to visit websites like the American Kennel Club to find great suggestions for breeders.

If the breeder you are interested in buying from can give you information and advice about the Havashu, they are an excellent person to buy from.

Visiting the home of the breeder two or three times will significantly help you decide, as this will let you see how the puppy is raised and how they are treated.

The way a puppy is treated dramatically affects its behavior in the long run, so it is essential to make sure that your puppy is well taken care of and happy.

3 Little Known Facts about Havashu Puppies

  1. One of the Havashu’s parent breeds, the Shih Tzu, is a very known and well-liked dog and has been since ancient times. They are almost like royalty since they were often offered as gifts to noblemen and people, and this tells you what their reputation was back then.
  2. Due to their appearance, the Shih Tzu was known for a long time by being the lion dog because of their wild hair, and their gentle and affectionate nature called for them to have a nickname in the first place.
  3. The Havanese, however, were trendy dogs in the past, but almost became extinct. They were bred in Spain in the late 1400s and were loved by everyone, so Christopher Columbus took them on his voyage to the new world, where they ended up in Cuba. They stopped being popular, which lead to their near extinction, but the people of Cuba bred them with other dogs, where they became the Havanese today.

Physical Traits of the Havashu

Havashu wood floor
The Havashu is great for families and apartment living.

The Havashu has a strong physique due to their energy levels.

Most Havashus will have shorter legs in the front and longer ones in the back, making the back half of their body appears to be slightly raised.

Their tail is medium in length, sitting high on their bottom and curled at the end.

They also have rounded heads, floppy, feathery ears, a black nose, and razor-sharp teeth which you will not have to worry too much about thanks to their gentle and sweet nature.

Because of their intelligence, the Havashu has eyes that have depth and expression that other dogs don’t that have a beautiful brown or amber color to them.

Their coats are fluffy and wavy to curly in texture. The texture of their coat mostly relies on the parent breed that the puppy takes after most.

It can come in a variety of different color combinations, including brown, gray, cream, black, white, and sable.

Due to the texture of their coat, it will need to be brushed a few times a week to keep it in good shape.

How Big is a Full-Grown Havashu?

The standard height range that the Havashu can grow up to be is 8 to 12 inches, which is pretty small.

They can weigh anywhere between 7 and 15 pounds, and any weight too far above that or below could lead to health complications in the long run.

For these pups, they reach their full-size potential when they are a year old, meaning that they won’t be the super small size that they are when they are puppies.

So, make sure to enjoy their puppyhood as it ends a little shorter than other types of dogs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Havashu?

The Havashu can effortlessly live up to 16 years of age because of their lack of health risks within the dog breed.

The amount of exercise and food that they need is very easy to maintain, which will be discussed in the following sections.

This makes them live long, healthy lives, without any concerns or emergencies.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Havashu

Havashu puppy
Havashus often have shorter legs in the front and longer ones in the back.

These dogs are probably the most fun, energetic, happy and affectionate dogs around.

They are more on the clingy side, so they will want to be around you all day or anyone in your household, and this can lead to separation anxiety when gone for long periods of time.

The Havashu is a small dog breed, but are a lot stronger than other dogs of similar size.

With their sturdiness, they can play around on the rougher side with other animals and will be able to play with small children without running the risk of getting hurt by them.

Always make sure to teach children how to handle a dog with care, though, to make sure they don’t irritate them.

Also, despite their size, they will alert you when strangers are on your property, making them perfect watchdogs.

They are relatively easy to train due to their intelligence but are also sensitive, so don’t be surprised if they may become a little bit sad if you use a certain tone with them or express disappointment.

The Havashu’s Diet

Havashus are quite small dogs, so they will only need about a cup of food a day to remain in good shape.

This is perfect for anyone that wants to save money as you will only need to buy food once a month, costing at the most $35.

Premium dog food, however, should be the type of food that you opt for when choosing a food for your dog.

This type of food provides all the nutrients your dog needs to thrive and to be as healthy as possible.

There is also the option of learning how to make your own dog food to get the nutrients they need naturally.

How Much Exercise Does the Havashu Need?

The Havashu’s exercise requirements are very easy to meet. Indoor play is vital for them as this will give them the exercise they need while being around their owner, which is their favorite thing to do.

They also enjoy playing games with you since it exercises their mind, and activities like agility or obedience lessons also mentally stimulate them.

Aside from indoor play, it is also essential for them to go on daily walks at least twice a day to burn off any additional energy they may have.

If possible, trips to dog parks are very beneficial to this dog breed as it gives them time to play and socialize with other dogs. They are very suited for apartment living since a yard isn’t necessary.

Havashu Health and Conditions

The Havashu is a very healthy dog breed with a lot fewer health conditions that they are predisposed to.

They still have some to watch out for, and it is crucial for you to be aware of them to be able to pick up on any signs when they occur to avoid any complications.

Serious Issues:

Minor Issues:

  • Bone and Joint Problems
  • Allergies

My Final Thoughts on the HavashuHavashu guide

The Havashu is an all-around great, fun, affectionate, and energetic dog that is great for families and apartment living.

They have moderate grooming requirements, easy maintenance for diet and exercise, and many other fantastic characteristics.

I hope that this guide has taught you a lot about the Havashu and influenced you to get these cute pups.

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