The Havachon: A Complete Guide

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Finding the right dog breed can feel like a journey. Make it easy for yourself by knowing what kind of pet you are setting out to find.

The best way to do this is to learn everything there is to know about the dog breed you are interested in, and in this case, it is the Havachon.

The Havachon is a popular designer breed mixed with the Bichon Frise and the Havanese, and it is so adorable you will never want it out of your sight!

They will love to be around you as much as you would around them and are sweet to everyone, even other dogs.

cIn this guide, their behavior, intelligence, diet, and everything else that you need to know to decide if you would like to have a Havachon will be discussed.

Read on throughout this guide to learn more about this adorable dog breed.

Havachon Puppies – Before You Buy…

Havachon puppy
The Havachon does not require a lot of food.

Before you decide that you want a new dog, always make sure that you are in a place in your life where you can take care of them properly every day.

Too often are there dogs that have been abandoned or left on the streets because their owners could no longer take care of them.

If you are confident that you will not do this, then you are ready for a puppy.

What Price are Havachon Puppies?

The price for Havachon puppies varies from place to place according to their popularity. The general price range for these pups is $300 to $1,000, with other factors affecting the price as well.

The gender that you want may also determine the price because some breeders charge more for females, especially if not spayed.

You may also want to decide how young you would like your puppy to be since the older they are, the less they will be.

If you want a dog that is a year and a half compared to 6 weeks, the price will cost more for the younger ones.

How to Find Reputable Havachon Breeders?

The best way to find a responsible Havachon breeder is by looking online or in your local newspaper to see where they are being sold.

From there, you can meet the breeder and check out the place before deciding to buy a puppy from them.

When you go to check out the breeder’s home or kennel, make sure that the area that the dogs are kept is nice, clean and odor-free, as this shows that they care about the way the puppy lives.

Also, look at at least one of the parents of the puppy to see how they behave, any health issues they may have, and how they look to determine how they will be in the future.

3 Little-Known Facts about Havachon Puppies

  1. One cool fact that you may not have known about the Havachon is that their two parent breeds, the Havanese and the Bichon Frise, are both different types of Bichons, which are dogs that are derivatives of the Tenerife dog that was bred in Spain long ago.
  2. The Bichon Frise came to the United States when Italian sailors came across the dog when they came to Spain and liked them so much that they took them to Italy. When Italy was invaded by France some years later, they were brought to France where they got the name Bichon Frise, and their popularity since one of them was the pet of Henry III.
  3. Since the Havanese is also a descendant of the Bichon family, they are also from Tenerife, Spain, where they were brought to Cuba on ships. They developed the nickname the Cuban Velcro dog because they were always attached to their owners. They became the national dog of Cuba due to their love of the dog and its popularity.

Physical Traits of the Havachon

Bichon Frise and the Havanese Mix
The Havachons don’t shed much.

The Havachon has a sturdy build, which is unique in smaller dogs.

They have adorable round faces with ears that hang down that frame their faces.

They all have brown, expressive eyes and black noses and have tails that curl upward like a little fluff on their back.

Their coats vary in texture depending on which parent breed they take after most.

If mostly Havanese, they will have more of a wavy look to their fur and curlier if more of the Bichon Frise.

They don’t shed much, and this is good news for those of you that don’t want dog hair all over your house and clothing.

It is also great for those of you that are sensitive or allergic to dog fur since these pups are hypoallergenic.

Their coats will need to be brushed once to twice a week to ensure that their hair won’t mat due to their texture.

Their coats are very dense, being a double coat, and are very silky, soft, and smooth. It can vary in length, either being short or long, depending again on the parent breed they take after.

It can come in quite a few colors, which are white, cream, gray, black, brown, silver, blue, and pied.

How Big is a Full-Grown Havachon?

The Havachon has a height of 9 to 15 inches tall and can weigh between 9 to 17 pounds. It is common that a female from this breed will be slightly smaller than males.

Since they are so little, they are perfect for apartment and condo living since they don’t need a lot of space to function.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Havachon?

Havachons can live up to 15 years with proper care. They don’t have too many health risks, although there are some. They are not life-threatening as long as treated once they occur.

They are very easy to take care of with standard exercise requirements and a simple diet. As long as they have your affection and love, they will live very happy and content lives.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Havachon

Havachon playing
The Havachons can be white, cream, gray, black, brown, silver, blue, and pied.

The Havachon are lovely pets for families due to their cheerfulness and affection. They love to play, making them great for those that have small children and other pets in the house.

They need socialization like any dog to ensure that they are always friendly to other dogs and people. They get a little suspicious around strangers but warm up quickly to people.

They are very alert to unusual sounds, which means that they will let you know when anything fishy is going on. This makes them excellent watchdogs as well.

They are somewhat independent, making it crucial for them to be trained properly at a young age to prevent them from being stubborn and not listening to you.

Despite this, the Havachon is very clingy and will want to be by your side at all times of the day, even when you are sleeping.

Because of this, they are not a good choice for those of you that work long hours or travel a lot because they will be unhappy due to this separation anxiety.

Other than that, they make perfect dogs for those that will have time for them and want a furry little friend to take everywhere.

The Havachon’s Diet

The Havachon is a small dog breed and does not require a lot of food. They only need a cup of food a day, so it is perfect for those of you that want to stay on a budget.

The monthly cost of premium food can be anywhere from $30 to $50, which is great since you won’t be buying food repeatedly each month.

You can also find other healthy alternatives to feed your dog, like the raw meat diet or making your dog food from special ingredients.

No matter how you feed your dog, make sure to provide them with all the nutrients needed to help them grow strong and healthy.

How Much Exercise Does a Havachon Need?

The Havachon needs about 40 minutes of exercise a day, and you can do any activity with them as they will be happy no matter what as long as they are by your side.

Daily walks and dog parks will be the perfect way to make sure that they get the exercise they need since they will be having fun at the same time.

They will also enjoy thought stimulating games and activities like fetch since they make their mind work and their body.

Dog sports like obedience training, agility competitions, and flyball or swimming will be great for them also regarding mental stimulation.

Havachon Health and Conditions

These pups are a relatively healthy dog breed with not many health risks to be worried about until old age.

Most are preventable if caught in time and, even if they are not, are still treatable and will not stop them from living a happy life.

Serious Issues:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Heart Murmur
  • Portosystemic Shunt
  • Mitral Valve Disease

Minor Issues:

  • Cataracts
  • Bladder Stones and Infections

What are the best types of toys?

While your Havachon might not enjoy anything as much as your company, it is still important to buy some fun toys for your pet.

This will take away the nagging worry about your dog while you are away as it can play with its toys during that time.

In addition to this, toys can be presented as rewards to your dog on good behavior or following your commands properly.

Also, sometimes the dog does not feel very playful or active and only wants to spend time with playful objects so toys are ideal for such situations.

Before buying any toys for your dog make sure you take its size, strength, and build into account.

The Havachon is a very small and dainty dog which is why its toys should not be too large or heavy as they can hurt your pet.

SqueakAir Dog Toy Tennis Balls are the go-to toy for a Havachon since this dog loves running after balls.

These tennis balls are also small enough to be an appropriate fit for the small paws of your Havachon.

Next up, try getting dental chews for your little dog which will help it with anxiety and boredom along with cleansing its teeth.

The dental chews are also available in various delicious flavors so you can buy the one your Havachon likes the most.

This dog is also very fond of bones so you can buy durable bones made out of nylon or you can get rawhide bones.

Not only can these toys withstand continuous and aggressive chewing but also keep your dog very well entertained.

Another useful option is Zingy 3-Squeaker Dog Toy which comes with 3 different kinds of a squeaker and has no stuffing, so you should not worry about anything spilling out in case of a tear.

Also, make sure to avoid those toys which have small items attached to them as these present a choking hazard to your Havachon.

My Final Thoughts on the HavachonCute Havachon puppy

The Havachon is the perfect dog for those of you that want a dog that you can take around everywhere.

They are sweet, able to get along with anyone, love to play, easy to groom and maintain their weight – the list goes on and on!

The Havachon is the perfect dog for everyone.


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