Top 50 Greek Dog Names & Their Meanings

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The paradise nation of Greece, complete with its incredible history, has not only given us some of the most influential philosophers but also some very interesting options for Greek dog names.

Greek thinkers of the historical era may have changed the world, but Greek dog names are bound to change your life!

Inspired by Greek cities, mythology, and philosophers, here is a vast array of the most thoughtful and inspired Greek dog names for you to choose from and bestow over your beloved pet.

A close up of a black and white dogs face
His name is Achilles.

Male Greek Dog Names

  • Poseidon

From Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea, making it a mighty Greek dog name for a dog that loves to splash in the water and cherishes visits to the beach.

  • Socrates

This is one of the Greek dog names that come from Greek philosophers and classical thinkers.

Socrates was one of the founders and pioneers of Western philosophy.

  • Sirius

A very interesting pick for a Greek dog name, Sirius is the brighter star in the galaxy and is alternatively known as “Dog Star”.

The constellation that Sirius is a part of is called Canis Major, which means “the greater dog” in Latin.

  • Achilles

A celebrated hero of the Trojan war, known for being the bravest and most skilled warrior of the army.

  • Paros

This Greek dog name is inspired by the Greek island of Paros which is known for its beaches and the several traditional villages that it is comprised of.

  • Eros

In Greek mythology, Eros was the god of attraction and love and is believed to be the Greek equivalent of the Roman Cupid.

  • Zephyrus

The mighty god if the gentlest of the west winds.

Zephyrus is also known as the “messenger of spring”, making it a good moniker for a pet with a cool demeanor and mild temperament.

  • Troy

One of the most significant cities in Greek history where the War of Trojan took place.

Today, the land of Troy is known as Anatolia and is located in Turkey.

  • Apollo

A god of several facets, including music, poetry, prophecy, and knowledge – an ideal Greek dog name for a versatile pet with many talents.

  • Argos

The loyal dog owned by Odysseus.

Argos is also a city in Greece, so the name is inspired by both mythology and Greek cities.

  • Chiron

Chiron was a centaur that had the upper body of a man and the legs of a horse, which makes it a Greek dog name for a tall and mighty dog.

  • Hector

Another hero of the Trojan battle, the one that Achilles defeated.

Despite the defeat, Hector is remembered as the greatest warrior and fighter of Troy.

  • Orion

This Greek dog name is often recognized for being a star in the constellation.

Orion was a great huntsman, which makes this Greek dog name suitable for a hunting dog.

  • Plato

Another Classical Greek philosopher knew to be the father of the Academy in Athens.

  • Morpheus

A strong Greek dog name for a dreamy and intuitive pet, Morpheus was the god of dreams believed to deliver messages from gods to humans via dreams.

A dog sitting on the grass looking to the side
This is a female dog and her name is Europa.

Female Greek Dog Names

  • Selene

In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon, which makes this a fine Greek dog name for a pet that is alert in the night.

  • Nereid

Known as the sea nymph.

This is an unusual Greek dog name for a pet that loves water since it is inspired by the spirit of the sea.

  • Aphrodite

One of the most popular Greek goddesses that are to date used as a reference to describe a seductively attractive being.

Aphrodite was the self-centered goddess of passion, love, and beauty.

  • Elpis

The only spirit that remained after Pandora’s box had been unlocked.

This Greek dog name symbolizes hope.

  • Artemis

The goddess of hunting and also of the moon, known to be aloof but highly protective of the animals of the forest.

If your dog possesses any of these qualities, consider this a good option for a Greek dog name.

  • Europa

The very first queen to rule the Greek island of Crete.

A regal name for your royal furry princess.

  • Penelope

The name of the wife of King Odysseus.

  • Helen

Inspired by Helen of Troy, the strikingly beautiful daughter of Zeus.

  • Pandora

In Greek mythology, Pandora is believed to be the first mortal woman to walk the earth created by Zeus from clay.

The name will suit a brown-haired dog.

  • Cassandra

After Helen of Troy, Cassandra was believed to be the second most attractive woman.

  • Alejandra

In Greek, the name means “defender”, which is fitting for a protective guardian dog.

  • Hydra

Another island-inspired name, Hydra is one of the Greek Saronic Islands.

  • Agatha

This Greek name simply means “good”.

  • Alcina

A Greek dog name that means “strong-willed”, ideal for a pet with an independent streak.

  • Amaryllis

In Greek, the meaning of this name is “sparkling”.

A dog running towards you
This is Milos and he is a pretty active dog.

Cute Greek Dog Names

  • Hypnos

The Greek god of sleep; perfect for a lazy, laid-back pet.

  • Chronos

The god of time.

A name for a pet that appreciates a consistent and regular schedule.

  • Pan

The god of shepherds and flocks of sheep.

The name is short and ideal for a sheepdog.

  • Milos

After the famous volcanic island in Greece.

This is a Greek dog name that will suit a pet with a feisty personality.

  • Hermes

A very significant name in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus and a messenger of the gods.

  • Chaos

According to everything, everything begins with chaos, a state of void before the creation of something.

  • Titan

A significant of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

Also used to describe someone that has immense strength or influence, just like your pet will have on your life.

  • Paxi

Amongst the Ionian Islands in Greece, Paxi is the group of the smallest islands.

Hence, the name is ideal for a small-sized dog.

  • Leto

The lover of Zeus, a Titan goddess.

This is a short but powerful Greek dog name for a female dog.

  • Bia

The goddess of force and power; perfect to suit the mighty personality of your dog.

  • Symi

A popular Greek island is known for its vibrant beaches and music festivals, making it a good moniker for a lively pet.

  • Dottie

A Greek unisex name that means “gift of God”.

  • Genie

To refer to someone that has a noble descent.

  • Zale

The literal meaning of this Greek dog’s name is bold.

  • Callisto

One of the loyal hunting companions of Artemis.

The name itself means “most beautiful”.

  • Kyon

This Greek-origin word has a literal meaning of “dog”, which makes it one of the most sensible Greek dog names to have for your pet.

For a deeper meaning behind it, it may help to know that in Greek mythology, this was the name of the “golden dog” that kept Zeus safe as a baby.

The name will perfectly suit a pet that is protective and loyal as Kyon Kryseos.

  • Opa

A popular and widely-recognized expression of “cheers” in Greek culture, this short and sweet Greek dog name is bound to turn heads everywhere.

The name can be given to either gender.

  • Raki

Another short and charming name that will be very easy for your pet to quickly get accustomed to, Raki is a Greek word for “moonshine”.

The meaning behind this name is enough to encapsulate the light and joy that your precious pet will bring into your life.

  • Dogma

You may have heard this word several times in the English language, but not everyone knows that Dogma has Ancient Greek roots.

In the old native language, this word meant “opinion” or “belief” and would be used to describe a tenet or principle that would usually be recognized as the truth.

In addition to having the word “dog” in it, Dogma would make a great Greek name for your pet for its uniqueness as well as for the goodness that the word is often associated with.

  • Chobani

Originating from the Greek word “chopani”, the literal meaning of this dog name is “shepherd”, which makes it perfect for a herding dog that has been bred and trained to work with sheep.

Breeds like the German or Australian Shepherd, the Border Collie, or the Belgian Sheepdog are all great candidates for this unique and charming Greek dog name.

The Most Popular Greek Dog Name of All Time

  • Cerebrus

The most widely known mythical dog is the “Hound of Hades”, or Cerebrus, a gigantic three-headed dog.

Due to its massive recognition and significance in Greek mythology, it has gained immense popularity amongst Greek dog names.

My Final Thoughts

While most Greek dog names mainly come from Greek mythology, each of the names can be associated with the kind of pet dog that you own, be it in terms of color, size, or personality.

After going through the list of Greek dog names and their corresponding meanings, see which one best matches one or more aspects of your dog and start getting your pet used to its magnificent title!

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