The Great Golden Dane: A Complete Guide

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The Great Golden Dane is a large dog, a cross between the already big Golden Retriever and the colossal Great Dane.

The Great Golden Dane is a cross between two accomplished hunting dogs, the Golden Retriever is famous for its abilities as a gun dog, while the Great Dane was developed hundreds of years ago with the purpose of hunting and killing wild boar, a prey capable of offering ferocious resistance.

The Great Golden Dane bears an intimidating stature but is a gentle giant at heart.

The Golden Retriever and Great Dane are both known as friendly and social dogs; the Great Golden Dane is no different.

This dog is accepting of other animals and can be a fantastic member of any family with lodgings large enough to house it.

Great Golden Dane Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Great Golden Dane lying down
The Great Golden Dane is a loyal, intelligent and regal companion.

Welcoming a dog into your family is a big decision to make for anybody to make, there are tough decisions to be made and many personal considerations to ponder.

This guide will break down step by step whether or not the Great Golden Dane is the right dog for you, and hopefully, make the process a little easier.

What Price are Great Golden Dane Puppies?

The Great Golden Dane is not an overly common breed. It may be difficult to find good breeders depending on where you live and as such the prices may be quite high.

For a frame of reference, Great Danes usually range between $1000 and $3000 in cost, which is about what you should expect for a dog the Great Golden’s size and relative rarity.

Where to Find Reputable Great Golden Dane Breeders?

As mentioned, the Great Golden Dane is not always easy to find, depending on where you are located.

As such it is extra important to be particularly vigilant that you are choosing the right breeder. Do not settle for the easy option, make the decision that seems right to you.

Your Great Golden Dane breeder should be able to pass the following criteria:

  • A good breeder is passionate about the animals and knows many facts and care details about the breed which they should readily offer to you. Feel free to ask the breeder any questions you may have about the Great Golden Dane, taking on an animal into your family is a big decision, and they should respect your interest.
  • The breeder should be caring and compassionate about the dogs; they should give the impression that they are true animal people.
  • The breeder’s facilities should be hygienic, clean and spacious. It is important to support breeders that house their animals humanely.
  • The breeder should carry themselves with a sense of professionalism. A dog is a big financial decision, and they should be respectful of your decision-making process.

If the Great Golden Dane is too hard to find, the Great Dane and Golden Retriever are both common, popular dogs and purebred breeders for both dogs won’t be hard to find wherever you are located.

3 Little-Known Facts About Great Golden Dane Puppies

  1. The largest Great Dane ever recorded was Zeus, who stretched a whopping 44 inches tall and stood at over 7 feet when on his hindquarters.
  2. The Great Dane is actually a mongrel, being originally mixed between Greyhounds, Mastiffs, and Irish Wolfhounds. The Great Dane has physical attributes of its three parent breeds.
  3. Golden Retrievers are considered the 4th most intelligent dog breed, behind only Poodles, German Shepherds and Border Collies.

Physical Traits of the Great Golden Dane

The Golden Retriever and Great Dane mix at christmas
The Great Golden Dane will love you without reservation.

The Great Golden Dane is a big animal; its shoulders typically sit two feet above the ground hoisted by long, slender legs.

The Great Golden Dane sometimes takes more from the Golden Retriever aspect of its pedigree and others the opposite.

Its coat is typically short and straight if it takes after the Dane more, or medium and wavy if it takes after the Golden Retriever.

How Big is a Full-Grown Great Golden Dane?

The largest Great Goldens will reach up to 30 inches in height; typically they range around 27-29 inches for males and 25-27 inches for females.

Fully grown male Great Goldens generally weigh between 94 and a whopping 140 pounds, while the females normally weigh between 75 and 100 pounds.

What is the Great Golden Dane’s Life Expectancy?

Sadly, the Great Golden Dane is cursed with the short lifespan of the Great Dane. Most Great Goldens will live between 8 and 10 years, with some pushing toward 12 years old.

Being such a big animal, it is susceptible to numerous health issues, and its body takes a lot of strain over its lifetime.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Great Golden Dane

The Great Golden Dane running in snow
The Great Golden Dane is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Great Dane.

The Great Golden Dane is a loyal protector and a loving family member. It is quite intelligent and always keeps an inquisitive, watchful eye over its pack.

The Great Golden can harbor some problematic protective instincts from its Great Dane heritage but these behaviors can be rooted out with training and if the dog is properly socialized from a young age.

With proper training, the Great Golden Dane is an incredibly patient dog, often willing to take its fair share of annoyance from smaller animals like tiny kittens, or little children.

Still, the Great Golden should always be supervised when playing with smaller animals or people, if only because it is so big and can be clumsy.

The Great Golden is much more likely to harm someone than it is intentionally accidentally, it is a gentle giant and more than anything it just wants affection, like any other dog.

The Great Golden Dane makes a vigilant and intimidating guard dog and is often employed for his handy services in security.

This element of their personality makes them incredible companions also, extremely loyal and committed to their owners.

Your Great Golden will love you like you are their entire world and may try to climb onto your lap from time to time, despite their size.

It is necessary to train and socialize your Great Golden Dane as early as possible.

The Great Golden will often develop dominant behavior over other animals due to its natural size advantage, but it is important to curtail those behaviors as soon as possible.

The Great Golden Dane is an intelligent breed so training is not too difficult, just get in early and you will have no problems at all with your big fluffy friend.

The Great Golden Dane’s Diet

The Great Golden Dane eats a lot of food. It needs a lot of high-quality, high in protein dog food to keep its giant body energized.

One thing to consider if you’re contemplating getting a Great Dane hybrid is that they will make a dent in your wallet with their feeding costs.

These are animals with very healthy appetites; it is imperative not to overfeed them as they have serious issues with bloating which can often be fatal if not dealt with.

How Much Exercise Does the Great Golden Dane Need?

The Great Golden Dane requires a generous amount of exercise like any large dog, but strangely the Great Golden is considered lazy by the standards of a Great Dane hybrid.

Professional advice is to walk your Great Golden every day, at an average of 10 miles per week to keep them healthy and happy.

If you have a big backyard where your Great Golden Dane can run around in it will go a great way to ensuring that your giant friend won’t feel cooped up in their lodgings.

A hyperactive Great Golden can be quite a handful, or harmful, more accurately.

A giant, powerful dog can be extremely hard to handle if not exercised regularly.

Great Golden Dane Health and Conditions

Unfortunately, the Great Golden Dane is plagued with many of the health issues which suffer its parent the Great Dane.

Serious Issues

  • Bloat is a major issue for Great Dane hybrids. Owners should familiarise themselves with the symptoms and causes of bloat if considering buying a Dane crossbreed, as it is quite avoidable and the affliction can be severely painful for the animal.
  • The Great Golden Dane has a big heart, and it is prone to serious heart diseases and disorders. Regular checkups at the vet will catch any symptoms early, and the best course of treatment can be decided for your Great Golden.
  • Hip dysplasia affects many dogs, but for one of the Great Golden’s size, it can become quite crippling.

Minor Issues

A Good Guard Dog?

When assessing the worth of the Great Golden Dane as a guard dog, you should analyze its physical features and behavioral traits.

This breed of dogs stands tall at an average height of 30 inches.

The male Great Golden Dane can weigh from 94 to 140 pounds while the average weight of the female Great Golden Dane is 74 to 100 pounds. Plus, this dog is quite muscular with very powerful legs.

This makes it a very strong, hefty, and tall dog that is fit to protect you and your house against an unwanted arrival.

Also, the appearance of this dog is quite intimidating which is an important factor when choosing a guard dog.

An intimidating appearance will instill fear in the intruder and deter it – to some extent – from inflicting harm upon you.

The behavioral traits of this dog also make it very suitable as a guard dog. This dog is a very loyal protector and can prove to be an extremely loving member of your family.

This is why it will fiercely protect you against an intruder and will try its best to not let any harm come to you.

Furthermore, this dog is immensely vigilant and will keep a very strict watch during the night, especially.

Moreover, the Great Golden Dane is a very intelligent dog breed that can make quick and smart decisions when under pressure, for instance, during an attack.

In addition to these, this dog has a loud barking sound which will immediately alert you in case of any suspicious arrival in your house.

The intelligence and loyalty of the Great Golden Dane, coupled with its height and weight, make it an ideal guard dog that will give its all to keep you safe and happy.

My Final Thoughts on the Great Golden DaneThe Great Golden Dane smiling

If you have the room for it, the Great Golden Dane is a loyal, intelligent and regal companion which will love you without reservation.

It can make a great family dog if raised and trained properly but first-time dog owners should probably consider an easier breed.

Like its parents the Golden Retriever and Great Dane, the Great Golden is a great working dog and an accomplished hunter, making it a useful companion no matter what your lifestyle.


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