Great Dane Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Great Danes are called gentle giants for a reason: they have a tough exterior but an often sweet and trainable personality, which means that Great Dane names should mirror this aspect of the dog.

This is a breed that exudes radiance with its formidable personality, while also having a soft-corner for its family.

As the owner of a Great Dane, you will undoubtedly have to focus a lot on obedience training, but another great task that you will have to achieve even before you start training your pet is to look at the top choices for Great Dane names.

As with any pet, selecting the very best title can seem to be a daunting process, and much more so in the case of a dog that is equally as intimidating.

However, the christening of your Great Dane is a lot easier than you deem it to be when you have the right kind of guidance.

The Great Dane is a versatile dog, so a name that reflects that is one of the first criteria of the best Great Dane names.

More precisely, the name of your pet should either be descriptive of its enormous body structure and ominous presence.

Alternatively, the Great Dane you pick can also call to its obedient nature, or even to its German heritage.

Some of the most associable Great Dane names are listed below, along with their corresponding definitions to help you get through this task in a timely and enjoyable manner.

A black and white spotted Great Dane
This is Baldwin.

Male Great Dane Names

  • Apollo

This Great Dane name is inspired by the Greek god of healing.

Great Danes are also widely recognized as the “Apollo of Dogs”, which make the name ideal for your pet.

  • Alaska

Great Danes are an extremely popular choice in the United States and Alaska is the largest city in this country.

This Great Dane name hits two birds with one stone as it not only pays ode to the popularity of the Great Dane but also its humongous size.

  • Baldwin

Of German origin, Baldwin is a Great Dane name that means “brave friend”.

The name aptly highlights the two most intriguing facets of the Great Dane: its remarkable bravery and its companionship.

  • Stein

In German, this Great Dane name means “rock”, which signifies the kind of unfaltering support and strength that your pet brings to you.

The name is a way to elaborate on how you think your Great Dane is your rock.

  • Baron

The meaning of this Great Dane name is of Hebrew origin and means “son of strength”, which makes it perfectly applicable to your impressively strong and powerful dog child.

  • Beast

Great Danes may very well be labeled as beasts due to their huge build and this Great Dane name directly highlights this physical aspect of this dog.

  • Sergeant

This Great Dane name will instantly be recognized by onlookers because it is a commonly known rank in the police or the military.

The name aligns with the soldier-like persona of a Great Dane and is a tribute to its dignity and courageousness.

  • Sarge

Another shorter variation of the previous name, Sergeant.

Of French origin, the name has a literal meaning of “officer” and also means “to serve”.

  • Hugo

In German, the name Hugo means intelligent, which encapsulates the wisdom that is held by a Great Dane.

The name is also a play on the word “huge”, so it may also be a reference to the large size of your pet.

  • Colossus

Originally a Greek word, the colossus is today used as a word of the English language to describe something gigantic or enormous, like a large statue.

As a Great Dane name, it is a compelling title that truly describes the formidable size and almost statuesque physique of your pet.

  • Hunter

Used to refer to someone that hunts.

Great Dane make excellent hunting dogs and will also fondly accompany you on hunts.

  • Bjorn

This German name calls to the bear-like size and body structure of the Great Dane.

Bjorn means “bear”.

  • Jumbo

An informal term often used to describe something that is exceptionally large.

  • Magnum

A Great Dane name of Latin origin, Magnum comes from the word “Magnus” which translates as “great”, a word that is a part of the name of this breed.

Additionally, a Magnum is a kind of very powerful gun that is a trademark in the US.

This kind of gun is known for firing with a lot more power than is its caliber.

This is a good description of the way a Great Dane puts in every inch of strength and more into its attacks, not holding back at all.

  • Hulk

A character from the Marvel comics, Hulk is a wild, green-skinned beast that, when transformed into its superhuman form, leaves no question about its immense strength.

As a word, hulk means “bulky”.

A small Great Dane looking at you
Her name is Ada.

Female Great Dane Names

  • Kefira

In Hebrew, Kefira is a name that means “lion cub”.

The female Great Dane undoubtedly possesses lion-like qualities and power, which makes this a charming title for her.

  • Rebel

To describe someone who resists authority.

While the Great Dane is applauded for being one of the most well-behaved and obedient dog breeds around, an untrained dog of this kind will rebel like anything against its owners because it has grown up to believe that it can overpower them.

  • Ursa

Of Latin origin, this Great Dane name for a female pet has a literal definition of “bear”.

  • Sable

Sable is a Great Dane name that means “black” and hence should ideally be used for Great Danes that sport a dark or black fur coat.

  • Ada

In German, Ada is a name that means “nobility”.

The title is fitting for a noble and humble Great Dane, that despite its size will not show signs of aggression towards its family or use its powerful and strong body against them.

  • Valkyrie

Most of you would know this name from Norse mythology.

Valkyries are recognized as female warriors.

It is a name of Scandinavian origin and is a reference to the twelve handmaids of Odin.

As a Great Dane name, this is a powerful title to bestow upon a brave and fearless pet.

  • Lagertha

According to Viking history, Lagertha was the shieldmaiden and queen of what is today known as Norway and was the wife of Ragnar Lothbrok.

The reference to a Viking shieldmaiden makes this name an ode to the remarkable strength and warrior qualities possessed by your Great Dane.

  • Frauke

This is a Great Dane name of German origin which ironically means “little lady”.

The name is a constant, rather comical, reminder of the fact that no matter how large your Great Dane grows up to be, she will always be your baby girl.

  • Walda

Another German name that simply means “ruler”, ideal to describe the leadership qualities of your pet.

  • Philomena

This unusual and intriguing Great Dane name has Greek roots and literal meaning of “loved”, a way to remind your pet that she is your family’s beloved sweetheart.

  • Zelda

This Great Dane name with German roots means “grey battle” and is a reference to the physical appearance of a grey-coated Great Dane.

  • Trude

Another German origin name that refers to female warriors.

The literal meaning of this Great Dane name is “fighting woman”, making it one of the most ideal ways to describe the physique and the tenacity of your pet.

  • Ira

A simple Hebrew word with a straightforward meaning, Ira is a Great Dane name that means “watchful”.

The name honors your pet’s vigilance and remarkable effectiveness as a stellar watchdog as well as a great guard dog.

  • Huntress

The feminine of hunter – a tribute to the immaculate hunting skills of a Great Dane.

  • Freya

Another name taken from Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love and night.

This is a Great Dane name that calls to the Great Dane’s attentiveness in the night and its inherently loving disposition when it comes to her family.

Scooby Doo is a Great Dane
The most popular Great Dane of all time is surely Scooby-Doo.

Cute Great Dane Names

  • Dane

The title of your Great Dane pup could not get any simpler than this.

The name honors the name of the breed and is an English word that means “honorable”.

  • Moose

The largest of the deer family and a remarkable member of the forest.

The name is associable to the Great Dane not just due to the similarity in size but also due to the fact that a moose is a prized hunting trophy for many hunters, calling to the Great Dane’s hunting skills.

  • Marmaduke

A popular character from a hit comic, everyone’s favorite comic dog.

The Great Dane name means “leader of the sea.

  • Cyclone

A violent windstorm that causes a lot of destruction when it hits with full might, an apt way to describe the stormy personality of your Great Dane.

  • Boomer

A reference to the booming sound often associated with warfare.

Also, a way to describe a fully grown kangaroo that is known for its large size.

  • Rambo

Inspired by the famous character in the movie of the same title, this Great Dane name is a reference to the war veteran and military soldier portrayed in the movie.

  • Rogue

A powerful name to describe the rebellious streak that is inherently present in Great Danes.

  • Tank

A large war vehicle used in combat, both a tribute to the huge size of a Great Dane as well as to its combat skills.

  • Titan

This is a unisex Great Dane name of Greek origin which means “powerful, big man”.

A strong name for a brazen and bold Great Dane.

  • Thunder

Also a Great Dane name that can be used for either gender.

This moniker is a reference to the stormy temper of your pet.

  • Trojan

Inspired by the well-known figure in Roman history, the Roman emperor whose name was Trojan.

It can also be a reference to the Trojan horse, a key element used in the Battle of Troy.

  • Charlie

Of Germanic roots, Charlie is a unisex Great Dane name that means “free man”.

It is ideal for a free-spirited pet that cherishes its freedom and space.

  • Brandy

A hard kind of liquor that is known as “burning wine”.

The name is suitable for a female pup.

  • Goliath

To describe something that has a mammoth-like size.

The name applies to dogs of either gender and comes from Hebrew origins with a literal meaning of “tall”, perfect to describe the towering height of your Great Dane.

  • Rex

A mighty ruler.

The literal meaning of this Great Dane name is “king”, a perfect ode to your royal pet.

  • Kingsley

Coming from the English language, this name translates to ‘from the king’s meadow’.

The name has royal connotations and is fit for a very special dog.

Also, this name is very suitable if you want to call your dog by a regal name but not something which is very cliched, such as King.

  • Zeus

An extremely popular name, Zeus has Greek roots.

This name is widely known in Greek mythology where it was held by the highest of gods who ruled the earth and humankind for a very long time.

Use this name if your Great Dane is very confident and exhibits dominant personality traits.

Moreover, this is an ideal name for a very handsome, male dog.

  • Wolf

The more simple this name appears, the more attractive it is for a Great Dane.

This name will highlight the strength, bravery, fearlessness, and sharpness of the mind of your dog.

It is also perfect for a male dog who likes being on its own and is not scared of others.

Moreover, it is short and very easy to pronounce so neither you nor your dog would have any problem adjusting to this name.

  • Jett

Even though this name is quite unusual, it will sit well with a Great Dane with a dark black coat.

However, this name is not as superficial as it might appear on hearing it for the first time because it can also symbolize the darker personality traits and aggression of a Great Dane.

  • Mack

This name has Scottish and Irish roots and means ‘son of’.

It is usually given to a male dog and can underline its masculinity and strong physical or behavioral attributes.

It is yet again a very simple name but will give your dog confidence with its connotations of strength and bravery.

The Most Popular Great Dane Name of All Time

  • Scooby-Doo

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic dogs in the history of cartoons and animations.

Scooby-Doo was the goofy but smart, mystery-solving Great Dane that worked alongside his gang of human friends to bust any ghouls or supernatural beings and get to the bottom of their escapades.

As a popular Great Dane name, this is perhaps the most suitable choice for a title inspired by a cartoon icon that despite being featured for the first time in 1969, is still living in the heart of the audience.

Generations have come to love Scooby-Doo for its quirky antics and its overall presence as a good boy.

My Final Thoughts

When it comes to breeds as mighty as the Great Dane, it only makes sense that you look at some of the most suitable and thoughtful Great Dane names from the onset.

Hopefully, this compilation of Great Dane names has saved you the time and effort that you might have otherwise put into scouting hundreds of names and sources to find a good Great Dane name.

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