The Golden Pei: A Complete Guide

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The Golden Pei is a riveting mix of the affectionate Golden Retriever and the mighty Shar Pei.

While the dog can be a challenge to train, owing to the different behaviors of its two parent breeds, the Golden Pei is good for a lot of different kinds of lifestyles.

So whether you’re already a dog owner and belong to a multi-pet household, or are only just considering getting a dog for the first time, the Golden Pei will prove to be a delight for you.

There is a lot to be learned about this beautiful hybrid, especially if you’re a prospective parent for this breed.

For starters, we need to look into the background of the Golden Pei.

While not much is known about the history of this relatively nascent breed, it is believed that this is a designer dog bred for specific purposes.

Both parents of the Golden Pei were originally bred as hunting dogs that are widely known to possess a fondness of working hard, especially to serve the goals set by their masters.

The temperament, behavior, social skills, health, diet, and a lot more, will all be elaborated on in immaculate detail in this handy manual.

What you need to know before immersing yourself into the depths of this guide is the simple acknowledgment that the Golden Pei does well under patient but firm tutelage of its owner.

So, if you have the confidence and stamina to coach your pet into becoming the most faithful and dedicated companion to you and your family, you can look forward to gathering more knowledge about this crossbreed.

The Golden Pei Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small Golden Pei
The Golden Pei is an awesome guard dog.

Before delving into the personality and appearance of the Golden Pei, you need to get down some specifics that will outline what you need to have before bringing this dog home.

  • Do I know what a Golden Pei puppy costs?
  • How will I find a registered breeder for this breed?
  • Am I the best candidate to look after a Golden Pei puppy?

Don’t know the answers to these questions yet? Do not worry, for you are about to be enlightened on these concerns in the following sentences.

What price are the Golden Pei puppies?

The average price for a Golden Pei puppy falls within a range of $375 to $800. The price that you will be quoted for a puppy of this breed will depend a lot on the breeder.

Remember, do not fall for breeders who charge you a whole lot of money in exchange for empty promises of the high quality of the puppy.

Any Golden Pei puppy, regardless of the quality, will fall within the mentioned price range. Additional expenses, both medical and non-medical, will amount to $900 to $1200 per year.

How to find reputable Golden Pei breeders?

You may believe that finding good breeders who won’t swindle you for money is hard to find.

However, this task is a lot less risky than you think once you learn of all the signs that can help you decide whether a breeder is reliable or not.

The first and most important step you should take when you contact a breeder is asking to see the parents of the dog.

If the breeder gets puppies from via unethical processes that take place in puppy mills, he or she will do either or both of two things:

Firstly, the breeder will be hesitant about letting you meet with the parents or reveal their locations to you

Secondly, the breeder will show off about the abundance of puppies available, because multiple puppies mostly come from the mass production of hybrids, which is unhealthy for the dogs and compromises their quality.

Furthermore, make sure that the breeder provides all proofs of health clearances, not only for the puppy but also for the parent Golden Retriever and Shar Pei.

Additional signs that show you that a breeder is truthful with you is that he/she takes a genuine interest in the future life of the puppy, and therefore asks you a lot of questions to gauge your compatibility with the pup.

To get the most out of your breeder, do not hesitate to ask several questions yourself.

Do whatever it takes to remove any and all confusion in your mind about the general upkeep of your new pet.

3 Little-known facts about the Golden Pei puppies

Golden Peis are an interesting breed with a lot of surprises in store.

  • Aggression is an unknown trait to these dogs

The Golden Pei can get wary of unfamiliar faces, but will never act out in aggression.

Therefore, you need not worry about your pet attacking guests that visit your house for the first time.

However, it is still important to familiarize your pet with strangers to reassure it that there is no threat from the new people that it meets.

  • Be a pack leader to your dog

The Golden Pei is intelligent, owing to its startling genes, and will not mind some healthy, challenging training.

To mitigate the rigidness of your pet, portray yourself as the pack leader.

Be determined and firm in your training sessions, and teach your dog the idea of earning its rewards with good behavior and obedience.

  • You won’t have to dedicate a lot of your hours to its grooming

The Golden Pei has a short fur coat that lays close to its skin, and hence needs only moderate levels of grooming.

This entails that you will only need to brush your pet once a day to ensure that its coat is luscious and tangle-free.

Bathing requirements are only contingent on the cleanliness of the dog.

If it seems dirty, that will be a good time to give it a nice bath and maintain the luster of its coat.

Physical Traits of the Golden Pei

A Golden Pei with a red lead
The Golden Pei cherishes the company of its family.

The Golden Pei may be a large or at least a medium-sized dog. How much does it measure in terms of weight and height? Find out in the next segment.

How big is a full-grown Golden Pei?

The average measurements of a male Golden Pei are between 50 and 75 pounds, while a female Golden Pei will usually weigh between 40 and 60 pounds.

The height of Golden Pei dogs does not differ all that much between genders: the males of this kind often take up heights of 18 to 24 inches, with the female Golden Peis not lagging far behind at 17 to 23 inches tall.

What is the life expectancy of the Golden Pei?

The Golden Pei has a wide range of life expectancy.

The number of healthy years that your Golden Pei will live for depends on the diet, exercise, and overall quality of life that you provide it with.

On average, the Golden Pei tends to have a lifespan of between 8 and 15 years.

To make sure your dog has a lifespan on the higher end of this spectrum, boost its vitality in whichever ways you can.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Golden Pei

Since both the Golden Retriever and the Chinese Shar Pei are inherently alert dogs, a trait that helps immensely with their hunting instincts, your Golden Pei will also be an observant dog.

Despite its non-aggressive personality, expect your pet to be a good watchdog that will watch over you and your family.

It will also alert you towards anything that it perceives to be a threat to the sanctity of its home.

While there is no debate about the stubbornness of this hybrid, once it accepts your dominance in the house, it will be loyal and obedient to the core.

The Golden Pei is best described as a good-natured and well-rounded pooch.

Some consistent socialization and obedience training will go a long way to ensure that the dog knows how to behave with other children, animals, and humans.

You will not have to worry about the Golden Pei not being able to adjust to your family, for it will blend right in when you bring it home and accept your family as its own.

The inherent intelligence and mindfulness of these dogs make them very fond of challenges, so make sure to incorporate stimulating dog games in its training regime.

While they love to stay on their paws throughout the day, there is no better way for the dog to relax than to snuggling up close to you.

The Golden Pei Diet

A Golden Pei laying down
The Golden Pei is a good-natured canine.

Your Golden Pei will need a good two and a half to three cups of kibble every day.

You should be sure to split this amount into several small-sized portions throughout the day to avoid binge-eating.

Your vet will discuss your pet’s diet with you in great detail, and you can thus get a lot of guidance from him/her to decide what food is best suited to meet your Golden Pei’s requirements.

How much Exercise does a Golden Pei need?

Once you bring a Golden Pei home, know that it will display a lot of energy levels, which will need to be catered to.

Long walks of at least 75 minutes a day will suffice for your pet, but some added playtime with games will be most appreciated by your pet.

Its liking towards challenging activities means you can enjoy several games, like fetch and frisbee, with your dog.

Whichever game you involve it in, know that the Golden Pei will be the last one to lose interest in it. Take it to the dog park often to aid with its socializing needs.

This is also a good way to make sure that your Golden Pei meets new animals and people, which will reassure it that not every new face it sees is a threat.

Apartment living is not a problem with this breed, as long as you meet its activity needs. A yard that is bordered off with fencing is the ideal playground for your pet.

Do not let it stay exposed to heat during summer months, and keep it cool for the better part of the day.

The Golden Pei Health and Conditions

While designer dogs are known to be sturdier than purebreds, it is important to know what diseases can affect dogs of this breed.

Some major concerns that may put your Golden Pei at risk include hypothyroidism, epilepsy, OCD, and Von Willebrand’s disease.

Other minor conditions include allergies of the skin, eye problems, patellar luxation, and bloating that results from overeating.

My final thoughts on the Golden PeiA Golden Pei dog

We saw what qualities the Golden Pei inherits from its parents, and we saw what you can do to get the best out of your pet.

To sum, the Golden Pei is ideal for people with children, families, and senior people.

Adaptability is not a concern with this hybrid pooch, and while you will need to put in some effort and patience into its early training and upbringing, the Golden Pei will be a cooperative and devoted companion.

While it is not a clingy pet, you should know better than to leave your dog alone in solitude for long periods.

Finally, it is safe to say that the Golden Pei cherishes the company of its family.

Not only is it a good companion, but it will also protect you with all its might to ensure that no harm is ever done to you.

We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get a Golden Pei right away.

Therefore, if you can say, with conviction, that you will dedicate hours of your time to develop a well-rounded personality of your pet, know that the fruits of your efforts are numerous.

In short, for all the efforts that you put into its upbringing, you will be rewarded with the unquestionable partnership and obedience of this confident and almost aristocratic pooch.

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