Golden Newfie: A Complete Guide

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Over the past few decades, designer dog breeds have been increasing in popularity, providing potential pet owners a viable alternative to pure breeds.

In the best-case scenario, crossbreeding can result in deriving the most desirable characteristics of the two parent breeds.

The Golden Newfie crossbreed is a mix between the Golden Retriever and Newfoundland. It is a large or giant-sized crossbreed with a kind, devoted and trustworthy personality.

It is a highly esteemed family pet, making an excellent companion for small children and other pets.

In helping you to decide how well you can co-exist with this mixed breed, this article will provide current and relevant information which has been well researched.

Whether you are searching for a Golden Newfie or any other type of dog, you should arm yourself with whatever helps your decision.

Golden Newfie Puppies – Before You Buy…

A black Golden Newfie lying in its bed with a teddy
The Golden Newfie can live in an apartment.

This is a decision that is most likely to affect the next ten years or so of you and your dog’s life, selecting a dog breed for purchase is something which should not be taken very lightly.

Getting your hands on relevant information is recommended, as it can provide the best possible opportunity to obtain a breed that works best not only for you but for the animal as well.

Staying calm and level-headed and not buying the first puppy dog you lay your eyes on is something that will help you stay focused when finalizing your decision.

You should make sure to take into account the relevant information provided herein when considering the purchase of a Golden Newfie puppy, or any other type of breed for that matter.

What Price are Golden Newfie Puppies?

The average price of a Golden Newfie puppy can range in price from $800-$1200. You should try and shop around for a favorable deal when searching for that adorable puppy.

Bargaining skills can also come in handy, as they can save you money when negotiating a deal.

Be prepared to expend some energy and effort when looking for the ideal and unique breed you desire.

When purchasing a new puppy dog, you will have to really dig deep and use common sense so you can find a quality dog.

How to Find Reputable Golden Newfie Breeders?

As one may anticipate, it should take some time and effort to locate that perfect Golden Newfie puppy to purchase.

To initiate your search, an online search of the local breeders in your specific area is advisable. Many breeders post in new dog classifieds, so make sure you scan through those as well.

Try and get yourself out there by joining online dog forums, especially ones consisting of the breed you are searching for.

And of course, be sure to utilize social media to your advantage as a form of advertising what breed you have in mind.

When on your journey to spot this breed, you will get the best results from being consistent and determined in your efforts.

Getting some luck along the way never hurts, but you should not count on fortune to get the results you are looking for.

3 Little-Known Facts about Golden Newfie Puppies

  1. The Newfoundland has a disputed history, as it may come from either the Viking bear dog or a nomadic Indian dog.
  2. The is a top-notch water rescue dog, having skills such as pulling in nets and carrying boat lines to shore.
  3. The Golden Retriever hails from the Scottish Highlands, originating from the Bloodhound, Irish Setter, and Tweed Water Spaniel dog.
A long haired Golden Newfie sitting on a blue deck chair
The Golden Newfie breed is ideal for active families with young children.

Physical Traits of the Golden Newfie

As a large dog crossbreed, the Golden Newfie is rather formidable looking sporting a large broad head, expressive sad brown eyes, and a black nose.

Additional physical features include floppy ears, thick, dense neck, broad chest, and a complimenting muscular, powerful body.

The breed has a medium to long, dense, wavy coat which can come in colors black, brown, red and gray.

Its appearance is accentuated with webbed feet, muscular forequarters and hair covered toe tufts.

How Big is a Full-Grown Golden Newfie?

The Golden Newfie is a large or giant crossbreed which can get up to a height of 24 to 29 inches when fully grown.

The breed can weigh between 75 to 150 pounds, which makes it more preferable for this dog to live in a house with a yard and a relatively large area to use for exploring.

The larger size of this breed can afford protection and act as a deterrent against unwanted intruders. It is up to you to decide if you need this type of protection when selecting a certain type of breed.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Golden Newfie?

The average life expectancy of the Golden Newfie is approximately 8-13 years, which is around average compared to other larger breeds.

As with most pets, this breed requires sufficient exercise, mental stimulation, and a quality diet to have an opportunity to live a potentially happy and healthy life.

Simply put, it is the pet owners themselves who are wholly responsible for the health and well being of their pets.

It may take a while, but you will have to get to know your pet very well and be able to understand when they are not feeling well or are coming down with something.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Golden Newfie

The Golden Newfie is exceptionally well mannered and kind, eager to please and protective of people and property.

Although they are not an aggressive mixed breed, they can utilize their large size to keep down an intruder.

Due to their intelligence, this is not a very difficult breed to train, but not a very easy one either.

As with most breeds, tolerance and patience are required, as it will respond positively to a kind owner who utilizes consistent training procedures.

This massive bear of a dog does not bark much. However, it does give off a low growling noise when unknown individuals approach.

The Golden Newfie is a breed that possesses all of the positive traits such as affection, calmness, and trustworthiness.

A Golden Newfie sitting on rocks at the beach
The Golden Newfie loves to swim.

The Golden Newfie’s Diet

Owing mostly to its immense and impressive size, the Golden Newfie requires about four cups of dry dog food per day, which calculates a monthly cost of about $80-90.

You as the dog owner must adapt to your dog’s eating tendencies while being mindful not to overfeed so it does not gain unnecessary weight, which can adversely affect its future health.

A high-quality brand of dog food is strongly recommended, ensuring your pet will have proper nutrition.

The dog’s health and appearance is something which should be continuously monitored on a daily basis.

How Much Exercise Does The Golden Newfie Need?

The Golden Newfie is not one of those large dogs which spend most of its time laying around.

On the contrary, this crossbreed needs a decent amount of activity to keep it well exercised, healthy and content.

For most dogs of this breed, about 60 minutes a day of activity/exercise should suffice. They enjoy swimming, jogging next to you while biking or hiking through a trail.

Being active and having a family who can devote ample time to the dog’s needs is a plus for the animal.

Golden Newfie Health and Conditions

Schooling yourself on what types of illnesses can afflict your breed is information that can only work to your advantage when selecting a puppy dog to purchase.

If you are unlucky in your selection, a chronically ill pet can create emotional and financial heartache, which can work against the enjoyment of owning a pet.

The major health concerns of the Golden Newfie include are very few with just hip dysplasia and subaortic stenosis making the list.

The minor health issues are entropion and von Willebrand’s disease.

To make sure that your dog stays in top health, you should take it for its annual visit to the vet, which it may or may not like.

Remaining current on its vaccinations and getting a checkup will assist in identifying any issues which may require treatment.

Child Safety

Due to the sheer size of the Golden Newfie, it’s understandable that you might feel concerned about how well this breed of dog deals with children.

Likewise, if you have very young children in your family, you might be worried about accidents that could occur if this turns out to be a clumsy pet.

Luckily, you have very little to worry about here – this is a dog breed that does so very well in families, and loves being in the role of the protector to small children.

Similarly, this dog will be a wonderful friend to older children as they grow up as well.

The Golden Newfie has a very sweet-natured personality, but he or she also inherits a good degree of loyalty and intelligence from the parent breeds.

This means that it doesn’t take much telling or coaxing for this dog to be on their best behavior around kids.

You’ll find that this dog breed only ever makes very slow and deliberate movements when around babies, toddlers and very young children who might run rings around them as they sit still.

This is not just done out of a nurturing instinct – this dog is well aware of his or her size and doesn’t want to be a nuisance to anyone.

As time goes on, this dog will be a loyal protector of older kids, and likewise, always be there for them when life gets upsetting or distressing.

When your kids are studying for exams, your Golden Newfie will be lying right there in the room to keep them company.

My Final Thoughts on The Golden NewfieA Golden Newfie looking up with its tongue out

Mostly owing to its extremely kind, protective and loyal nature, the Golden Newfie breed is ideal for active families with young children and other pets.

Since this is an active dog that also loves to swim (in addition to land activities), living close to water could be a plus.

This is a very outgoing and social breed that gets along well with other pets and young children.

It is best to train them calmly and consistently since they are quite sensitive to the tone of your voice.

As stated, the Golden Newfie is one of the more desirable dog breeds to smoothly and effortlessly fit into a family setting.

Since most of its personality traits are exceedingly positive, this breed should not be overlooked when looking for the newest furry family member.

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