Golden Irish: The Irish Setter & Golden Retriever Mix

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Going on the journey to find the perfect dog to fit into your lifestyle is rather challenging since there are tons of dog breeds to choose from.

That is why it is crucial to know as much as you can about a dog breed. The Golden Irish can be the perfect choice for you, and I am going to explain why in this guide.

If you are the type that has a special place in your heart for big dogs but love the affection and companionship that usually comes with smaller breeds, this option will provide you with the best of both worlds.

Although this dog is pretty big, he loves cuddling up with his human friends and is very loving to everyone.

If you want to know about this dog breed and what other amazing features it possesses, read on in this guide.

This guide will make you fall in love with the Golden Irish and hopefully aid in the buying and decision-making process of buying a dog.

Golden Irish Puppies – Before You Buy…

A brown Golden Irish looking at you
The Golden Irish is so adorable.

When you go out to look for the perfect puppy for you and your family, it may be hard to distinguish your doggy soulmate from a big litter of pups.

Knowing what to look for when puppy shopping can help you in choosing the right one.

Before going on your hunt for a puppy, you should first decide if you want a boy or a girl since with certain breeders, the price can vary between the two.

Looking at the age of your pup is important, also, since the younger they are, the more special care they need to help them develop physically and mentally.

What Price are Golden Irish Puppies?

This puppy can be anywhere between $800 to $2,200, which is a bit pricey. But, if you choose to get this big guy, you won’t regret it.

The price of a new puppy varies depending on a number of factors, one being the state in which you buy the pup.

As mentioned earlier, the age and gender of the puppy can influence the price, and the health state does this as well.

A dog that has already been spayed or neutered will usually cost more than one that hasn’t, and the health history of the puppy’s parents plays a considerable role in the health risks that it can develop throughout its life.

How to Find Reputable Golden Irish Breeders

You can get all this information and anything else you need to know about the puppy you are interested in from a breeder that knows everything about this dog breed and has documentation of the dog’s shot records and health issues if there are any.

A dog breeder that can be trusted and provides this information is usually a breeder that is certified and has a history of dog breeding.

Be wary of buying from a breeder that knows little to nothing about the dog they are trying to sell, and be sure to look at customer reviews to get an idea of their reputation and work.

3 Little-Known Facts About Golden Irish Puppies

  1. The Irish Setter, one of the parent breeds of the Golden Irish, gained its popularity in the ‘60s and ‘70s by being the dog of choice to work with President Nixon in the white house.
  2. Their other parent breed, the Golden Retriever, is well-known to be a gentle and kind creature used in therapy for patients that need it and as a rescue and search dog. With these traits, this dog is very intelligent, and the Golden Irish inherited that intelligence.
  3. With a mixture of two dogs that have gorgeous, silky fur, your Golden Irish will have the ability to grab everyone’s attention that it encounters just from its beauty.

Physical Traits of the Golden Irish

Speaking of beauty, this dog has long, flowy hair that can come in a variety of colour and colour combinations.

It can be yellow, different shades of brown, red, and a mixture of two or three of these colours.

They inherit the lean and strong bodies of both their parents. The structure of their body makes it great for them to participate in agility competitions due to its power and slender, but muscular, physique.

Golden Irish
Image Credit By: rogue.golden, instagram

How Big is a Full-Grown Golden Irish?

A Golden Irish is full-grown after their first year, specifically around 18 months. They can become quite big, reaching a height of about two feet.

They weigh between 55 to 80 pounds, which depends on the parent breed they take after more and how active they are in their life.

Like any dogs, inactivity for long periods can lead to them being overweight.

With this dog’s size and high energy levels, it is not fit for apartment living since it requires a significant amount of space to be happy and active.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Golden Irish?

When choosing a dog, it is essential to get a dog that has the potential to live a long, fulfilling life.

Getting a dog in your family is a big deal, especially if your kids are young because they will want to grow up with the dog and no one would want to depart from a dog too soon.

That is another great thing about choosing the Golden Irish. Living between 10 to 15 years, you will have a dog that can stay by your side for as long as possible to enhance your life and that of the dog’s.

It is a blessing to have a furry friend to go through life with for a long time.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Golden Irish

This dog has a love for learning and using his mind instead of just his body.

That is what separates them from other dogs because although they love going out and being active, they also love a good challenge and would thrive in obedience classes.

If you’re the type to like to go to outings, hiking, or swimming, the Golden Irish will be a great companion because it enjoys activities like this just as much as you do, if not more.

After they use up all their energy (and yours), they enjoy relaxing and cuddling alongside members of the family after a long day.

If the puppy you decide to get has more of the traits of the Golden Retriever, it will be incredibly loving and friendly to everyone that it meets, no matter if the person is bad or good.

So, if you are looking to have a guard or watchdog, this might not be the most reliable choice as they are accepting towards everyone.

The Golden Irish’s Diet

The Irish Setter & Golden Retriever Mix
The Golden Irish is a friendly breed.

Since these dogs belong to the large size category of dogs, they require quite a bit of food, especially with how active they are.

They need about 3 cups of food at the least every day to maintain their weight and health. It is important to choose a dog food that is high in nutritional value and quality.

Even though this can put a toll on your wallet every month, it is worth it to have a healthy companion and not one that is lacking in nutrients.

This can lead to an unhappy and unhealthy canine.

How Much Exercise Does a Golden Irish Need?

Because of how active they tend to be, they need a large amount of exercise every day.

As I mentioned previously in this guide, this dog is not suited for apartment living because of the requirement of large, open fields to burn off its energy.

You can take this dog on about two walks a day and some playtime with you or other dogs, and it will be very happy and get the exercise requirement it needs, which is about 60 minutes a day.

Golden Irish Health and Conditions

This canine is probably the healthiest that they come, having very few health concerns in their lifetime.

This will save a lot of trips to the vet and the potential for a long life with you and your loved ones.

The only health risk that they can be exposed to is hip dysplasia, which is very common for all dog breeds that are medium to extra large.

Health Concerns:

  • Hip Dysplasia

What are the best types of toys?

No matter how much fun you and your dog have together, there will still be times when your dog would want its toys.

These toys will ensure that your Golden Irish can stay entertained and occupied even in your absence.

Also, you can use these toys as rewards when training your dog with positive reinforcement techniques. Moreover, gifting toys to your pet will bring the two of you closer to each other.

However, the process of getting a toy for your Golden Irish is not as simple as it might seem.

Keep in mind that with an average height of two feet and a weight of around 55 to 80 pounds, the Golden Irish is a very strong and hefty dog so you should not get it very tiny toys.

A Red KONG Wobbler is an ideal toy for a Golden Irish as it will keep your dog engaged and challenged for long.

Another interesting option is a dog chew ring which should be large-sized to accommodate for the mouth size of your Golden Irish.

Since this dog breed loves to run and chase after things, an entertaining toy will be a tennis ball or a rubber frisbee.

Apart from these, consider getting a cotton, knotted, rope tug toy since this dog has very strong teeth. Besides these, you can get your dog an indestructible and very reliable dog-bone chew toy.

Note that due to the strong jaw of a Golden Irish, most chew toys are unsuitable for it since it will quickly tear them apart.

Also, make sure you do not get any toys with pointed or tiny items attached to them.

Lastly, keep the toys clean at all times since the Golden Irish is likely to lick them all and might get sick because of dirty toys.

Male vs Female

The Golden Irish is a popular mix, not only for its good looks but because it combines two breeds of dog who are already beloved for having such even and friendly personalities.

Luckily, this friendliness is apparent in both males and females of this breed – and physically, both males and female Golden Irish dogs are just the right size for most families too.

Males are often a little larger than females, but exceptions exist.

Consider the differences between males and females of this breed when you’re looking to add a Golden Irish to your family.

As one example, the male Golden Irish is far more doting and inclined to be by your side at all times than the female.

Both dogs love you equally in this instance, but the male is driven by a pack mentality that means that he’s very fond of activities you can do together, or as a family group.

You’ll find that he always likes to be in the same room as you, even if you don’t interact.

Female Golden Irish dogs are a little more independent, although they won’t shun you for offering some fuss and attention also.

However, they’re content doing their own thing, and she doesn’t need to be by your side at all times.

A female Golden Irish is easier to coax to sleep in his or her bedroom or basket, for instance, than the male – who prefers sleeping in your bedroom if he is able.

Females of this breed are also a little timider than the males and often won’t approach other dogs unless approached first.

Meanwhile, male Golden Irish dogs love to make new friends of every shape and size.

My Final Thoughts on the Golden IrishA Golden Irish with long floppy ears

The Golden Irish is an excellent choice for anyone that has a love for big dogs with even bigger hearts.

They will gladly accompany you through life without a second thought and will have fun in the process.

This is a dog for those that love adventure and want a furry companion alongside them.

I hope that this guide has given you everything you need to know about these amazing dogs and has helped you decide whether or not you want to add them to your life.

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