The Golden Dox: A Complete Guide

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The Golden Dox is a medium to large mixed breed, the result of a crossing a Golden Retriever and a Dachshund.

He is a very talented dog participating in activities such as drug detection, competitive obedience, tracking, agility, and hunting.

He is a very willing and happy dog, friendly with people and devoted.

This dog has incredibly high energy and will require intense play to keep him physically and mentally stimulated.

His affectionate and intelligent disposition makes him an excellent choice for hunting, tracking, and other companion activities.

Grooming maintenance is fairly simple, with daily brushing and some light trimming for the featherings.

The Golden Dox generally has a happy disposition and enjoys being around his human family and friends.

He is smart, brave, and gentle. He is also very vigilant and can be suspicious of strangers, which makes him a good guard and watchdog.

The Golden Dox makes a terrific family dog because of his willingness and kindness.

Golden Dox Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small Golden Dox puppy
The Golden Dox requires plenty of play and exercise.

What Price are Golden Dox Puppies?

The price of Golden Dox puppies is approximately $500 to $1,000.

How to Find Reputable Golden Dox Breeders?

If you decide to get a Golden Dox from a breeder, you must find one that is reputable.

There are so many puppy mills out there trying to pass themselves off as legitimate breeders, and you need to be aware of how to tell the difference.

It could mean the difference between having a healthy and well-socialized dog and one that is emotionally and physically unhealthy.

Always meet at the facility where the dogs are bred and housed. Reputable breeders will have clean facilities that are not overcrowded.

The dogs should be comfortable and happy being around the breeder as well as other visitors. They should be active, healthy-looking, sociable, and friendly.

You can also get referrals from your veterinarian. If you have a trusted family vet, ask them if they know any good breeders for the breed you are interested in.

They also can be a good source of information for finding which breed would be good for you regarding energy, space, behavior, and temperament.

Check national kennel clubs or breed clubs. These clubs have extensive regulations to make sure their dogs are pedigree and their facilities meet high standards.

You can view their online marketplace or directory for local dog breeders they recommend.

You should have questions to ask about the dogs and the breeder, but also take note of how interested the breeders are in you.

If they seem genuinely concerned about making sure you will provide a good home, they’ll ask you just as many questions.

They may ask you whether having a spay or neuter contract is okay, or what kind of environment you have at home.

Reputable breeders will also make sure you know you can call anytime with questions as the dog matures.

Many will also take the dog back if your life circumstances change and you are no longer able to care for them.

3 Little-Known Facts About Golden Dox Puppies

  1. The Golden Dox is also known as the Golden Weiner Dog, Golden Weenie Dog, and the Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix.
  2. The Golden Dox is great with children but not with small animals, including cats. He also barks a lot around strangers.
  3. He can be comfortable on your lap or at your feet. He loves it when he can share your bed whenever he feels like staying there.

Physical Traits of the Golden Dox

A Golden Dox by a lake
The Golden Dox has a cheerful and friendly personality.

The Golden Dox is a medium to large dog measuring up to 23 inches in height and weighing approximately 30 to 60 pounds.

His coat can vary depending on whose coat type he inherits. The coat could be a single or double coat, which could also be medium-length or long.

It could also be smooth or wiry. Common coat colors include cream, yellow, brown, tan, white, black, golden, and red.

The Golden Dox has a medium-sized flat skull and long drooping ears. His eyes are almond-shaped, and his nose is black.

He appears to be a sturdy dog with a short leg and a long body.

The Golden Dox has moderate grooming needs. He’s also a moderate shedder.

He will need brushing every day to get rid of dead or loose hair. You will probably need to do frequent cleanups when he starts shedding all over your clothes or furniture.

Use a solid bristle brush and you will get his coat looking healthy and shiny. Give him a bath only when he needs one.

He is not a hypoallergenic dog and not suitable for people with dog allergies. Wipe his ears once a week and check them regularly to prevent ear infections.

Clip his nails when they get too long, making sure not to cut down to the quick where there are nerves.

Brush his teeth daily, or at least three times a week.

How Big is a Full-Grown Golden Dox?

The Golden Dox can grow up to 10 to 23 inches in height and weigh 30 to 60 lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Golden Dox?

The life expectancy of the Golden Dox is 10 to 14 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Golden Dox

A Golden Dox lying down
The Golden Dox requires moderate grooming.

The Golden Dox tends to be incredibly friendly and intelligent, with high energy levels. His social nature means he will be likely to welcome strangers.

This lovable dog is an excellent family companion and pet to first-time owners. He enjoys being the center of attention and will appreciate any praise he can receive.

Positive reinforcement is key with this breed. He will enjoy receiving treats as a reward. His social disposition makes him accept other dogs and become friends with other household pets.

Your Golden Dox is not a barker and will only do so occasionally. Socialization and early training should be provided so that he can learn safe boundaries at the onset.

High energy levels will need intense and vigorous activities to keep him happily engaged. If he becomes bored, he will express his boredom by digging or tearing down your furniture.

He is a very smart dog and may inherit an eagerness to please that usually makes training go smoothly.

However, the Dachshund genes in him can make him stubborn, and that may mean you will have some corrections to do as you train.

Just stay firm and positive. Reinforce his good behavior with rewards and praise.

The Golden Dox’s Diet

Give your Golden Dox one to two cups of good dry kibble regularly.

You may also keep him on the BARF diet, which includes raw foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, and bones.

How Much Exercise Does a Golden Dox Need?

The Golden Dox has a high level of energy that will require between 45 to 60 minutes of activity each day.

This active breed will enjoy intense amounts of activity to fulfill daily requirements and to be satisfied overall.

Your Golden Dox will be happy with a lifestyle that provides fun and enjoyment, like playing, swimming, fetching, and running.

The recommended minimum is at least two walks per day, with the addition of other vigorous activities to stimulate his mind.

A rural or country home with a fenced-in yard and a temperate climate is an ideal environment.
Apartment living is not suited because of his high energy levels.

Golden Dox Health and Conditions

Any dog could potentially inherit the health concerns their parents have.

For the Golden Dox, these may be allergies, joint dysplasia, epilepsy, bloat, diabetes, deafness, heart problems, eye problems, cancer, IVDD, and Cushing’s.

What are the best type of toys?

If you want your Golden Dox to remain active and healthy throughout its entire life then you need to make sure that you are playing with your dog enough to take care of its high energy levels.

Being a highly intelligent dog, the Golden Dox would require a variety of different toys and games to keep its mind stimulated and active.

Since this dog loves to always keep on doing something, it’ll always be looking out to play and it’s best that you have the perfect arsenal of toys that can be used in accordance to your mood.

Chew toys are the best starter toys for the Golden Dox as this dog has “retrieving” qualities that it gets from one of its parent breeds.

Having chew toys of different bright colors lying around the house is sure to keep your Golden Dox pup intrigued throughout the day.

Often the shape of the chew toy is also very important when it comes to piquing the interest of your pup early on when you’re just introducing the concept of toys.

You can start your pup off with small toys, preferably rolling balls that the pup can move around with its little paws.

You can also dedicate a few of the chew toys which are in the shape of a bone to be fetching toys so that whenever you take those out your Golden Dox will know it’s time to fetch.

As with all other things it is extremely important that you use toys that are safe and don’t have a chance to inflict any unnecessary harm to your little pup.

Using a rope and having your Golden Dox run after it can also be a very intriguing playtime activity for your little pup.

My Final Thoughts on the Golden DoxA Golden Dox with a heart pendant on its collar

The Golden Retriever parent’s temperament is one of its notable attributes. They are gentle, confident, and patient with children.

It is not uncommon for kids to take a nap with their heads on their Goldens.

The Golden Retriever will just stay there until they wake up or move away.

They are also very intelligent, easy to train, and eager to please. But they are not good guard dogs because of their trusting nature and gentle disposition.

The Dachshund parent dog is playful but can also be stubborn. They’re usually a challenge to train because of their stubbornness.

They are aggressive towards dogs and strangers. They are considered an average working dog on the intelligence scale, but they have the persistent ability to follow commands most of the time.

The Golden Dux loves people and thrives with constant attention. He is an ideal dog for young families and people who can devote a lot of time on him.

He’s not a suitable dog for immobile elderly people because he has too much energy.

The Golden Dox has a cheerful and friendly personality and enjoys being in social situations with pets and children.

He is loyal and alert and can be trained as a good watchdog. Overall, training is simple, but some dogs can exhibit willful behavior.

Plenty of exercise and play are necessary or he will develop undesirable behaviors.

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