Gerberian Shepsky: A Complete Guide

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Everybody needs a friend, and this is why I believe everybody needs a dog. For decades upon decades, dogs have stood by man as the ultimate companion.

They are cute; they are caring, they are courageous, they are true friends.

However, like most friendships, a dog will require work and maintenance. These aren’t robotic creatures, they feel and think.

It can be a lot of hard work maintaining a dogs happiness, but it is worth it for the happiness the relationship will bring you.

The Gerberian Shepsky is a hybrid that is rapidly rising in popularity. However, it is still quite a modern breed, with it only appearing for the first time this century.

However, if we look at the parent breeds, there is a long, rich history to be analyzed.

The German Shepherd’s name says it all. They were first bred in Germany as a working dog and has since been renowned for its obedience and easiness to train.

They love humans and any task that is put in front of them.

The Siberian Husky is similar to the German Shepherd in the sense that it was used as a working dog.

They’ve been used for centuries throughout Siberia for pulling sleighs and herding reindeers, as well as acting as an incredibly effective watchdog.

With the Gerberian Shepsky, you should expect an obedient, hard-working dog that loves activity, training and any sort of space to run around.

Its ancestry has made it intelligent and therefore will be a lot of work to both physically, and mentally stimulate this dog.

I have constructed this guide to walk you through the basics of both purchasing, and raising a Gerberian Shepsky.

I will detail its life expectancy, behavioral traits, and overall needs, as well as a flurry of other characteristics and information.

As I previously stated dogs love humans, and the Gerberian Shepsky is no exception. This guide had been designed to make your journey as a dog owner a little bit easier.

Are you interested in this unique crossbreed? Well then, keep on reading to learn more!

Gerberian Shepsky: Before You Buy

A Gerberian Shepsky walking towards you
The Gerberian Shepsky is highly protective.

There’s a slew of preparation that goes into buying a dog. It’s not an easy job, but neither is a roommate or any other type of pet.

You need to properly accommodate a dog in order to meet its needs, and maintain its happiness.

It may seem stressful at first, believe me, I know, but it is vital for making the early days of a dog’s assimilation easier.

Things you need to consider include:

  • Your household. The Gerberian Shepsky is a big, active dog, and will need the space to play and move around to accommodate this. If you’re in an apartment, don’t get this breed, as it will get claustrophobic and destructive.
  • Your daily schedule. Yes, we all have to work to get money, but when getting a dog, we have to take into account its need for socialization. If you have family members who are at home regularly to converse with this dog, this will not be a problem. However, if you live by yourself, you will need to alter your time for this dog in order to complete training and ensure its happiness.
  • Gender, color and your final decision when it comes to spaying/neutering.

How much is a Gerberian Shepsky?

The price of a puppy is a defining factor for most owners seeking a large breed.

Especially when looking for something of German Shepherd or Siberian Husky descent, you tend to be looking in a very high price range, and it can break the bank for a lot of first-time owners.

Luckily, the Gerberian Shepsky is an incredibly cost affordable dog.

You can pick it up from a reputable breeder for around $400-$500, which is considerably cheaper than the $1000+ price points of the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky.

So if you’re looking for a large breed that is cheap, with some unique traits, look no further!

How do I find a reputable breeder?

When it comes to purchasing a puppy, the breeder tends to be the most important, as well as the most stressful part.

Breeders can be somewhat anxiety-inducing, as you can never really peek behind the curtains of their process.

A breeder’s actions can alter and determine life expectancy, as well as mental and physical health.

So it is important to keep a close eye on how the breeder is going about their business. Make sure to ask around your neighborhood for recommendations.

A good breeder will:

  • Have a large, clean environment for the Gerberian Shepsky to be kept until purchase.
  • Socialize with the dogs at an early age, to kick-start their comfortability with humans.
  • Showcase an extensive amount of knowledge on the breeds associated with the Gerberian Shepsky.
  • Assist you and inform you of any requirements of the dog, as well as recommend foods, equipment and training techniques.

3 little-known facts about the Gerberian Shepsky

  1. It can have multi-colored eyes!
  2. They have garnered acclaim as both police dogs and rescue dogs!
  3. They are protective dogs, who will guard their human at all costs.

The Physical Traits of the Gerberian Shepsky

A multicoloured Gerberian Shepsky sitting on the grass
The Gerberian Shepsky sometimes has different colored eyes.

It’s hard to determine how a Gerberian Shepsky is going to look truly. As a crossbreed, its features can vary.

It can either look like a purebred German Shepherd, Siberian Husky or a complete combination of the two.

Each puppy will differ depending on genetics. However, some common features run rampant throughout the breed.

The most iconic part of a Gerberian Shepsky is their glittering eyes. These can be blue, brown or both. They also have quite a large, masculine build, with stern legs holding a sturdy, elegant build.

Their coat is often double layered and waterproof, to fight the cold. The colors can range from shades of brown, cream, red, blue, black, white and grey.

It’ll often have a fluffy tail and broad face, all of which is topped off with a stubby, black nose.

How big is a full-grown Gerberian Shepsky?

The GerberianShepsky is a large, broad dog that is built for work and activity.

It will often grow to 20-25 inches in length, which is quite a huge size which is around the same as its purebred predecessors.

Mass wise, it tends to weigh up to 72 pounds, with 50 being the minimum. The male is often larger than the female in both weight and length.

It is recommended that due to this size, you should watch it around smaller kids and babies for safety reasons.

What is the life expectancy of the Gerberian Shepsky?

The Gerberian Shepsky, unfortunately, has an estimated lifespan that is lower than most of its large breed counterparts.

It has an average of living around 10-13 years, which is shorter than the Siberian Husky’s 10-15 years, and around the same as the 13-year lifespan of a German Shepherd.

When estimating life expectancy, it is important to take health into account.

The Gerberian Shepksy is prone to several health issues, and its life expectancy can increase or decrease depending on how this is maintained.

It is important to keep a close eye on how it appears, and if any symptoms of illness persist.

Temperament, Personality and Behavioural Traits of the Gerberian Shepsky

A Gerberian Shepsky laying in the garden with a stick
The Gerberian Shepsky eats quite a lot.

The Gerberian Shepsky makes for a great family dog, as it is incredibly affectionate and loving of its owners. They are also great with children.

However, it can be wary of other pets, so it may not be ideal to plan to get a cat. It can be wary of strangers at first, which makes them a great watchdog, but will warm up to familiar faces.

The Gerberian Shepsky is a working-class dog and will need tasks and activities to stimulate it mentally and physically.

If it feels like it doesn’t have a purpose, it may wander or become reluctant to humans. In order to entertain the dog, it is important to participate in obedience training, physical trials and a range of other activities.

The Dietary Requirements of the Gerberian Shepsky

Due to it being a large, active dog, the Gerberian Shepsky will require a large amount of food daily for nutritional purposes.

It is estimated that they eat 3 cups of food per day, with this costing $40-$50 a month.

Due to its Siberian Ancestry, it’s going to love a lot of meats such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb and more. It is also important to sprinkle in dry dog food, fruits and grains for added nutritional benefits.

How much exercise does the Gerberian Shepsky need?

The Gerberian Shepsky is known for being incredibly active. It is going to need around 120 minutes of exercise per day, and 11 miles of walking each week.

To meet the Gerberian Shepsky’s needs, it is important to balance both walks and activities.

As mentioned earlier, the Gerberian Shepsky needs mental and physical stimulation, so any way you can challenge this dog, it is suggested you do so.

Health concerns and conditions of the Gerberian Shepsky

Possible illnesses include:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts

Male Vs Female

Once you have decided to get a Gerberian Shepsky for yourself, the next daunting choice is to select the gender.

A male Gerberian Shepsky normally weighs from 55 to 80 pounds while the female can be of 45 to 60 pounds.

The males of this dog breed are also taller at an average height of 22 to 25 inches than the females which are as tall as 20 to 22 inches.

Both male and female Gerberian Shepskies have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

If you are concerned about the behavioral aspects more than the physical traits of the two genders, females are much easier to deal with than males.

Moreover, a male Gerberian Shepsky is not as calm as a female one usually is.

Also, while the male Gerberian Shepsky might display aggressive behavior at times, the female Gerberian Shepsky will be much gentler.

In addition to this, the males of this breed are extremely energetic and overexcited.

However, the gentler attributes of the female Gerberian Shepsky should not be confused as a weakness since the female is equally protective and loyal as its male counterpart.

When it comes to training, the female Gerberian Shepsky will respond better to your commands and learn quicker than the male dog which will exhibit more playfulness during training.

You should also make note of the fact that the male Gerberian Shepsky is much more vulnerable to progressive retinal atrophy than the female dog.

If you are specifically looking for a docile and affectionate pet, particularly for your children, a female Gerberian Shepsky will be a better choice.

On the other hand, if you wish to use your dog for guarding purposes, the aggressive and dominant nature of the males of this breed makes them ideal as guard dogs.

Child Safety

Understandably, any dog owner with a family might feel apprehensive about having a Gerberian Shepsky meet the children.

The two-parent breeds of this popular mix are known for being bright and loyal dogs, but also pretty no-nonsense breeds in their own right.

However, you have nothing to fear here, if a few smart steps are taken. For one thing, it’s important to emphasize to both your dog and your children that there is friendship to be enjoyed here.

If your children are frightened of this big, strong dog, it’s important to encourage them early on to meet your Gerberian Shepsky, and learn they’re companions.

Children who why away and hide from big dogs only make them even more curious, meaning they try harder to get close to the kid – accidentally exacerbating the problem!

However, if you have children who are low in confidence – or perhaps at that tricky age where they aren’t too keen on learning responsibility – the intelligence and patience of the Gerberian Shepsky can help to bring those characteristics to the fore.

These dogs are friends for life to your children if you let them naturally play together, go on walks and so forth.

Children who lack confidence or who are worried about other kids teasing them will find the Gerberian Shepsky a very protective partner – and one likely to dissuade any bullying!

The size and power of this mixed breed flow through his or her movements easily, but you and your family will know the real secret – that this dog has quite a soft heart and a gentle demeanor.

Gerberian Shepsky ConclusionGerberian Shepsky with a bone collar looking at you

Overall, the Gerberian Shepsky is a high maintenance dog, and most likely not ideal for first-time owners.

However, if you’re dedicated to the mental stimulation and time the Gerberian Shepsky needs to thrive, it will make an intelligent, loyal and helpful companion.

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