Top 50 French Dog Names & Their Meanings

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One of the most beautiful and mesmerizing countries of the world, France has a vast range of French dog names to offer as inspiration for dog lovers all across the globe.

The most suitable candidates for French dog names are the polished and sophisticated classic breeds of dogs, like perhaps a Poodle or a Maltese.

That being said, it isn’t necessary that the title of your pet only describes its external appearance.

Considering the determination and perseverance of the strong-willed French people, French dog names may also capture the might of a strong and formidable breed, like the Dogue De Bordeaux.

Finally, French dog names should definitely be considered for French breeds of dogs.

History gives us a lot of significant French personalities as well, who can be used as inspiration for the title of your pet.

The following is a compilation of some of the most associable and thoughtful French dog names that you will be able to relate to your precious best friend.

A small dog names Eiffel
Hi there, my name is Eiffel.

Male French Dog Names

  • Monet

The inspiration behind this chic French dog name is world-famous French painter, Claude Monet, the father of impressionist painting in France.

The original meaning of this French name is “blessed protector”, making it an ideal choice for dogs that protect their human families with all their might.

  • Pinot

For an exquisite French wine-inspired name, Pinot Noir is a classic red wine of French origin.

The name comes from the French translations of the words “pine” and “black”, thus making it fit for a dog that has a black or dark-colored coat.

  • Bordeaux

The port city that makes a great French wine, Bordeaux is located in the southwest of France.

Goes without saying, if your pet is a Dogue de Bordeaux, this is the French dog name to go with.

  • Pierre

Food enthusiasts will love this French dog name.

The inspiration behind this name is Pierre Hermé, a world-renowned chocolatier, and French pastry chef.

In itself, the name means “rock”, which is a thoughtful way to describe the strength and support that you get from your pet.

  • Choux

Another pastry-inspired moniker for your sweet pet.

In French patisserie, a choux pastry is a dough that is filled with cream, usually used for profiteroles.

  • Soleil

This beautiful French name means “sun”.

A charming French dog name that encapsulates the radiance that resonates with your lively pet.

  • Malbec

Another wine-inspired French dog name originating from south-western France.

If you’re a wine enthusiast or just generally prefer wine as a drink, you will enjoy this moniker for your pet.

  • Filou

This French dog name has some very interesting implications.

As a French name, Filou refers to a trickster, which is ideal to describe a naughty pet that is always up to some kind of mischievous act.

Interestingly, King Louis XIV owned a dog with the same name. This was a Toy Poodle breed.

If you want to give your pet an aura of regality, this is the name to go with.

  • Pistache

This is a French dog name that is best suited for a tiny-sized dog, more specifically toy dogs.
The word is a French variation of the word “pistachio”, aptly describing your pet’s minute structure.

  • Renoir

A leading French impressionist painter whose works largely contributed to the development of Impressionism in France, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, is the inspirational personality behind this French dog name.

  • Voltaire

If you want to go for a more powerful name for your mighty pet, Voltaire is the nom de plume of French philosopher and pioneer of enlightenment writing, François- Marie Arouet.

This famous French figure is known for his wittiness that was often seen in his writings as an advocate of freedom of speech and religion.

For a pet that is single-minded, independent, and a free bird, Voltaire will be one of the aptest choices for French dog names.

  • Rémy

A significant figure of the Renaissance era, Rémy Bellau was a poet who is recognized for praising the simplest of things in his paradoxical literary works.

As a French dog name, Rémy means “oarsman”, which makes it a name to consider for a helpful dog that can always be relied on.

  • Napoleon

Any list of French dog names is incomplete without the mention of this title.

Napoleon Bonaparte is perhaps one of the most monumental figures in the history of the world, recognized and remembered for his impressive leadership skills that led him to great success in conquering a large chunk of European land.

The name undoubtedly belongs to a formidable pet that has immaculate hunting and leading skills that allow it to truly live up to its title.

  • Verne

From Jules Verne, French poet and novelist who also has a restaurant named after him that sits atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The meaning of this French dog name is a kind of tree grove.

Therefore, you should consider this name for a treeing breed.

A dog that likes to spend time in the woods is also a suitable candidate for this title.

  • Rennes

Taken from the French city situated in the north-west of France.

The meaning of this French dog name is truly mesmerizing.

“To rise again” is the literal definition of this name, which makes it ideal for a dog that does not give up easily and will always hold his head high and proud.

A sleeping dog called Garnier
His name is Garnier.

Female French Dog Names

  • Marseille

A popular city in the south of France that is known for its enriching history.

It is the second-largest city in France.

As a French dog name, it is believed to be derived from a word that means “spring”, which is ideal to describe your lovely female pet.

  • Lavande

From the word “lavender”.

This delightful female French dog name is a tribute to the lush lavender fields that France is proudly recognized for.

  • Fleur

Another floral name, Fleur is the French word that translates to “flower”.

We love this short and charming name for your beautiful pet that has a certain flower-like blossomy essence to its personality.

  • Chardonnay

This name comes from the world-famous French wine.

Chardonnay is a kind of white wine with an exquisite flavor, making it an idea French dog name pick for wine-lovers as well as for dog owners who own a white-colored dog.

  • Bijoux

A word that is French for jewelry.

This is an elegant name for an exotic dog breed that is spunky and lively, radiating its shining light throughout the house.

  • Chantal

A classic female French name, the literal definition of which is “singer”.

If your pet has a sing-song voice and is often vocal about its expressions with a lovely cooing sound, Chantal is a very good choice for a French dog name.

  • Printemps

A very unusual and uncommon name for a female dog.

This word describes the onset of spring, which makes it fitting for a pet that is mild-tempered and has a calm, cool demeanor that reminds you of the spring season.

  • Aimé

A beautiful female name that has a literal meaning of “beloved one”.

Adorning this French dog name over your lovely pet is the most perfect way to capture just how much she means to you and the amount of love that you have for her.

  • Celine

A French diminutive of the Latin word “caelum”, which can be defined as “heaven” or “sky”.

An ideal name for an angelic pet dog that has an independent streak that enables her to reach great heights.

The sky is the limit with a dog of many talents that carries this French name!

  • Joie

A simple and charming moniker for a cheery pet that is always happy and always endeavors to keep its human family pleased and happy as well.

The meaning of this French dog name is “joy”.

  • Félicité

This captivating French dog name for your female Frenchie has an equally attractive meaning, which is simply “happiness”.

All pets bring their owners a special kind of joy, and your adorable pet dog will be no exception to this.

Therefore, this title will aptly describe the happiness that you get from your furry best friend.

  • Étoile

A delightful name that will best describe a bright and delicate pet.

This French dog name represents a star, which is exactly what your pet is to you: the star of your life.

  • Chanel

After the revolutionary French brand name of luxury fashion – an ideal name for dog owners that are fashion enthusiasts.

  • Marion

After the popular French actress, Marion Cotillard.

The name itself has many meanings, which include “wished-for child” and “lady of the sea”, thus making it a suitable French dog name for a pooch that enjoys trips to the beach.

  • Belle

A popular French name that means “beautiful”.

This is the perfect pick for a French dog name that truly encapsulates the marvelous beauty of your lovely pet dog.

A small pup called Félicité
This is Félicité.

Cute French Dog Names

  • Marvel

This French baby name is a popular pick for French pups and means “miracle”, which is a delightful way to honor the induction of your beloved pet into your life and home.

The best part about this name is that you can easily consider it for both a male or a female dog.

  • Eiffel

After the iconic landmark that represents the capital of France, the Eiffel tower in Paris.

This French dog name can be used for either gender.

  • Brie

A fun name that is inspired by a kind of exotic French cheese.

  • Cassis

In addition to being the name of a community that resides in Marseille, Cassis is an interesting liqueur-inspired name for your pet.

The name comes from Creme de cassis, which is a kind of sweet French liqueur that has a dark-red color because it is made using blackcurrants.

  • Milou

Inspired by the trusty Fox Terrier of the character Tintin from The Adventures of Tintin.

This French dog name will make the most sense if your pet is a Fox Terrier, but it also works for a white-haired dog, considering that the name itself means “snowy”.

  • Chocolat

From chocolate, suitable for a brown-haired pup.

  • Gigi

The French variation of the name Georgine, which means “farmer”.

This French dog name will suit a sheepdog pup or one that has herding instincts.

  • Liberté

From liberty – this name aptly captures your freedom-loving dog.

It will also go with the personality of a free-spirited pooch.

  • Lune

Derived from the moon.

This is a befitting title for a pet that has an aura of mystery around it.

  • Alina

A French dog name that simply means “noble” and is mostly used for females.

  • Cher

“Dear one” is the meaning of this name, which is ideal for your beloved pet.

  • Chevy

A unisex French dog name that means “knight” – to be given to a protective guarding dog.

  • Garnier

From Palais Garnier, a well-known opera house in the heart of Paris.

  • Lyon

One of the most populous communes in France.

The name itself comes from “lion” and hence will suit a feisty pet.

  • Paris

What better way to pay tribute to the culture of France than to name your pet after the French capital itself.

The Most Popular French Dog Name of All Time

  • Coco

Many dog owners prefer to name their dog after a globally acclaimed French brand, Coco Chanel.

The name is particularly popular amongst petite and dainty pooches, but you might want to consider this popular French dog name for a brown-haired pet.

French Queen Marie Antoinette’s floppy-eared Papillon also had this French name.

My Final Thoughts

Some very fascinating French dog names can be taken from a language as beautiful as French.

Additionally, the culture, the monarchy, and some world-famous landmarks of France also serve as compelling sources of inspiration for French dog names.

So choose your pick and bestow a captivating name for your precious pooch!

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