French Bulldogs: A Complete Guide

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The Bulldog begins its history with an ancient and gruesome sport known as bull baiting. Bull baiting had two purposes.

The main purpose was that it was thought to make the meat more tender because it caused the bull’s blood to thin out before it died.

In fact, many Old English steakhouses had a rule that they would not accept any bulls that had not been baited before they died.

French Bulldog with flowers
The French Bulldogs have some unique features.

The second purpose was as a game of chance.

Spectators would gather around and watch to see if the dog could survive the horns.

Often they would place bets on this, and many dogs would die in the process.

The Bulldog was specifically bred to have massive jaws and a huge tolerance for pain.

These canines could grip on to the Bulls face and throat and hold on despite sustaining multiple puncture wounds.

In the early 1800s, however, this primitive practice was thankfully outlawed. however, this left Bulldogs without an official job. some went on to become guard dogs or for use in the military.

The French, however, saw a potential for these dogs as a loyal companion.

They crossbred the traditional English Bulldog with smaller French Terriers, and the final results were a small, friendly, loyal, and fun-loving Bulldog.

They were bred specifically as companion dogs for French nobility.

Today they are considered a purebred of the highest pedigree and are often displayed in dog shows around the world.

They are especially known for their cheerful demeanor affectionate treatment of their masters.

French Bulldog Puppies – Before You Buy…

Although these dogs are loved around the world, they are a lot of responsibility.

There are quite a few things that need to be considered, and you need to be willing to sacrifice both time and money to own one of these dogs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the French Bulldog.

What Price are French Bulldog Puppies?

These cute faces come at a very hefty price. They are currently the fourth most popular breed of dog in the United Kingdom.

They are bred as high pedigree show dogs and are companions too many wealthy actors and politicians.

As a result, the average French Bulldog puppy can cost up to $3,000 on the lower end and if it comes from a good stock can even cost as much as $8,000.

This incredibly high price is enough to turn away most buyers, unfortunately.

However, if you are willing to pay the initial price as well as all of the medical upkeep that these French Bulldogs require, then you will be rewarded with a very happy and friendly dog.

How to Find Reputable French Bulldog Breeders?

Thankfully this breed of dog has a very hard one to fake. They have very distinctive features that are unlike any other dog on the market.

The thing that you have to be most careful of when looking for a French Bulldog is for irresponsible breeders.

Because Bulldogs must be artificially inseminated, you will have many shady breeders who will engage in crossbreeding between family members.

Besides the moral implications of this, it can often result and disaster birth defects for the dogs. Sometimes these defects will not become visible until a few years into the French Bulldog’s life.

Breeders usually do this to save money, but what they are doing is outright lying to buyers.

Before you go and spend $5,000 on a new French Bulldog, make sure that the breeder who you’re buying from is reputable and can provide the appropriate pedigree papers.

3 Little-known facts about French Bulldog puppies

  1. The French Bulldog is a very cheerful and playful dog! They love playing with thrown balls and when are sent to fetch small sticks.
  2. Unlike traditional Bulldogs which are more self-sufficient, the French Bulldog requires a lot of human attention and affection.
  3. Over 75% of all French Bulldogs must be delivered through a C-Section surgery. Their large heads make it very difficult for their mothers to survive the birth-giving process.

Physical Traits of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has some of the most noticeable features of any breed of dog. They are truly unique.

They are short and stout with a muscular neck and a very defined face. They tend to be front-heavy with a large next to support their big head, and a lean and streamlined body going towards the rear.

Curios French Bulldog
The Curious-Looking French Bulldog

Looking at their coats, they are very fine and smooth and are close-cropped.

Many French Bulldogs are born with dark brown or black hair which officially disqualifies them from being considered as a standard “Frenchie.”

This means that if the Bulldog you are looking at has darker hair, then you can get a far lower price on it.

The French Bulldog has a heavy muscular structure and strong bones.

This is especially prominent in their large and strong head. Their jaws are strong, and they have large dark brown or black eyes.

They are known to have a very curious and worried look on their face at all times, even when they are completely happy.

Their ears are very large for their body and are sometimes referred to as “bat’s ears” because of their wide, triangular shape.

Their tails are usually short and stubby, but sometimes can be screwed (tightly curled).

How Big is a Full-Grown French Bulldog?

There can be quite a lot of size variation between French Bulldogs. This can be due to multiple factors from their diet, to their muscular structure, to the size of their parents.

These dogs have the potential to pack on a lot of muscle if they are worked hard enough. They can become quite stocky if the owner wishes them to, or they can remain lean and skinny (generally regarded as healthier).

These dogs range anywhere from 17 lb on the lighter side up to 26 lb on the heavier side. Their height from the ground is usually no taller than a foot, however.

These small dogs love to be picked up and carried around or just to cuddle and their owner’s lap as they are very affectionate.

What is the Life Expectancy of the French Bulldog?

The life expectancy of a French Bulldog is sadly only about 10 years long.

In some cases, they can live to be up to 12 or 13 years old if they have been given a clean and organic diet, are given proper exercise and are allowed to live a happy and carefree lifestyle.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the French Bulldog

French Bulldog on steps
The French Bulldogs are used in the military as guard dogs.

These dogs like to take things slow. It is after all the French tradition that bred them.

They can be intelligent and can be talk and trained to do quite a few tricks, but it requires patience and dedication to do so.

They are not known for being overly driven or motivated, however, if you can give them the right treats, then they have been known to do anything.

French Bulldogs were bred to be companions, and as a result, they need constant love and affection.

If they do not receive the proper amount of attention, then they can often resort to destructive habits. This can also cause them to be depressed, which in turn can cause sickness or reduced lifespan.

Personality-wise, they tend to be very cheerful and inquisitive dogs. They’re happy most of the time and are always curious to see what you may be doing.

If you walk in the door with a new bag or a new pair of shoes, they will be the first ones to notice, and will immediately come right up and start sniffing away.

Another interesting thing that has been observed about female French Bulldogs is that they are very protective of little children.

They have been known to sleep and the children’s room, and have even been known to try to follow the children to school. Your kids will never have a better bodyguard than a French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog’s Diet

These dogs usually do not need to eat more than two cups a day if they are on the bigger end of the scale, and if they are on the smaller end of the scale, then they can usually get away with about 1 and 1/2 cups of food a day.

With French Bulldogs especially, you want to make sure not to overfeed them.

When they are overfed, they can become overweight, and when they become overweight, they can develop more joint and bone issues.

How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need?

The French Bulldog is a relatively sedentary breed. They mostly enjoy lounging around the house or going for a brief walk around the neighborhood.

It is not a good idea to subject them to extensive strain as they’re respiratory system is not designed to take it.

If they are exposed to intense heat or two very humid environments for too long, they can fall victim to heatstroke.

French Bulldog Health and Conditions

Unfortunately, the French Bulldog is prone to developing quite a few different diseases and health issues.

Most of these have to do with bone degeneration or with their respiratory system.

This is in part because they are designer dogs, and were initially bred for looks more so than functionality.

Final Thoughts on the French BulldogFrench Bulldog guide

If you have the money to spend on the initial purchase and the money to upkeep all of the regular Veterinary visits that you are going to need to make, and the French Bulldog can make a wonderful companion for anybody.

They are very friendly and loving dogs, and they will watch over your children like they were their own.

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