Fluffy Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Dog owners looking for fluffy dog names will find that there are numerous ways to describe the fluffiness of their pets through their titles.

That being said, simply bestowing an English name on your dog that means “fluffy” may seem too simple a title for your special pet.

To make the best out of the whole process of christening your pup, you can tap into your creative sense and try to discover a name that is not unique but also delightful and full of meaning.

To truly go out of the box, you can consider fluffy dog names from foreign languages.

These can be words that have an interesting ring to them and at the same time are associable to your particular fluffy dog.

The following is a list of fluffy dog names that are bound to stand out from common dog names and at the same time will precisely describe some aspect of your pet.

Once you dive into these fluffy dog name options, we are sure that you would come out with the most perfect title for your fluffy pet.

A white fluffy dog laying on grass
Hello, my name is Wookie.

Male Fluffy Dog Names

  • Gordo

Although this doesn’t sound like a fluffy dog name, Gordo is a word that means “fluffy” in the Galician language.

We found this to be a very unique and uncommon name for a fluffy dog which will definitely astonish everyone who meets your pet.

  • Kohev

An Estonian fluffy dog name which has the literal meaning of “fluffy”, this is another unique kind of tag for your fluffy pooch.

  • Wookie

Inspired by the fictional species from the Star Wars movie franchise, this fluffy dog name pays tribute to Wookies that were known for their distinctive long hair.

  • Woolly

If your pet has a coat that is similar to the wool of a sheep, this will serve as one of the most ideal fluffy dog names for your beloved pet.

  • Ewok

Another Star Wars inspired name that describes a teddy-bear-like species.

This fluffy dog name will be recognized and appreciated by all Star Wars fans, while simultaneously describing the fluffiness of your pet dog.

Considering the small size of an Ewok, the name is more suitable for smaller-sized dogs.

  • Chewbacca

Another addition to the list of fluffy dog names inspired by Star Wars.

Although this name may sound like it is too long or too complicated for your pet to understand easily, you can always use shorter variations that relate to it, like Chewy or Bacca.

  • Flaum

A sweet little moniker for your precious furball, Flaum is a diminutive of a German term “flaumweich”, which is German for fluffy fur.

  • Nimbus

Most of you would recognize this name from the Harry Potter series as the broomstick that Harry Potter receives from Professor Minerva McGonagall for the Quidditch matches.

Apart from being a reference to this movie object, the name Nimbus means “rain cloud” or “halo”, which is ideal for your angelic pet that looks like a fluffy cloud on four paws.

  • Oso

A Spanish name that means “bear” – perfect for a fluffy pet that resembles a furry bear, be it small or large in size.

  • Yeti

If you want to name your pet after the mythical creature believed to be an inhabitant of the Himalayas, a large, hairy, ape-like animal, Yeti is a suitable fluffy dog name for a large pet.

  • Blewog

This is another very unique fluffy dog name that comes from the Welsh language and has a literal translation of ‘fluffy”.

  • Fozzie

For dog-lovers who want to name their pet after a TV character, Fozzie Bear is the inspiration behind this fluffy dog name.

One of the Muppet characters, Fozzie bear is a comical, furry character on the show portrayed as an orange bear.

If you have kids who can relate to this character, Fozzie is undoubtedly a good choice for a fluffy dog name that will pay tribute to this character.

  • Mullido

A Spanish name with an intriguing ring to it, the literal translation of Mullido is “soft” or “fluffy”.

Alternate meanings to this fluffy dog name include “springy”.

So, if your fluffy little pooch has a jumpy and sprightly persona, this name will perfectly describe both its physical appearance as well as its personality traits.

  • Harry

This simple name is actually a play around the word “hairy”, which will instantly make one shift focus on the voluminous fur of your fluffy dog.

  • Scruffy

This fluffy dog name has remained a popular choice amongst owners with shaggy dogs whose fur coats almost always look disheveled.

This name will suit a dog that has a naturally messy coat that looks shabby and unmanageable.

If you have a pet that requires very high maintenance in terms of grooming needs, this name will definitely suit your shabby but beloved pet.

A small white dog sitting up
This is Fozzie.

Female Fluffy Dog Names

  • Plush

A word that describes a soft fabric, like a very rich quality of cotton, wool, or silk.

It is usually used to describe something expensive and luxurious.

The meaning of this normal English word makes it a special and unique fluffy dog name for an elegant dog that looks like it was worth a large sum of money.

  • Fofo

This fluffy dog name will be very easy for your pet to pick up on the minute you start trying to get it accustomed to its title.

This short, two-syllable name is Portuguese for “fluffy”.

Even if your pet is not from a Portuguese ancestry, the name is quite irresistible to bestow over your sweet female pooch.

  • Fleecy

Like the fleece of a sheep, this fluffy dog name will describe your pet’s wool-like fur coat.

The name will go with a dog that is ideally white in color and has thick, dense fur covering its round body structure.

  • Meringue

A highly intriguing moniker for your pet, this is one of our favorite picks for fluffy dog names.

Like the decadent and light French dessert, if your pet is soft and fluffy, much like the texture of meringue, this is a suitable title for your pet, especially if you are a foodie!

  • Doux

Also a French word, Doux means “fluffy”.

Its literal translation to English is “soft”, making it another good choice for a fluffy dog name.

  • Cashmere

Fashion lovers will know the distinct qualities that a cashmere material is known and appreciated for.

Cashmere is a type of fine wool that is exceptionally soft and silky to the touch, which makes this an exotic name for your silky-haired pooch.

  • Quill

As far as unique but meaningful names go, this one stands out as perhaps one of the most eye-catching fluffy dog names we’ve heard.

The word describes a long feather of a bird,= and is widely used to refer to tail feathers in particular.

It is ideal to name a dog with long hairs, especially if its fur is black so that you can relate it even more meaningfully to the quill that is used to dip in an inkpot and write with.

  • Purus

Another foreign language name for a fuzzy pet.

In Lithuanian, Purus means “fluffy”.

  • Velvet

A popular choice of clothing material amongst women who want to go for a rich, expensive-looking look to their style, Velvet is a female fluffy dog name that will aptly describe the silkiness of your pet’s fur coat.

  • Nana

If you wish to take inspiration from a popular Disney movie, Nana was the name of Wendy’s faithful and highly caring pet dog in Peter Pan.

Nana was a Newfoundland breed, which is known for its large build, sporting an abundantly furry coat.

It is also largely appreciated for companionship qualities, especially for the roles of therapy dogs.

The loving and affectionate personalities of these dogs have earned them recognition as “nanny dogs”.

  • Pufos

The Romanian word for “fluffy”.

If you or your dog hail from Romania or are in some way related to a Romanian background, this fluffy dog name will honor this ancestry as well as describe your ball of fur.

  • Silky

This name has been a popular pick for dogs that sport a glossy and lustrous coat that truly stands out for its velvety texture.

  • Cloud

This simple yet sweet fluffy dog name has often been chosen to describe dogs that have a round bone structure and coats that make them look like a cloud floating about on four little legs.

  • Furby

A variation on the word “fur” and also the shorter form of “furball”.

For those of you who want to keep their pet’s name simple and easily understandable, this is an ideal choice.

  • Cotton

If your pet looks like a small ball of cotton wool, Cotton will make a charming and simple fluffy dog name.

Several small puppies in a row
Meringue loves to hang out with her fluffy friends.

Cute Fluffy Dog Names

  • Creampuff

This delightful food-inspired name refers to a pastry dessert that has a creamy custard filling.

The name is ideal for a puffy dog that is kind-hearted and mild-tempered with a soft center.

  • Pompom

This addition to the list of fluffy dog names could not be missed out.

A pompom is described as a small ball, usually of wool, attached with a string, and is usually seen as an embellishment on an outfit.

If your dog looks like a small ball of wool or simply has a tail that resembles a pompom, this moniker will be ideal for it.

  • Puffin

From puff; an informal way to describe something cuddly and soft.

  • Fuzzy

A term with a similar meaning to fluffy.

  • Jast

Taken from the Croatian word “paperjast” which means fluffy.

  • Fluffig

This Swedish fluffy dog name also means “fluffy” and even sounds like a play on the word “fluff”.

  • Grizzly

To describe a pet dog that looks more like a bear, preferably brown or black in color like a grizzly bear, and definitely as cuddly as one!

  • Downy

A play on the term “down”, which usually refers to the soft feathers of a bird.

  • Fluffcake

An interesting combination of two words that combine to describe the outer fluffiness and the inner sweetness of your fluffy dog.

  • Fuzzbutt

This fluffy dog name is bound to crack people up and is ideal for a dog that wiggles its furry butt when it moves.

  • Marshmallow

Another sweet fluffy dog name inspired from the light, almost cloud-like sweet snack.

  • Ruffles

This word describes a lace or frill that usually borders a piece of garment.

It is an ideal fluffy dog name if you want to describe the messy, ruffled up fur of your pet.

  • Pillow

For a pet that looks like a soft feather pillow.

  • Bunny

A lot of people prefer to name their dog after another animal, simply because of the resemblance of the fluff.

  • Snuggles

For a hairy pet that likes to cuddle up with its owner and will often be found nuzzling the members of its human family.

  • Snowflake

This name should be given to a white, female dog that has thick fur.

Suitable for a dog with a milky white, snow-like appearance, you can change this name to ‘Snowball’ for a fluffy, male dog.

Personality-wise, this name will fit a dog that is amiable, loves to socialize, and is fond of cuddling with its owner(s).

  • Foxy

Although this is an uncommon name, it is very attractive for a female dog.

This name is suitable for a fluffy dog since a fox also has thick fur.

This name will also speak of the daring, adventurous, and mysterious nature of the dog.

The name can be altered to ‘Fox’ if you are looking for a name for a fluffy, male dog.

  • Captain Fluff

If you are looking for a funny name for your playful dog, this is an easy option.

Not only will it highlight the importance of your dog, but it will also underscore its affectionate and jolly personality.

To make the name more ironic, give it to a dog that is very small in stature and weighs very less.

  • Poofy

This is, again, a very jolly name for a bright and radiant dog.

This name will go well with a dog that is active, playful, energetic and likes running around.

You can choose this name for both, a male or a female dog.

  • Peluche

Not only is this name very unique, but it sounds quite regal as well.

‘Peluche’ is Spanish for ‘fluffy’ and a very appropriate name for a female dog.

If your dog has very beautiful features, has a bold personality, and holds a special place in your heart, consider this feminine name for it.

In addition to this, you can be sure that there will be no other dog with this name in the park.

The Most Popular Fluffy Dog Name of All Time

  • Pushinka

This unusual fluffy dog name has an exotic ring to it, and rightfully so.

Pushinka comes from the Russian language and is translated to “fluffy”.

The reason behind the popularity of this name comes from the presidential dog that came as a gift from Nikita Khrushchev, former Russian leader, to the former president of the US, John F. Kennedy.

Pushinka was a mixed breed and an official White House pet that quickly won the hearts of many.

My Final Thoughts

It is always a fun activity to name a dog, and it is even more enjoyable when searching for the most appropriate fluffy dog names for your beloved pet.

After having gone through the list of some of the most unique fluffy dog names around, we hope you would have made the right choice by now!

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