Finnish Spitz: A Complete Guide

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Dogs are true friends. They never leave your side, they never abandon you, and they always care for you. They are loyal, protective and completely dedicated to their owners.

This is why they are regarded as one of the best pets in the world, and “man’s best friend’.

However, with this 10-15 year commitment that is obtaining a dog, comes a lot of responsibility. A dog requires a lot of love and attention as well, and you need to be the one to provide it.

At times it can be draining, at times it can be stressful, but ultimately it’s worth it.

The Finnish Spitz is the descendant of an ancient breed called the Northern Spitz. They first appeared thousands of years ago in both Russia and Finland.

They are popular as hunting dogs in Finland, where they are used to track small game and prey on a bird called the capercaillie.

It is also renowned as a tracking dog when it comes to its owner hunting. In most places today, however, it has received acclaim as a loving, caring companion dog.

In this guide today, I will go through the fundamentals of both owning, and caring for a Finnish Spitz. To make sure you are fully prepared to bring one into your home.

As I previously said, purchasing a dog can be a daunting, anxiety-driven process that can send you spiraling into self-doubt when it comes to caring for a whole new creature.

However, I have designed this guide to make you a little more comfortable.

By the end of reading this, you will know the life expectancy, behavioral traits and things you need to prepare for when bringing the Finnish Spitz home.

So if you’re interested in this dog, keep scrolling to learn more.

Finnish Spitz: Before You Buy

Finnish Spitz looking back in snow
The Finnish Spitz is a loving, friendly and affectionate dog breed.

I know that you’re probably overwhelmed when it comes to the prospect of bringing a dog home, and it can be a stressful thing to prepare for.

However, there is a list of steps you can follow to simplify it and make it seem a hell of a lot easier.

As you probably know, it is essential to prepare for your dog’s arrival, as space, where it will grow, can determine its behavioral characteristics.

When you are preparing to bring a dog into your house, you should make sure you have ample space for it to co-exist with you and if you have one, your family.

The Finnish Spitz is a medium-sized breed, and therefore should not be kept in an apartment. You will need to designate an area for this dog, for it to feel at home.

You should also prepare times for either yourself or your family to socialize this dog.

Like most puppies, the Finnish Spitz needs your guidance to settle into the domesticated world, and with your company, it can become anxious and destructive.

Other things you will need to prepare, and consider are your choices on color, gender and spaying/neutering. It’s all incredibly pressure-driven, and difficult.

But if you have this planned out, it will make your dog purchase smooth, and swift.

How much does a Finnish Spitz Cost?

Price plays a huge part in the type of dog you get.

Depending on your budget, you can either afford a small, medium or large dog and even then it’s hard to categorize specific dogs into specific price ranges.

The Finnish Spitz tends to be around the average price of most medium-sized breeds, ranging from $500 as a minimum, all the way to $700 as a maximum.

It is not the most cost-effective dog, but it is considerably cheaper than a lot of its purebred counterparts.

For a dog with such a unique figure and traits like the Finnish Spitz, this could be considered a bargain.

The price listed above is the estimated price to purchase from a reputable breeder. You can often find them cheaper at adoption shelters.

However, this will result in a $175 adoption fee on top of whatever price the adoption shelter is selling the dog for, which can be as low as $100.

If you’re looking to buy from a breeder, and the Finnish Spitz is out of your price range, try looking at smaller breeds, or hybrids.

How do I find a reputable breeder?

The Finnish Spitz isn’t your average dog. It has particular needs and very individual traits that make it incomparable to other dogs.

Therefore, the breeder will need to pay an attentive judgment to how they are working with these dogs, and have experience in breeding them.

When trying to find a reputable breeder, there are a few things you can analyze to determine their professionalism.

This can be anxiety-inducing, as you can never truly read the mind of a breeder, or truly analyze their process. However, by evaluating these factors, you should get a good sense of character.

Before even visiting a breeder, try and ask around your neighborhood, or inquire with friends, about what breeders are reputable and renowned.

Things to look for in a breeder include:

– A clean, spacious and safe establishment in which the dogs are kept until purchase.
– A caring, compassionate and attentive emphasis on conversing, and socializing with the puppies.
– An in-depth knowledge of the Finnish Spitz, and its history, character traits, physical needs and more.
– An emphasis on the cleanliness, feeding, and grooming of the puppies.
– An eagerness to assist you with any equipment, or questions you have.

Three little-known facts about the Finnish Spitz

  1. The Finnish Spitz has been known in the past as the Finnish Bird Dog, and the Finnish Cock-Eared Dog.
  2. The Finnish Spitz wasn’t bred in the United States until 1960.
  3.  The bark of the Finnish Spitz often sounds like a yodel.

The Physical Traits of the Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz smiling for camera
The Finnish Spitz is a great guard dog.

The Finnish Spitz has a very distinctive look that it has developed over the years, and it is one that is reminiscent of several Northern European dogs that also descended from the great Northern Spitz.

The Finnish Spitz resembles a fox, with its erect ears, and thick, dense coat that is painted with splotches of red, and tan.

It has a curled tail, with a black nose and brown eyes. It has a medium build and appears sleek and masculine, which acts as a pure demonstration of its athletic abilities.

Their underbelly is often pale, and they have extensive feathering on the tail.

How big is a full-grown Finnish Spitz?

The Finnish Spitz is a medium-sized breed and grows to around 15-18 inches long. This is a sleek, smaller size for most medium breeds, and represents its fast composure when it comes to hunting.

Weight-wise, it can grow up to around 28 pounds, with 20 being the bare minimum. This again is slim for a medium breed and represents its speed as a hunter, and tracker.

What is the life expectancy of the Finnish Spitz?

The Finnish Spitz has a life expectancy of around 13-14 years, which is the average for most medium-sized breeds.

It is important to pay attention to any signs or symptoms of health concerns, as this can extensively affect the lifespan of a Finnish Spitz.

Temperament, Personality and Behavioural Traits of the Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz curious in snow
The Finnish Spitz is mostly healthy.

The Finnish Spitz sees itself as an independent dog. Because of this, it will often be thinking that it is the master, and this is a trait you will need to fizzle out in training.

You will need to be firm, and emphasize obedience and discipline, to show who is boss.

Reward the Finnish Spitz with snacks as a strategy in positive reinforcement, and it will inspire it to obey more often.

The Finnish Spitz can be an avid barker, which makes for it being a great guard dog. It is wary and suspicious of strangers and will need to warm up to family friends that it does not see every day.

It is loving, friendly and affectionate, and doesn’t like to be left alone for too long. The Finnish Spitz is especially renowned for being playful and will be tempered with kids.

The dietary requirements of the Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz will eat around the average for most medium-sized breeds, with it consuming around 2,5 cups of food per day. This will cost you around $40-$50 a month.

The Finnish Spitz will enjoy a variety of meats including chicken, lamb, and pork. It is also important to implement dry dog food as a device for nutrients.

How much exercise does the Finnish Spitz need?

The Finnish Spitz is an incredibly active dog and will need roughly 90 minutes of exercise per day. 12 miles of this a week should go to walking.

The Finnish Spitz will love activities such as hiking, jogging, frisbee, and various agility trials.

Health concerns and conditions of the Finnish Spitz

Like most descendants of the Northern Spitz, the Finnish Spitz isn’t prone to very many serious conditions.

The only issues that occur are Epilepsy and Diabetes.

Finnish Spitz ConclusionFinnish Spitz guide

Overall, The Finnish Spitz dog is one that is going to take a lot of persistence and patience to exercise and train.

However, if you can achieve this, it is a loving dog that is as good with the family, as it is good with guarding your safety.


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