European Dog Names: 50 Awesome & Unique Ideas

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European dog names can span from so many different facets of the continent that it truly amazes dog lovers across the globe.

A region so diverse and rich in art, culture, science, cuisines, and history, Europe is home to a great many kinds of dog breeds that we’ve come to know and love over the years.

These include the friendly Golden Retrievers, the formidable German Shepherd, and the sweet Spanish Water Dog, amongst countless other breeds.

With so many options available, there needs to be a concise and complete guide list of the most suitable and creative European dog names, which is provided below.

A brown European Dog in the grass
This dog’s name is Andre.

Male European Dog Names

  • Adelmo

This German origin name means “noble protector”, which makes it fitting for a noble pet that takes your safety as a responsibility.

  • Clifford

This is an Old English name that literally means “ford by a cliff” and is also a reference to the famous red dog character, Clifford, from the children’s story titled Clifford the Big Red Dog.

  • Darcy

A reference to the Jane Austen book titled Pride and Prejudice.

Mr. Darcy was a resident of Derbyshire in England, which makes this one of the most appropriate European dog names.

  • Andre

This European dog name has Greek origins and means “warrior”, which makes it ideal for a hunting dog or one that will fight with anyone or anything that poses danger to its family.

  • Aldo

This Germanic name means “old” and is ideal for dog lovers who wish their pets to have the longest and healthiest lives possible.

  • Antoine

A classic Latin name that describes someone that is highly praiseworthy, much like your precious and impressive pet dog.

  • Alejandro

This name has Greek origins and means “defender”, which is ideal for a guard dog or a watchdog that protects your house.

  • Sergio

This European dog name has Latin roots and describes someone who serves.

The name is suitable for a pet that is always eager to please its humans.

  • Waldo

In German, Waldo means “ruler”, which makes it a name that should suit a dog that likes to lead and take charge.

  • Wallace

The meaning of this French name is “foreigner”, and foreign people visiting Europe is no uncommon sight.

  • Yardley

An English name that will suit a pet that likes to roam about and play in your backyard and roll around on the grass.

  • Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte was a significant figure in the history of Europe.

The name itself means “race of dwarves”, hence making for a good option for European dog names for short and stumpy canines.

  • Oxford

An English city known for its prestigious educational institute.

The name breaks down into “Ox Ford”, which relates to the large jungle animal.

  • Santo

An Italian name that means sacred.

  • Harry

A reference to British Prince Harry, the Duke of Cambridge.

Originally, the name has Germanic roots and means “home ruler”.

A grey fluffy European Dog
Her name is Diane.

Female European Dog Names

  • Adele

Adele is a popular British singing sensation.

This European dog name has German roots and means “noble”.

  • Caprice

A French name that means “whim” – perfect for a dog that tends to act on a whim.

  • Callie

Of Greek origin, Callie means “most beautiful”, which is the perfect way to describe your charming pet.

  • Brandy

A kind of very strong English wine.

This European dog name will be appreciated by wine enthusiasts.

  • Diane

Inspired by Roman mythology, Diane was a divine goddess known for her impeccable beauty and her remarkable swiftness.

This European dog name depicts a “huntress” that is quick on her feet, ideal for a vigilant and alert pet.

  • Sorcha

A name that has Gaelic roots, Sorcha symbolizes brightness and light – for a pet that radiates her positivity across the house.

  • Wanda

Of Slavic roots, Wanda means “wanderer” – for a pet that likes to explore.

  • Yasmin

This European dog name has Persian roots and is a reference to the beautiful flower called Jasmine.

  • Serenity

The meaning of this English name is “peacefulness”, which makes it perfect for a mild-tempered pet.

  • Sidra

A Latin name that means “starlike”, ideal for a bright pet that has become the star of your life.

  • Victoria

From Queen Victoria of the British monarchy.

The name itself derives from the word victory, making it ideal for a competitive dog that wins at everything.

  • Margaret

This European dog name has French roots and means “pearl”.

  • Mona

A Gaelic name for a female with the meaning “little one”.

The name is best suited for a petite dog that is small in size and has a dainty frame.

  • Nadine

The meaning of this Russian name is “hope”, which makes it one of the most charming and delightful European dog names for female dogs.

  • Natalya

A Latin name that symbolizes the birthday of Christ, making this a Biblical name.

A light coloured European Dog
He is called Bebe but he is not so fond of that name.

Cute European Dog Names

  • Beau

A French name for a cute puppy, Beau means “handsome”, which makes it a charming European dog name.

  • Bebe

This English name means “baby” and is one of the sweetest European dog names for a newborn pup.

  • Benito

A Latin name that means “blessed” – a perfect moniker for your blessed pup.

  • Bijou

This French name is unisex and stands for “jewel”, making it a sweet name for a precious pet.

  • Sterling

The currency of the European country of Britain.

The name also means “little star”.

  • Casanova

For a dog that charms everyone that it meets.

  • Rhys

A Welsh name that means “enthusiasm”, ideal to describe a pet that is always eager and enthusiastic to play with you.

  • Felix

A Latin name that means “successful” or “lucky”, exactly what you want your pet to be.

  • Desi

Also a European dog name with Latin roots, Desi means “longed for”.

  • Diablo

An English name that is a reference to the devil, ideal for a mischievous pup.

  • Hebe

This Greek name means “youth” and makes for a European dog name that will always keep your pet young at heart.

  • Kristian

To describe a follower of Christianity, a faith that is most followed in Europe.

  • Lilo

Of German origin, Lilo means “generous one”.

  • Odie

The name is a reference to the European cabbage plant with yellow-colored flowers.

  • Philippe

The meaning of this unisex English name is a reference to someone who loves horses and is ideal for a pet dog that has a horse-like gait.

The Most Popular European Dog Name of All Time

  • Coco

A popular French name for a pet, mostly used for brown dogs.

The name is also a reference to the world-famous luxury fashion brand designer, Coco Chanel.

My Final Thoughts

Considering the huge size of the entire continent of Europe and the remarkably diverse countries in it, each of which comes with a unique historical background and culture of its own, the choices for European dog names are endless.

Each of the above European dog names has roots in some parts of Europe, so all you need to do is see which one is originated from your favorite European country.

The second step would be to check the relevance of the meaning of the name you picked to the description of your dog.

If there’s a match, consider yourself successful at finding the ultimate European dog name!

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