The English Bullweiler: A Complete Guide

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Finding a guard dog that can still become a great companion is hard to come by.

Thanks to designer dogs, you can find dogs that can effectively guard your house as well as play with the kids.

The perfect blend that can achieve such a feat consists of a mix of English Bulldog and Rottweiler to result in an English Bullweiler.

This hybrid dog will be one of the best investments you’ll have ever made in your life.

Keep reading for a comprehensive look at the English Bullweiler.

English Bullweiler Puppies – Before You Buy…

A brown English Bullweiler with a camouflage vest on
The English Bullweilers often resemble the Rottweiler side of the family.

You can’t just walk into a kennel and pick the first dog you see and immediately bring it home.

Buying a dog requires some background knowledge. If you don’t do your homework, then you put yourself at risk as well as your family.

By understanding the living conditions that the English Bullweiler requires along with other elements such as expenses, you can make an objective decision regarding whether or not this truly is the dog for you.

What price are English Bullweiler Puppies?

The price tag on English Bullweiler puppies can range anywhere from $400 to $900, so it entirely depends on the breeder you go to.

More high-end English Bullweiler dogs will have a more expensive price tag, so it might be worth it to pay more for a dog you expect to become part of the family.

When you go to your local breeder, you should make sure to ask whether or not the total price of the English Bullweiler includes all the necessary health certifications as well as vaccinations.

Sometimes breeders tend to list only the price of the English Bullweiler itself and not the additional costs that you’ll have to pay for too.

If your breeder provides sufficient health certifications and proof of vaccinations, then you may end up having to pay a couple of hundred dollars to cover the cost.

Once you leave the breeder with your new English Bullweiler, your next stop should be to the vet. If you thought you were done coughing up money, let us tell you that you are far from it.

If you want to go through with neutering, deworming, blood tests, shots, and microchipping, it’ll cost you an additional $400 to $500.

Don’t forget that you’ll need a collar, crate, and a leash for your English Bullweiler because how else would your new puppy get around.

Over the years, you should expect to take your English Bullweiler to annual check-ups to the vet, which can cost a lot of money if you don’t purchase health insurance.

At an annual rate, you’ll spend around $600 covering your dog’s medical fees, which is something to take into consideration.

Not only will you have to account for medical costs pertaining to your English Bullweiler, but you also have to account for your dog’s non-medical needs.

For instance, your dog will require food, toys, and treats to go on with its day.

The non-medical costs of your English Bullweiler will add up to around $600 a year, but this number can change depending on the type of diet you have your puppy on.

How to Find Reputable English Bullweiler Breeders?

Finding a breeder that specializes in designer dogs will be a challenge, but you always want to make sure that you find a breeder that you can trust.

You can ask around regarding the reputation of the breeder you’re looking into, and if the references all attest to the breeder’s character, then you should give it a try.

A rule of thumb would be to make a note of how the dogs interact with the breeder when they’re showing you around the grounds.

If the dogs appear relaxed, then you know they were bred and raised in a healthy environment.

You can also ask the breeder to show proof of various certifications, which they should gladly show you.

If you’re noticing any resistance coming from the breeder regarding this matter, then you should cross his or her name off your list.

3 Little-known facts about English Bullweiler puppies

  1. It will rarely bark, and will only make noises when it’s playing or sleeping.
  2. Known to be very active, so you need to provide it the space it needs.
  3. It can be very affectionate and loves to cuddle with its owner.

Physical Traits of the English Bullweiler

A English Bulldog and Rottweiler mix with a red bandana
The English Bullweiler can run a lot.

Even though the English Bullweiler comes from the Rottweiler and the English Bulldog, it inherits certain traits that resemble the Rottweiler side of the family more than its English Bulldog parentage.

To break it down even further, the English Bullweiler has a face that closely resembles that of the Rottweiler.

The two dog breeds are always known to have a curious expression, which explains both of their energetic demeanors.

However, the English Bullweiler did inherit some traits from its English Bulldog side.

One of these inherited traits includes the English Bullweiler’s tail, which is short-coated as well as full-length. The face of this dog will show top wrinkles, which is also common to the English Bulldog.

In regards to the structure of the rest of its face, the ears will appear flappy and will drop down to the side of this dog’s face. The muzzle resembles that of the Rottweiler since it is short in length.

You’ll notice how your English Bullweiler will have a stocky head and a body that is both athletic and muscular.

Now let’s talk about color possibilities that are common to English Bullweilers. Beginning with its eyes, the English Bullweiler will most likely have brown eyes.

Moving onto the nose, the chances of this dog having a black nose are pretty high.

Things start to get confusing when you bring in coat colors to the table. The English Bullweiler doesn’t adhere to a single coat color, which makes sense as to why there are four coat color options.

You’ll find English Bullweilers whose coats can resemble one of these four colors:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Red

The size and texture of the coat of an English Bullweiler can vary. This means you’ll find coats that are short and wavy or short and thick.

As you can see, the consistent element regarding the coat of this dog is that it will be short.

How big is a full-grown English Bullweiler?

The size of your full-grown English Bullweiler will depend on a few factors, and one of them is gender.

A male English Bullweiler will grow to a height ranging from 19 inches to 25 inches. On the other hand, a female English Bullweiler will reach heights varying from 18 inches to 20 inches.

The height difference surprisingly doesn’t translate to a difference in weight. It may shock you that both a male and a female English Bullweiler will weigh around 70 pounds to 110 pounds.

What is the life expectancy of the English Bullweiler?

The English Bullweiler will have a minimum life expectancy of eight years, which converts to around 55 human years.

If you take outstanding care of your English Bullweiler, you can expect it to live up to 12 years old.

This means that the oldest your English Bullweiler can live up to is about 76 human years.

To prepare yourself for the worst, you should ask for a full screening of your English Bullweiler parent dogs because these dogs tend to develop genetic conditions.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the English Bullweiler

An English Bullweiler comes born with a protective instinct that makes them excellent to have around when you have kids.

Keep in mind that because of its size, you need to train this dog how to behave around your young kids before you leave it in a room alone with them.

To give you a clear picture regarding the temperament of the English Bullweiler, you can think of it as a gentle giant.

In fact, the English Bullweiler will become the best cuddle partner that you’ve ever had.

Ask any family who has ever owned an English Bullweiler, and they will all tell you that the English Bullweiler truly is a family companion.

You should know that English Bullweilers can be stubborn at times, but it does not negatively affect its ability to learn.

All this dog needs is a bit of patience and time, and you can teach it nearly anything you want it to.

The English Bullweiler’s Diet

Two English Bullweilers playing on the beach
The English Bullweilers need a lot of space.

Ranking in the average weight of 90 pounds, it’s no surprise that the English Bullweiler requires up to 4.5 cups of food a day to go about its everyday tasks.

We advise feeding your English Bullweiler high-end dog food since low-quality dog food can severely impact your dog’s health later on in life.

In regards to the exact type of food your English Bullweiler can consume, you can feed it anything from fish to red meat to chicken.

There are also some vegetable options you can feed your English Bullweiler, but it will require some meat for it to grow as big as is expected.

How much Exercise does an English Bullweiler need?

Compared to dogs similar to its size, the English Bullweiler requires the expected amount of daily exercise. This particular hybrid dog comes loaded with moderate energy levels.

The somewhat high energy levels will require you to set some part of your day aside to dedicate towards planning a workout schedule for your English Bullweiler.

Vets recommend setting aside 30 to 40 minutes a day as the time designated for your English Bullweiler’s workout.

The English Bullweiler enjoys numerous activities that include running, swimming, walking, and much more.

This means you will never get bored taking your dog out for its daily exercise session because you can do different activities every day.

If you plan on primarily taking your English Bullweiler out on walks, you should consider two walks daily.

Hitting the two walk a day benchmark is the advised minimum exercise regime for an English Bullweiler.

The two short walks rather than one long walk ensures that your English Bullweiler never gets bored of being in one location for too long.

In the span of a week, your dog should cover up to nine miles of pavement. You can divide the walks as you see fit as long as they are spread out to two walks a day.

Those who live in a rural area will find the English Bullweiler to be a suitable companion for these types of hybrid dogs thrive in large open-space environments.

If you experience a warm climate for most of the year, then you have another reason to get yourself an English Bullweiler.

Since the English Bullweiler is large in size, we would not recommend setting it up in a cramped city apartment.

The lack of space will surely limit your English Bullweiler ability to roam around, which will negatively affect its temperament.

Make sure not to leave your English Bullweiler alone, so it’s important always to keep it engaged as the day goes by.

You can easily do this by ensuring the dog receives the recommended exercise it requires to grow at a healthy pace.

English Bullweiler Health and Conditions

Most of the health issues that the English Bullweiler will develop late in its life will most likely have been inherited from its parents.

It’s crucial you take your English Bullweiler to its annual check-ups so you can stay up to date on its health situation.

Health Concerns

What are the best types of toys?

The old fashioned looks of this dog breed often mean that good old fashioned dog toys work as well with this breed as they did with the ancestors of the English Bullweiler a hundred years ago.

Classic chew toys, be they flavored or just rough and tough, give plenty for this strong pooch to get their teeth into.

It’s important for any excess energy or frustration in this breed to be channeled into a stress relief toy like this.

Don’t overlook the big soft heart of this tough guy dog breed though. These dogs are good with families, but they also tend to pick favorites among their toys to be companions, carried around and huddled up with at naptime.

Because of that quirk, plush toys can make a surprisingly good choice for the English Bullweiler.

Make sure to stick with plushes made especially for dogs though, because they’re able to take a fair bit more punishment than regular children’s plush toys.

Active toys, like balls and frisbees, also are always appreciated by your English Bullweiler.

Any toy that lets your pet burn off some energy and show off their formidable strength in the park is always going to be a solid choice.

This breed has a protective element to them, so watch out for your dog being a little possessive of his or her toys – especially favorites, such as plush companions or their favorite ball.

You might find it tricky sometimes to take those toys and pack them away when playtime is over – the English Bullweiler is stubborn!

Final thoughts on the English BullweilerA English Bullweiler sitting in the grass looking at you

If your kids have been begging you for a dog, then perhaps you found what you’ve been searching for with the English Bullweiler.

The English Bullweiler will make an excellent companion that your child will grow to love and nurture.

You won’t be disappointed when you bring home an English Bullweiler.

If you still have some remaining questions that have not been discussed above, feel free to leave them below.

We will make sure to provide the answers you need to finalize your decision.

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