The English Bull Dane: A Complete Guide

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A hybrid of two very powerful breeds, the English Bull Dane brings together the physical and behavioural traits of both the English Bulldog and the Great Dane.

While not much is known about the origins of this crossbreed, it is believed that the English Bull Dane is a result of designer breeding, meaning it was crafted to serve specific purposes.

In this article, not only will you learn all about this mixed dog, but will also find out whether the English Bull Dane is the right for you.

To sum, the English Bull Dane is considered to be a large canine with a height that usually takes after the Great Dane.

Considering the immense strength that is characteristic of both parent breeds, the English Bull Dane is not suited for inexperienced owners that are at higher risk of getting overpowered by the dog.

Before diving into the specific characteristics of the English Bull Dane, however, it is important to take a look at the background and features of both dog breeds that make up its parentage.

The English Bulldog has roots with the descendants of the Mastiff breed, originally used for a vicious sport known as bull-baiting, but later on, being modified and developed into a tolerant and gentle dog meant for companionship.

On the other hand, the Great Dane is an ancient breed also believed to have some Mastiff genes in its ancestry.

This dog was originally used for hunting boars, but it is today a calm and docile dog. The strong parents of the English Bull Dane undoubtedly make it a formidable dog.

So, let us now start by going into the depths of what kind of pet the English Bull Dane makes.

The English Bull Dane Puppies – Before You Buy…

The English Bull Dane wearing a sweater
The English Bull Dane is a smart and lovable pet.

Look at the following questions to get your hands on some basic knowledge about English Bull Dane puppies:

  • Will I be able to afford an English Bull Dane puppy?
  • How can I find a good and honest breeder for an English Bull Dane?
  • Do I have all that it takes to take good care of an English Bull Dane?

The answers to the above questions will help you better understand what to expect when you head out to buy an English Bull Dane pup.

What price are the English Bull Dane puppies?

On average, an English Bull Dane puppy will have a starting price of approximately $400.

The price range for mixed breeds is usually lower than the purebred parents.

In this case, the price that will be quoted to you for an English Bull Dane puppy will be contingent on several factors, including the quality and price range of its respective parents.

While the Great Dane has a starting price of $600 and can go up till $3000, the English Bulldog is a relatively more expensive dog, being priced between $1500 to $3000.

So while you can expect your new puppy to be priced above $1000, there is a higher chance you will be quoted a cheaper price of around $400.

How to find reputable English Bull Dane breeders?

You may be sceptical about finding an honest breeder for a dog on which not much information is known, but this is not that difficult a task.

With some helpful pointers, you will be able to distinguish a reputable breeder from one who is only in it for the money.

Here are some signs that you should look out for before settling on a breeder:

  • Make sure your breeder does not get dogs from an unreliable source, like a puppy mill.

The source of the puppies is of utmost importance. Unethical puppy mills are meant to produce multiple litters of puppies in little time to boost production, and thus, sales.

This is harmful to the health of the parents as well as the puppy.

  • Ask your breeder to let you observe the parent dogs of the puppy that you are about to buy.

A breeder who has nothing to hide will be willing to let you judge the temperament and behaviour of both the English Bulldog and the Great Dane parents of the pup.

This is because the breeder understands that this is a crucial step that will help you better understand what to expect from your English Bull Dane.

  • Proof of health tests should not be ignored.

Before getting any pet, you must be provided with all pertaining documentation about the puppy’s health, in addition to that of the parents.

All caring breeders will have their dogs tested and cleared of any medical conditions, and will let you know about the medical history of the dogs.

  • Let the breeder mentor you.

A good breeder is one who is not only a salesman but is, in fact, a guiding mentor to you.

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility, and it doesn’t hurt to have help.

Therefore, let the breeder ask you questions about the kind of life that you are expected to give to your new pet.

In turn, you should feel confident about questioning the breeder about any and all concerns that you have about the breed that you’re going for.

3 Little-known facts about the English Bull Dane puppies

Read these intriguing facts about English Bull Dane puppies to get to know this breed better:

  • The English Bull Dane will require brushing every day

Due to its moderate levels of shedding, it is important to brush this dog for at least ten to fifteen minutes a day to get rid of dead furs and keep its coat healthy.

  • Early socialization is crucial to curbing aggression

While the English Bull Dane is not antisocial, it will have to be socialized in the early stages of life to ensure that it does not display aggression when meeting new people.

  • It would rather stick by your side than go chasing after potential prey

One of the most delightful characteristics of the English Bull Dane is its unmatched loyalty to its owner.

While most dogs cannot resist the urge to run after small animals, like squirrels or birds, the English Bull Dane will ignore such distractions if it means staying by your side.

Physical Traits of the English Bull Dane

English Bull Dane
Image Credit By: battleborntoshie, instagram

The English Bull Dane can have varying physical features, depending on the dominant gene that it inherits.

How big is a full-grown English Bull Dane?

This is a big dog with a muscular build.

A fully grown dog of this kind will weigh anywhere between 53 to 180 pounds.

The height of the English Bull Dane will usually take after the Great Dane, which means it can reach up to 15 to 35 inches tall.

What is the life expectancy of the English Bull Dane?

Since both parents of the English Bull Dane have an average life expectancy of about seven to ten years, you can expect your dog to easily hit the ten-year mark.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the English Bull Dane

Unlike most canines, the English Bull Dane is a dog that prefers to keep a low profile. This is a gentle and humble mixed breed that is extremely faithful to its owner.

Barking is not an issue with this pet. The only time you can expect this dog to bark or make loud noises is when it senses any threat to your safety.

This dog is likely to accept new people, particularly small toddlers and animals.

Hunting instincts are not high in this breed, so you will not have to worry about the English Bull Dane running after other pets in the house.

An overall friendly breed, the English Bull Dane thrives in a safe environment where it knows it will be rewarded for projecting good behaviour.

As with most dogs, training needs to include establishing your dominance over the dog so it does not overpower you.

For this reason, it is believed that the size and strength of the English Bull Dane can get intimidating for newbies who do not have prior experience in dog handling.

That being said, the calm and receptive nature of the English Bull Dane makes for an ideal companion dog for people looking to have the company of their pet within the house.

This is a quiet dog that is highly unlikely to display aggressive or destructive qualities, even if left alone for some hours.

The English Bull Dane is the perfect example of an affectionate dog that loves you, but will also give you the space that you need, proving to be quite nuisance-free and peaceful to live with.

The English Bull Dane Diet

English Bull Dane Puppy
Image Credit By: mo.cooper, instagram

While it is always better to get a professional opinion in regards to setting a suitable diet for your pet, the quality of food that is fed to the dog should never be compromised.

The size of the English Bull Dane demands that it be fed three cups of dog food a day.

However, this amount should be portioned down into several servings throughout the day to avoid bloating and other issues that arise from overeating.

A monthly expense of $39 to $52 should be budgeted for the dog’s food consumption.

How much Exercise does an English Bull Dane need?

The English Bull Dane is not an excessively energetic canine.

This breed only requires mild levels of activity that can be met an average daily walk of about 40 minutes. Two walks a day will also suffice to keep this dog fit and active.

Other exercises like running, fetching, and other doggy games will keep your pet stimulated, both physically and mentally.

Interestingly, this is a dog that would rather lounge about on your sofa beside you than try to persuade you to take it out for a hunt.

So if you live in an apartment and can ensure enough time to take your dog out to keep its mind enriched, you will be giving the ideal lifestyle to your pet.

An enclosed yard that is accessible by your pet will be perfect to keep it satisfied.

This dog will also do well in warm weather, so you don’t particularly have to worry about not letting it out during summer months.

The English Bull Dane Health and Conditions

A sturdy dog with barely any health risks to worry about, the English Bull Dane is only prone to easily avoidable conditions.

Health issues like obesity, cherry eye, hip dysplasia, myotonia, and entropion are some occasionally diagnosed conditions that this dog may develop at some point in its life.

Can it travel by car?

When it comes to car travel the English Bull Dane can be one of your most favoured companions for a quick getaway road trip outside town.

If you’ve properly trained your English Bull Dane then you will have a very safe and enjoyable journey as this dog will not give you much trouble.

As with anything else, when it comes to car travel it is essential that you make your dog get used to travelling since a very early age.

As a pup, make sure that you take your pup out for car rides to a variety of different places that are intriguing to your dog so that it makes good associations with car travel.

One mistake that most car owners make is that the first outing they take their dog to is the vet and there is no wonder how that may cause problems.

Make sure that the first few trips of your English Bull Dane pup are safe and without any hiccups so that your dog doesn’t pick up any negative memories from travelling in your car.

Since the English Bull Dane is very loyal, once it does get used to travelling and your car you should have no issues because this dog will never run off or jump out the window.

Sensible in that regard, the English Bull Dane will know when it’s time to get out and when it is time to sit back and wait for the ride to end.

If you do a lot of travelling with your dog, you must keep all the resources your dog might need with you. This includes, food, water, toys, and enough poop bags to last an entire trip.

On longer journeys, make sure you’re taking frequent breaks and allow your pup to roam around so that it can stretch its legs.

My final thoughts on the English Bull DaneA English Bull Dane looking away

Finally, the end of the English Bull Dane manual has been reached, and with it, we have understood a great deal about what life will look like with this loving pet.

There seems to be no downside to having this pooch as a pet; it is smart, lovable, friendly, and an all-around balanced canine.

So, for prospective owners who want the qualities of two powerful dogs like the mighty Great Dane and the robust English Bulldog, their combination pup provides a solid mixture of their genes.

From temperament to health, all important characteristics of the English Bull Dane has been discussed in great detail.

Therefore, it should now be easy for you to decide whether you want to head out and get an English Bull Dane for yourself.

The best judge of this decision is you yourself, but it undoubtedly helps to keep a compact and complete guide that you can refer to for all your pooch-related queries.

As a final word, it can safely be suggested that regardless of whether you live in a rural or urban setting, the English Bull Dane is ideal for families that can provide it with love and nurture it to be the best guardian for you.

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